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Saturday, August 29, 2015


By Danny Calvi

back door
boy pussy
Cadbury cul-de-sac
camera obscura
dirt box
fudge tunnel
Hershey highway
Hollywood uterus
poop chute
prison purse
road less traveled
where the sun don’t shine

Still Wet?

Are you still wet?  These dudes are.
From: Speed o Rex

Still More Evidence That Max von Essen Is A Hot Piecef

From: Boy Culture

Sports Stud:

Mike Lee
From: Homorazzi
 For this week’s Sports Stud we’re heading into the ring with studly American pro boxer Mike Lee. The 28-year old light heavyweight boxer has boxed professionally since 2010. He graduated from Notre Dame studying finance, but decided to pursue his passion for boxing instead.

 Mike Lee has had an endorsement with Subway and even did a Super Bowl commercial back in 2013. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the new main official Subway spokesperson since that position is now up for grabs!

Follow Mike on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Speedo Who?

From: Speed o Rex
 I've never had an official blog before. Sure, I've done things on multiply. I've published on nifty.org. I've moderated and do moderate groups through google and yahoo. I had a moblog on Yafro and am a moderator on Orfay. Still, as a blog qua blog, I've never done this before.

So, I may suck at it, don't know yet. You'll have to give me some input and advice, most of you seem pretty good at that. Over time I want to get better and to produce quality work. Let me know how it's going.

 I've stuck with the same screenname I've had on the 'net for about 10 years: Speedorex. You know, I like to swim, and I can't stand swimming with 6 yards of cloth hanging off my frame in the water. Sure, there are drag suits, but some of these board shorts go overboard. No pun intended. As an aussie told me: board shorts are meant for the board, speedos and other swimsuits are meant for swimming. Get used to it... Can you imagine playing water polo or speed swimming, or being a triathlete in a board short? No, of course not... About 80 years ago women were able to drop the hefty skirts and bloomers they used to have to wear at the beach in favor of something brief and functional. About the same time, men were able to give up their suits, which at the time look something like modern day cycling kit, in favor of briefs also... Pull up a pic of Andy Rooney, a popular '40s teen actor, in a swimsuit, and you'll see him in a very brief suit. Ditto Burt Lancaster... Now it seems at least men have regressed...

In addition to my swim passion I really like cycling, tennis, and football. I mostly am able to cycle and swim, and I also get into lifting quite a bit. I love to watch cycling, too, as well as football... I stay away from professional wrestling on TV, but like to watch the occasional college match... Once in a while I play an inning of golf... Yeah, I know it's called a round... I also like college basketball, but the NBA usually makes me want to vomit. No real sport there, just showing off...

I think cycling is abused because it is not the most popular sport in any country where it is run. Also, there are no arenas for road races, so no admission can be charged, no signs sold in the arena, so it is not a huge moneymaker. Cycling has done more than any other sport to root out and punish dopers, and has the most stringent and draconian means. By draconian, I mean that many of the normal legal protections given even to suspects are completely lacking as regards cyclists. Not normally a union advocate, I would hope someday pro cyclists could unionize to at least have a voice int he process. As you can tell, I have no strong opinions about anything... hehehe


Sister Wives Family Cite Gay Marriage Ruling In Polygamy Case

From: Queerty
A polygamous family says the landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage shows that laws prohibiting consensual adult relationships are outdated even if the unions are unpopular.
Kody Brown and his four wives argue in court documents filed Wednesday that their family life chronicled on the reality TV show Sister Wives shows that polygamous marriages can be as healthy as monogamous ones.
The Browns are defending a legal victory they won when a federal judge struck down key parts of Utah’s law banning polygamy, removing the threat of arrest for plural families.
Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is appealing. The state contends the law prevents abuse of women and children and courts have long upheld anti-polygamy laws.
Unlike the same-sex marriage case, the Browns aren’t seeking full legal recognition of polygamous marriages.

Just Because:

 August 29, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 The Dieux De Stade 2009 calendar has been shot and will be released soon. Sergio Parisse, one of my favorites graces this years cover. (Below, Sergio from a previous year). Although I have liked some of the calendars more than others,all have been great.

Signs Of The Times

Sebastian Bach Joins All-Gay AC/DC Tribute Band GayC/DC for 'TNT'

From: kenneth in the (212)
Heartening to think that sometimes awful people really do change. My friend Matthew sends this report from the Viper Room:

It's been over 30 years since Sebastian Bach infamously wore the "AIDS kills fags dead" T-shirt and wrote lines like "her friend is doing time for kicking ass on a queer" ... and if we need any more proof than a stint on "Gilmore Girls" or a Broadway run that Sebastian Bach of Skid Row is a new man, last night he joined his pals from the all-gay AC/DC tribute band GayC/DC onstage for a rousing rendition of "TNT"!

Rowan County Attorney Files Official Misconduct Charge Against Anti-gay Clerk Kim Davis

From: Towleroad
The Rowan County Attorney’s Office has filed a charge of official misconduct against clerk Kim Davis for her repeated refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite a federal order.

The Morehead News reports County Attorney Cecil Watkins said the Rowan County government and his office had no other action against Davis.

“No authority exists for her removal or suspension from the office by Rowan County government,” said Watkins. “Kentucky State Government is the only entity that can move to have Kim Davis removed as Rowan County Clerk.”

The charge has been referred to the Attorney General’s Office. The county attorney’s office is prohibited from prosecuting Davis because they are involved in current litigation with Davis.

The federal judge’s stay on his order expires on Monday. Davis hasasked the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay on the order while she continues her appeal.

In related news, fellow renegade clerk Casey Davis biked across the state to visit Davis on Friday and raise awareness for other clerks who are refusing to comply with the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling.
WKYT reports:

The two of them, who are not related, but say they are brother and sister in Christ, spent about 30 minutes inside the Rowan County Clerk’s office.
“I don’t hate these people. Kim doesn’t hate these people. Kim is not trying to keep them from getting what they want,” Casey Davis said. “I mean, I’ve ridden a bike across how many counties? They can drive in a car much easier today and go get that if that’s what they want.”

Wish You Were Queer:

Rafael Nadal – Because We Want To Play Strip Tennis With Him!
From: Queer Click
 Who’s hungry for a Mediterranean dish? In his work as the new face and global ambassador of the Tommy Hilfiger brand Spanish Tennis Champion Rafael Nadal is putting that famous well-rounded behind of his to work. He recently made an appearance at Manhattan’s Bryant Park to play tennis and strip off his clothes! Thank goodness it was 90 degrees under the New York sun. Despite some teasing and playful objectification, as Jane Lynch hilariously said , (she was hosting the event) “We’re doing reverse sexism here!” Rafael kept it decent and didn’t showed the naked parts we wanted to see but don’t worry, QC has you covered because we have the leaked pictures of his infamous boat trip where he exposed his 14-time Grand Slam winner ass while changing his bathing suit to give you a frame of reference. And if his rear part is not a match point for you his bulge will clearly win the set. In addition to these public appearances Nadal also stars in a new cheeky ad that founds him in a red locker room suggestively smiling while he’s about to lose the boxers. Super sexy but we do hope that his new underwear contract clearly stipulates that he has to keep using a jockstrap in the court. He fills those white pants so incredible well, don’t you agree? How would you react if Rafael Nadal was gay?

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