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Friday, September 30, 2016

Keith Olbermann Rips Trump’s Calls for Clinton’s Assassination: ‘What Kind of Sick Bastard Are You?’

From: Towleroad
In this segment, Keith Olbermann denounces Donald Trump’s festering infatuation with the assassination of Hillary Clinton.

Olbermann reacts to Trump’s most recent statement suggesting that if Clinton is so against guns, she should be denied personal protection.

Said Trump: “I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. I think they should disarm immediately, what do you think, yes? Take their guns away, she doesn’t want guns. Take them, let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay? It’ll be very dangerous.”

Asks Olbermann, “What kind of sick bastard are you? …You mean shoot her. You meant kill her. You meant assassinate her.”

Olbermann then flips through a catalog of presidential assassinations and attempts throught American history.

He rages:

“Enraged as you were that you had to admit to your lie about birtherism, you went out and brought up assassination the same night. To wish, to incite, to dog whistle, to do anything but repudiate and fight against physical violence against a political leader in this country is beyond despicable. With our history, with our political annals stained with the blood of everybody from Martin Luther King to Ronald Reagan to Harvey Milk. And I pity you Trump. That you have so little of humanity or decency inside you. That you could so cravenly and dismissively say it: ‘Let’s see what happens to her?'”

Adds Olbermann:

“The Secret Service should now take General Hayden’s cue, and you, Trump, you should be in the back of a police wagon now, being questioned. And then you know what? Let’s see what happens.”


Gay “Orthodox Priests” Bare All NSFW Calendar

From: NewNowNext
 The Romanian team behind the wickedly sinful “Orthodox Priests” calendars is back with their 2017 effort, “P.I.L.F.,” or “Priests I’d Like To Fuck.

 This fifth installment is arguably the raciest one yet, with hunky models getting into some very NSFW positions while surrounded by religious iconography.

 While the imagery is certainly meant to titillate and shock, the calendar isn’t just about eye candy. Since its inception in 2012, the Orthodox Priest calendars have sought to challenge the Orthodox Church’s treatment of the LGBT community, which, as one could guess, is pretty dismal.

 “The [Orthodox] church has lost its way and is desperately trying to prevent hundreds of millions of people living in modern societies that respect human rights,” Magdalena De Iona, press representative for the calendar, told the Huffington Post.

 “We’d like to think that our art could empower people to question traditional forms of authority.”

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Orasul Meu (or “My City, My Colors”), a local NGO that provides health care for disadvantaged youth.

 So, take a look at some of the steamy shots and purchase a calendar, here.

Fred & Barney Are Fuck Buddies

From: FREEBO23

Four Major Newspapers Do Studies, Reveal What We All Know: Donald Trump is a Bigoted, Lying Fraud

From: Towleroad
Before last Monday night’s debate, four major newspapers — the New York Times (which published two articles), the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and Politico — have analyzed Donald Trump’s statements over the course of a week to determine their truthfulness. The results are as you might expect.

The New York Times denounced Donald Trump in an editorial as a man “who dwells in bigotry, bluster and false promises.”

The paper takes apart his  “freewheeling campaign marked by bursts of false and outrageous allegations, personal insults, xenophobic nationalism, unapologetic sexism and positions that shift according to his audience and his whims.”

They call him out as a fraud who won’t release his taxes because of what they would reveal: “the public record already indicates that in at least some years he made full use of available loopholes and paid no taxes.”

Some other things:

His self-dealing: “He notably tapped $258,000 in donors’ money from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits involving his for-profit businesses”

“Voters cannot judge whether he has any idea what he’s talking about” with regard to foreign policy.

His xenophobia: “Whatever his gyrations, Mr. Trump always does make clear where his heart lies — with the anti-immigrant, nativist and racist signals that he scurrilously employed to build his base.”

The birther nonsense.

And lying: “Since his campaign began, NBC News has tabulated that Mr. Trump has made 117 distinct policy shifts on 20 major issues, including three contradictory views on abortion in one eight-hour stretch. As reporters try to pin down his contradictions, Mr. Trump has mocked them at his rallies. He said he would “loosen” libel laws to make it easier to sue news organizations that displease him.”

His “fanciful notions” about the nation’s debt, “imported from Mr. Trump’s debt-steeped real estate world, would undermine faith in the government and the stability of global financial markets.”

His threats to destabilize the world by abolishing NATO and his ass-kissing of Putin: “Even worse was Mr. Trump’s urging Russia to meddle in the presidential campaign by hacking the email of former Secretary of State Clinton. Voters should consider what sort of deals Mr. Putin might obtain if Mr. Trump, his admirer, wins the White House.”

Finally: “The list goes on: He would scuttle the financial reforms and consumer protections born of the Great Recession. He would upend the Obama administration’s progress on the environment, vowing to “cancel the Paris climate agreement” on global warming. He would return to the use of waterboarding, a torture method, in violation of international treaty law. He has blithely called for reconsideration of Japan’s commitment not to develop nuclear weapons. He favors a national campaign of “stop and frisk” policing, which has been ruled unconstitutional. He has blessed the National Rifle Association’s ambition to arm citizens to engage in what he imagines would be defensive “shootouts” with gunmen. He has so coarsened our politics that he remains a contender for the presidency despite musing about his opponent as a gunshot target.”

And that’s not even everything.

The paper also posted a laundry list of 31 major lies told by Donald Trump in just a single week, called A Week of Whoppers. “This total excludes dozens more: Untruths that appeared to be mere hyperbole or humor, or delivered purely for effect, or what could generously be called rounding errors. Mr. Trump’s campaign, which dismissed this compilation as “silly,” offered responses on every point, but in none of the following instances did the responses support his assertions.”

The L.A. Times served up its own article, Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate.

They excoriate him:

Never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made false statements as routinely as Trump has. Over and over, independent researchers have examined what the Republican nominee says and concluded it was not the truth — but “pants on fire” (PolitiFact) or “four Pinocchios” (Washington Post Fact Checker).
Trump’s candidacy was premised on upending a dishonest establishment that has rigged American political and economic life, so many of his loyalists are willing to overlook his lies, as long as he rankles the powerful, said Republican strategist Rob Stutzman.
“It gives him not only license, but incentive to spin fantasy, because no one expects him to tell the truth,” said Stutzman, who worked against Trump during the primaries. “They believe they’re getting lied to constantly, so if their hero tells lies in order to strike back, they don’t care.”

The Washington Post, in another article about Trump’s lies, called his an “alternative universe.”

An examination by The Washington Post of one week of Trump’s speeches, tweets and interviews shows a candidate who not only continues to rely heavily on thinly sourced or entirely unsubstantiated claims but also uses them to paint a strikingly bleak portrait of an impoverished America, overrun by illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists — all designed to set up his theme that he is specially suited to “make America great again.”

And Politico did its own piece, fact-checking The Donald for a week as well, in an article called Donald Trump’s Week of Misrepresentations, Exaggerations and Half-Truths.

According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks.

In raw numbers, that’s 87 erroneous statements in five days.
Trump’s misrepresentations range from false pronouncements (he again wrongly said he opposed the war in Iraq before it began) to the petty (he insisted Clinton had copied him by holding rallies with her plane in the background and insinuated she was “sleeping” when she held no public events).
He contradicted his own policy on providing health care to the poor, overstated the ad-spending discrepancy between his campaign and Clinton’s and exaggerated the size of his primary victories and polling leads.

The bigger question: Do Trump’s supporters care?

PharmaBro Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning Off The Chance To Punch Him In The Face

Anyone have $78,000 we can borrow?
From: NewNowNext
 There are a lot of people who would like to sock Martin Shkreli in the kisser, and now someone will get the chance.

The former pharmaceutical company CEO, who outraged millions by raising the price of an AIDS drug more than 5000%, is auctioning off the chance to punch him in the face for charity.

Shkreli went on Twitter Monday and announced one lucky (and wealthy) bidder could pay to punch or slap him in the face, with proceeds benefiting the family of Mike Kulich, his recently deceased PR rep.

Kulich, 29, died suddenly last week, leaving behind a fiancé and a young son who survived cancer.

Shkreli says he’s already received bids for $25,500 and $78,000.

In December, the former head of Turing Pharmaceuticals, was arrested on securities fraud charges. His trial has been set for June 26, 2017.

Florida Woman Wins Right to Punch Martin Shkreli in the Deplorable Face

From: Towleroad
Loathsome former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, who made headlines last fall after jacking the price of an AIDS drug by 5400%, this week auctioned off the right to punch him in the face.

Shkreli held the auction to raise money for treatment for a friend’s 6-year-old son who is battling cancer (maybe his heart isn’t 100% coal?).

A woman named Katie from Florida won the auction. Shkreli offered to broadcast it on VICE media if they were willing.

In September 2015, Shkreli, a former hedge fund manager, hiked the price of Daraprim, used to help (among others) AIDS patients with compromised immune systems, from $13.50 a tablet to $750 per tablet. Turing announced it had raised $90 million from Shkreli and other investors in its first round of financing on the same day as the pricejacking.

Shkreli promised to drop the price of Daraprim shortly after public outcry but his solution pleased few.

And despite pledging to cut its price, Turing Pharmaceuticals announced it would only provide discounts of up to 50 percent, for hospitals. Shkreli later said he regretted that he hadn’t charged even more for the drug.

In February, Shkreli appeared before the House Oversight Committee for a hearing on drug pricing. He was escorted from the room after refusing to speak, asserting his Fifth Amendment rights.

I Like You

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Hillary Clinton And Zach Galifianakis Face Off In Hilariously Awkward “Between Two Ferns” Interview

"I really regret doing this," the presidential nominee deadpanned.
From: NewNowNext
 Hillary Clinton has appeared on Saturday Night Live and Broad City during her pre-election publicity tour, but her most recent interview as a guest on Zach Galifianakis“Between Two Ferns” may be her funniest appearance yet.

Clinton remained perfectly deadpan as she fielded a plethora of risible questions from the comedian.

“What happens if you become pregnant?” Galifianakis asks. “Are we gonna be stuck with Tim Kaine for 9 months?”

Clinton perks up when the host says it’s time to talk about Trump, but quickly realizes that part of the interview isn’t going to be any easier.

“When you see how well it works for Donald Trump, do you ever think to yourself, ’Maybe I should be more racist?’” asks Zach.

The interview was reportedly filmed on the day Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, which likely aided her in achieving those inscrutable reactions.

Check out the full interview below.

#EGGPLANT NATION Meet Bearded Bill Behr!!

Backstreet’s Back With James Corden—And It’s Sexual

The boys visited the "Late Late Show" to promote their upcoming Las Vegas residency.
From: NewNowNext
 After waxing poetic about his love for 90s boy bands on the Late Late Show earlier this week, host James Corden surprised his studio audience with an electrifying performance from one of the most iconic boy bands of all time: The Backstreet Boys.

 “Now with visual albums gone, it means we can bring something back, something I care about…more than anything else on the planet,” Corden began, addressing the camera straight on. “We are bringing back boy bands.”

After the audience broke out into applause, Corden clarified that he wasn’t referring to current boy bands that just “stand on stage” wearing “skinny jeans and Van sneakers,” but to the golden age of “proper boy bands [with] matching outfits, synchronized dancing and way over-budget music videos.”

He concluded: “I want to bring boy bands back and I want it to happen right now! So let’s bring back the top-selling boy band of all time: The Backstreet Boys!”

The curtain then lifted and the original members of the legendary group broke into their classic hit, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

Not one to be left out of a group sing-along, Corden quickly joined the boys and together they rocked out to the tune with some impressive vocals and sickening choreography.

Check it out below.

The Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” residency at The AXIS Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas kicks off March 1, 2017.


Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: September 30, 2008

Nick Abendanon
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Dish of the Day #2

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008
From: Deep Dish

Killer Who Sexually Assaulted, Shot Teen Lesbian Couple in Texas Sentenced to Life in Prison

From: Towleroad
 A jury in San Patricio County, Texas has found David Malcolm Strickland guilty of capital murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

 Strickland brutally shot and sexually assaulted a teenage lesbian couple in Texas back in 2012. Strickland attacked 19-year-old Mollie Olgin and 18-year-old Kristene Chapa when he came upon them at a park in Portland, Texas, not far from Corpus Christi. He blindfolded them with duct tape, sexually assaulted them, and then shot them in the head execution style, leaving them for dead.

The pair were later found by a couple who were at the park on a bird watching trip. Olgin died of her injuries but Chapa miraculously survived and has undergone intensive therapy over the last several years. However, she has been left permanently scarred, both physically and emotionally, by the attack.

Chapa was in the courthouse when Strickland’s conviction was announced.

“I was very shocked at first. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, I was hoping that they (the jury) would see all the evidence that we had and they would go our way. (It was) very emotional.. I wanted to just burst out in tears,” Chapa told KRIS 6 news.

Mollie’s sister, Megan Olgin, said of Mollie’s death, “She was only 19. She didn’t get to live her life. He took that away from her.” Olgin went on to say, “I’m just  happy that it’s finally over. The jury saw the evidence and now finally there’s justice. It doesn’t bring her back. But at least he can pay for what he did.”

 More from KRIS 6: 

In closing arguments, Strickland’s attorneys tried to convince the jury that the first suspect in the case was the gunman, claiming there was more evidence indicating he was involved, not Strickland. There was also more commentary about the police interrogation video in which the defendant admitted to the crimes, then told a Texas Ranger he was making it all up. Attorneys also cast doubts on the handling of evidence in the case, highlighting that officers in Portland were fired or demoted as a result of the investigation.

The Prosecution countered with an admission that the first suspect was a strongly considered, until a letter was dropped off two years after the shootings. The letter contained details never released to the public. The fact that portions of the letter were found on Strickland’s personal computer left little doubt as to the origins. A ballistics expert also told the court that bullet fragments found at the crime scene match samples taken from Strickland’s .45 caliber Glock.

Chapa testified at Strickland’s trial and says she was able to identify him despite the fact that he was wearing a mask when he attacked her.

Chapa said she wasn’t bothered by facing Strickland in court, “Because he’s a coward.” She added,”David Strickland put his head down and wouldn’t look at me, so what does that mean to you? Did you see him in the courtroom? He didn’t do anything.”

Chapa was also able to talk to Strickland after his conviction and enumerated the many things he stole from her that night in 2012.

Previously, county prosecutors were concerned anti-gay bias could negatively impact the jury. Strickland was not charged with a hate crime.

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