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Friday, September 2, 2016

Tony Ward photographed by Richard Burbridge.

Roderich Martus, Berlin 2015

Hot Heebs of the Day

From: Hot Heebs
Shabbat Shalom.
Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 2nd

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Gabriel Mata by New Manhattan Studios

Rock Hudson c1948

Roderich Martus, Berlin 2016

Yoga Pose

The LONG, PERFECT TREASURE TRAIL in black and white

Oh my!  The dude's vein is quite enticing among everything!

Boys and Their Bike

A TREASURE TRAIL Smรถrgรฅsbord


September 2nd is Bring Your Manners To Work Day

Many of us spend more time at work than at home, so it’s really important to have fulfilling relationships both with colleagues and customers. 
Bring Your Manners To Work Day was created by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. Everyone should practice good manners, whether at work or at home, and common bad manners at work include things like loud ringtones, not cleaning up after yourself and polite conversation.

Although Bring Your Manners To Work Day is just one day of the year, it doesn’t mean you should only be polite at work for one day. Use the day as a reminder of the importance of good manners every day of the year, and you may well find good manners help to open the doors to new opportunities in the workplace.

Celebrating Today September 2nd

Happy Birthday Today To:
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Crickets's Chris Tremlett turns 35 today.
Soccer's bad boy Joey Barton turns 34 today.









 Actor Mark Harmon turns 65 today. 

 One of soaps hottest, Tuc Watkins turns 50 today.

September 2nd is National No Patrick Day

The National No Patrick Day is a holiday in Bikini Bottom where all the Bikini Bottomites have a day without Patrick Star. This event happens right after the holiday National No SpongeBob Day.

September 2nd - September 5th is Sand Scuplting Days

We’re changing the name of America’s 8th largest city between Sep. 2nd and Sept. 5th, 2016.  We’re calling it SAND iegoTM.  Not only that, we’re building a beach high above the water, bringing 300 tons of sand to the ‘B’ Street cruise ship terminal pier, with our Big Bay on the West and downtown’s castles in the sky on the East.  It’s been called the most creative atmosphere in the world. 

 There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

World Master Sand Sculptors come from Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada, from exotic places like Latvia and Singapore, to challenge the best in the U.S.

  Their 3-dimensional art is astounding.  You’ll fall in love with it.  But you can’t take it with you.  The sculptures weigh over 10 tons each and they’d ruin your lawn.  So we have over 1,000 works of art that you can fall in love with, buy and take home.

Oh, and there’s live entertainment (big bands, singers and more), a sand box and rides for kids, a dozen gourmet food trucks, a great view of the bay, tall ships and cannon battles….

What more can you ask for?  What else is there?

September 2nd is Bison-Tell-Yell Day

On September 2 celebrate the 200th anniversary of any imaginary character of your choosing because it is Bison-Tell-Yell Day.

Don't get it? It has nothing to do with bison except for the name. Read Bison-Ten-Yell Day out fast and it sounds like bicentennial day. The origins of this unofficial day are unknown.

How to Celebrate?
If you need an excuse for a celebration, today is it. Make up a character or happy event and celebrate its bicentennial on this day. You could even make up a story around the character and have a contest among your guests - whoever comes up with the best and the most historically correct story will win!

Since the day has bison in its name, what about spending some time to learn about bison and their environment?

Did You Know…
…that despite their size, bisons can run very fast? They can gain speeds up to 65 km/h (40 mph).

September 2nd is National Lazy Mom's Day

Whether you are a lazy mom, or just aspire to have a day off and become a lazy mom, Lazy Mom’s Day could be right up your street. Even on Mother’s Day, moms across the world cook, clean, and generally work hard to keep their households functioning. On Lazy Mom’s Day, moms are encouraged to relax, take a back seat, and simply be lazy.

How can moms be lazy? Get the kids to bring you breakfast in bed, rather than making their toast and porridge in the morning. Get your husband to drive you to work, or make the kids take the bus to school rather than drop them off at the gates. Best of all – order in a pizza and have a night off from cooking!

Kids, if you are reading this, encourage your mom to take a day off. No need to buy her a present – some peace and quiet will be enough.

September 2nd - 3rd is Cow Chip Throwing Days

The first pioneers that settled in the Plains faced Indians and unfriendly land. The desire to own a home and land to raise a family gave the settlers the determination to brave the difficult conditions. The scarcity of water and timber for fuel and shelter, plus extreme weather conditions, made life hard and lonely. Bitter winters found the settlers desperate for fuel.

Buffalo hunters had found that buffalo chips could be used for fuel. Most of the buffalo were gone by the time the settlers came, so they had to rely on the "cow chip" for furnishing fuel to cook their food and warm their homes.

When dry, the chips were odorless, gave a clean, bright flame and burned with intense heat, without soot. Chips were gathered and stored for the winter as autumn approached. The cow chip was a life-sustaining utility and was often used in trade for food or anything the pioneers needed.

In 1970 tossing cow chips became a sport in the Cimmarron Territory Celebration held each year in Beaver, Oklahoma in remembrance of the rugged courage and individualism of the early pioneer.

Giant Cow Chip In 1975 the Sauk Prairie Jaycees, recognized the Sauk Prairie Area as the Cow Chip Capital of Wisconsin and organized the first State Cow Chip Throw.

In 1989 the Wisconsin State Legislature proclaimed the cow chip the Unofficial State Muffin.

Over the years, this light-hearted tradition continues. The entire Sauk Prairie Community welcomes you to join the fun.

Today In History...

September 2, 44 BC – 

Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declares her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion.

September 2nd is National College Colors Day

Founded by the College Licensing Company in 2004, College Colors Day, fans have worn the apparel of their favorite college or university throughout the day. College Colors Day is celebrated by thousands of organizations, classrooms and millions of individuals who don their team colors and share their school spirit with friends and colleagues.

New for 2015, CLC (College Licensing Company) has launched the College Colors Challenge. Giving fans a chance to flaunt their colors and express their school spirit. The challenges revolve around three different categories represented by the hash-tags: #SQUADPIC (large group), #FAMPHOTO (family), and #SELFIE (individual).

Football is one of America’s most passionate sports. A reason why College Colors Day came about is to bring attention to intercollegiate athletics. On this day, people are encouraged to wear their favorite college or university’s colors throughout the day and to get excited. Wear your college colors. Use #CollegeColorsDay to post on social media and spread the word.

An Emotional Colton Haynes Accepts HRC Award: “I Don’t Feel Especially Deserving Of This Recognition”

From: NewNowNext
 HRC honored actor Colton Haynes with its Visibility Award Saturday night at a ceremony in Seattle.

The honor is given to celebrities “who use their elevated positions and reach to benefit the LGBT community,” and he’s certainly done that.

Haynes, of course, came out as gay in an EW interview earlier this year, and has spoken candidly about his battle with anxiety and depression, and the journey he has gone on with his family.

“Colton Haynes has inspired countless LGBTQ young people across the country and around the world to live their lives as their authentic selves,” said HRC president Chad Griffin in a statement.

“By simply being open about who he is, he is helping to break down barriers and tear down closet doors.”

 The actor called the award “a humbling experience.” Holding back tears, he talked about coming from Kansas, his love of clouds (which almost lead to a career in meteorology) and being gay, which he said “came as naturally as the color of my eyes.”

“I’m asked to play so many roles as an actor,” he confessed. “Tonight I can be myself and it feels incredible.”

Haynes said he felt “extremely lucky” to be at the ceremony with HRC president Chad Griffin, who he’s known for 10 years, “and surrounded by hundreds of new friends and allies.”

“I don’t necessarily feel especially deserving of this recognition,” he added. “We all know there are many other people who have come before me as role models. I’m walking in their shoes and following their lead.”

Later on Instagram, he confessed he “couldn’t hold back the emotion.”

“This is for all of my incredible fans—I hope I can inspire y’all to be yourselves even though I hid for so long.”

Given that’s he’s only 28, it’s not so long.

Below, more images from the 17th annual HRC Seattle Gala and Auction: “Equality Forward: Equality for All”

Before the ceremony, Haynes admitted to some nervousness on Twitter.

Here he is with Chad Griffin and Sarah McBride, the trans activist who spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Colin Kaepernick has brought meaning back to standing for the National Anthem

As an 'oppressed' gay man, I'll stand for the Star-Spangled Banner every time and support Colin Kaepernick's right to sit. That's the beauty of America.
From: OutSports
Standing for the National Anthem had, until this week, lost meaning for most.

Struck up before a sporting match, the players are thinking about the coach's last words, the fans are thinking about the best time to make a break for a hot dog, and the referees are thinking about the impending coin-toss procedure. Sure, every once in a while there's a performance from someone like Lady Gaga that brings some wonder, but that is generally more about the performer than the song.

Colin Kaepernick has changed all of that. By sitting down while everyone else was standing, and answering questions about it a few hours later, he unwittingly brought meaning back to a song so many of us haven't thought deeply about since seventh-grade history class.

I have always loved America. It's far from perfect, but as I've traveled the world I've found it to be the closest to perfection I've encountered. Today I'm a married gay man who can say and do just about anything he wants with little consequence (that Kaepernick feels other Americans have a different experience was, ultimately, at the heart of his post-game argument). The Bill of Rights may be the most important words ever written that didn't include stories about God.

That Bill of Rights protects Kaepernick too.

As an "oppressed" gay man, I'll stand at attention and respect the United States of America every time the National Anthem is played. Being gay, I've had to deal with harassment since fourth grade, some of which until recently was levied by the government.

It's that same culture and government Kaepernick has some issues with. With so many stories in the last few years about the continued struggles of black people in America, I empathize with him and anyone who has been stopped for driving while black, who has been turned away for employment or housing because of their race, or who feels "the system" is out to get them. You have to be consciously committed to blindness to not see that racism persists in America.

So I'll respect my country, I'll respect the men and women who have sacrificed for my freedom, and I'll respect the flag and the National Anthem every time they pass in front of me.

I also fully respect Kaepernick for sitting. To stand for the National Anthem is to stand for his right to sit.

In reality, it's of no consequence to me that a soon-to-be-backup quarterback decided he needed to rest his legs for a couple minutes before a preseason game. When he does the same thing before this year's first regular-season game in a couple weeks (if he's still a part of the team), it will still be of no consequence to me. My deceased grandfather who fought in World War II won't care one bit, and my memory of him won't be desecrated.

It's frankly been strange to watch so many people get bent out of shape about Kaepernick's protest. Does it really affect the day-to-day life of anyone that some millionaire athlete sat for a couple minutes instead of honoring his country? The stock market still opened Monday, the sun still came up, the 49ers still lost and all most people seem to want to talk about is Beyoncรฉ.

Kaepernick's move didn't affect -- let alone hurt -- the lives of anyone throwing tantrums about it, just like my personal silence when the two words "under God" come along in the Pledge of Allegiance. If Christians want to include that line when they recite the pledge, they are welcome to.

It's certainly convenient that Kaepernick didn't hold his one-man protest before he started in the Super Bowl a couple years ago. It's convenient that he didn't make this statement when he was declared the harbinger of a new class of quarterback that would erase the likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (which, of course, didn't work out so well). It certainly would have been a more powerful statement before he had just been paid a guaranteed $12 million for a year of playing (or sitting) and asked his team to trade him.

Yet ultimately that's all inconsequential. My only real beef is his choice to not give his team a heads-up that he'd be making this pretty loud, silent statement last weekend. To leave your teammates scratching their heads just before kickoff, and leave your team scrambling in the hours and days afterward, with no warning, is not the move of a sportsman. A simple warning wouldn't have lessened the message to the public (which, of course, has left some wondering if the real message he was trying to send was to the 49ers).

If anything his move screams "bad teammate," not "bad American." But that's for the 49ers to deal with, not me.

To see people outside the 49ers organization viscerally upset about this has been odd to me. Sure it was in bad taste, like burning the flag. But burning his jersey? Really? That some fans burned his jersey a couple years ago because he wasn't playing well should speak volumes about this foolish crowd.

Yet consider this. In France it's illegal to burn the country's flag or "publicly insult" La Marseillaise. In Portugal you can be sent to prison for two years for insulting the National Anthem. Heck, in Mexico it's illegal to write a poem desecrating the flag, and the observation of the National Anthem is protected by law against insult.

I choose to celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we can freely express how we feel, even if it "insults" our nation's symbols. That's pretty cool.

So, Colin Kaepernick, if you want to sit for the National Anthem, go right ahead. I fully support you and your message.

For my message, I'll be standing at attention on the sideline this week at a high school football game near you, reflecting on my love of country and my love of the song and flag that represent it. Thank you for reminding me that those two minutes before a sporting match are my opportunity to share in a communal pause at the beauty of our nation.

Cancel Your Life And Immediately Watch This Insane New Commercial By Spike Jonze

From: Queerty
The less said about this new commercial directed by Spike Jonze, the better. We wouldn’t want to ruin anything.

So, we’ll just give you the basics and be on our way: The LeftoversMargaret Qualley stars as a socialite who abruptly escapes the stifling stuffiness of an anonymous gala in order to get a breathe of fresh air.
Choreographed by Ryan Heffington (the man behind Sia’s “Chandelier”) and set to a maniacal anthem called “Mutant Brain” by Sam Spiegel (Jonze’s brother) and Ape Drums, this commercial for Japanese perfume company Kenzo is an absolutely godsend.


Calvin Harris Wished His Manager Happy BIrthday By Posing For A Picture In His Underwear

From: Wicked Gay
Calvin Harris has been known to take his clothes off every now and again. The producer/every man loves being in his underwear, and who are we to stop him?

For his manager Mark's birthday, he decided to do what he does best, and we're not talking about making music.
A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

We're not sure what the context was, but we don't need any.

Remember his AMAZING Armani campaign?

A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

Don't mind us, we're just going to spend the next few hours scrolling through his Instagra
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