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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hard Working Hunk

By the sea

On the Sofa

damn straight, take it off!

Levi Cum

Hey furry, can I help you?!?

Jean Cream

Retro Guys

24 Real-Life Mermen That Will Make You Wet All Over

From: BuzzFeed
Bet’cha on sand they understand.

Pic of the Day October 25, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Piss Wash

Dat ass doe

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Bill Cosby Show
Original channel
Original run
September 14, 1969 – March 21, 1971
Bill Cosby
The Bill Cosby Show is an American situation comedy that aired for two seasons on NBC's Sunday night schedule from 1969 until 1971, under the sponsorship of Procter & Gamble. There were 52 episodes made in the series. It marked Cosby's first solo foray in television, after his co-starring role with Robert Culp in I Spy. The series also marked the first time an African American starred in his or her own eponymous comedy series.
In this light-hearted comedy, Bill Cosby played the role of Chet Kincaid, physical education teacher at a Los Angeles high school, bachelor, and average cool guy trying to earn a living and helping people out along the way. The Bill Cosby Show was humorous but not a laugh-out-loud sitcom. The show entertained with intelligent character studies and plausible, real-life situations, conveyed in the classic Cosby style.
The show ran for two seasons, 52 episodes in all. While only a modest critical success, The Bill Cosby Show was a ratings hit, finishing eleventh in its first season.
With the high school as the setting of most episodes, story lines comprise: life lessons, students and fellow teachers, family drama, a coach's purview, and a few challenging forays as a substitute teacher of algebra or English. Cosby was lauded for using some previously unknown African-American performers such as Lillian Randolph (as Kincaid's mother) and Rex Ingram. Well known guest stars appear as well; including Henry Fonda and veteran comedians Mantan Moreland and Moms Mabley as Kincaid's married—and feuding—uncle and aunt.
The show's horn-centric and groovy theme song, "Hikky Burr," was written by Cosby and Quincy Jones, with Cosby providing the vocals. A new version of the theme was recorded for later seasons.
Notably, the show did not use a laugh track, which at the time was unique for a half-hour situation comedy. According to commentary on the show's Season 1 DVD, Cosby and NBC were at odds over his refusal to include a laugh track in the show. Cosby felt that viewers were intelligent enough to find the humor themselves, without being prompted. While a few comedy-dramas already aired without laugh tracks, few sitcoms went without  and those that did had studio audiences.

Lazy Sunday


Whip Out That Big Dick


This is Ewan, who's in his late thirties and London based. He stands 6'2" and weighs 200 pounds. 

Let me just take a taste

Vintage Unknown Model

Giving Each Other A Hand

Retro Boys

Diego Valentino

Wanna Take a dip

The water is nice and warm, no suits required...

Bear in the shower

A Day at the Lake

Think Warm Thoughts

Michigan Bulge

Did you read my hat?

Tarzan x Clayton


Vintage Physique Model

How was your weekend with grandpa boy?

Outdoor Male

Fully dressed hot guy with cock popping out

Hairy Middle Eastern Stud

Cowboy Straight Up

Nothing is hotter than having your man wait for you naked in the couch

Luke Tapscott

View From Above

Young Love

The Public Pool by Dan Skinner

Cover me in your piss!

Awe shit!

Andrew Welsh


PrinceHans and Kristoff :Come With Me


Ricky Martin is not opposed to the occasional shirtless selfie:

A photo posted by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

28 Famous Men Take It Off for PETA!

From: PETA
Terrell Suggs

26 Really Hot Doctors That’ll Make You Want To Get A Checkup

From: Buzzfeed


25 Lesbians Every Gay Guy Should Know

From: NewNowNext
Anita Lo 
Born: 1965
Though you’re most likely to recognize her from Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, out chef Anita Lo’s greatest triumph is her acclaimed Greenwich Village restaurant Annisa, where Lo has created an eclectic New American menu borrowing from cuisines around the world.

Anissa derives its name from the Arabic word for “women,” and features a wine list comprising female vinters and vineyard owners.
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