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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get The Look: Michael Fassbender’s Grey Boxer Briefs

From: The Underwear Expert:
 With the opening of X-Men: Days Of Future Past last week, we’re suddenly rekindling that old Michael Fassbender flame again. (Who are we kidding — Did it ever really go out? No.)

And what better way to celebrate the return of our favorite mutants than by taking a look at another one of Fassy’s fine cinematic achievements, Shame? He spent half the film in his skivvies, after all, which is why we’ve decided this is the perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on him. Read on for our Get The Look: Michael Fassbender’s Grey Boxer Briefs

Tani Fresh Cooling Performance Trunk

This trunk ($50) by Tani is one of their softest. It has natural moisture wicking properties so it will keep you fresh and cool all day long — despite your climate, or activity for the day. It’s made out of an ultra luxurious blend of 68% Japanese Polyester, 26% Superfine Cupro, and 6% Spandex.

Mack Weldon Boxer Brief

Introducing your every day boxer brief ($24). Made out of 47.5% Long Staple Cotton, 47.5% Modal, and 5% Lycra, Mack Weldon knows how to make a pair of underwear that is super comfortable, incredibly soft, and ultimately irresistible. Bonus: The legs don’t ride up so there’s no need to readjust throughout the day.

Polo Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Trunk Three-Pack

This trunk comes in a three-pack ($38.50) from Polo Ralph Lauren, and is made from 100% cotton. It features a contour pouch and contrast elastic waistband with the Polo Ralph Lauren logo repeated across the band in elegant lettering. Simple and elegant from a timeless brand.

Seven7 Boxer Brief Charcoal

This boxer brief ($9.50) from Seven7 is made out of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane for an incredibly soft and breathable fit. It’s flexible for all your performance needs, and features a contour pouch. We love the sleek look of this boxer brief, and the way the waistband matches the body of the underwear

Calvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk

Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk ($26) is low rise and body-hugging. It’s made out of 90% modal and 10% lycra, so it’s designed with your comfort in mind. The trunk features a built-out pouch as well as the Calvin Klein logo repeated across the waistband.

Ad Men:

A Shady Shade For Lacoste

Your Nightly Briefing:


Mounting A Defense

From: Boy Culture
Actor Anson Mount has presented an extremely articulate response to the anti-gay heckling incident that took place this week in Santa Clarita. Damn, this has to be the smartest thing any cast member of Crossroads has ever said!

Do It Again: Actor Who Confronted Audience Member/Bully Speaks

From:  Boy Culture
Watch this report on the anti-gay heckling incident I posted about earlier . Actor John Lacy, who left the stage to confront an audience member who was yelling “fag” at the stage, says:

It's sad, and it caught me by surprise. And once the anger set in and I heard him say it a second time, I didn't see what my options were...Loving your fellow man is what we're here to do—I'd do it again.”


Photography by Pennie Key
Hey handful grabbing enthusiasts, looking to sex up that bad boy with a hyper-masculine look? Aryan’s fine specimen of man meat dons the classic black leather Muir cap. The black brimmed biker cap, fitted with a chrome expansion strap and silver-plated, winged star insignia badge, is a variation on the one popularized by Brando in The Wild One. The cap, which has much in common with the chauffeur’s hat, has gone by many names — master’s cap, old guard cap, top’s cap, dom cap — as its esteem grew with leathermen in the seventies.

Bravo Delta & Deviant Otter - Deviant Otter

Poppers, Piss and Perverts
  "I've had a major porn crush on Bravo Delta since I started following/stalking his Vine last fall. A couple months ago I worked up the balls to finally hit him up on Twitter and to my surprise he actually responded and was into me! As fate has it he lives right outside Boston so I was able to get him to hang out one weekend on 

 his way to a Cosplay convention (or something like that...I was kinda bummed he didn't show up in a costume haha). I was wicked excited to fuck around, I'd fantasized about that big dick so many times and I was pumped to see how he fucked in real life without all the studio bells and whistles. Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected 

 which is always fucking awesome. I'm used to seeing him in a more "vanilla" light online so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough ass play and piss. Needless to say after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side. -- Deviant Otter

Hot, Thick, Suited “Street Crush”!

From: Sticky

Celebrity Power Couple Ready To Be The UK’s First “Strictly” Gay Dance Partners

From: Queerty
 The UK’s Strictly Come Dancing could be getting its first same-sex couple if the gay media has anything to say about it.
Professional Latin and ballroom dancer Robin Windsor has served as a member of the reality dancing competition’s dancing staff since 2010 — the show works much like our version of Dancing with the Stars, where celebrities are paired with professional dancers and eliminated one by one until the finest celebrity dancer stands.
According to Digital Spy, fans are eager to see Windsor with a male dancing partner in the upcoming season, especially since he’s now dating celebrity X Factor star Marcus Collins. The pair, who've been dating since November, talked about the possibility in a new cover feature for Gay Times:
I can dance, but I’d be learning ballroom dancing from scratch. It’s something I’d certainly give a go,” Collins said. “It’s about waiting for the right time for the public to be ready to see a same-sex couple dancing together.

This isn't the first time Windsor has been fantasized into a same-sex dancing couple. Last September, rugby star Ben Cohen revealed that he actually requested to be Windsor’s dancing partner last season.
Though he doesn't sound too hopeful about joining the cast of Strictly, Collins is unmistakably head-over-heels: “I thought he looked amazing,” Collins said of the first time he noticed Windsor, on the cover of December’s Gay Times Naked Issue. “My family watch both X Factor and Strictly, where all the guys are good looking, but there was one who always stood out for me.”
We both know where this is heading and that this is for the long term,” Windsor added. “It’s a case of being the right time. I’ve always wanted to get married to the person I love and that fairytale is getting closer every day.”

Check out the couple’s full interview for the July 2014 issue over at GayTimes.co.uk.

Signs Of The Times

Boy Culture Original: SECOND TRY

From: Boy Culture

 Another part of my shoot with this pensive 19-year-old. I was really into how the camera was capturing the water.

 I think the model's relationship with the camera speaks for itself, but the water definitely attempts to get a word in edge-wise.

Safe Sox

Your Week in Beefcake:

 E! Introduces “Men of the Strip” and a Gay “Penny Dreadful” Hookup
From: The Backlot

Here it is, Your Week in Beefcake, our shameless roundup of what was hot and buff on TV. We’re taking a prurient tour of the past week with a look at which shows had a special on six packs.

Things started with the debut of pirate drama Crossbones, which ended with Richard Coyle‘s British agent stripping down and walking into the ocean to cool down after a long day of outwitting pirates.

Sunday brought E!’s “reality movieMen of the Strip which followed Jeff Timmons‘ male review as they prepared for their Vegas opening. That means we got to see the guys learning how to shake their hips for giving lap dances:
Of course there was also shirt ripping:
Trou dropping:

And pre-show oiling:

This one felt ready to become a regular series. Come on, E!. You know we’ll watch it (even if we might not admit to watching it.)
Sunday also gave us a Penny Dreadful that made us wonder if it was summers gayest show. Things started with this sight of Ethan after some sexy time with girlfiend Brona:
Then we got Dorian Gray lounging shirtless with another guy, somehow finding a way to be bored in the middle of an orgy:

And then we were surprised to see American gunslinger Ethan hook up with Dorian:
Monday brought a new episode of American Ninja Warrior as the qualifying rounds moved to Dallas. Apparently the Dallas area is full of youth pastors who want to demonstrate that they’re cool with their rapping and obstacle course running.

Last season, Karsten Williams took an early exit trying to look cool on the Septuple Steps. This season he took things more cautiously and finished the course and still looked cool.
Whoever wrote the captions gave my inner 12-year-old a chuckle with the way they phrased Jimmy Bogle Jr.‘s occupation:
At 5’2″ Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton is the shortest American Ninja Warrior competitor. That just means there’s more hotness packed in that compact frame:
I suspect Tremayne Dortch was hoping he could intimidate the obstacles to with those ripped abs. It turned out he didn’t need any extra advantage to beat the qualifying course
One of Nick Cannon running gags on America’s Got Talent is to imitate an act that just left the stage. Following a guy who balanced his body on a blade, Cannon stripped off his shirt as if he were about to try to lie down on that blade himself. It was more fun than the act he was imitating.
Once again, The Night Shift took little time to get Eion Macken shirtless:

This time they even got meta about his shirtlessness:

It also added some bonus shirtless J.R. Lemon, who was practicing some boxing nearby:

USA’s Playing House made some beefcake contributions this week. Maggie and Emma were able to convince the Pinebrook Police to turn its annual spaghetti dinner into a strip show.

In an interview with Seth Meyers, series creators Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham said that this episode they played a prank on Keegan-Michael Key, telling him at the last minute that a line in the script, “Look at those abs!” was supposed to be “Look at that ass!” After working hard to make sure he had nice abs to show for the scene, Key made a last-minute rush to look up “butt exercises”.

Thursday, Undateable asked if Chris D’Elia‘s pick-up artist character became any more bearable if he left his furry torso expose through an open robe. The sight was appreciated but the character still awful:
We did get to see Justin (Brent Morin) and Brett (David Fynn) share a bubble bath, as Brett convinced Justin this would prove he’s fine with Brett coming out as gay.

Finally, in soap news, Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives saw Eric Martsolf lose his shirt again, thanks to Theresa:
Meanwhile, Friday’s Hollyoaks (as it airs on Hulu) revealed that Holly hooked up with Dodger with this shot:

That’s it for this week.
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