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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing:

Do My Undies Make Me Look Anti-Semitic?
 John Galliano blew it big-time when he drunkenly revealed his anti-Semitism. It was a shocking fall from grace.

 Is what he said unforgivable, or would you support his future creative/fashionable endeavors?

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Just Because...

Boxers or Briefs:

Colby Melvin Strips Guys Down at White Party

Colby Melvin and beau Brandon Brown attended this year’s White Party in Palm Springs. The twenty-fourth annual event drew LGBT men and women and family and friends from around the world to the southern California resort town for pool parties, performances, and, as was the case this year, interviews about underwear! Colby tracked down some party-goers and asked them about their White Party swim apparel; the video also gives you a glimpse into both the day and nighttime activities of the weekend event. Look closely and you may even see a famous drag queen we’ve all come to know as Carmen Electra

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 20th

Don Johnson

Donnie Wayne "Don" Johnson (born December 15, 1949) is an American actor and recording artist perhaps best known for his lead role as James "Sonny" Crockett in the 1980's television series, Miami Vice. He also played the lead role in the 1990's cop series, Nash Bridges. Johnson is a Golden Globe winning actor for his role in Miami Vice, a winner of the APBA Offshore World Cup, and has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is also a singer, songwriter, producer, and director.

Caption Needed...

“Hairy” An Intimate Short Film by Noel

I don’t know about you, but this totally turned me on. Not too much information available about this fine fuzzy fella.

Third Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors

From:  OUT

Artist/Hair Stylist/ Creative Consultant at Redken

Guido Palau, (commonly referred to by his first name only) is a British-born hair stylist, known as a leading trend setter in the fashion industry.

Want to make a move? Check out his Facebook page here.

The 50 Hottest NFL Players of All Time

From: kenneth in the (212)
Jeremy Bloom
The Olympic skier turned professional football player's second career didn't exactly amount to much. But the guy is a true Renaissance Man, whose third act in philanthropy may be his biggest success yet.

Maui Wowie: Models Get Smokey For 4/20

From:  The Underwear Expert
 In whatever frame of mind you’re planning to spend 4/20, we figure it’s always the right time to appreciate a super hot photo series of smoking models.
We may or may not condone the habit, but from James Dean to Carrie Bradshaw, some folks just know how to make smoking cigarettes or the like look like the sexiest possible non-sexual activity on the planet. Maybe it’s all that attention drawn to the mouth, or the hazy atmosphere of unfurling smoke clouds. Whatever the case, when guys look like this smoking their fags and joints, we can’t get mad at it.
Check out our full round up of models lighting up and let us know which smokey stud is your favorite!.. and seriously folks, don’t try this stuff at home (unless it’s getting you high).
Jules Raynal by Daniel Jaems 
 Arthur Keller by Tony Duran
 Craig Smith by Ian Wong
 Daniel Bamdad by Simona Pavan
 Simon Sherry-Wood by Marco Ovando
 Ash Stymest by Damon Baker
 Michael Fortes by Ricardo Nelson
 Michael Fortes by Ricardo Nelson
 Steven Chevrin by Jeff Hahn
 Stuart O by Yuky Lutz

Diego Fragoso by Felix Mercedes

Saturday April 20, 2013: Hunk of the Day


"The Four-Legged Zoo"
Original Air Date
January 27, 1973
A teacher (Miss Simpson) takes her class to the zoo where they use the animals to learn the multiplication of 4.

"The Four-Legged Zoo" Lyrics
We went to the four-legged zoo
To visit our four-footed friends.
Lions and tigers, cats and dogs,
A goat and a cow and a couple o' hogs.
A rhinoceros and of course a hippopotamus
And, oh yes, a horse!
There were elk and bison, a gnu or two,
Giraffes and elephants, quite a few,
A llama, alpaca, vicuna too,
Zebras, Ibexes, and one big kudu.
It was swell.
I liked the gazelle.
Now Miss Simpson said ...
She teaches school, you know-
Yeah, she took us there.
Well, Miss Simpson said-
If we counted every head on these
Then multiplied that number by four,
We'd know how many feet went through the
If we turned 'em all loose.
Oh no, don't do that!
It's really a groovy zoo.
But anyway, what Miss Simpson said,
It was a good chance to work on our fours in
our head.
I'll take a lion ... 1 X 4
He's got four legs and maybe a roar.
Gimme 2 camels ... that's 2 x 4
8 legs walking 'cross the desert floor.
A tiger and a lamb and a fat kudu,
Would be 3 x 4 equals 12 legs too.

But we might have to subtract
When that tiger was through! (Rrarr!)
Four 4-footed friends, no matter who,
Would have sixteen legs, and It's always true
That 4 X 4 equals 16,
And 5 x 4 is 20.
Now a coach and six, If you were Cinderella,
Would have you home by midnight
If those twenty-four legs ran fast as light ...
6 x 4 equals 24 and 7 x 4 equals 28
Anyone knows that, who cares about seven

And eight antelope have thirty-two legs
'cause 8 x 4 is 32.
Here come a small herd of buffalo.
They say they're getting extinct, you know.
I can count nine-that's thirty-six legs.
9 x 4 equals 36.
Here comes a baby buffalo.
That's good! That's ten!
And 10 x 4, you know, is 40.
Eleven coyotes ... 11 X4
Went slinkin' over the prairie floor
On all of their legs ... equals 44.
Now 12 X 4 is as high as we go ...
12 x 4 equals 48.
But there were so very, very, many, many
Animals standing there by the gate,
That we'd have to use a pencil if we counted
them all.
And we really had fun,
And we saw every one.
A bear, a cougar, a jackal, a yak,
A fox, some deer, and a sweet giraffe.
And I can't remember how many, many more,
But we multiplied them all by four.
And some of them thanked us with a roar.

The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

From:  OUT

Henry & June 
Dir. Philip Kaufman

AnaΓ―s Nin didn’t make it into the title, but Maria de Medeiros’ portrayal of the erotica author made this 1990 indie flick sizzle, especially her encounters with June Miller, played by an always smoldering Uma Thurman. One scene in particular, the women’s trip to a lesbian speakeasy, stands out for its carefree bohemian spirit, nonchalant elegance, and AnaΓ―s and June’s scene-stealing kiss.

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor. Metcalfe is best known for his portrayal of John Rowland on Desperate Housewives. Metcalfe has also had notable roles on Passions and John Tucker Must Die and currently stars as Christopher Ewing in the TNT continuation of Dallas, based on the 1978 series of the same name.

Striking Posers: History's Hottest 100 Male Models

From:  Boy Culture
Rising-star power

Corey Baptiste
(January 30, 1991—)

One of today's most in-demand models, this exquisite Trinidadian/Grenadian-American guy is from...the Bronx! Like at least one other guy on this list, he was brought into the industry after working at an A&F store. He was snapped up immediately and has been working steadily since, including for DKNY, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. Most notably, at a 2011 D&G runway show, David Agbodji opened and Baptiste closed, making it a rare moment when two men of color had anchored an A-list show.

He recently chose Jay-Z's "Star is Born" as a favorite track because "I believe, with all that is happening right now, that my star is rising."

Wicked Wicked Hot


 Matteo Valentine has Woof Alert written all over him (which wouldn't be too difficult to believe, considering how many tattoos he has). With his dark beard, fuzzy torso and shaved head, the self-proclaimed “hipster” has appeared in ads and posters for several bear-related events. You could easily imagine him posing for PINUPS or appearing in a promo for Australia’s TROUGH X parties.

You could also imagine him getting rammed up the ass on a site like Butch Dixon, where the models tend to be hairy, masculine and a little rough around the edges… Or you could stop imagining, and watch him get fucked by Carlo Cox. The choice is up to you, my friend!

 See More Of Matteo After The Jump:

Classic Television - Saturday Mornings

The Smokey the Bear Show

In 1939, students from Hill City, South Dakota, helped stop a devastating wildfire that threatened their community. Afterwards the school district was allowed by the government to use Smokey Bear as its mascot. It is believed to be the only school in the country to be able to do so
Smokey Bear — and parodies of the character — have been appearing in animation for more than fifty years. In 1956, he made a cameo appearance in the Walt Disney short film In the Bag with a voice provided by Jackson Weaver.
In 1966, Rankin/Bass produced an animated television special for ABC, named The Ballad of Smokey the Bear, narrated by James Cagney. During the 1969-1970 television season, Rankin/Bass also produced a weekly Saturday Morning series, The Smokey the Bear Show, also for ABC.
Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins's song "Smokey the Bear" has been covered by the group Canned Heat, among others. The track is on their CD The Boogie house Tapes 1969-1999.
"Smokey the Bear Sutra" is a 1969 poem by Gary Snyder, which presents environmental concerns in the form of a Buddhist sutra, and depicts Smokey as the reincarnation of the Great Sun Buddha.

History's 150 Best TV Theme Songs:

From:  Boy Culture

"Theme from Family Affair" by Frank De Vol
Family Affair 

Such a festive theme for a show about two kids living with their uncle, this one was beaten into my head by countless early-morning (rerun) viewings.


 Rob Delaney (born 19 January 1977) is a comedian and a writer from Boston, Massachusetts. He lives in Los Angeles.

 Rob Delaney is a straight, married comedian whose been known to tell jokes about butt sex, farting and soap dispensers jizzing on his face. You might know him from Twitter, where many a gay man has followed him just to have an excuse to stare at this picture (BELOW)

and masturbate every single time he tweets. The amount of semen that has been released into the world due to his physical presence is immeasurable and likely infinite. As long as human beings exist, they will fap and lady-fap whilst dreaming about Delaney’s “cute little butt star”. It is known.

XUBA Underwear

 Check out this XUBA Underwear’s catalog

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