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Friday, January 1, 2016

#11 Rob Lowe in About Last Night

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Rob Lowe 
About Last Night
I think studio's must have put in Lowe's contract that he must show his ass once per film. He was good looking yet, but usually out acted in his movies. In this one his male co-star was Jim Belushi, so he shone...Lowe has gotten better in the acting department, and still hot.

Just Because....

14 Times Clothing Was Optional This Year, From Nude Photo Leaks To Oversharing

From: Queerty
 Sexy Trans Model Aydian Dowling Recreates Naked Adam Levine Photo

Remember when Adam Levine stripped down to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer — or to raise awareness of his own hotness? Pretty sure it was one of those. FTM Magazine, the all-in-one source for female to male culture, recreated the shoot with sexy trans activist Aydian Dowling for the April issue.

Caption Needed...

Man Steals Butt Plugs Because He Was Embarassed To Buy Them

Christopher Masters Was Released On $500 Bond - About $470 More Than The Cost Of The Plugs
From: Fleshbot
Christopher Masters was arrested after a manager at a Vero Beach, FL Spencer's Location saw him stick two toys - an "Arouz'd Screw Butt Plug" and an "Arouz'd Stroker Can" down his khaki shorts.

Masters tried leaving the store with the toys, but was detained by security. He told security he could afford them, but was afraid to buy them because they were sex toys, reports The Smoking Gun.

Masters was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor shoplifting count. He was released shortly after midnight after posting $500 bond -- about $470.02 more than the cost of the sex toys he was allegedly too embarrassed to purchase.

Can We FINALLY Talk About Male Sex Positivity?
And now for a bait-and-switch.

Can we use this incident to finally talk about male sex positivity? Though many see women's sexual health in danger, I believe that it's actually men's sexual health that is. Women may get slut-shamed, but they're allowed to have sex; society lets women experiment with their sexuality in a way that men aren't allowed to. Female bisexuality and experimenting with other women is hot, and often favored. However, if a man so much as even thinks about another man in a non-sexual way, he's gay.

Since I written about gay porn and sex culture for nearly seven years, I've even seen it first-hand in many-a comment section:

"He's having sex with another man - he must be gay."
"He's having sex with another man AND HIS DICK IS HARD - he must be gay."
"Gay-for-pay my ass; no straight man would have sex with another man, paid or not."
But you'd never see these comments on girl-on-girl porn. I used to agree with these comments, but just like my views on small-to-average penises evolved, so did my views on sex culture.

Even in a five-year-old interview with Gavin Waters on this site, the comments section has recently been re-gnited by a comment he made "all gay porn stars are gay-for-pay, regardless of orientation". His reasoning is that, though gay porn stars may be gay, they may not like or be attracted to their scene partner, and may still be "acting" their way through a scene in the way a straight man would. But gay men didn't stand for it. They used the aforementioned reasoning to try to justify why a straight man would do gay porn.

And to that, I ask: what does someone else's sexuality matter so much for? Why aren't people - men, in particular - allowed to experiment? Is it because heteronormative views have oppressed us so long, that we can't think any other way?

This is essentially a long-winded way of saying this: If you police someone else's sexuality according to your own narrow views, you end up with a man going to jail for shoplifting sex toys, because he's embarrassed about an intense orgasm and wanting to get his p-spot stimulated.

Let people be - let people experiment - and we'll end up with a healthier sex culture overall.

#10 Barry Tubb in Warm Summer Rain

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Barry Tubb
 Warm Summer Rain 
Barry Tubb was such a cutie, and was shocked to see him show it all in this small film. I had fond memories of this film, yet never owned it until its recent DVD release.

9 Of The Hottest Ways We Looked Forward To The New Year

From: Queety

The Warwick Rowers have returned to give us a summer sweat and make us look forward to all that 2016 has to offer.
The famously nude Brits released some advance shots and a promo video for their upcoming calendar tease, and its filled with more hot pale cakes than we know what to do with.

Lizzie McGuire’s Ethan Craft Is All Grown Up And Hot As Hell

It’s taken 11 whole years for us to figure out what Lizzie McGuire saw in Ethan Craft, but the moment of clarity has finally come.

Actor Clayton Snyder played Craft on the hit Disney channel show alongside Hilary Duff, appearing once every few episodes as the beautiful-yet-dumb, popular jock boy who was Lizzie’s (Duff) main squeeze even though he never really gave her the time of day.

Today, 28-year-old Clayton is so much more than the long-haired high schooler you once knew, and we offer his Instagram posts as proof.

(Yes, that’s Aaaron Samuels!)

According to his posts, Clayton’s taken up swimming, Speedos, a new woman, and acting classes in his years off since Lizzie McGuire.


A photo posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

A photo posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

A photo posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

A photo posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

A photo posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

A video posted by Clayton Snyder (@heyclaytron) on

Here Are 8 Douchebags We’d Love To See Disappear Forever In 2016

From: Gaily Grind
Homophobic Televangelist Pat Robertson

The king of bad advice, Televangelist Pat Robertson, had another busy year spewing his useless, homophobic rants over the airwaves.

Pat, we hope you seriously consider retiring in January 2016!

If The Disney Princes Had Male-Pattern Baldness

From: NewNowNext
 At this point, we’ve seen the Disney princes reimagined in all sorts of ways, from skin-baring twinks to life-like dreamboats.

Prince No Hairic

 This time around, Buzzfeed has provided us with a more realistic recreation by illustrating what the famous princes would look like if they were suffering from male-pattern baldness.


 Less hair on top certainly doesn’t equate to less sex appeal, but it’s still often shocking to see how drastically different some of the guys look when drawn without their signature styles.

Flynn “not much hair” Ryder

 Check out the animation of Loryn Brantz to see how your favorite princes look without hair.

The Hairless Beast Prince

 Prince “Less Hair” Charming

Prince Bald-veen

General Li-eaving Hair Shang

Here's Nick Cannon's Ass in Chi-Raq

Nick Cannon Naked in Chi-Raq
From: Fleshbot
 Nick Cannon has had one of the most random careers of any celebrity out there, but thanks to his staring role in Spike Lee's Chi-Raq it was all with it because we finally get to see that ass! Honestly, Mariah Carey marriage aside, does anybody remember prime time shart attack Up All Night? He was in that! It looked like in recent years his career was taking more of a Ryan Seacrest turn, not in the sense that he likes DP, but in the sense that he's been doing a lot of hosting and seemed to be building himself into a brand. But, here we are, with this gif of his ass accosting us through our screens in Lee's controversial flick about gun violence on Chicago's South Side.

 If you saw Chi-Raq you'll know that the actor / rapper / producer / writer hottie that you didn't know you needed is a genuinely talented actor and has been hiding some juicy cheeks from us all these years. In the movie he's a gun wielding, sizzurp slurping gang member who, according to his lover Lysistrata, has a big ol' dick! While Cannon's jizz spout stays covered in the flick, hopefully his wild career brings him to the wonderful world of porn soon!

Guys with iPhones: I See Your Schwartz is as Big as Mine

From: Fleshbot
I know, wrong movie, but come on

GIF Of The Day: Don't Stop the Flop

From: Fleshbot

An oldie but a goodie. 

#9 Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Patrick Swayze 
Road House
If there were an award for best acting by an ass, Swayze would have won it in 1989.

Pause Award Trilogy! The Porky's Series.

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Porky's II: The Next Day 
Porky's Revenge! 
Yes the scene in the woods house was classic, but I loved Wyatt Knight as Tommy. Loved when he was getting his penis pulled in the girls shower, or having clothes pulled off in Porky's Revenge!  Here's to Wyatt and all the rest of the Porky's guys.

Best of 2015: Gus Kenworthy's Top 10 Hottest Instagram Photos

From:  Fleshbot

Openly Gay Gus Kenworthy on Instagram
2015 is the year that Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy bravely came out as gay in the machismo world of sports. In his big gay interview with ESPN Magazine Gus said that sponsorship was a concern for him since brands bring athletes the $$$, but after looking at his Insta tags that could almost put the Kardashians in girdles to shame, I think he's doing just fine! Kenworthy acclimated miraculously well to being a gay celeb and is forever posing with Elton John and showing off his nipple ring. Of course, he's also become another much-needed source of inspiration for guys coming to terms with their hongry buttholes.

This guy is nauseatingly good looking, and I can't help but think when scrolling through his Instagram - are there other Guses lurking around just waiting to be found? Are sporty, hunky, blonde, and dick loving guys just hanging out at bars and coffee shops, waiting for their gay blogger to sweep them off their feet? Where are you, Guses?!

Anyway, Kenworthy could post a picture of a morning dump on his Instagram and it would still make it to the front of the gay Internet "Such a brave dump!" so I've compiled his best of 2015 Instagram posts to help celebrate the end of a big great gay year.

 Just knowing that their peens are only inches apart is enough for me

A Black Christmas Story

From: kenneth in the (212)
Timely because of the sad state of affairs in the world -- and because I just saw the holiday classic for the first time!

“Aw hey Dad…. yessir I just picked up all the stuff from the store…. Ummm how do you mean, is there anything I wanna tell you?…you found what in my room?… oh!… Ummm, wad’ya mean pick up a hairbrush on my way back, whad’ya need a hairbrush for?…OH!!!”

From: badmonkey94

A Good Fuck

Dude getting hard and adjusting his bulge at the beach


#8 Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Tom Cruise 
All The Right Moves
I loved Tom Cruise in this movie, his acting, his look, his ass, his back, the glimpse I am sure he wishes he had not done. Great movie too.

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