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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hot or Not?

Lee Gonsalves 

I’ll be Batman


Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide In Prison

The incident happened Tuesday morning.
From: NewNowNext
Chelsea Manning-who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks-tried to commit suicide in her jail cell according to TMZ.

A source told the celebrity news site that Manning tried to hang herself Tuesday morning at the prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She has since been released from the hospital, but is being “monitored” according to prison officials.

CNN also confirmed that Manning was hospitalized because of an apparent suicide attempt. “I am still trying to figure out what is happening,” Chase Strangio, Manning’s attorney, told CNN. “I have unfortunately not been contacted by Leavenworth and have no additional information.”

Manning began hormone therapy in 2015 in order to transition while serving her prison sentence.

This is a developing story…

A “True Blood” Musical Is Headed To Broadway

Welcome back to Bon Temps!
From: NewNowNext
 True Blood, the HBO supernatural soap opera that ran for seven sex-filled seasons, might be using its fangs to take a bite out of Broadway.

According to the New York Post, HBO is quietly developing a musical based on the series about vampires and other supernatural creatures who live among the humans in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

 Nathan Barr, who was the music supervisor for the series has also written the music for the stage version, and Elizabeth Scott-author of Living Dead Girl-wrote the book and lyrics. A recent workshop included a cast of Broadway vets such as Claybourne Elder (Broadway’s Bonnie & Clyde) and Ann Harada (Avenue Q).

Executive producer Alan Ball and series star Stephen Moyer are also reportedly attached to the production.

But the Post claims that the production could use some editing. At the reading the first act alone was 132 pages.

Let’s just hope they find time to include a musical number based on Jason’s gay sex dream:

Potpourri II

From:  Brent's Auto Wall

Drag Queens Conquer Fire Island At Legendary Invasion Of The Pines

With a special appearance by Alyssa Edwards!
From: NewNowNext
For many Americans the Fourth of July means BBQs, fireworks and celebrating their home country, but for others Fourth of July means it’s time for the annual Invasion of the Pines.

This year was an extra special celebration because it marked the 40th anniversary of the Invasion, the event on Fire Island where hundreds of drag queens board a ferry in Cherry Grove, and disembark on the neighboring village of the Pines to show off their wild looks for the cheering crowd.

Check out an Instagram roundup-with a special appearance by Alyssa Edwards to witness all of the day’s craziness first hand-and remember, it’s never too early to start planning next year’s outfit:
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Draft Of Democratic Party Platform Includes Plank On LGBT Rights

The draft also calls for increased access to PReP and rational gun control laws.
From: NewNowNext
 The Democratic National Convention released a working draft of its 2016 platform, which includes a plank specifically addressing LGBT issues.

 Democrats applaud last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized LGBT people — like every other American — have the right to marry the person they love. But there is still much work to be done.

LGBT kids continue to be bullied at school, a restaurant can refuse to serve a transgender person, and a same-sex couple is at risk of being evicted from their home. That is unacceptable and must change.

Democrats will fight for comprehensive federal nondiscrimination protections for all LGBT Americans and push back against state efforts to discriminate against LGBT individuals.

We will combat LGBT youth homelessness and improve school climates, and we will protect transgender individuals from violence. We will promote LGBT human rights and ensure America’s foreign policy is inclusive of LGBT people around the world.

In fact, the word “LGBT” is used 11 times in the 35-page document—more than twice the number it appeared in the 2012 platform.

Another plank addresses HIV/AIDS, calling for increased research funding for the National Institutes of Health, a cap on pharmaceutical expenses, a review of HIV criminalization laws, and expanded access to PrEP.

Other portions addressed issues of concern for the LGBT community, including immigration, reproductive health and gun violence.

“We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe,” it reads. “We will expand background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws, hold irresponsible dealers and manufacturers accountable, keep weapons of war—such as assault weapons—off our streets, and ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues.”

The draft also calls for a $15 national minimum wage, the eradication of the death penalty and the legalization of marijuana on the state level.

It heads to the 187-member platform committee for approval on July 8 and 9 before being ratified at the convention in Philadelphia July 25 to 28.

Read the full draft platform on the DNC website.

Beefy guy fingering his hairy hole ..

Down The Rabbit Hole: Kaden by Jude Cooper

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.'
Lewis Carroll

Although it was Alice who first went down that rabbit hole, it has since become a phrase or metaphor used to describe someone entering unknown or unexpected territory. The unknown however, doesn't have to be scary...sometimes it can be deliciously fun and sexy. That is certainly how I felt after contacting, and entering into the world of photographer Jude Cooper.

 Before we get to that, we can't ignore the obvious... Kaden, and those incredibly beautiful blue eyes. Kaden is part boy next door, blonde and blue eyes and those gorgeous lips of his.  When Kaden arrives for his shoot, he looks pleasant and happy, and excited in anticipation for stepping in front of the camera.

'Kaden has always been a favorite of mine. I shot him many times over a 5 year period while he was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego.'

 As the shoot progresses, the hat comes off, then the shirt.   Then... to relax a bit, the water bottle is put away, replaced by a beer, maybe two before getting down to business.  Being in the Navy can be a bit of grind, long, hard days and nights with little to no time off.  It also doesn't pay a hell of a lot.  To add a little spice into his routine, not to mention a bit of cash, Kaden was eager to shoot with Jude on a rare day off.

 When the remainder of his clothing hits the floor, you can almost feel Kaden take a deep breath, exhale, then just enjoy the shoot and the experience of being naked and free, even for just a few hours.  The boy next door may look innocent, but when he is totally naked, and you look back into those beautiful baby blues, you can tell he enjoys, the enjoyment that he creates, for all who happen upon his images.

 It is a temporary euphoria however.  Sadly, Kaden must soon put his clothes back on, say good bye to Jude and back to the early mornings and long hard days of life on the base.  While stationed in San Diego, Kaden returned to shoot with Jude, and to relive the experience several times. Today, Kaden is out of the service, and out of California, back home in Texas, now married with a new baby.

So that rabbit hole. When I contacted Jude, it was after seeing a handful of images on his Model Mayhem page. There were a few sexy images, but many portraits and fitness images. Jude replied positively and shared the link to his tumblr, a site he said would show me some 'meatier' shots. Thank goodness I'm not a vegetarian...

While Kaden's blue eyes and ball cap shots attracted my interest, it was not until the tumblr that I saw they were just the surface of what Jude had to offer. I was away on the weekend, but once down the rabbit hole of Jude's tumblr, it was a couple of hours before I returned to the surface. Once I caught my breath, I shot him back a few of my favorites, Kaden being, near the top of that list.

 Like most unexpected surprises, most rabbit holes are never exactly what they seem, and have additional layers if people want to go deeper, want to continue to explore.  As soon as I chose a selection of sexy images of Kaden, Jude had another surprise.

 It wasn't a coincidence that Kaden was in the Navy and living on that San Diego base.  Having spent years shooting, Jude was looking for ways to find models and to make some money from his passion and hard work.  Given his proximity to the base, and his knowledge that that the men on it were always looking for a bit of excitement, and extra money on their days off, Jude found his niche in the realm of imagery of the male form.

Jude started photographing men off the base for military themed images for sites focused on the male form, specifically, the military male form. Recently, Jude decided it was time to start his own site, and pull together the years of shoots, and amazing men that he had shot. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, you can start with Jude's straight off base tumblr HERE: Don't forgot to come up for air, and to look for clues if you want to go even a little bit deeper.

Dolly Parton Loves It When Drag Queens Come To Her Concerts

"Sometimes some of them look more like me than I do."
From: NewNowNext
 This year Dolly Parton is headlining a 60-city tour, developing a TV series based on her life and launching two albums, including Pure & Simple. No mean feat for a young performer, but at 70, the Backwoods Barbie shows no sign of slowing down.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, Parton expressed how much joy she gets from seeing fans at concerts—even when they’re dressed like her.

 “I think it’s fun! You know, we usually have boys all dressed like me, and so when I do ’Jolene’ and I see a bunch of drag queens out there, I start singing [to the tune of the “Jolene” chorus] “drag queen, drag queen, drag queen! Please don’t take my man!” [Laughing]”

Dolly says she’s proud of her big gay following, teasing “sometimes some of them look more like me than I do.”

Can you say “Ivana Breast Reduction”?

Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Invite Dozens Of Pulse Nightclub Staff To Orlando Concert

The duo also performed “Rise Up” with Andra Day in honor of the victims and survivors.
From: NewNowNext
 Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato played Orlando on Saturday, and decided to reach out to the staff of Pulse nightclub, inviting them to the concert and a special meet-and-greet before the show.

The duo, criss-crossing the nation on the Honda Civic Future Now tour brought a smile to nearly 30 people still grappling with horrendous trauma.

A photo of the two pop stars with the employees was posted on Facebook, with the caption “Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato, thank you for making the pulse family smile ‪#‎onepulse ‪#‎orlandostrong ‪#‎pulseorlando.”

The staff also enjoyed a private suite at the Amway Center, where the show was being held.

During the concert, Lovato and Jonas were joined by Andra Day for a performance of “Rise Up” in honor of those lost in the tragedy.

“Orlando you were incredible last night. Thank you @andradaymusic for helping Demi and I are honor the victims of the terrible acts of violence recently,” Jonas wrote on Instagram.

Previously Lovato and Jonas invited a fan from North Carolina to their New York show, after canceling their Raleigh and Charlotte concerts because of HB2.

Colton Haynes Shows Off His Impressive ‘N Sync Collection

Fangirl level: 10.
From: NewNowNext
 Colton Haynes describes himself as “the ultimate ’N Sync fan,” and he put that label to the test at an antiques auction over the weekend where a whole collection of vintage ’N Sync memorabilia was up for grabs.

“I’m almost in tears,” the 27-year-old out Arrow star said before giving his Snapchat followers a tour of the merch, which he bought.

The classics “Bye Bye Bye,” “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Tearin’ Up My Heart” play in the background as Colton pans across the impressive lot spread out on his sofa.

It includes stickers, posters, postcards, magazines, press-on nail designs, gel pens, and one Lance Bass I.D. card:

Before the glorious two-minute tour comes to an end, the camera turns around to reveal Colton dancing among his new belongings and lip syncing to “Pop.”


Christian Group Dressed As “Gay Zombies” To Infiltrate Toronto Pride

"If you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead."
From: NewNowNext
Justin Trudeau made history as the first sitting prime minister to march in Toronto’s Pride parade over the weekend, but he was almost overshadowed by some unexpected surprise guests in the form of “gay pothead zombies.”

A group of concerned Christians donned green skintight bodysuits on Sunday, proclaiming to be gay zombies as they passed out fake condoms.

Instead of free rubbers, however, the crowd was receiving info packets revealing the “physical and spiritual dangers of homosexual practices.”

Bill Whatcott, the leader of the half-a-dozen activists, paid the $100 fee to register “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” in the parade in order to have an easier time spreading their message.

Whatcott said his plan, including asking people if they wanted “zombie safe sex,” was much more effective than it would have been if the group didn’t wear the disguises.

“If you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead,” he said. “But, give them some whackadoodle thing that looks like a condom and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had 3,000 out in 20 minutes.”

The pamphlets were filled with graphic images of people suffering from diseases like AIDS, warning that it was the result of a homosexual lifestyle.

Britney Spears, RuPaul, Pink, More, Join Forces On “Hands,” New Orlando Benefit Single

"Doesn't matter who you love 
 All that matters is your love."
 The entertainment world has been quick to respond to the attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, with several charity singles being released to benefit survivors and victims’ families.

The latest, “Hands,” features vocals from Britney Spears, RuPaul, Adam Lambert, Gwen Stefani, Troye Sivan, Jason Derulo and many other top acts.

The song was written and produced by Justin Tranter, the out singer-songwriter behind Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself” and other major hits.

“Like the rest of the world I woke up to the news that morning and was horrified and sad and scared,” Tranter told Billboard.

The theme of the song came just a day after the shooting, when Tranter arrived at the Center Orlando, the city’s LGBT community center, and asked how he could help.

“They said, ’We need as many hands as we can possibly get.'”

The artists all recorded their segments separately—from their homes, nearby studios or wherever they happened to be at that moment.

“We assigned everybody what we thought would be the best part for their voice,” Tranter says, “And we asked them all to sing an additional part, just in case. But everybody got it done in time so we ended up with extra vocals.”

Spears opens the song with the line “Can hold a gun or a hold a heart,” while RuPaul is heard near the end, saying “Take my hand baby.”

Tranter says Pink was “a lifesaver,” describing her vocals in the chorus “like, from heaven directly.”

Proceeds from “Hands” benefit Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and GLAAD.

Below, view the full list of artists on “Hands.”

Mary J Blige, Jason Derulo, Britney Spears, Tyler Glenn, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Ty Herndon, Imagine Dragons, Juanes, Adam Lambert, Mary Lambert, Jennifer Lopez, the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, Kacey Musgraves, MNEK, Alex Newell, Pink, Prince Royce, Nate Ruess, RuPaul, Troye Sivan, Jussie Smollett, Gwen Stefani and Meghan Trainor.

AIDS Organization Uses European Soccer Championships To Launch Racy New Campaign

From: NewNowNext
 It’s the 2016 UEFA European Championship, or the “Euros,” when football (read: soccer) teams across the continent compete on the field.

AIDES, a French HIV/AIDS awareness organization, is using the tournament as a launchpad for a eye-catching new campaign promoting safer sex.

 In the ads, naked couples are painted in the colors of different nation’s flags, with the caption “Make Love, Not War.” The models’ lips, butts and groins have been highlighted with a different color to represent the exchange of bodily fluids.

 “No, Matt is not exhibitionist, nor does he know the Hulk,” reads a description of the gay couple left. “But he met BjΓΆrn, a supporter of the Icelandic team. The magic of football has worked on the two young men, who have decided to share much more than games.”

“The carelessness of summer and the festive atmosphere related to the Euros is conducive to a relaxation of behavior,” reads a statement on the AIDES site. “This campaign is a way to recall one basic message: “Protect yourself!”

 AIDES president AurΓ©lien Beaucamp says the #ColorsOfLove campaign also helps to defuse some of the nationalist sentiment that gets stirred up during a big sports competition.

“A bit of love and lightness in a climate where reactionary temptations are raging can only do everyone some good.”

Listen To A Preview Of Lin-Manuel Miranda And Jennifer Lopez’s New Single Benefitting Orlando Victims

"We’re not staying inside today They’re not taking our pride away."
From: NewNowNext
Jennifer Lopez announced last week that she was teaming up with Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda on a charity single benefiting the victims of last month’s massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and now the duo has shared a sneak peek of the new track.

Miranda tweeted a video of himself in the studio recording “Love Make The World Go ‘Round,” which will benefit the Hispanic Federation’s “Somos Orlando” campaign for the community affected by the tragedy.

“Beyond emergency assistance, they will be provided with case management, crisis intervention, and mental health services, among other needs,” according to the Somos Orlando website.

Over 95% of the victims of the attack were Latino, and now the Puerto Rican powerhouses are hoping to give back to the community with their upcoming song.

Listen to the preview of “Love Make The World Go ‘Round” below.
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