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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reyj Photography: Devoutly Christzen

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'I told Tomas that I wanted him to think of the shoot as something for Rolling Stone. Not sure if I captured all of my images in that style, but I'm definitely happy with the way the images came out.'

Back in 2013, I was fortunate to have discovered the work of Austin photographer Rey of Reyj Photography. I quickly got in touch, and Rey about his work and a feature for FH. The resulting feature, The Rules of Attraction focused on a model some might not see as having qualities normally associated with mainstream male models. Rey's images of Tomas Christzen however were easily my favorites from his portfolio, and one of my all time favorite shoots to feature.

 Rey's imagery, and his work with Tomas, really speaks to why I love working on FH.  Most models we see in magazines, print ads and campaigns, are chosen because someone thinks they'll appeal to the masses.  Although I understand this, it speaks more to commerce than to art, nor does it take into account an artist's ability to create a connection between their subjects, and those who enjoy and view the final images.  I connected to Rey's imagery with Tomas, the poses, the guitar, the facial expressions and his big beautiful, and a little sad and tired, blue eyes.

In returning recently to Rey's site, I came upon new images of Tomas I had not seen, nor included in my first piece. Here, along with a few favorites from the first piece, are those images. The first time, the narrative was mostly mine, and why I connected so much with Rey's shots of Tomas. This time, I'll let Rey share his connection with his subject and the work. If you want to read Rey's full account of his work with Tomas, check out his blog post HERE:

 'I'm drawn to musicians and the beauty that they are able to create. In high school, there was this guy that used to live across from me, but everybody thought he was douchebag. It's funny because I think I was one of the few juniors in our wing that he actually liked and made a point of hanging out with him, which left everyone else confused.' 

 'He played the violin and would often practice in his bedroom, which was right across the hall from me. It was ridiculous how many hours I spent sitting on the floor outside of my bedroom listening to him playing piece after piece on his violin.'

 'Music. It's one of the reasons why I went to college in Seattle and the reason why I came back to Austin after graduating. It's why I make a point to take in as many small venue concerts here in Austin. It's part of the reason why I occasionally wonder the streets of South Congress for the opportunity to listen and photograph street musicians. It's definitely the reason why I jumped on the opportunity to work with and photograph Tomas Christzen.'

 'Working with the photography meet-up group, I decided to participate in the November 2012 photo shoot with Tomas based on his image. Of course, the theme of the photo shoot was "Mountain Man" based on his overall appearance, particularly his beard. However, once I found out that he was a musician and had brought his acoustic guitar, I completely abandoned the "Mountain Man" theme and focused on photographing him in his element. It definitely a good decision based on the images that I was able to get with him and his guitar.'

 'There was an aura of moodiness throughout the photo shoot, which definitely played to my favor towards the end of the shoot. It was further highlighted by the fact that Tomas was comfortable in his own skin and didn't particularly care about what others thought about him. Throughout the shoot, I wanted to capture that attitude and moodiness as well as the beauty that I saw within Tomas.'

 'Given that focus, I think that's why I favored portrait-like images and music photography-like images from this photo shoot. It definitely helped that I told Tomas that I wanted him to think of the shoot as something for Rolling Stone. Not sure if I captured all of my images in that style, but I'm definitely happy with the way the images came out.' 

 'A man and his guitar. This was one of the first images that I worked on from the series. When I captured the image of his impromptu performance during the photo shoot, I knew that I had captured a cool image, especially since I was able to capture his entire body and the width of the guitar. I also love the fact that it's an implied nude, but still has a sensuality to the image. His focus on the guitar, the fact that he lost in his world of music, and isn't paying attention to the camera definitely illustrates the fact that I was able to capture a moment in time.' 

 'I know that I do photography as hobby, an expensive one at that, but it's worth it when I am able to capture moments like these. I don't know if I have the skill and vision to make it as a professional photographer, but I am happy to be able to do it as a hobby and have experiences like this one. And I know that I always find something amazing about each shoot that I've participated in or held on my own, but the photo shoot with Tomas is definitely one that is dear to my heart. On top of that, I love that I was able to highlight some, what I think are, amazing portraits as well as some images that could have potentially be found in a music magazine - maybe. Either way, I am proud of the images that I was able to create with Tomas and am grateful to have had that experience.'

Reyj Photography
Reyj Photography on ModelMayhem

Randy Orton: In The Ring

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Queen’s Guards Forced To Sexually Assault Each Other As Part Of Sick “Hazing Ritual”

"People should be in jail for this."
From: NewNowNext
The British military is investigating an incident in which members of the Queen’s Guard were made to sexually assault each other as part of an initiation ceremony filmed on cell-phones.

Two young soldiers say they were ordered to perform a series of sex acts on each other last September at Pirbright Barracks in Surrey, England.

Members of the Welsh Guards, they had been stationed there after seven months of training and a ceremonial tour of duty at the Tower of London.

“It was totally out of control,” a source told The Sun. “People should be in jail for this.”
On the night in question, the two men were planning on watching the Rugby World Cup with their fellow troops. “They were made to feel part of the group after their first week… and felt like they were fitting in,” says the source.

The recruits, 23 and 28, were told to shower and then join everyone in the TV room. When they arrived, they were joined by older soldiers bearing more alcohol, who ordered the two men to strip naked.

If they didn’t, they were told, the punishment would be severe.

“It was totally out of control and the older and more senior guys were obviously ordering them to do what they did,” says the source. “They had no choice… it was bullying at its absolute worst.”

By the next morning, the video was all over the camp, via via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp and SnapChat. One of the victims is reportedly leaving the military, while the one who is remaining still endures bullying and psychological trauma.

“Everyone was on their phones and pointing out the blokes it had happened to. They were mocked for being gay, although they were forced into the acts,” says the insider, who calls it “horrific.”

An Army spokesman confirms that the incident did take place, and that the Royal Military Police is investigating, but says there were no allegations of coercion or force.

“However this behavior is unacceptable and administrative action was taken against those present, with disciplinary measures taken against one individual.”

According to reports, six soldiers, including a Lance Corporal, were punished. Police in Surrey have also opened a separate criminal inquiry.

In January, the bullying scandal at nearby Deepcut Barracks revealed that intimidation, violence and rape ran rampant.

Over a seven year period, four Deepcut recruits were shot and killed, though no arrest were ever made.

In 2015, a member of the royal family’s Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment alleged he had been bullied by a senior officer over his sexual orientation.

Note From Your Blogger --  I am not condoning acts like this  at all.  I don't understand why "hazing" acts seem to always include "forced homosexual" acts.  And it seems that these rituals have been going on for years and years. As some one that has been a victim of sexual abuse, I don't understand how someone that has been a victim would then do the same thing to someone else.   Unwanted sex is rape no matter what, and the thought of it sickens me.  However, when this goes on in organizations for years and years, it makes me wonder if there is more to it and that maybe it not always unwanted.
Again, I am not saying that it is what happened here is right, but I still wonder about the reasons behind it...

President Obama Addresses Gay Rights, Meets With LGBT Leaders, During Historic Cuban Visit

"Citizens should be free to speak their mind without fear, to organize and to criticize their government..."
From: NewNowNext
 Last week, President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba since 1928, but he didn’t avoid addressing LGBT issues on the island today.

“There are still enormous problems in our society, but democracy is the way that we solve them,” said Obama in a speech at Havana’s Alicia Alonso Grand Theater. “That’s how we got health care for more of our people. That’s how we made enormous gains in women’s rights, in gay rights.”

Saying the embargo against Cuba makes “no sense in the 21st century,” Obama still addressed the human rights issues that concern many.

 “Every person should be equal under the law, every child deserves the dignity that comes with education and health care and food on the table and a roof over their heads,” he said.

“Citizens should be free to speak their mind without fear, to organize and to criticize their government and to protest peacefully and that the rule of law should not include arbitrary detentions of people who exercise those rights.”

Cuban president Raul Castro was in attendance at the meeting, which was broadcast on Cuban television, as were Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. Among the civilians attending were Juana Mora Cedeรฑo and Nelson รlvarez Matute of the LGBT advocacy group Alianza Mano.

“All of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage,” Obama said. “They have spoken out on behalf of the issues that they care deeply about. Some of them represent specific constituencies inside of Cuba. Some of them have broader concerns regarding democracy, the ability to speak freely, worship freely, or assemble or are advocating on behalf of democratic practices here in Cuba.”

Mora (left, center) told the Washington Blade that Obama “listened to everyone… including the LGBT community.”

She is critical of Raul Castro’s regime, which many see as a continuation of his brother, Fidel’s, agenda. Raul’s daughter, Mariela Castro, promotes LGBT rights as director of the National Center for Sexual Education, but critics claim she is little more than a government mouthpiece.

On Monday before the visit, Cuban Foundation for LGBTI Rights President Nelson Gandulla Dรญaz told the Blade police came to his home and questioned him about his plans during Obama’s visit.

Out “Quantico” Star Jay Armstrong Johnson Dazzles In “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”

Move Over, Marilyn!
From: NewNowNext
Broadway Care’s Broadway Backwards is an annual event where gender roles are flipped on their heads resulting in men singing songs originally written for women and vice versa.

The popular night of performances raises money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City. This year the event was held on March 21 and the talented cast helped raise an incredible $480,287.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make the star-studded evening. Broadway Cares have put numbers from the night on YouTube, including some highlights that we wanted to share below.

Out actor Jay Armstrong Johnson who can currently be seen in ABC’s Quantico gave “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, his own twist by stepping in for Marilyn Monroe among a sea of men and sparkly jewelry:

Stage legend Chita Rivera stepped into a tux to portray the lawyer Billy Flynn in the song “All I Care About is Love” from the musical Chicago:

Another standout from the evening was Kinky Boots star Wayne Brady singing his own version of “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” from Footloose:

Nyle DiMarco Nails A Near-Perfect Rumba On “Dancing With The Stars”

From: NewNowNext
America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco returned to the Dancing With the Stars stage Monday night and absolutely nailed a performance of the rumba despite not being able to hear the music.

The 26-year-old supermodel has catalogued his journey to Dancing With the Stars, which he’s appearing on as the first male deaf contestant, in a series of updates on Facebook and an exclusively weekly vlog for People.

Nyle originally thought he’d be able to perform by feeling vibrations from the bass, but he and professional dance partner Peta Murgatroyd had a change of plans since Nyle couldn’t feel the beat very well last week.

“It was actually a little challenging for me getting Nyle to feel the beat of the music, but now I’m tapping on his shoulder,” Murgatroyd said in a clip posted by TMZ this week. The two were in-studio practicing the Viennese Waltz for an upcoming episode.

Check out the pair’s stunning rumba performance from last night:

How did you think we did tonight with our rumba dance?? :) #RedefiningDance#DWTS Dancing with the Stars ABC Television Network #ANTM #NyleDiMarco #DeafTalent

New CDC Study Shows More Americans Are Identifying As Bisexual

Plus, more straight people are having same-sex experiences!
From: NewNowNext
More American men and women are identifying as bisexual, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study, which used data collected from the 2011–2013 National Survey of Family Growth, aims to provide “national estimates of sexual behavior, sexual attraction, and sexual orientation…in the United States.”

Data from the National Survey of Family Growth was collected through in-person interviews, in which respondents were asked about their sexual orientation, behavior and attraction. Though 10,000 individuals were interviewed, just over 9,000 of the responses eventually made it into the study.

The results show a slight increase in self-reported bisexuality, with 5.5% of women and 2.0% of men reporting they are bisexual, as compared to the previous 2006–2010 NSFG study which found that only 3.9% of women and 1.2% of men identified as bisexual.

Another interesting finding shows that of those individuals who identified as “heterosexual or straight,” 12.6% of women and 2.8% of men said that they had had same-sex sexual contact.

The study also revealed some interesting insights about individuals who identified as “homosexual or bisexual,” which showed that more women in this group have had opposite-sex sexual contact (89.7%) than their male counterparts (67.9%).

Further, results show that 16.4% of women and 11.4% of men who identified as ‘homosexual or bisexual’ had never had same-sex sexual contact.

To explore the rest of the report, go here.

Male Cheerleaders Turn It Out To Zedd’s “Stars Come Out”

Oh, it's already been broughten!
From: NewNowNext
A group of male cheerleaders stun in a new routine set to Zedd’s “Stars Come Out.”

The video was posted on Twitter by Liam Riley, the all-star cheerleader turned porn actor and model who’s worked with Helix Studios, Cocky Boys and, most recently, fashion designer BCALLA.

In the routine, Riley wows with an impressive array of bends, kicks and twirls, all while being supported by his squadmates.

Clearly, these are some multitalented lads.

A video posted by Liam Riley (@liamrileycb) on

A video posted by Liam Riley (@liamrileycb) on

L.A. Police Captain Files Sexual Harassment Charges Against Elton John

More than once, John reportedly tried to put his hand in Jeffrey Wenninger's pants and touch his penis.
From: NewNowNext
 Elton John is being sued for sexual battery and harassment by a Los Angeles police captain and former security guard for the Grammy winner.

Jeffrey Wenninger alleges that several times between 2002 to 2014, John touched him inappropriately and made sexually suggestive comments, stating that the incidents were “escalating in frequency and intensity after 2010.”

In papers filed Monday, he claimed the singer would make comments like “Get your [penis] out” and “You have so many gay genes in your—they just haven’t met up yet.”

 On more than one occasion, John reportedly tried to put his hand in Wenninger’s pants and touch his buttocks and penis.

Another time, he allegedly put his hands in Wenninger’s shirt and twisted his nipples.

An attorney for the “Rocketman” singer says it is a “baseless” suit filed by a “disgruntled” former employee.

“These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff. We will not give into his latest abuse of the legal system.”

Justin Trudeau Is A Yoga Rockstar And We Can’t STAND The Hotness!

Ohm my!
From: NewNowNext
 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just determined to makes us fall in love with him.

Forget about his support for the LGBT community, his inclusive cabinet and his beautiful bromance with President Obama—this 44-year-old politician is a yoga fox, as recently surfaced social media pics are proving.

Canada's Prime MInister #justintrudeau- practicing #mayurasana. Didn't we say...#canadalovesyoga
In a photo posted on Facebook by yoga teacher David Gellineau, Trudeau is seen balancing on a table using only his wrists for support. (That’s peacock pose, or mayurasana, in yoga-speak). Trust us, it’s not a beginner’s move.

Trudeau may have been honoring his late father, former PM Pierre Trudeau, who was photographed in the same pose decades ago.

The 6’2″ hunk of Canadian bacon is known for his athleticism—he was actually a pro boxer at one point—but it appears he’s kept his yoga practice going for some time. Last year, he and wife Sophie did tree pose at an event.

He’s also partial to bhangra music—a video of him dancing went viral in India.

Oh Justin, we would downward dog you so hard.

Instagrams That Inspire:

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have been struggling a bit to finish of this seasons How To Get Away With Murder. The cast is still top notch, but some of the writing is all over the place.  I also think the show is too 'Viola Davis' focused.  She is incredible of course, but season one acted more of an ensemble piece, this season, Viola's Annalise is at risk at jumping the shark as a character if the writers don't give her a bit of break.

That being said, the great acting, and male eye candy is keeping me watching, especially the talented and incredibly hot Kendrick Sampson who is guest starring on the series as Caleb this season. Caleb is involved in one of the shows main murder arc's and has thus far (I am about 5 episodes behind) getting a great deal of coverage.
 It is impossible to keep your eyes of Kendrick with his beautiful face and eyes, and incredible body. Kendrick is equally hot, and watchable, whether the HTGAWM writers have him shirtless, or in business suits in court.

Kendrick Sampson on Instagram

I Had To Convince My Therapist That I’m Bisexual

"I was told that maybe I shouldn't identify as bisexual," says Connor Manning.
From: NewNowNext
 Bi erasure isn’t just something in the media: YouTuber Connor Manning revealed that his own therapist tried to convince him he really wasn’t bisexual.

“I spent 30 minutes of a therapy session that I’m paying for convincing someone that I’m bisexual enough to be bisexual.” recalls Manning. “Eventually she came around, but it took way too long to convince her—which I shouldn’t even have to do—that I was bi enough.”

Manning says the experience wasn’t “a massive trauma,” but wonders how someone who wasn’t so secure would feel in that circumstance.

“What if I was someone freshly questioning their sexuality? What if I was me three years ago, when things were really confusing for me?”

In a followup video, Manning recounts some viewers’ responses and says while it was an unpleasant experience, he doesn’t want to discourage anyone from getting counseling.
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