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Monday, August 26, 2013

National Safe at Home Week ~ August 26 - August 30

Did you know that more serious injuries occur at home than at work? And the
number one cause of accidental fatalities in the home with children is poisoning.
Safe at home is the first member organization which focuses on home safety; we
identify common and hidden hazards in and around the home to protect people
in and from their home.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Be Kind to Humankind Week ~ August 25 - August 31

Be Kind to Humankind Week (BK2HK) is our annual celebration of kindness that is recognized globally from August 25th-31st each and every year. It is  basically a week long holiday. Of course we suggest practicing kindness daily, but this is the week you can take it to the next level.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mug Shot Wednesday

From:  kenneth in the (212)
 Charge 1
       STATUTE: BURG0020
       BOND: 2000
 Charge 2
       STATUTE: BURG0020
       BOND: 2000
 Charge 3
       STATUTE: THEF2003
       CHARGE: GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($10,000 - $20,00
       BOND: 2000
 Charge 4
       STATUTE: DRUG1101
       BOND: 2000
 Charge 5
       STATUTE: DRUG2103
       BOND: 500

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Morning Wood

From:  kenneth in the (212)
He looks like Matt LeBlanc's frisky brother, or is he the real deal?

Early Morning Men in Motion

Little League Baseball World Series ~ August 18 - August 24

Early Morning Men in Motion

Minority Enterprise Development Week ~ August 18 - August 24

The National Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Conference is the Nation’s
premier event for minority entrepreneurs and the public and private sectors. The MED 
Week Conference offers a venue for minority-owned firms to access information, tools
and resources to grow their businesses both domestically and internationally.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

National Thrift Shop Day - August 17

National Thriftshop Day is a day for a real bargain.

"Thriftshops" is an old term for stores that sell items deeply discounted merchandise. It's not always the highest quality, but the price is right. You know these stores better today as discount department stores and dollar stores.

Watch for sales and specials today at Thriftshops in celebration of National Thriftshop Day. If you are a storeowner, create a sale around this special day, and watch your August sales sizzle!

Good Morning ....

Early Morning Men in Motion

International Geocaching Day - August 17

Geocachers unite on the 3rd Saturday every August to celebrate International Geocaching Day. For 2012, that was August 18. Next year it will be commemorated on August 17, 2013.

It's a day devoted to enjoying what we love – geocaching. There's even a digital prize. Geocachers who log an "Attended" at an Event Geocache or a "Found it" for another geocache type on International Geocaching Day earn a souvenir  for their Geocaching.com profile page. International Geocaching Day is the perfect occasion to hike with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, and log one, two, or a dozen smileys.

In 2012, we made International Geocaching Day the biggest day in Geocaching.com history. More than 94,000 geocachers from around the world charged into the wilderness or perhaps walked casually down the sidewalk to find a geocache on August 18.

Thank you to all those geocachers who organized the more than 250 events, including 3 Mega-Events, on International Geocaching Day this year. The events range from Event Geocaches to CITO Events and include Mega-Events in Germany, Hungary, and the United States.

The Mega-Event in the U.S. for 2012 was the Geocaching Block Party hosted at Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, Washington. We invited the community to attend via this video from some of Geocaching.com's most famous (furry) employees.

Check out the Geocaching.com Event Calendar to find an International Geocaching Day event near you. If there's not an event in your area, consider planing an Event Geocache of your own. Don't forget to share pictures and stories from your International Geocaching Day event on the official Geocaching.com Facebook page.

National Meaning of "Is" Day - August 17

What is the meaning of is? You can't even ask the question without using the word, so it's pretty hard to define. It's the third person singular form of the word "be," which is also hard to define without going into existential mumbo jumbo. Spend today trying to define is in your words without using the word be. It's actually sort of a challenge.

International Homeless Animals Day - August 17

Organizations around the world come together on the third Saturday of August to raise awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic. International Homeless Animals’ Day activities often include candlelight vigils, adopt-a-thons, spay/neuter clinics, microchip clinics, blessings of the animals, and heartfelt speeches given by council members, local veterinarians, humane officers and shelter personnel. Other activities include slideshows, rallies, dog walks, open houses, award ceremonies, live music, raffles, and games. To read about previous International Homeless Animals’ Day events, please visit our Newsletters page on our website.
Individuals and organizations wishing to take part in ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day events can order a complimentary downloadable candlelight vigil packet by contacting ISAR by mail, phone, fax or email. Our vigil packet includes guidelines for organizing a successful vigil event with tips on site selection, suggestions for speakers and vigil events, reaching target audiences, poems, songs, sample press releases and more!

In addition to your downloadable copy of ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day vigil packet you will receive our International Homeless Animals’ Day posters to advertise your event, Proclamations to be signed by your governor and mayor declaring the day as International Homeless Animals’ Day, coloring sheets and more through the U. S. Postal Service. Your participation in ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day will guarantee advertisement of your organization’s event to thousands of people on ISAR’s website www.isaronline.org, as well as promotion on ISAR’s online communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

By coming together on International Homeless Animals’ Day you can support ISAR in letting the world know we will not tolerate the senseless killing that continues to take the lives of innocent dogs, cats, puppies and kittens simply because there are not enough good homes for them.

Together, we will continue to be a voice for the animals, and continue to demand an end to the suffering these animals face each day.

Below are more opportunities for participating in ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day.

Visit ISAR's Event Schedule to find an International Homeless Animals' Day Candlelight Vigil Observance in your area.

Participate in ISAR's 12th Annual Virtual Vigil and light an online candle for homeless animals.

Join ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day 2013 Facebook Event Page for Updates on events taking place worldwide!
Click HERE to learn more about ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day Billboard Campaign.

Click HERE to advertise ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day online.

Click HERE to print ISAR's 2013 Feedback Form.

*Special thanks to all vigil coordinators for sending ISAR photos of their International Homeless Animals' Day Candlelight Vigil observances over the years.
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