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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Did you have fun on Halloween?

HBO Spotlights Mustache-Themed Lineup In Honor Of Movember

HBO salutes 'staches from "Deadwood" to "Conchords"—and even "Sex and the City"
From: NewNowNext
 HBO saved us the trouble of tracking down folically focused programming by scheduling a collection of episodes featuring the network’s most iconic facial hair.
 “Celebrate the ‘Stache: 22 HBO Moustaches for Movember” on HBO Now spotlights everyone from Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger and Deadwood’s Al Swearengen to True Detective’s Rusty Cohle and Looking’s Dom Basaluzzo.
 The lineup starts November 2, with a 30-day free trial of HBO Now available to new subscribers throughout the month.
 Fans are even encouraged to grow a ’stache in the style of their favorite HBO star and share it on social media.
Just please, no one try to rock one of these. We’re begging you


From: Boy Culture

Favorite Pic of the Day: November 6, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

9 Diva Duets That Will Leave You Gagging

From: NewNowNext

“The Rose” 
Bette Midler & Wynonna Judd

Perhaps an odd match, but Wynonna and Bette deliver a gorgeous interpretation of Midler’s “The Rose.” Judd’s dark vocals compliment Midler’s light vibrato, providing a contrast that elevates the original into something far more nuanced.

IT'S 420

From: 420bate

1982 Pre-Condom Smut: "Printer's Devils"

From: Vintage Gay Media History
 "PRINTER'S DEVILS" (directed by William Higgins, starring Eric Mandrell and Brian Hawks)

 The name for this smut-o-rama is actually legit...a "printer's devil" was an apprentice in a printing workshop who performed a number of jobs, such as mixing tubs of ink and setting and cleaning inked type. Ages before electronic media and even way before motorized machines did most of the work, these guys would manually crank and press out documents.  Thus their arms were usually very muscular because of their laboring, and it became a trademark of sorts for what they did.  Ink was so messy that many shops would have a barrel in the back, where the "printer's devils" would strip down and wash up after a long day of messy work.

When this Hollywood print shop goes out of business, these four horny"devils" spend their last hours on the job bragging to one another about their sexploits, and end up pairing-off for some hot naked fun. Incredibly muscled and endowed discovery, Michael Christopher, made his smut movie debut right here. Brian Hawks (He's Charles Michael Jourdan in this movie) can't get into the pants of hottie Eric Mandrell fast enough. In high school, Eric was reportedly a major jock (I believe it from looking at his toned body in this film). Below, Eric sure seems to enjoy making Brian (opps, I mean Charles Michael for this flick) squirm with pleasure as he toys with his tight little hole.  By the time his finger is done, Eric's going to own Brian's ass for the night!

Greg Davis, Scotty Dixon, Eric Mandrell, Charles Michael Jourdan (Hawks), Mike O'Leary, and Craig Scott.

Here It Cums!

Brent's Auto Wall 110115

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Who's That Boy?

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Despite my post a week or so ago, (Two Strikes) I am still watching American Horror Story: Hotel. This week's Halloween episode, Devil's Night, had less Gaga and more focus on Evan Peters and his hotel owner from hell, James March. 

 In addition to more Mr. March, Devil's Night also saw the return of John Carroll Lynch, (last season's Twisty) and the incredible Lily Rabe. Rabe has always been one of my favorites from the series, and this marks her first (and possibly only) appearance this season.

 Both Rabe and Carroll Lynch returned for a celebration, a Halloween get together and dinner party for some of the worlds most well known serial killers. As host, Mr. March provided his guests with everything they could have wanted. For Carroll Lynch, who was playing John Wayne Gacy, one of his gifts was a young, beautiful long haired shirtless character billed only as 'the boy.'

At first I thought the boy was being played by actor Casey Wyman (shown above) who I featured back in 2013. (God It Looks Like Daniel) Wyman played another long haired beautiful boy in the shows second season Asylum. Wyman made a brief, but memorable appearance in the series second season in a sort of similar role, as a young guy brought on to sexually arouse another character. A quick google search revealed, although equally stunning, the actor, model and self described 'aspiring artist' at this dinner party was another.

The boy, was played by 23 year old Australian actor Harry Hains. Many of you might recognize the Ford models from his many editorials and campaigns, but over the last few years Hains has been making his mark in movies with several movies including the upcoming horror flick, The Mangled. I am not sure the boy made it through the night, or through the entire dinner party for that matter, but Harry Haines left an impression and seems destined to be around long after his brief stay in Hotel.

 Love the shot below!

The Surface (2015)

UNTITLED - April 2008 - London

From: Mascular Studio London
When it comes to macro photography of the body, the penis and the hand offer so much to work with. The form, strength, shape, landscape - al contribute to make images that are simple but where there is a lot going on. These photos were taken at the end of a duo shoot I did of two lovers.

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

From: Queerty
Even though it’s Halloween this weekend  the monster cocks in this new edition of GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week won’t scare you, they will leave you wanting more! Over the past few hours GuysWithiPhones has been like a super fun and devilish Halloween party with tons of hot guys in skimpy costumes and bonerrific bods. This Top Ten not only pays homage to that but also celebrates the best GWiP’ers, and their HUGE cocks, that made the past week an incredible one. There’s a tough job ahead of you because there are so many good entries on this lineup that we’re not sure how are you going to pick just one, we want the trick and treat with all of them. They are all winners in our book but you know how is this, only one will prevail among the rest. The decision is in your hands

Afternoon Eye Candy

Halloween: Aftermath

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Good Head!

Tip for next year.... When choosing a costume, always think about bathroom friendliness

30 Couples Who Rocked It Out With Incredible Halloween Costumes Last Night

From: Gaily Grind
With another successful trick-or-treat celebration behind us, we are taking a look back at the best couples Halloween costumes of 2015.

If you’re planning to dress up with your partner in crime next year, feel free to get some sweet (or scary) inspiration below!

Cops And Robbers:

Batman And Robin:
A photo posted by David Novoa Blanco (@deivid84) on

A photo posted by Instablog Gay (@instabloggay) on

Mario And Luigi:

Good Morning America’s Gio Benitez as Jafar And His Fiancรฉ As His Trusted Sidekick Lago:
A photo posted by Tommy DiDario (@tommydidario) on


Tweedle “D” Tweedle Cum:

A photo posted by Michael (@mjbovin) on

Legends Of The Hidden Temple Contestants:
A photo posted by Geoffrey Brailsford (@geoffreybrailsford) on

Master And Slave:

Pikachu And Ash Ketchum (Pokemon):
A photo posted by Brandon (@bwardell10) on

Na’vi from Avatar:

Pooh And Tigger:
A photo posted by matti (@matichu) on

Cat Burglars:
A photo posted by Brian Nieh (@briannieh87) on


Village People:

Cowboy And A Bandit:

Underwear And Masks:
A photo posted by @tyronewells on

Origami Masks:
A photo posted by Justin Blomgren ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿผ✨ (@justincblomgren) on

Zombie Boyfriends:
A photo posted by J | L | M ๐Ÿข (@dcmorsecode) on

These boyfriends actually met 4 years ago
@DCmorsecode writes: “4 years ago I met this kid on Halloween and we’ve been dressing as offensively as possible ever since. #ebolanurses #tbt #halloween”

Cub 1 & Cub 2:

Sexy Nerds:
A photo posted by Garotos Brasil (@garotosbr) on

A Firefighter And His Dalmatian:
A photo posted by Jake (@makeitorjakeit19) on

A photo posted by Thomas Williams (@t_wills24) on

Shirtless Clowns:
A photo posted by Rebil (@rebilw) on

Adult Babies:

24 Deliciously Sexy Spartans That Ruled Halloween Night

From: Gaily Grind
If you enjoy the male physique as much as we do, then you will know that one of the most homoerotic (and revealing) Halloween costumes is the Spartan warrior.

Check out these 25 hunky Spartans who ruled Halloween Night:

A photo posted by Jamie Varner (@jamievarner) on

A photo posted by Jacob Anthony Klessens (@klessens) on

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀- THE AMAZING LUCAS - (@theamazinglucas) on

A photo posted by !๐Ÿ’ชYOUTUBE.com/ZachDealTV (@zachdeal) on

A photo posted by Mario Fernรกndez Navas (@mariofernav) on

A photo posted by Leon Ngo ๐Ÿ’ฏ (lbn251@gmail.com) (@leonidas_ngo) on

A photo posted by Derek Lovelace๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ (@dereklovelace) on

A photo posted by Curtis Beaudry (@beaudry54) on

A photo posted by Mac Gray (@macisfit4freedom) on

A photo posted by Taylor-Wesley Watts (@taylorwesleywatts) on

A photo posted by Omar Attiyah (@omarattiyah) on
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