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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sign Language

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Your Nightly Briefing Croota

These are their Croota's Traveller Boxers. You don't need GPS for that.

Bedtime Snack


What’s The Tee?

The Gayest And Greatest T-Shirts For Summer  
From:  Queerty
Fashion tends to take a backseat in summer, when all you want to do is get through the damn day without melting into a puddle of your own sweat. Thus the T-shirt is the preferred uniform for most of us — it’s comfortable, universally loved and easily convertible into a titty-tank once you've disgraced the pits with your perspiration. Though Pride may be over, you can still gay up the streets with these faaaaaabulous LGBTees.
Check out Queerty’s guide to the gayest and greatest T-shirts for summer.

American Apparel’s “Legalize Gay” shirts, modeled here by trans model Isis King, have been perennially popular since the chain printed a few hundred back in 2008 for an anti-Prop 8 rally.

And this year, AA teamed once again with GLAAD for these bi and trans-inclusive Pride tees.

And get into it.

They were going to produce a Supreme League Of Doom tee as well, but no one wanted Scalia anywhere near their bodies.

 InterPride turned their awesome cover featuring DOMA heroine Edie Windsor into an equally awesome T-shirt. We heart it.

Werqing 9 to 5.

For a taste of gay nostalgia, Do You Remember tees have logos of classic clubs, bars and restaurants of the past 30 years, such as NYC’s iconic Roxy.

François Sagat may have quit porn but his body’s still up for sale — this time in a series of T-shirts bearing his hunky hirsute likeness.

Nike’s #BeTrue collection celebrates the “universality of sport” and history-making basketballer Jason Collins was looking all kinds of good in one of their tees during Boston Pride. Also, profits go towards the LGBT Sports Coalition.

Bear: it’s a state of mind.

Redbubble‘s tees are lovingly made with tongue firmly in cheek.

That tongue’s also been a lot of places.

Tom of Finland’s ultra-masculine, ultra-erotic art is the perfect fit for tees and can be found pretty much anywhere — but official merchandise benefits the Tom of Finland Foundation.

Tired of all that dick shtick? Dyke Tees has got pussy puns for daaaaayyyyyssss.

Leave them gagging.

Trophy Pony’s Dorian Corey tees own everything. And if you don’t know who Dorian Corey is, get out of here. Now.

It was all just one big misunderstanding.

T-shirt aficionado William Anzevino teamed up with the Bob Mizer Foundation for this exclusive line of tees with Opening Ceremony featuring imagery from the late beefcake photographer’s collection.

Mmm, beefy.

And what gay T-shirt guide would be complete without a unicorn riding a rainbow?

Optical Illusion

Stare at the black cross for a few seconds……and the pink dots vanish!

Australian Model Matt Oregan


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