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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Johnny Depp May Play Gay Wizard In Next ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off

From: Queerty
Fans are matching Depp’s haircut with that of the character, shown behind in a trailer.
Johnny Depp has been cast in the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and there is some serious speculation from fans that he might be playing dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, gay love interest to Professor Dumbledore.

Author JK Rowling outed Dumbledore in 2007 and it was announced last month that he and best friend Grindelwald would feature in the film, which takes place in 1920s New York. Rowling has indicated in the past that Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald.

There will be five films in the series in total, and Depp is reportedly making a cameo in the first installment, opening November 18, alongside Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell and Katherine Waterson. He will have a bigger role in the second film, Warner Bros. said, which will come out next year.

Fans have begun matching Depp’s look with the image of Grindelwald shown in a trailer.

Openly queer actor Ezra Miller is also set to appear in the film, and similarly has not had his character revealed. Warner Bros. released a video on Tuesday featuring Miller talking about Grindlewald’s backstory and rise to power.

“Fantastic Beasts takes place in 1926, which is around when Grindelwald was beginning his attacks across Europe, which might be connected – might not be connected, but might be connected to Grindelwald’s rise to power,” Miller says.

“If you are freaking out as hard as I am right now, thank you, because it’s good to not be alone,” he concludes.

Something tells us he’s not alone.

Jimmy Kimmel’s 6th Annual I Ate All Your Halloween Candy

From: Towleroad
The horror is real – again. A new set of kids is exposed to the gruesome reality that their parents devoured all of their highly sought after Halloween candy.

And once again, there are some really generous and smart kids in the mix.

Watch the meanest trick of all time:

Is James Franco Hot Enough For Shirtless Pro Clinton Video?

From: Fleshbot
Omg, that title totally makes it seem like I'm going to be a total h8er here when discussing James Franco's new shirtless Hillary Clinton endorsement in which he only wears a Hillary branded towel! Like I'm going to be shallow and a body shamer? Seriously not at all. I'm just asking if Franco is tired and dried up and no longer a sex symbol able to pull off stunts like this! Read before you "read!"

James Franco is doing something, which means it's being covered on the Gay Internet. That something is a comedic endorsement of Hillary Clinton that takes cues from the Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Man in the World" beer commercials. Since this has never been parodied people are really excited about Franco's video. This isn't his first Hillary ad, but it is the first one in which he goes shirtless, baring the body he worked on for his role in King Cobra. He states in the cheeky Hillary Clinton endorsement:

She didn’t just bring Iran to the table, she whittled the table with a single piece of oak. Her laugh is in the Smithsonian. Yoda was her apprentice.

She’s the most interesting woman in the world. I don’t always endorse candidates, but when I do, they’re extraordinary. Vote wisely, my friends.
His cockiness and the suggestive way the camera focuses on his freshly towel-wrapped junk is meant to be salacious, but does anyone feel like Franco's about 5 years too late to this party? I thought that the torch had been passed to little bro Dave Franco, but no one seems to have any complaints about James' shirtless appearance. It kind of feels like... it would have worked better if he was a heartthrob? Or is James Franco still a heartthrob with enough sex appeal to pull this off? Is James slipping mentally? His nipples look smaller than they sometimes do I guess.

Check out the full video below!

Eddy CeeTee: A Chat with TitanMen Exclusive Gay Porn Star

From: Queer Me Now
I hope you guys like my chit-chat video with Bruce Beckham last month. During my time on the set of TitanMen in Palm Springs, I also got a chance to talk to TitanMen exclusive porn star Eddy CeeTee. He’s super hot and has a cool personality to match. Eddy shot the scene where he bottom for the first time on camera with Bruce Beckham for the movie Parole and then another scene with Matthew Bosch for Say Uncle. (The scene with Matthew was released first.)

You can watch my exclusive interview with video Eddy CeeTee below. We talk about his hot co-stars, delicious food served during TitanMen’s productions, what took him so long to bottom on camera, and more. (Sorry about that noise in the background though.)

HUMP DAY HOTTIE: Dodong the Explorer

He’s naked: Tyler Parks in ‘Westworld’

From: OMG
 Tyler Parks is a young actor at the beginning of his career, but anyone who watched the most recent episode of Westworld has at least part of him etched forever in their memory.

 Maybe it was prosthetic, but Tyler’s big thing spoke volumes during his non-speaking cameo. See it hanging in all its glory!

At 93, This Gay Man Wants An Apology—Not A Pardon—Before He Dies

George Montague says the British government needs to do better.
From: NewNowNext
 At 93, George Montague likes to joke he’s “the Oldest Gay in the Village”—it’s actually the name of his memoir.

But he’s not pleased with the British government’s plan to pardon thousands of men who, like him, were convicted of gross indecency while homosexuality was a crime in England.

In the first place, the measure only pardons those who have died, like code breaker Alan Turing, who was granted a special pardon by the Queen last year. Men who are still living would have to file paperwork to clear their names.

Secondly, and more importantly, he doesn’t want a pardon. He wants an apology.

“If you accept the pardon, then you accept that you were guilty,” Montague wrote in an essay in The New York Times. How can I be guilty for being born the way I was? My mother made me a homosexual!”

This afternoon, a Change.org petition he started calling for that apology is being delivered to Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street.

Born in 1923, Montague grew up in working-class England, the son of a gardener and a laundress. He admits he was a poor student—”virtually illiterate”—but was good with his hands and became a pattern maker.

By his teen years, he sensed he was different from other boys, but in the 1930s there was no discussion of homosexuality and certainly no community to turn to.

“It was such an aberration, such a terrible thing,” he recalls. “People automatically thought that you were a pedophile and that was very hurtful. So you did everything to hide it.”

Montague sublimated his desires, worked hard and became heavily involved in the Boy Scouts. He even found a girlfriend or two.

When WWII broke out, he became a physical training instructor with the Royal Air Force. “At first I worked in a factory repairing airplanes. I wanted to be an aircrew member, but I was rejected.”

The pressure to marry intensified after the war and, at 35, he took a wife.

“Vera… accepted that I was gay,” says Montague. “I did anything I could to make her happy and loved her, but I was still in love with the boyfriends I had on and off, and she put up with all of that.”

In those days, the police would catch a young, vulnerable gay man in a compromising position and press him to give the names of everyone he knew to be gay. “That was called ’the queer list,’ explains Montague. “My name was on the list so I was always very careful.”

But one day in 1974, Montague got picked up by the police in a public restroom. “I was in the stall when the police came pounding on the door,” he recalls. “I was alone and doing nothing wrong—but it didn’t matter.”

He was convicted of gross indecency and forced to resign from the Scouts after 40 years—most spent working with severely disabled children.

Montague still cherished the Scouts and their code of always telling the truth, “but I was living a lie,” he says. Until he was 60, Vera was the only one who knew about his sexuality.

After his mother died, Montague felt more at ease.

“We had a little family meeting, and I told my children, ’Sorry, guys, your mummy and I are going to live apart because your daddy’s gay.’ My daughter said, ’Oh, Daddy, we’ve known for years.’”

Three years before Vera died, Montague met his future husband, Somchai Pukkhlai, at a bar in London.

“I was in love with him the morning after I woke up next to him,” he shares. “My wife liked him, too, and one day she said, ’I’ve had him all this time. You can have him now.'”

Together for 21 years, the two men married last year right before Brighton Pride.

“We shall be together until the day we die,” Montague says contentedly. But before then, he wants the record set straight.

“I don’t want a pardon, because I didn’t do anything. I will reject it,” he told the BBC. “I’ve already had a letter from the Home Office saying my conviction is to be disregarded. I don’t want that either. That means it’s still there.”

He wants the government to acknowledge and atone “for the ignorant homophobia of all the predecessors of the present Parliamentarians, during almost all of the 20th century.”

And he’s convinced he’ll get that apology, even if it takes a few years. He’s also convinced he’ll live to something else: “I look forward to my 100th birthday. And when that day arrives, this old queen will get a letter from the real Queen.”

GIF Of The Day: I Asked For The News, Not The Weather

Jessy Ares showers Johnny Rapid's dick in spit not once, but twice! 
From: Fleshbot
The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 at Men.com

The Bottom Line: Monday Night's Party...

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Hole in the fishnets...

And This Is How You Ride A Huge Black Cock

From: Fleshbot

Flip Da Fuck Out Part 3

Today's amateur video is really about a perfect fat cock and a bottom who knows exactly what to do when ass swallowing said cock! This may be amateur, but it's not amateur hour, and Bottom wriggles and writhes with the cock up his ass. Then, when the timing's right, he effortlessly bounces up and down, eventually working a load out of his own not too shabby schlong. I can't tell who's luckier here - the bottom or the top! Definitely a fun time for all.


Jonas Nay & Jakob Bieber in Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark.

Nice bulging by Jonas IMO.
From: Xander7

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