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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 I never knew I wanted this pairing until it happened. Christmas IS magic! Drill My Hole put my new boyfriend (yes, I know I say that about all of these pro fuckers, but this one is sssooooo my type – bearded, beefy and good at boning) Jordan Levine with Wesley Woods. This combo is a TRUE Christmas special, as Jordan stuffs the sweet-assed Wesley Woods like a Christmas turkey. (You knew that simile was coming.)

 I mean, those asses:

 By the way, the story line is a take-off on the Dickens classic and it delights me to no end.

 Jordan Levine is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Present Wesley Woods. Jordan’s disrespectful ways are challenged when he can’t remember Wesley, even though he fucked him on the plane ride home. The guys quickly get down to business as Jordan remembers that hot piece of ass. Jordan fits right back in and pounds Wesley’s beautiful ass with his raging hard-on.

 Jordan having forgotten that he fucked Wesley on the plane is killing me softly.

There’s more of Ghosts Of Christmas : A Gay XXX Parody below, and you can get the whole Christmas package here.

25 Gays of Christmas

MTA Xmas Party from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

One Hot Visible Penis Line

74th Golden Globe Awards -- Best Series - Drama

And The Nominees Are:

The Crown

Game of Thrones

Stranger Things

This Is Us


23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards - Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series

And The Nominees Are:


Game of Thrones

Luke Cage

The Walking Dead


You knew this dude was a bro from frame one with that ‘lemme suck yo dick’ lid flipped to the back so it don’t hit you in the tummy when he’s.. you know… suckin yo dick.

Word of the Day: Auntie

From: BosGuy
a middle-aged or older male homosexual who was prone to taking care of younger gay men. Most often used in the 1980s.
When I think of a classic “Auntie”, Truman Capote comes to mind.

Watch Hunky Army Lad Deepthroat a Banana — That’s All

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
It’s one we’ve seen a few times on our feeds, but you know what? It just never gets old. We can’t imagine why.

“Jonny is gonna give him a dollar to deepthroat that banana…” – it certainly sounds like the start of a porno. And we have no idea who became the most popular cadet that year, but it certainly didn’t look like it his first time… You ain’t fooling us with that little wince, like you couldn’t do it in yo sleep.
All we wanna know is where is the footage that followed.

You know, where the dom top of the squad goes “Yeah, let’s see if you can do the same with this…” *Queue awful German music*

Two Vancouver Guys Created Donald Trump Protest Underwear to Benefit Liberal Causes

From: Towleroad
 Matthew Paish and Sarbjit Gill, Vancouver entrepreneurs who enjoy inappropriate humor and dislike injustice, were two years into researching and developing an underwear business when the shocking news came that Donald Trump was elected president.

The election left us stunned, like most Americans, and the horror of reality set in shortly thereafter. We are still in shock. Presumably, so are many others who care about equal rights and justice for all, whether they are Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Mexican, part of the LGBTQ+ community or other. With our moods mired knowing the positive progress has been halted, we wanted to create a pair…

So, they’ve developed a pair of “undies for humanity” called The Protest Pair that they’re funding through Kickstarter.

As they describe the boxer briefs:

The underwear features a buffoon yelling into the abyss, holding a megaphone in his teeny-tiny hands. “Blah blah blah blah blah” is written all over to represent his tweets. There’s also a horizontal fly thoughtfully placed over Mr. Trump’s mouth for easy access when nature calls.

Add the founders:

Throughout the campaign, the founders will make personal donations to the causes listed below — the causes that the incoming administration should be for, but is against. You are welcome to let us know which projects you care about the most. Please note that no funds raised on Kickstarter will go towards charitable organizations as per Kickstarter policy (disclaimer). The founders however will make personal donations to these causes on behalf of Mr. Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, and send donation certificates to their respective offices. Plus, we’ll tweet @realDonaldTrump with each $5 and above pledge.

The organizations include Planned Parenthood, Refugee Assistance Project, NAACP Legal Defense and Education, Trevor Project for LGBTQ Youth, Southern Poverty Law Center, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Watch their Kickstarter video, and if you’d like to put Donald Trump where your dick pees, visit their Kickstarter.

Song of the Day: 'Wildcat' by Ratatat

From: kenneth in the (212)
Heard this at Westville ... pretty fun.

Oxford’s All-Male A Cappella Group Is Harnessed Up for Their Holiday Charity Single ‘Sleigh Ride’

From: Towleroad
Oxford University has an a cappella group called Out of the Blue and they’re in it to win it this year with a charity single for Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first children’s hospice. The Helen & Douglas House provides palliative, respite, end-of-life and bereavement care to life-limited children and young adults, and their families.

This year they’ve done a cover of the holiday classic “Sleigh Ride” and they are harnessed up and ready to go.



From: Manhunt Daily
 The creators of Drill My Hole’s Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody must have had two goals in mind. The first goal was to produce Christmas-themed gay porn and the more of that the better. The second was to celebrate Jordan Levine.

 Jordan is all man. He’s built and he’s beautiful.

 What’s a guy destined to be a daddy called? “Uncle?” I want Jordan’s cock to brawl with my asshole. If he wanted to go to sleep with his dick in my mouth, I’d be A-OK with that. Jordan, in the words of the late, great Prince – you are a sexy motherfucker. Can the cosmos grant me Jordan Levine under my Christmas tree this Sunday, hogtied with ribbon, and with a bow on his cock? Honestly, it would make up for the fuckwad of a year known as 2016.

Watch more of Jordan drilling Ghost of Christmas Future Dennis West and  to watch ALL of Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody at Drill My Hole.

Hang in there

From: BosGuy
I really love the holiday season and think of this time of year as a bright spot that comes just before a long and cold winter. However, not everyone shares my holiday cheer and for many the season is stressful; end of year work obligations, dysfunctional family parties, constant reminders to be cheerful and happy etc… Sometimes it can be hard to feel merry.

I hope this isn’t the case for you, and I want to let everyone know, despite the ongoing political news which I find very depressing, I’m sending out positive thoughts to all and wishes for a wonderful 2017.

Happy Holidays to All

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Love this pic from Fantasticsmag.
I believe it is a real ad, but I was surprised 'Old Navy' would be so bold... Anyone know if it is real?

Electoral College Faithless Elector Foiled Trying To Vote For Bernie Sanders

A Maine elector said he wanted to encourage young Sanders supporters “to stick around.”
A renegade Electoral College vote intended for Sen. Bernie Sanders failed to make it to the ballot box Monday after a Maine elector’s vote was deemed invalid. 

Maine elector David Bright had announced plans to vote for Sanders (I-Vt.) instead of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the winner of his state’s popular vote. Bright cast his first ballot for Sanders, but changed it to Clinton after his “faithless elector” vote was rejected. 

“I had taken an oath to uphold the laws of the state of Maine,” Bright, a farmer from Dixmont, said at the state capitol building in Augusta. “If I thought my vote could have helped Secretary Clinton to win the presidency, I would have voted for her on the first round.”

I can’t do anything to change the results of the election this year. But perhaps by encouraging these idealistic voters to stick around, I can change the results of elections to come.”
David Bright, Maine Electoral Voter

Facing the unlikelihood that 38 Republican electors across the U.S. would defect from their party and cast ballots to give Clinton the electoral majority needed to win, Bright said he was left to find “a positive statement I could make with my vote.”

“I am not a Clinton elector, I am a Democratic elector. I do not represent Democrats from all over the country, I represent Democrats in Maine,” Bright said. Sanders trounced Clinton in Maine’s primary caucus, with nearly twice as many votes.

Bright, who supported Sanders in the primary, said his “faithless elector” vote was not out of disrespect for Clinton. Rather, it was intended to acknowledge the “thousands” of Maine voters ― many of them voting for the first time ― who cast ballots for Sanders. 

After explaining his changed vote, Bright delivered a prepared statement underscoring the importance of encouraging young voters.

Trump was declared the winner of November’s general election, even though he lost the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million to Clinton because of his state-by-state tally in Electoral College votes. The official Electoral College vote on Monday made that victory official. 

Trump’s loss in the popular vote emboldened his opponents to encourage state electors to go “faithless” and deny him victory by switching their pledged votes to Clinton, or even to another Republican, like Ohio Gov. John Kasich. 

Maine is one of 30 states that has laws binding electors to their state’s popular vote. The law, however, is unenforceable and carries no penalty. In at least the past century, no electoral voter from Maine has ever acted as a faithless elector. 

“I can’t do anything to change the results of the election this year,” Bright said. “But perhaps by encouraging these idealistic voters to stick around, I can change the results of elections to come.”


From: MenSmut

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