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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders Hits Drag Brunch At Hamburger Mary’s In West Hollywood

Jasmine Masters was caught mid-tuck!
From: NewNowNext
The California primary is Tuesday and Bernie Sanders wooed the gay vote today by visiting drag brunch at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.

Drag Race queen Jasmine Masters joked that she was midtuck when she heard the Democratic candidate was in the house and nearly broke a nail.
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“We need a government that represents all of us,” Sanders, who was walking through L.A.’s legendary gayborhood, told the crowd. “Not just the 1%.”

“How could you not love this guy?” declared one diner amid shouts and cheers.

Could the appearance help him at the polls?

A USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll puts Sanders ahead of Clinton 44% to Clinton’s 43%, though that 1% difference is within the margin of error.

Ramadan 2016 begins in the evening of Sunday, June 5

Ramadan (/ˌræməˈdɑːn/; Arabic: رمضان‎‎ Ramaḍān, IPA: [rɑmɑˈdˤɑːn];[note 1] also transliterated Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month lasts 29–30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths.

The word Ramadan comes from the Arabic root ramiḍa or ar-ramaḍ, which means scorching heat or dryness. Fasting is fardh (obligatory) for adult Muslims, except those who are suffering from an illness, travelling, are elderly, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or going through menstrual bleeding. Fasting the month of Ramadan was made obligatory (wājib) during the month of Sha'aban, in the second year after the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina. Fatwas have been issued declaring that Muslims who live in regions with natural phenomenon such as the midnight sun or polar night should follow the timetable of Mecca.

While fasting from dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking, and engaging in sexual relations. Muslims are also instructed to refrain from sinful behavior that may negate the reward of fasting, such as false speech (insulting, backbiting, cursing, lying, etc.) and fighting. Food and drink is served daily, before dawn and after sunset.  Spiritual rewards (thawab) for fasting are also believed to be multiplied within the month of Ramadan. Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan typically includes the increased offering of salat (prayers) and recitation of the Quran.

30 Days of Gay Pride

25 Life Lessons From The Unbreakable Titus Andromedon

From: NewNowNext
Fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

BAKERS DOZEN :: Top 13 Rugby Hotties of All Time

From: Wicked Gay
Ben Foden

13 Reasons Provincetown Is The Best Gay Vacation Spot In America

From: NewNowNext
The Gays Here Read (Books)

From Henry David Thoreau to Cookie Mueller, there is a rich literary history in this town. Find your beach reading at Provincetown Bookshop (246 Commercial Street) or Tim’s Used Books (242 Commercial Street).

The Fine Arts Work Center (24 Pearl Street) always has great readings—cross your fingers that your vacation time coincides with when Marie Howe, Eileen Myles, Michael Cunningham or Ariel Levy are there.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Pride

From: Pride
There’s so much more to Pride than a parade.

The Pride parades and week of events leading up to them that we know today have a rich and often untold history. From the creation and meaning of the rainbow flag, to the modern day acknowledgement of LGBT Pride Month from political leaders, with 10 awesome facts about Pride that may have flown under your radar. 

10 of Our First Gay Crushes (When We Knew)

From: OUT
John Schneider
"In second and third grade, I had a pretty lasting crush on Bo Duke, the blond country boy played by John Schneider in The Dukes of Hazzard. He had perfect teeth, pretty eyes, and perfect curly blond surfer hair, which I now realize was a little incongruous with his good-ol'-Georgia boy character. He's still handsome too. But given the choice now, I'd opt for team Luke (Tom Wopat circa 1982). I could do without their super problematic 'General Lee' car, though." Matthew Breen, Deputy Editor

8 Habits of People With Hidden Depression

Avoid Social Activities

A depressed individual will try his or her best not to get involved in social activities. The depressed state may make the person feel fatigued, which will cause him or her to desire to stay home in the dark.

7 Ways to Have Safer Sex Even Without a Condom

From: plus
Getting Tested

Getting tested and knowing your status is another element that's critical to having safer sex without a condom.  Face it, without knowing your status you don't know how to protect yourself or your partner. You can't start HIV treatment without knowing your status, you can't get on PrEP without an HIV test, and even avoiding sexual partners of another status requires you know your own. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people at high risk for HIV infection (including gay and bi men and transgender women) be screened for HIV at least annually. But the virus can be present for up to three months before it's detectable in a blood test; so to really be certain of your HIV status, you need to test more frequently. 

#GiveSpockABoyfriend: 5 Same-Sex Relationships We’d Like To See In Summer Blockbusters From: NewNowNext

From: NewNowNext
“The Secret Life of Pets”

All this talk about gay zoo animals—how about a lesbian bulldog or gay labradoodle?

Hot or Not?


Hot Heeb of the Day

From: Hot Heebs
Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

70's Porn Stars/Underwear Models

Bob Noll (L) and ? 
Bob Noll

Bob Noll (L) and ?

(Left to Right) ?, Bob Noll & Gordon Grant

(Left to Right) ?, Bob Noll & Gordon Grant

(Left to Right) Bob Noll ,Gordon Grant & Bill Cable (Stoner)

Brian Maxon

Brian Maxon

Brian Maxon

Eight Signs That We’re Moving Closer To An HIV-Free World

From: NewNowNext
People with HIV are living longer, healthier lives.

Studies have shown that a gay 20-year-old man who is HIV positive can expect to live to an average age of 77, the same for a 20-year American man who is HIV-negative.

Of course, that statistic is no guarantee—especially if you’re poor or a minority.

The AIDS Epidemic Was Born 35 Years Ago Today

"Intensive care units at UCLA and across the country began to fill with young gay men requiring ventilators, their lungs choked with the same strange organism."
From: NewNowNext
 On June 5, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) describing a rare lung infection, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), in five young gay men living in Los Angeles. The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times picked up the story that same day.

It was the first report diagnosing what was soon to be known as Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome—AIDS.

 “Within days of the June 5 report, doctors began telephoning from all over the nation to tell me about their own patients with pneumocystis,” wrote Dr. Michael Gottlieb, who identified AIDS in that report.

“Over time, intensive care units at UCLA and across the country began to fill with young gay men requiring ventilators, their lungs choked with the same strange organism. The AIDS epidemic was underway.”

 Of course, we’ve since learned that HIV arrived in the U.S. in the late 1970s—and an HIV-positive blood sample was discovered that dates back to 1959. But if you’re going to give the AIDS epidemic a birthday, today would be it.

Forgive us if we didn’t get a present.

It’s been 35 years since those first cases were diagnosed, and so much has changed. For a communicable disease to go from death sentence to having medication that can give patients a normal lifespan in a matter of decades is unheard of. Typhoid, tuberculosis, syphilis took centuries—millennia in some cases—to successfully address.

And yet it can still feel like we’re making little headway against HIV.

But we are making great strides: 

Richard Simmons Reportedly Hospitalized For “Bizarre Behavior”

The fitness guru has kept a lower profile in recent years.
From: NewNowNext
 Fitness expert Richard Simmons has reportedly been hospitalized for “bizarre” behavior, three months after close friends claimed he was being held hostage in his homes in the Hollywood Hills.

Simmons was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Friday night after someone at his home called 911.

In March, Simmons issued a statement that claims he was being held captive by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, were untrue and “very hurtful.”

“I just kind of wanted to be a little bit of a loner for a while,” he told the Today show on March 14. “Right now I just sort of want to just take care of me.”

Simmons’ Facebook page is still being updated regularly, but does not address the reports of his hospitalization. A Post from Saturday reads “Make it your duty to create your own beauty.”

McDonald’s Gives Bob The Drag Queen Love With “Purse First” Tweet

Go get you a burger this weekend henny!
From: NewNowNext
RuPaul’s Drag Race has become such a global phenomenon that it’s reached the folks over at McDonald’s corporate, where someone got on their Twitter account this weekend to shower fans with some sassy Drag Race lingo.

The verified account responds to people tweeting about their McDonald’s cravings, and when Drag Race super fan Jess Rodgers tweeted about her hunger struggle this weekend, the person who hit ’reply’ did not disappoint.

Said Jess: “Really want a McDonald’s right now 😩😩”

Before long, a dragged-out McDonald’s glued on its lace-front and slipped into some six-inch heels to respond: “The time has come for you to grab your favorite treat, Jess! Sashay your way to your local McDonald’s purse first.”

Dead! They even gave Bob the Drag Queen a shoutout with some “purse first” love!

C’mon, McDonald’s! Let’s get Bob a promotional deal! Starbucks is already a step ahead of you 😏😏

LGBT Athletes Remember Boxing Champ Muhammad Ali

The Greatest of All Time invented the role of the athlete-activist.
From: NewNowNext
 The sports world is still mourning the loss of Muhammad Ali, the great boxing champion who used his celebrity to speak his mind and address inequality.

Among those sharing words of praise and condolence were numerous LGBT athletes, who appreciated the path of athlete-activism that Ali blazed for them.

Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner recalled Ali’s generosity.

Former basketball player Jason Collins, the first openly gay man in the NBA, commended him for being his authentic self.

Billie Jean King echoed his words.

Michael Sam re-tweeted a comment from Mike Tyson.

Former NFLer Wade Davis commented as well.

In his prime, Ali shocked America with his skills in the ring and his refusal to be anything but a proud black man and Muslim—an act of rebellion in 1960s America.

He was outspoken about his political beliefs, famously refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War and calling out racism in America. This past year, Ali released a statement attacking Donald Trump’s Islamophobia.

But tennis legend Martina Navratilova suggested Ali may have been exploited in his lifetime.

While out boxer Orlando Cruz re-tweeted former promoter Felix Zabala.

“God rest  the best fighter of all times, Ali, the man who brought millions of dollars to boxing. The greatest thanks!”

Leading Honduran LGBT Activist Found Strangled To Death

More than 200 LGBT people have been murdered in the country since a 2009 coup d'etat.
From: NewNowNext
 A leading gay-rights activist in Honduras was strangled to death this week, adding to the already alarming violence against LGBT people in the Central American country.

 Rene Martínez, 40, went missing on Wednesday after leaving his home in San Pedro Sula’s Chamelecón neighborhood. On Friday, relatives identified his body at the morgue.

The U.S. embassy in Honduras described Martínez as “a leader in the LGBTI community… and a rising political figure in Honduras.”

“We offer our condolences to his friends and family,” it added, “and expect a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death.”

Martínez was president of Comunidad Gay Sampredrana, and worked to combat the violence that plagues the country’s LGBT community.

Human rights groups estimate more than 215 LGBT Hondurans have been killed because of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity since the 2009 and 2015.

 Threats can come from any direction: Shortly after the 2009 coup d’état, activist Walter Trochez (left) was reportedly assassinated by the new regime for organizing dissent.

In 2012, journalist Erick Alexander Martínez was tortured and strangled to death just a few weeks after being selected as the first openly gay candidate to run for Congress in Honduras. (Prosecutors insisted his murder was a crime of passion by a drug-dealing boyfriend.)

Just this past January, Paola Barraza, a trans woman and human-rights advocate, was shot to death outside her home in Comayagüela.

“I’ve been imprisoned on many occasions. I’ve suffered torture and sexual violence because of my activism, and I’ve survived many assassination attempts,” activist Donny Reyes told Index on Censorship.

June 12th is Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day

June 12th is Abused Women and Children’s Awareness Day. One of every two families in the United States is involved in domestic violence at some time reports the Domestic Violence official website of Los Angeles Police Department. Domestic violence is a repetitive pattern in people’s lives. Victims or witnesses of domestic violence in childhood are mostly likely to repeat such acts as adults.

In order to eradicate Domestic Violence—Abuse against women and children we must understand what the symptoms of victims being abused are.

Domestic violence is defined as abuse committed against members of the same family, a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, a person with whom the offender has had a child, or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship regardless of sexual orientation or between children and elderly parents.

Domestic violence may begin with angry words, a shove, or a slap, and may escalate into a pattern of assaultive controlling behaviors including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks against the victim, children, property, and/or pets.

Criminal domestic violence behaviors include hitting, choking, kicking, assault with a weapon, shoving, scratching, biting, rape, unwanted sexual touching, forcing sex with a third party, or violation of a valid Restraining Order. Degrading comments, interrogating family members, suicide threats/attempts, controlling victim’s time and activities, although not criminal, are also considered domestic violence behaviors.

Some acts of domestic violence even include sexual assault. A sexual assault may be by a stranger or a person known to the victim, including a husband, boyfriend, ex-husband, or ex-boyfriend. Sexual assault is a crime. Victims should notify the police immediately.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ reveals that this pattern of control and abuse increases in frequency and severity over time. It is estimated that one-fourth of all homicides in this country occurs within the family and one-half of these are husband-wife killings. Studies have shown that arrest, jail, probation, and Restraining Orders deter many abusers from physically abusing their partners.

Disturbing facts: Did you know…….
  • A woman is beaten every 15 seconds.
  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages 15 and 44 in the United States.
  • Battered women are more likely to suffer miscarriages and to give birth to babies with low birth weights.
  • Sixty-three percent of the young men between the ages of 11 and 20 who are serving time for homicide have killed their mother’s abuser.

Domestic Violence Hotline:


National Domestic Violence Hotline:

800-799-SAFE (7233)
TDD 800-787-3224

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