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Saturday, February 22, 2014

nude and free in ropes, nude portrait by Dave Milstead

Keone Rivers

Keone Rivers
26 years old 
Ewa Beach, Hawaii, US

About me
aloha mai all, my name is Keone and im a 26 years old. im a native Hawaiian with a mix of several other ethnicities, i am fluent in Hawaiian and also speak Hawaiian crole english AKA pidgin, as well as american standard english. i love the outdoors, camping, diving, hiking, working the land, just being outside in nature. i am a student of kendo among other martial arts, i train hard and fight hard. i am very big on health and fitness, i eat right and stay very active. I'm well educated and studying to become a teacher. i also have one tattoo, it is a traditional kakau uhi (Hawaiian tatau) that runs the length of my left leg. i have some history with modeling but am hungry for more experience. i'm here to find modeling work primarily, anything for which my image is suited, but i am open to acting as well although i have no experience in that field. you can find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/keone.rivers or email me at Hawaiiansk8r@aol.com mahalo for reading.

Tattooed Beauty


From: Manhunt Daily

 He told us:I wish race didn’t matter in porn, but it does. In porn, you’re there for a job. You’re not shooting your own hookups. Personally, I just wish a hot guy was a hot guy. I’m proud of being a black man, and I’m proud to represent black men in porn, but I always feel like race should not be as big a deal as it is. I’m personally attracted to every race. You name a race, I’ve slept with a member of that race. I wish that people just saw hotness.”

 JP Richards has been shooting porn for the past two years. The Detroit native is very well hung, in amazing shape and, in his own words, “likes it all”. You can find him in scenes for a number of studios, or you can find him here on Manhunt under the name AthlVersBlkGuy.

He was nice enough to answer some questions for us this week. Scroll on down to learn about his coming out, Detroit and what’s next for this handsome stud.

 So I want to talk to you about porn, but I know you live in Detroit, which has been in the news a lot lately.

Yeah, we’re bankrupt! I’m from Detroit, and I’ve always lived here. I’m bad about watching the news, because I work really off hours and don’t get to watch too much TV, so I literally get most of my news from Twitter. Detroit’s a really great city, and it’s honestly not as bad here as the media makes it sound. The suburbs are a complete contrast from the downtown, too. The people here are making money, but the city isn't.

Do you think you’ll be there for the long haul?

Actually, I love the city, but I’m ready to move. I really like New York, I love San Francisco, and I really like Chicago. I like the pace of big cities. I want to go to grad school, and part of the reason I got into the porn industry was to pay student loan bills.

I was going to ask you how you got started…

I always wanted to be in the industry, so I got on Twitter and made friends with some guys who were in already. That’s how I made the plunge. I like to look before I leap, and I do like to leap. I actually shot my first scene two years ago this week with Mitch Vaughn for My Gay Boss.

And it seems like you’re having a good time…

I love it. It’s been a really fun ride so far. I get to meet great guys—hot guys—and I get paid for it. I have a full-time job that I’ve had forever, so I get a lot of time off that allows me to travel and do this. I was told to always have another job and to always have a backup plan, and you don’t want to be caught with something to fall back on, because eventually you will want to retire. And you want it to be fun. When you take it too seriously or you’re relying on it too much, that’s when it stops being fun. And that reflects in your performance, too.

I know you've mentioned being religious. Is it hard for you to balance that side of life with doing porn? And are people really surprised by that?

My close friends from home know I’m doing porn, and they think it’s cool. My straight friends have a lot of questions about it, and I have to let them know that it’s work. It’s fun, but it’s work. I plan on telling my family at some point. I didn’t tell them right away, because I didn’t know how long I’d be doing it. It wasn't a conversation we needed to have if I was only going to shoot on scene. It won’t be their favorite thing, but they’ll get over it.

I don’t have a problem with it. My bigger struggle was with coming out and telling people that I was gay. Going to college out of state helped me find out who I was. Half of my fraternity brothers were taken aback when I came out to them, and the other half of them said they knew already. And then they saw me coming out of my shell. They really didn’t care. They said, “As long as you’re happy, you’re healthy, and you’re safe.”

 Any favorite experiences so far?

The three-way with Race Cooper and Kiern Duecan. The Cazzo scene with Jace Tyler. Having Diesel Washington direct the DawgPoundUSA scene… I love doing live performances, too. I really haven’t had a bad experience. The Brandon Jones scene with Lucas Entertainment was really hot, too.

The most recent post on your blog is actually an essay about Trayvon Martin. You give multiple examples of being racially profiled, by police and also in department stores. I’d like to know how you think this applies to the porn industry…

I’ve said it before. I wish race didn’t matter in porn, but it does. In porn, you’re there for a job. You’re not shooting your own hookups. Personally, I just wish a hot guy was a hot guy. I’m proud of being a black man, and I’m proud to represent black men in porn, but I always feel like race should not be as big a deal as it is. I’m personally attracted to every race. You name a race, I’ve slept with a member of that race. I wish that people just saw hotness.

When I talked to Race Cooper this summer he said something similar, that he would do any kind of porn there was except thug porn. I thought that was really interesting.

I want all my scenes to look like what I do in my natural life, and I wouldn't have the right attitude to pull off a thug scene. And if the thug is just a stereotype, then I’m not down for it. I wear snapback hats, and I like hip-hop music, but I’m not a thug. I don’t think I could pull that off even if I wanted to.

So what’s coming next?

I did a shoot for Cazzo with Jace Tyler that’s coming out soon. I shot it in Berlin when I was there for Hustlaball. It’s a really pretty city, it was my first time there. And I shot a lot with Next Door Ebony a few months ago, but all those scenes haven’t come out yet.

Naked for the Tourists

Naked News!

Nude man couldn't have been driving because he didn't have keys:
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'A B.C. man who was found naked and impaired in his vehicle has had his 90-day driving suspension overturned on appeal.'
Despite an exhaustive search by police, the mans keys could not be found...

Riley Sharpe

Riley Tess
29 years old 
London, England, United Kingdom

About me
My background: mixed Welsh, Geordie and Italian.
Degree with honors in fine art

I am always looking for new projects to get involved in. Mainly looking for paid assignments although will consider tfp/cd shoots if I find an artistic interest in the concept.

comfortable with nude work and working with both male and female models as well as groups.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Model of the Week:

Cheddy Oakafor
From: The Underwear Expert
 Sitting down to talk with Cheddy Oakafor, the last thing we expected to find out first was how the Andrew Christian model takes part in Nigerian celebrations from time to time in which men dress up like roosters and perform a traditional dance. The beat of the drums used in those circumstances continue to pulsate through the blood of Cheddy, who holds traditions close while also showing off his moves in the now infamous Andrew Christian “Twerk Off” video. That said, life hasn't always been so vibrant for the 6’1″ model, who admits that his sexuality continues to be a topic not widely accepted by his family. All in all, the West Hollywood native, who currently lives with fellow AC models Noah Wright and Jeffrey Hawkins, approaches life with enthusiasm and positivity, not taking anything for granted and embracing the moment whenever he can. 

 Born: Beverly Hills At Cedars-Sinai Hospital (where celebrities are born)

Current Location: Glendale, CA

Relationship Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 200 lbs

Waist: 32″

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Nigerian American

 Growing up…outside was America, inside was Nigeria. We weren’t allowed to spend the night over friends’ houses because my parents didn’t want us bringing those traditions into our house. We held a lot of celebrations, parties, and masquerades. During a masquerade, a man will dress up in a garb and wooden hat/mask. He’d be possessed by a demon. He’d run and do a traditional dance. It’s almost like you are emulating a chicken/rooster. It’s like seeing two roosters fight. They’d squat down, open their arms up like wings, and do a peck. I don’t go as much now since I live in LA; but, if I do make it to a certain celebration, I’d take part in the dance. It’s tradition. Growing up around the drums definitely helped with my rhythm for the twerk video!

My favorite Andrew Christian video was…the twerk off. It was a lot of fun. It was rigorous too. The set was hot, and it was take after take of twerking. The reason I liked it so much because it was the first time I really got to hang out with Noah, Jon, and Jeffrey, and start building friendships.

When I am not twerking for Andrew Christian I am…working at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. It’s the hotel where they shot Pretty Woman. 

I got involved with Andrew Christian…through a friend. He was doing fashion shows for Andrew Christian, and I went there to support. One of the models couldn’t do the show, so my friend got me into the show. They liked me in the show, so they had me do another show with Andrew. He liked me. He started to put me in different things. Now, I’m here. It happened really fast. 

My favorite Andrew Christian underwear is…the Almost Naked in a bikini cut. I like how everything looks in them. I’m trying to get into their jocks. Working on that bubble butt. Before Andrew Christian, I wore a lot of Calvin Klein, but there was still something missing from the fit. Like Cinderella, my first pair of Andrew Christian underwear fit perfectly. 

The underwear I can’t stand are…boxers like the really loose Joe Boxers ones. Also, I’m not a fan of Hanes boxer briefs.

My roommates are…Noah Wright and Jeffrey Hawkins. Jeffrey was looking for someone via Facebook, and I reached out. I was nervous at first because I looked at him as The Jeffrey Hawkins. But, we all click. We have movie nights; we fall asleep on the couch watching New Girl; we chat about each other’s problems; we’re like brothers. 

When it comes to diversity, sometimes I feel…like black guys are stuck to a specific genre. A lot of time, it has to be hip hop or thug. There aren’t a lot of guys showing you can just be fun and carefree. That’s why I’m happy to be doing things with Andrew Christian. Andrew Christian is for everyone, of every skin tone and walks of life. It’s guys having fun, twerking, and dancing in the street.

West Hollywood…is a tame version of Las Vegas. You meet a lot of interesting people there. I love going out in WeHo. Mondays you can find me at the Abbey for Lip Service. Wednesday is Stripper Circus. Always something to do. 

When I joined a football team when I was young…my dad followed the the team bus, honked the horn, and told me I wasn’t playing any sports. School came first in my household. My mom’s side of the family is full of doctors and surgeons and my dad’s is all business. I was my dad’s brain child. Andrew Christian calls me his nerd. Anything with computers, I can fix it. I got my degree in Business Management.

The ability to make me laugh…is sexy. I like guys who are just naturally funny and don’t have to try as much. I also like a guy who can be sincere and kind. Physically, I love a man that has a nice stomach and hips. Shakira knows what she was talking about. A great smile and hazel eyes are also pluses. 

Being gay in a Nigerian household…was something my family didn’t discuss. My mom will still try to introduce me to girls and my dad will tell me that I need to get married. I’m out, but there isn’t much acknowledgement of it. I try not to think about it that much. Where I come from, being gay is seen as a bad thing. I love my family regardless. I’m not going to cut them off because they don’t 100% agree

The one food that I love…is lasagne. Like, I love it to death. When I was little, I learned to make a vegetable lasagne. I don’t feel guilty eating it…I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.

Ultimately…I want to get into physical therapy and training people. Growing up, I looked up to Tyrese. I wanted his abs. I would do crunches 24/7, after lunch, before bed, etc. Now people admire my abs, and I like helping them achieve their goals. 

Dat ass. Very much enjoying that view. ;)

Mikel Marton: Through My Eyes

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 through my eyes (and body) I
want to express the male body
in a challenging, yet sensitive
way, as well as to give the viewer
a unique opportunity to step
inside a stylized version of my
own sexual fantasies

Patriotic Thong

The Men of Amazing Race 24

Friends William "Bopper" Minton (left) and Mark Jackson (right) 

Newlywed Brendon Villegas 

Father/Son Cancer Survivors David (left) and Connor O'Leary (right) 

Harlem Globetrotters Herb "Flight Time" Lang (left) and Nate "Big Easy" Lofton (right) 

Engaged  John Erck 

Rodeo Brothers Cord (left) and Jet McCoy (right)

YouTube Host Joseph "Joey" Graceffa 

Cousins Leo Temory (left) and Jamal Zadran (right) 

Son Luke Adams 

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