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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dish of the Day #1260: I'm Coming Out Week

This week's Dishes are in honor of National Coming Out Day (October 11). Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks in the sidebar poll here.
Today's Dish is Kurtis Baptiste by photographer David Vance. 
Kurtis Baptiste
33 years old 
Fort Myers, Florida, US
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
Miami, Florida, US

About me
Hello and welcome to my page! I am very experienced in my own fitness as well as being a personal trainer to others and I have gained great experience in the world of modeling. I keep my portfolio updated with new pictures & I am currently interested in working with great models & awesome photographers. I am always in the right shape year round for my assignments so feel free to send me a message with what you had in mind.


Fucking perfect - I want to bury my nose in his pits.


Zach HamamFrom: The Underwear Expert
 We’re always pleased to feature photos from our favorite, established models, but showcasing amateur and lesser known models wearing our favorite underwear designs can be just as fun. This Model Submission post comes from Florida resident Zach Hamam.

Hamam, a 31 year old Lebanese and Black Irish model and actor, sports Calvin Klein Underwear and Emporio Armani in these photos from Valdes Art House.

A jewelry designer, promotional model and YMCA volunteer with hobbies as varied as comedy, baseball and snowboarding, Haman seems as comfortable in his underwear as he might on the baseball field or stage. A true jack of trades.

Max, 23 years old from santiago, chile

From:  Mrs. Candy Perfect Phallus

Miss Robichaux’s Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Welcome back Bitches! American Horror Story: Coven premiered last night and after the especially disturbing opening scenes, you knew it was going to be disgustingly good. With the setting a school, you just know the terrors of the teen years are going to be a focus, I just hope this show keeps it's lens where we want it, aimed at the incredible Jessica Lange. Too much of those teen witches will annoying fast, not to mention they would be better suited to a show on the CW, not FX. 

 'The world is not going to miss a bunch of assholes in Ed Hardy tee shirts.'

Fiona Goode

 Also welcome back to my beloved Evan Peters, whose acting hooked and terrified me as Kyle Spencer on season 1, and cemented the deal by tearing at my heart as Kit in season 2. I hope the writers use his talents as frat boy Tate in season 3. As much as I love the women who dominate AHS, Evan was always one of the most interesting actors to watch.

 Peters in AHS: Asylum

Thursday October 10, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks


Men at Work...

Moving Men


Unusual Underthings AKA 70s Mesh Underwear
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Today’s Throwback Thursday photo brings us to funk town and back. There are a few things that are confusing about the 70′s ad. First off, the name “Unusual Underthings” is pretty awkward. Imagine if we were The Underthings Expert. Also, we are left to wonder if the underwear is the underthing or if someone’s package is the underthing. Anyway you put it… pretty awkward.

Secondly, who is that angel figure. Are they going for a good and evil vibe? Has she been sent to save him from the underthing? Maybe she is the underthing in question.

The one thing we are happy to see is the timelessness of mesh underwear. Actually, it looks like it was a lot more mainstream back at the time of that ad. Unfortunately, the company is no longer around.

Usher Gets Sweaty For Men’s Health

From:  Homarrazi

 Not that he was in bad shape before (because he wasn't), but Usher amped up his workouts for a movie role. If you’re going to play the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard, you definitely have to be in tip top shape. The 34-year-old plays the iconic boxer in the upcoming film, Hands of Stone.

The Season 4 Voice coach opens up about the challenge of playing Leonard, workout mishaps and more for Men’s Health for their November 2013 issue. More importantly, the “Yeah!” singer shows the product of all his hard sweaty work at the gym. 
 On Playing Sugar Ray Leonard

My commitment to this character demands that I not only physically get ready, but also become him. The hair, the personality, the manner he conducts himself in—all that. He’s an incredible man.

On A Big Training Mishap

My second day I decided to ride to the gym. So I rode there. Boxed. Rode the bike back home. Mentally, I’m the type of person who can ignore the pain. Put it somewhere else and allow my body to just go there. But I always suffer. You can’t box, ride a bike for 20 miles in the heat—Georgia heat—and then go to the studio and rehearse. That’s not happening.

Mike Napoli

 "Let’s be honest. When you see these pictures of Boston Red Sox player Mike Napoli shirtless and dousing himself with uncorked champagne, Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” is playing in your head....
There’s something about men who are active (i.e. sporty) and prone to just being so adorable that their glowing smiles make them leap from the page, and into our filthy, filthy minds. It isn’t because they are straight. It is just because they look really hot shirtless covered in celebratory libations (even though we wish it was semen)." -- Daddy Mayonnaise
 Michael Anthony Napoli (born October 31, 1981) is an American professional baseball catcher and first baseman for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB). He has also played for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Texas Rangers.


Zack Hamam
From:  The Backlot

8g PA stretched balls

From: bigredflib

Temptation Thursdays

October 10th is International Top Spinning Day

The top, one of the worlds oldest toys, is a toy that is spun on an axis while balancing on a point. Tops have been found on archaeological digs throughout the world over. The operation of a top is dependent on it’s gyroscopic effect. Wobbling at first, the top will straighten up until the gyroscopic effect lessens and the top eventually topples. Today is International Top-Spinning Day, a day to honor the toy that has been enjoyed by children and adults for quite some time now.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that at some point in your childhood you spun a top. Personally I can recall spinning tops on multiple occasions and even making my own tops a time or two. I may have even tried to make a makeshift top using a bicycle wheel. I’m not sure the reason why I was doing this but I do know that there is an unusual amount of pleasure in just spinning something and watching it stand on its own until loosing momentum and falling over.

Most tops these days are made out of one of three materials; wood, plastic, or metal. I don’t always like the norm, today I wanted to be different. We decided to look up a couple how-to’s for making our own top. I was in charge of celebrating today and went with an origami top. While most tops are powered by pulling a string, twisting a stick, or pushing an auger, this top was different…it is wind powered. Due to the way it is shaped when you blow down on it it spins. It may actually be a little bit more fun than the standard top. At one point while trying to spin the top Brittany mentioned that she almost passed out and was light headed from blowing too hard. Clearly she doesn't know how to control her celebratory emotions while celebrating such an exciting holiday.

Great American Beer Festival ~ October 10 - October 12

The Great American Beer Festival is the premier U.S. beer festival and competition.

Each year, GABF represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served, in a public tasting event plus a private competition. GABF brings together the brewers and diverse beers that make the U.S. the world’s greatest brewing nation.

GABF was founded in 1982, and has been growing and evolving along with the American craft brewing industry ever since.

The Great American Beer Festival takes place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver

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