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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five Dumbass Antigay Activists Who Unintentionally Helped Our Cause This Year

From: Queerty
Kim Davis

While we’re on the subject of “religious freedom,” the thrice-divorced, born again county clerk from Kentucky became Public Enemy #1 this year when she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. Her perpetual lawbreaking backfired when a Washington Post/ABC poll found that the vast majority of Americans believed she was in the wrong and that she should stop “invoking God’s authority” to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Score one for the gays!

Classic Television - Prime Time

Night Gallery
Original run
November 8, 1969 (pilot)
December 16, 1970 – May 27, 1973
Original Network
Presented by
Rod Serling
Night Gallery is an American anthology series that aired on NBC from 1970 to 1973, featuring stories of horror and the macabre. Rod Serling, who had gained fame from an earlier series, The Twilight Zone, served both as the on-air host of Night Gallery and as a major contributor of scripts, although he did not have the same control of content and tone as he had on The Twilight Zone.
Serling appeared in an art gallery setting and introduced the macabre tales that made up each episode by unveiling paintings (by artist Thomas J. Wright) that depicted the stories. Night Gallery regularly presented adaptations of classic fantasy tales by authors such as H. P. Lovecraft, as well as original works, many of which were by Serling himself.
The series was introduced with a pilot TV movie that aired on November 8, 1969, and featured the directorial debut of Steven Spielberg, as well as one of the last acting performances by Joan Crawford.
Unlike the series, in which the paintings merely accompanied an introduction to the upcoming story, the paintings themselves actually appeared in the three segments, serving major or minor plot functions.
Night Gallery was initially part of a rotating anthology or wheel series called Four in One. This 1970–71 television series rotated four separate shows, including McCloud, SFX (San Francisco International Airport) and The Psychiatrist. Two of these, Night Gallery and McCloud were renewed for the 1971–72 season with McCloud becoming the most popular and longest running of the four.

Classic Television - Prime Time

Shirley's World
Original channel
Original run
15 September 1971– 5 January 1972 (US)
7 April 1972  –  25 July 1972 (UK)
Shirley MacLaine
John Gregson
Shirley's World is a television series aired first by American Broadcasting Company during the U.S. 1971-72 television season. The sitcom was co-produced by the British ITC Entertainment and American producer Sheldon Leonard; it starred Shirley MacLaine as a photojournalist and John Gregson as her editor.
Immediately after the ABC broadcasts ended, the seventeen-episode series was aired in its entirety on ITV in the United Kingdom.

43 Of The Hottest Sets Of Rugby Thighs In The World

From: BuzzFeed

Anthony Watson

Making England proud.

Fuck all that fur I wud get lost in those pubes mmmmmm

33 Guys Who Have Gone Naked For PETA

From: BuzzFeed

Actor David Cross

25 Gays of Christmas

These 17 Posters Powerfully Document The AIDS Epidemic Over The Last 30 Years

From: Huff Post

11 Things We Learned From “The Wiz Live!”

From: NewNowNext

The Wiz Live! was easily the best live musical NBC has done so far and should be the watermark for all other TV specials to come.
In a word, The Wiz Live! was:

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From : NewNowNext

“The Different Story (World Of Lust and Crime)” 
Peter Schilling

Peter Schilling is best known for his 1983 worldwide hit “Major Tom (Coming Home)”, and six years later he would hit the Hot 100 one more time, with the very New Order-ish sounding “The Different Story,” which would reach #61 in April 1989.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Sandra Bullock 
Leigh Anne Tuohy
The Blind Side

Sandra Annette Bullock (/ˈbʊlək/; born July 26, 1964) is an American actress and producer. She is one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses, and is the recipient of one Academy Award from two nominations, and one Golden Globe Award from five nominations. She was named the "Most Beautiful Woman" by People magazine in 2015.

Bullock made her acting debut with a minor role in the 1987 thriller Hangmen. She made her television debut in the television film Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989) and played the lead role in the short-lived NBC sitcom Working Girl. Her breakthrough role was in the film Demolition Man (1993), after which she starred in several successful films including Speed (1994), While You Were Sleeping (1995), The Net (1995), Hope Floats (1998), Practical Magic (1998), and A Time to Kill (1996). Bullock achieved further success in the 2000s and 2010s with starring roles in Miss Congeniality (2000), Two Weeks Notice (2002), Crash (2004), The Proposal (2009), The Heat (2013) and Gravity (2013). She was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama for playing Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side (2009). Bullock's greatest commercial success is the animated comedy film Minions which grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

In addition to acting, Bullock is the founder of the production company Fortis Films. She has produced numerous films which she has starred including Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and All About Steve. She was an executive producer on the popular ABC sitcom George Lopez and made several appearances on the sitcom.

2Eros : X Series

From: Homotrophy
 Check out this lovely campaign from 2 ErosX Series. It comes as a briefs, trunks and jockstraps as well as tights and tanks.

Visit : 2EROS

Two Star Meat

Latin Leather, Filth, & Fun

Four Star Meat

Andriy Voronin ( Андрій Вікторович Воронін )

I want this guy to clean me

Punched and Pounded - Titan Men


Justin Clynes


Chris Hemsworth

Robert Pattinson

Lionel Ravaute possibly by Pat Milo.

Male Camaraderie

Why So Serious?

Some serious eye candy ;)

Waiting for you

Hard Rock Cafe

Cody Jones

Rick Mora


Jose Manreza by John Balzola

Relaxing in the pool

Handsome, Hairy and Uncut

Against a tree

Hommes au naturel

Losing the Briefs

Why are bald men so damn sexy?

Sunglasses Jack Off

Bad Boys.

At the troff

“Don’t stare at my butt, bro… just do it!”

Stages of Facial Hair

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