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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Communal Tub for the Team Celebration

Favorite New Guy From John Andresen

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Track and Field athlete Håkon Kvæken is John Andresen's latest subject.Check out the full set HERE:

In A Perfect World: Joey Suarez by Cibo Photography

From: Favorite Hunks &  Other Things
'The creative process I go thru on a shoot improves greatly working with a model like Joey Suarez'

 Most readers of FH know my passion for the use of windows within photography of the male form. So... when I saw the incredible image of model Joey Suarez above, I knew I wanted to find out a bit more about the model, and the artist who captured Joey, so beautifully capturing the view. 

San Antonio photographer Cibo states he specializes in sensual male images which appeal to the men and women who love men. Many artists use the term sensual, but not all of them successfully blend it within their images as exquisitely as Cibo is able to. In order to capture the sensual essence of a subject, you have to focus as much on a model's soul as you do their specific body parts. The emotion comes not from how big, toned, or tanned a particular body part looks but instead, how the model's body, their eyes in particular, are able to channel the photographers vision. Cibo loves working with all models regardless of experience but says there is often a fluidity to the creative process when working with an experienced model like 21 year old Joey Suarez that improves the end creative result exponentially as well as often being economically more efficient.

 'I love working with new models for sure, but it may take more than one session to really get solid images. In a perfect world they would all be like Joey Suarez in terms of being an absolute professional. I think Joey is a major talent. He just has finished a new music video, he has acted in films, writes and performs his own music and regularly sings and dances in live musicals. Joey is a busy guy an in my opinion I consider him an exceptional model to work with.'

 Joey's experience in front of the camera comes from years of training and hard work in order to seamlessly channel the complexities of emotion through whatever art form he working within. A professionally trained actor, pianist, vocalist, dancer, and music director Joey is able to use skills from one area to compliment and improve another. Artists, singers and dancers especially, often have an ability to create through movement, pose and emotion some of my favorite, and most memorable captured moments. Joey perceives each skill and profession as a piece of the another and utilizes new experiences and talents to improve, and learn more about, the ones he has already embarked on.


Joey Suarez on ModelMayhem & Facebook


Tuesday, April 8, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Ok, I am little late jumping on the Battlestar Galactica bandwagon. I only just finished season 1 on DVD. It is amazing! I have shared my lust for Jamie Bamber before, but there are two other guys flying through the solar system I also love.

 Jamie Bamber (See Previous post on Jamie)
 Paul Campbell played Billy.


Great Paul Site found HERE: Some very funny blog entries by Paul.

 The ultra hot Tahmoh Penikett who plays 'Helo'


 Tahmoh in episode 88 of Cold Squad titled Teen Angel.

29 Movies Featuring Six Packs You Just Want To Lick

From: Buzz Feed
The Proposal

 Why AREN'T you naked all the time? 


Man Soup

Images In My Head: Brad Gosney by Brett Kiellerop

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 The catalyst for many of the pieces I write for FH begins with a thought. I might be walking down the street, sitting at my desk at work or lying in bed at night. It is not so much a complete idea, instead more of a piece of something that I think I can pull together into something interesting, something full. I think a lot of art begins this way. An idea, an inspiration, a way of thinking about a concept that you then can use your talent to bring to life. The particular talent is really not important, it could be writing, photography, painting or sculpture. The talent is the tool that is used, but it is the what initially floated through your head that really began the creative process. 

 So this begs the question, what is an artist. Is it someone who paints well, or is it someone who is visually able to create a masterpiece. Stephen Hawking is no less a scientist because others assist in sharing his theories and ideas. As I watched the PBS documentary Hawking last weekend, I thought of how frustrating it must be to have so many thoughts, so many ideas, yet struggle to be able to bring them to fruition. It was timely that around this same time, I reached out to Australian photographer Brett Kiellerop about a feature on the blog.

 I came to Brett's work the usual way. I was working on one piece for the blog, reaching a photographer and there on his MM was this captivating avatar photo of a shirtless guy in a white bow tie standing on the beach. The model in the image was 25 year old Brad Gosney from Queensland and I loved that there was such a strong sense of joy in his images. Although he did not take the bow tie image, many of my favorite images of Brad came from his work with Brett Kiellerop. I especially loved some of the unique vantage points and angle Brett used to capture Brad's body and form. When I contacted Brett he was supportive but worried his work wasn't really good enough for public consumption. He was on board though for anything that could support or provide exposure for the wonderful models he had worked with.

'Brad is a charming, friendly, funny kiwi, and the moment I met him I knew I had to try and capture his easygoing nature with my camera. We struck up a friendship during the photo shoots, and remain good friends even now.'

 'I strive to create unusual, quirky images. Typically, I would do at least 2 photo shoots with a model. The first photo-shoot would be fairly standard, allowing me to work out which poses suited the model, what personality quirks they had, etc. The second shoot was about the quirky, emotive images. After the first photo shoot, the model and I generally felt much more comfortable and at ease with each other, and as a result the images from the second shot were a lot more natural.'

 The photos shown here are from two different shoots on two different days. The outdoor nudes were taken at a beach called Tyagarah, near Byron Bay. Brett says that there were a few spectators, but most of the people tended to shy away when they saw a camera crew, especially given that Tyagarah is a nude beach. Brett says that Brad didn’t seem to mind the spectators at all, as he’s quite uninhibited and outgoing. The photos with Brad were originally for intended to be part of ‘Aussie Gods,’ a project which Brett had been working on but was forced to abandon due to issues with vision failure.

 'I had big dreams for my photography and it was very frustrating at first because I had (and still have) so many images in my head that I wanted to capture… all sorts of quirky things with zombie clowns and stuff like that… so it was very difficult to accept that I couldn't see well enough to do a big photo shoot anymore. I can still do a small, intimate shoot as long as the light isn't too bright, so these days I stick to doing small TFP shoots for upcoming models, giving them some images for their portfolio.'

 Since his early twenties Brett has struggled with intracranial hypertension. His body produces too much spinal fluid and therefore must have it drained via lumbar puncture every three to six months.Although the constant pressure caused all sorts of neurological problems, Brett says that up until last fall it had been manageable. On one morning this past September, Brett woke up to find he had an extreme photo sensitivity and a very small tunnel of vision. Initially it felt as if he were completely blind. 

 'I could not navigate around my own home, yet alone the streets. After 8 months or so, I started to be able to process what vision I had in a different way. I could navigate my way to the shops. My hearing became quite acute. I became used to scanning my tunnel of sight around to build an overall picture of my environment. I don’t feel sorry for myself at all, and I would never want anyone else to either. I am a happy, positive person and am very lucky in the fact that I’ve had an amazing and supportive hubby for the last 18 years. I make a living as a writer, but who knows.. maybe one day I will be able to process my vision well enough to be a little more experimental with my photography again. I look back with fondness at my days of doing photo shoots for ‘Aussie Gods’. I met some amazing guys, many of whom still keep in touch.'

Being an artist, there continues to be a passion, a compulsion even to actualize those images in his head. If you head over to Brett's Model Mayhem page, you can see his new work with model Jackson Lombardi. It is quite incredible to see the differences, and similarities to Brett's previous work, including his collaboration with Brad. Although the scope is more defined and view less panoramic than the images here, the beauty, especially the visual detail is clearer than ever.

After The Rugby Match

I'm Ready!: Leonel by TR Pics

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'I was a size 42 and 250 lbs. I remember my mom saying you're going to be very handsome with age, just watch. I really didn't pay her much attention...until about the age of 22. I started losing weight and noticing the attention. I started exercising more and more and dieting until I shed 80 lbs. in total.'


'I remember not being able to attract the attention of the girls I desired...'



 We spend most of our lives trying, or wishing to change. Things about our lives, ourselves, or bodies. We are used to seeing manipulated change, all of those 'before and after' shots that company's use on TV and in print to make money or to sell a product. 

 Those changes are not however, always indicative of a true metamorphosis. Sometimes...they are just smoke and mirrors. When someone gets a face lift, do they really become beautiful, or do they just look different. Real change is not so much about the pounds lost, the new hairstyle or the make-up we applied. True change is the morphing from who someone was, into who they were meant to be. This change is more transformative and meliorate. An evolution moving someone into a less painful and more desirable place.

 I am sure many assume, I know that I have, that most people enter modeling because they have spent a lifetime hearing how great looking they are. There is a incredible beauty then, in hearing Leonel share that it was not being told how handsome he was that inspired him to model, but hearing someone that he loved tell him that one day he would be. 

'Leonel was one of those guys who caught my eye, and then like a big elusive fish, I never could seem to reel him in for a shoot.'

Photographer Tom Rubeck ,from TR Pics, has become one of my favorite photographers to feature on FH. Always exited to share both his images, and his stories. Tom and I had been working on a piece earlier in the month, but like the fish analogy Tom mentioned above, sometimes the fish that gets away isn't the one you were meant to catch. It definitely all worked out with my introduction to Leonard, a 28 year old model from Dallas.

 Tom first saw images of Leonel on Facebook, they had never met, but both living and working in Dallas, they had mutual friends in common. Tom calls Leonel the Master of the selfie. Although Tom thought he had an amazing look, he could not find any professional photographs of him on his page. 'I thought he needed some, so I went for it'. 

 It was January of last year when Tom first contacted him. Leonel responded in February that he wanted more time to get ready so the shoot got pushed back until March. March came and went, and although they continued to communicate it was this past October Tom got a text from Leonel with the word, 'I'm ready!'.

 'I remember Tom contacting me about a year ago to shoot with him but I was scared to do so cuz if my own insecurities. I finally decided to shoot with him and leave my little insecurities behind. I contacted him he scheduled me to meet at his studio and we shot for a good 4 hours I think. Tom made me feel so good about myself and just felt so natural to shoot with him.'

 'We shot in early November, and his hopes were for 'slightly dirty, provocative', which I think we covered. Leonel brought a friend of his, and we used her for a couple of the shots. He turned out to be very eager, very collaborative, and completely agreeable to shoot about any idea I had. Despite his obvious good looks, he really seemed to be a guy without much of an ego after all. Sure, he had his pose and angles down, but he was totally down to earth about it, and not diva-like at all. Truly, he's a nice beautiful guy, inside and out.
Tom Rubeck

 Tom says they had a fun and amazing time, and have continued to keep in touch. Recently Leonel was excited to report that he was contacted by an agency in New York who would like him to refine his look a bit , meaning lose weight,  and submit some things for a possible job. Personally I think Leonel is pretty perfect as he is now, and it speaks to his character that Tom was as impressed with his personality as he was with his look. 

 'I really felt comfortable with Tom and if my pictures ever take me somewhere, He would be my photographer of choice. His insistence in me pursuing something and also because of his good heart and his amazing work.

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