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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture

Pre-production has begun on a gay feature called Out to Kill. It's a mystery, so let's hope someone murders all three of those vaginas. (This is a persistent reference to Amanda Bynes and not a bizarre gay slur.)

Find out more about the movie here.

'When did he become such a 10?' JFK's grandson, 20, sets female hearts aflutter as he steals the limelight during his mother's swearing in ceremony

From:  Daily Mail
John F Kennedy's grandson John 'Jack' Schlossberg,
left, with his mother Caroline Kennedy as she is sworn in as
U.S. Ambassador to Japan with her husband Dr Edwin Schlossberg
and Secretary of State John Kerry.
Jack's looks have been compared to his grandfather's.
 His grandfather's dashing good looks stole America's heart during his time as President.
Now it seems John F Kennedy's charm has resurfaced - in his only grandson.
Admirers took to the internet to sing the praises of John 'Jack' Schlossberg, 20, who is training to become an emergency medical technician as he studies at Yale University.
As he appeared beside his mother Caroline Kennedy, who was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, one Twitter user asked: 'When did Caroline Kennedy's son become such a 10?'
One cheekily asked whether he was 'legal' while another said: 'I can't wait to marry into the Kennedy family.'
Smart: Schlossberg is training to become
an emergency medical technician at Yale University

Despite his comparatively tender age, the young member of one of U.S. politics' greatest dynasties has more than his share of family tragedy.
His uncle John Kennedy Jr died in a plane crash in 1999, and his great-uncle Bobby was assassinated - as, of course, was his grandfather.

Not shaken by his family's past, Jack has been described as a budding statesman. He has already spoken at several prominent events, including the 50th anniversary of New York's JFK Airport.
Jack Schlossberg has been compared
to his grandfather JFK,
pictured right aged 22 at a garden party
At his age, Jack's grandfather led a somewhat more relaxed life - during time off from Harvard aged 20, he sailed to France with his convertible car and spent 10 weeks driving through Europe.

But the future President would soon come of age with the onset of the Second World War when he was 22. He served first in the Army then the Navy, receiving the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.
His daughter Caroline Kennedy took part in a traditional tea ceremony yesterday, just days before flying to Japan in her official role as Ambassador.
The daughter of President Kennedy was confirmed as the new ambassador by the Senate last month and is due to move to Japan with her husband and children tomorrow.
Statesman in the making:
John 'Jack' Schlossberg listens to a speaker
on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis last year,
at the library in Boston, Massachusetts,
which was named for his grandfather
The 55-year-old attorney, who will be the first woman to represent the U.S. in the Asian country, was nominated for the vital role by President Obama after his re-election.

 John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (born January 19, 1993), known as "Jack", is an American Yale University student and the grandson of President John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy.
Schlossberg was born on January 19, 1993, in New York City to U.S. Japan Ambassador Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (born 1957) and designer Edwin Arthur Schlossberg (born 1945). 
Eligible: Schlossberg who is studying in Yale
poses in a Youtube video promoting his college blog
Such a 10:
The young Kennedy's looks drew admiring commentary, such as from this woman on Twitter
One woman on Twitter cheekily declared her desire to be the next Jackie O, JFK's wife

It appears Jack Schlossberg's work as a budding statesman is as admired as his looks
He has two older sisters, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg (born 1988) and Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg (born 1990). Schlossberg is the only grandson of President Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee "Jackie" Bouvier. He is a student at Yale University where he is training to become an EMT (Emergency medical technician), and is a contributor to the Yale Daily News and The Yale Herald.  Schlossberg became the only surviving male descendant of the former president when his uncle John Fitzgerald "John-John" Kennedy, Jr., died childless in a plane crash on July 16, 1999.  In eighth grade, Schlossberg co-founded ReLight New York which raised more than $100,000 to install compact fluorescent lights in low-income housing developments. In 2012, he announced his intention to pursue a career in politics after college graduation.

The one question this blogger wants to know is how can a family that has some many less then attractive women, can have some many men that are so hot???
Jack Schlossberg pictured in 2011 in front of a portrait of his grandfather

Dashing: John 'Jack' Schlossberg in front of a picture of his grandfather,
to whom he has been compared today

I Want You!

Do your prefer bacon or sausage?

Jeff Probst is the host of the long-running Survivor on CBS. Bacon is one of the most delicious foodstuffs known to man. Let’s get into this.

Probst has shot a guest spot on Two And A Half Men in which he’s naked and holds a plate of bacon. That show is beat so you’ll have to research the whys and wherefores yourselves. It’s possible Jeff explains the nuances of his character in the video below

But yet many of have a thing for sausage, and Probst has plenty to offer in that area too. It looks like it could be uncut too? These pics have been floating the net for a few years, yet they have never heard "tribe has spoken" from Mr. Survivor, stating that they are not him or not real.

So what do you want for your challenge reward, bacon or sausage?

Just little bored ;-)

From: 831bear

he look like he smell good

From: charlibal

Your Hunk of the Day: Julien M

Julien M by Fred Goudon 

Lord of Dark Places

More Than One Way To Touch Your Toes

Swag This

Looking Tough?

Moving Men


Moving Men

Black Bear

Moving Men

You know you want me

Moving Men


From: realmenstink

Love those nipples….

From bigboi-marcushooker:

Teddy Bear Love

Favorite Pic of the Day: November 15, 2007

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Just Because...


From:  Yummy of the Day
 "You did it again!!! You chose the perfect man for the Yummy of the Month. Of course, I had to do a little research on our October winner. The scrumptious specimen in question is Asi Naiz. Besides his name, I couldn't find out anything else. Is he a model? Is he a porn star? Is he a random, furry hottie? 
What I do know is that he is DEE-LI-CIOUS!!! " --  Mac

The Nude Blacks get the better of their Australian counterparts in annual match

From: Rugby Dump
The traditional Nude Blacks rugby challenge took place in Dunedin this past weekend, with the hosts taking on an invitational Australian side in a match watched by thousands at Alhambra Rugby Club, ahead of the All Blacks vs Wallabies Bledisloe Cup third Test.

Over 2000 students, rugby fans and curious onlookers turned out as a group of players wearing little more than their pride tackled the nude rugby game, which famously takes place in Dunedin each year.

The hosts won the match, although there was reportedly a disagreement over the final score, something to do with too many balls being dotted down over the tryline.

The match had everything from a Haka to big tackles, and the crowd loved every minute of it.

There were girls taking part too, although they were fully clothed, making their father's proud.

Amongst the innovations on the day was a new lineout call - the 'Tony Woodcock'.

Guest referee Scotty Stevenson called the shots, and reportedly penalized a player for illegally spooning. It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out.

WARNING: There was a streaker at one stage in the match.

On a serious note, there are naked men running around in this video. If you find that offensive or inappropriate, do not watch. You can view a longer video though, if you so choose, here

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