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Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5th is Bathtub Party Day

Bathtub Party Day is today. Draw yourself a tub full of warm water. Add a few bath oil beads, and Voila! You're ready to hop in and "soak it" in the bathtub. Ahh, how soothing and relaxing!

Don't let anything disturb the peace, quiet, and serenity of your bath. Turn off your cell phone. Put on your favorite CDs to a volume where you can't hear the doorbell ring.

The creators of this day at  Wellcat.com encourage you to invite a friend to your bathtub party. Light some candles. Open a bottle of wine, and have some snacks within reach. It's sure going to be a great time.


From:  Manhunt Daily
"It’s true, Manhunt Daily was in danger of becoming Mike Napoli Daily there for a second. It’s just that we’re in Boston, we won the World Series, and he’s running around topless and sexy. You’re right, though! There are other players on the Red Sox that we want to invite into our dugout.

My husband’s always raving about how he wants Dustin Pedroia on his face. And I didn’t realize how hot Jarrod Saltalamacchia was pre-the really intense beard and jheri curl. Consider these World Series champs below. Consider their balls and bats!"   - J. Harvey

David (“Big Papi”) Ortiz

Dustin Pedroia


Jarrod Saltalamacchia


Will Middlebrooks

Jonny Gomes

Temptation Thursdays



Channing Tatum wasn't the only actor willing to shake his thing in a g-string before he hit the big time. About a decade ago — long before he landed the lead role on the supernatural NBC detective series Grimm – a 23-year-old David Giuntoli had a stint on the MTV reality series Road Rules: South Pacific. During one particular challenge Nick — er, I mean David — was asked to strip almost completely naked and shake his ass at a gay strip club.

Some highlights from this found footage:

David gets a little bit gay with his tubby co-star during their performance.
David wraps his legs around a stripper pole.
David lets a male patron smack his bare butt cheek.
David stands naked in front of an oscillating fan to cool off his overheated crotch.
Also, the dick purse on his g-string is huge!




Hot or Not? You decide...


From:  Manhunt Daily
You know Marc Sinoway and his legendary pubes from naughty gay web series Hunting Season. Before continuing, I should reiterate that the fate of the show’s second season is in your hands. I’ve already provided you 32 excellent reasons why we need to see more of these wacky-ass New York sluts, so if you haven’t headed over to Kickstarter to support the project, then I’d kindly suggest that you need to reassess your priorities, open up your heart and do whatever you need to do to get more of this guy‘s butt on my computer screen.

But let’s get back to more important matters! Marc Sinoway wants you to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Recently, Marc revealed  that he reopened his Manhunt account, and he’s been asking strangers all over the world to give him their wads. While I’m not in the place to give him a substantial wad at the moment, I thought I’d post this video and pass on the message for anyone who might be interested in his wad-taking abilities. You’ll see that Marc doesn’t care whether you’re gay, straight, bi, single, married, partnered, male, female, old, young, slim, muscular, chubby, hung like a horse, hung like a mouse or anything else. He’ll take your wad no matter who you are.

Head over here to give Marc your wad! Don’t make him beg for it.

December 5th is Colombian International Day of The Reef



Javier Ausin
From:  The Backlot


From:  Manhunt Daily
 Couples seeking a third is the hottest new trend on Manhunt!

Likeyourbeard is into it. Half of this sexually enterprising couple is pictured here. His partner prefers to remain anonymous, being a member of the Senate and all.

 One of the nicer parts about being a gay guy is the willingness on the part of two consenting adults to open things up and bring in a new dick once in a while. If you’re both into it, and open and honest, it can make things really, really hot. My straight guy friends give me the DIRTIEST LOOKS when this is discussed. #jealousy

likeyourbeard Chelsea (New York), New York, USA
Couple Into real men






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