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Friday, October 27, 2017

Dish of the Day #2010: Trick or Treat

Today's Dish is Ilya Kolesnikov by photographer Andrei Vishnyakov
OCTOBER 27, 2016
From: Deep Dish

When Sexy Goes Splat: The 5 Studliest Horror Movie Murders

From: Queerty
So rugged. So handsome. Such a pity they had to die. Those firm, muscular bodies desecrated and torn asunder… The panic coursing from their eyes as they bleed out, staring sightlessly. The inhumanity of it…

To celebrate all things eldritch and awful, here are five scenes from an assortment of schlocky horror films that hover lovingly over flayed man flesh. Let’s watch these handsome, well-intentioned men get their guts handed to them as they’re painted over in their own blood. Because that’s life. That’s reality. And this is Halloween weekend, bitch.

Let’s take a look. Shall we, kiddies?

Paul Satterfield 
Creepshow 2 

The followup to the far-superior Creepshow anthology film is memorable mainly for Paul Satterfield spending the entire “The Raft” installment in a yellow bikini before being tortured and killed by a lumpen lake creature.

Watch the Speedo-and-slime-filled segment below:


From: Manhunt Daily
 Bromo’s still in the Halloween mood, hence we’ve received Part 3 of their Scream parody, cleverly called “Cream For Me!” You can see the posters for it after all the dirty pics below. In this part, Vadim Black has been sent to the garage to get more dildos and lube. Just like Rose McGowan did in the classic slasher flick! Except she was sent to get more beer. Or WAS she?

 Anyway, Brad Banks as Ghostface ends up fucking Vadim in the garage and then, because Brad Banks as Ghostface is apparently whimsical, he makes Vadim crawl nude through the doggie door so he can fuck his butt! It’s definitely following the script but it looks so awkward. Vadim’s hairy butt cheeks and hole still look plenty inviting, though. I just wish they would let Brad Banks out of that itchy robe to show off all of his beefy splendor!

 Seriously, a dude gets barebacked in a doggie door in this one. I love gay porn.

 Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser video below.



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