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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


GIF Of The Day:

 Redhead Sucks His Own Dick
From: Fleshbot
This is for those of you who commented on the last clip I shared of a guy sucking his own dick. While that hottie purposely spit out his load, I think Prince Harry over here is trying to swallow—he just doesn't have the right amount of suction. Nonetheless, this gives me the tingles. 


Chris Pratt
From: Boy Culture

Moving Men

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Psychiatrist
Original channel
Original run
TV-movie pilot: December 14, 1970
Regular series: February 3, 1971 – March 10, 1971
Roy Thinnes
Luther Adler
The Psychiatrist is an American television series about a young psychiatrist with unorthodox methods of helping his patients. Roy Thinnes played the title role of Dr. James Whitman. Luther Adler co-starred as Dr. Bernard Altman, the older psychiatrist with whom Whitman worked. Two episodes of the short-lived series, "The Private World of Martin Dalton" and "Par for the Course," were directed by Steven Spielberg. The regular hour long series ran from February 3, 1971 to March 10 of the same year.
The pilot for the series, a made for TV movie called The Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children, aired on December 14, 1970. Actor Pete Duel was at the center of this 90 minute drama, as Casey Poe, a former drug addict who, after finishing a two year prison sentence, must battle his own personal demons, as well as the prejudices of others, in order to reenter society. Dr. Whitman is the psychiatrist who must break through Poe's resistance in order to help him form a new life for himself. Duel received much praise for his performance and reprised his role in the first regular episode of the series, "In Death's Other Kingdom."
The Psychiatrist was an element in the wheel series Four in One, which NBC aired in the 10 PM Eastern time slot during its 1970-71 series. The Psychiatrist was the final series of the four to air, following the first-run conclusions of the other three components, McCloud, Night Gallery, and San Francisco International Airport. After all four series had completed their initial six-episode runs, reruns of the four were interspersed with each other until the end of the summer. Of the four elements, McCloud was picked up as one element of a new wheel-format series, the NBC Mystery Movie, and Night Gallery was picked up as a stand-alone series, while San Francisco International Airport and The Psychiatrist were cancelled with no further episodes ordered beyond the original six.

Stan Kwiat, Rob Myette and Scott Myette - Playgirl - May 1984

 Playgirl May 1984

Playgirl's Real Men of the Month
Mike Logan, Michel Biedermann, Mark Gavin,

Rick Springfield  photographed by Universal Studios Inc.

Rick Springfield by Steve Pond

Do You Love Him Too Much?
Nude Pictorial: Father And Son And Grandfather!
Manwatching: Who To Watch And Why
PLAYGIRL Extravaganza: Get Down Under With Our Nude Look At The Men Of Australia!

In a triple-treat pictorial, Playgirl gives indisputable proof that good looks are relative.

Classic Television - Prime Time

The ABC Comedy Hour
Original channel
Original run
January 12, 1972 – April 5, 1972
The ABC Comedy Hour is an American television variety series that aired on ABC in 1972. Seven of the 13 episodes featured a guest host and a team of comedy impressionists known as The Kopycats (Rich Little, Frank Gorshin, Joe Baker, Marilyn Michaels, Fred Travalena, Charlie Callas and George Kirby). Guest hosts included Steve Lawrence, Orson Welles, Ed Sullivan, Raymond Burr, Robert Young, Debbie Reynolds and Tony Curtis. The remaining six episodes were variety specials and included two Friars Club roasts and a revival of the musical Hellzapoppin' starring Jack Cassidy.
The show originally aired on Wednesday at 8:30 PM. Summer reruns of the seven Kopycats episodes were aired under the title The ABC Comedy Hour Presents the Kopycats. The same episodes aired in Great Britain simply as The Kopycats.

43 Of The Hottest Sets Of Rugby Thighs In The World

From: BuzzFeed
Israel Folau

We’d Folau him anywhere.

25 Gays of Christmas

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From: NewNowNext
“Do It Again” 
The Kinks

The Kinks had a big comeback in 1983 with the top ten smash “Come Dancing” (their first top ten in the U.S. since “Lola”), and had a minor hit with the followup “Don’t Forget To Dance” (#29), but the first single from their 1984 album Word Of Mouth should have been a bigger hit.

“Do It Again” hit #41 in February 1985, and was their final entry on the Hot 100.

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Joseph Schildkraut 
Capt. Alfred Dreyfus
The Life of Emile Zola
Joseph Schildkraut (March 22, 1896 – January 21, 1964) was an Austrian-American stage and film actor.

Santa Worship

I saw daddy fucking Santa Claus...

Give Me Some Beads

Marines be like...


Waiting For Santa

Garland on the Tree

Naked Christmas

Have Yourself A Nerdy Little Christmas

Can you guess what I asked Santa to put under my Christmas tree?😈

toda una obra maestra!

28 Of The Queerest Christmas Songs

From: Huffington Post
Pansy Division
"Homo Christmas"
This performance by Pansy Division on the Lavender Lounge Christmas Special features the in-your-face queer band's classic "Homo Christmas."

As naughty as it is nice (you probably don't want to play this one for Grandma), it features tender lyrics like, "Don't be miserable / like Morrissey / Let me do you under / the Christmas tree..."

HUMP DAY HOTTIE: Professional limb mover and face contortionist Jesse Kovarsky

A video posted by Jesse Kovarsky (@scruffyjester) on

Getting fucked p2. He cam in me ;)

Christmas Cub

Now the naked tree decorating pics.

Ho ho ho indeed

Hat and Butt

Hope you’ve been good.

Uncle Luke is fully exhausted packing all these gifts for Christmas.

He is taking a short break.  As this year, St Nicholas (Santa Claus), he plans to engage the service of the  Marvel Super heroes to assist in distributing the gifts that includes Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder woman, the Flash.  

For some reason....


Ho Ho Ho santa is going to hear night.

Quinn Christopher Jaxon

I had that dream again.


Santa knows what a woofer needs

From: wooferstl

Bonnes fΓͺtes de fin d’annΓ©e ….

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