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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Brother Update:July 15, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Although I usually am not into big body builders, I must say I find myself enjoying Jesse on Big Brother. He certainly is not playing the game the best thus far, but he is cute, and 'fun' to watch. I must say I did enjoy him sliding through the honey tonight in the veto challenge. Glad this eye candy is not leaving the first week the show is airing.

 Meanwhile, Cowboy Steven Daigle showed a little peak while changing today.

A Look Back At ManHunt:

Today: Hunter Daniel
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Over the next bit, thought I would look back on some of the guys from Manhunt. Although not the best reality show to hit the air, it certainly provided a lot of eye candy. First up is Hunter Daniel, certainly not the best looking guy on the show, but he became an instant favorite with many. He had huge sex appeal, and his old dancing pictures did not hurt him quickly getting a lot of attention. My research did not turn up what Hunter is doing today, certainly have not seen any recent modeling shots of Hunter, so not sure if he left the modeling business. Anyone know what happened to him! I certainly did think he filled out nicely his lime green undies!

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 15, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

July 15th is Gummi Worm Day

Gummi worms are one of the most popular gummi candies, originally created by a German company called ‘Trolli’ in 1981. Celebrate Gummi Worm Day with a packet of your favorite type of gummi worms!

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for July 15th

 Brian Austin Green
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have to admit I was not a huge watcher of Beverly Hills 90210. That being said I was not immune to the frenzy the show created. I did at one time have mini crushes on Luke, Jason and Ian, but never really got into Brian. That was until a few years ago when I watched him on the old Freddie Prinze Jr sit com. He then became my favorite from 90210, he certainly got hotter with age. Brian turns 41 today.

 Brian Austin Green (born Brian Green; July 15, 1973) is an American actor and rapper best known for his portrayal of David Silver on the television series, Beverly Hills, 90210, a role he played from 1990 to 2000. Green has also had series regular roles in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (as Derek Reese), Freddie, Wedding Band, and Anger Management, as well as guest starring roles on Smallville (as Metallo) and Desperate Housewives, playing the love interest of Bree Van de Kamp. In 2010, Green married actress Megan Fox, with whom he is raising three sons, one from a previous relationship and two with Fox.

 Green was born in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, the son of Joyce and George Green, who was a country and western musician. His middle name, "Austin" was added to differentiate himself from another actor when he joined the Screen Actor's Guild as a child. Green grew up in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, and attended North Hollywood High School, after attending the Hamilton High School Academy of Music.

 Green won the celebrity portion of the Grand Prix of Long Beach in early 2010.

 Green dated his Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Tiffani Thiessen in the early and mid-1990s. After their breakup, he met actress Vanessa Marcil, also on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210, and they began dating. They have a son together, Kassius Lijah (born March 30, 2002).

 Green subsequently began dating actress Megan Fox in 2004, having first met on the set of Hope & Faith when he was 30 years old and she was 18. In 2006, they became engaged, and then broke off their engagement in February 2009. Some time later in 2009, Fox was targeted by a group of fashion-motivated criminals known as "The Bling Ring", who robbed Green's home because she was living with him. Green and Fox announced they were engaged again in mid-June 2010, and several days later, on June 24, 2010, the two wed in a private ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort on Maui. Fox and Green have two sons: Noah Shannon Green (born September 27, 2012) and Bodhi Ransom Green (born February 12, 2014).

 Brian Austin Green has criticized the paparazzi for the invasion of his private life with then-girlfriend Megan Fox (now wife) in 2010. Green said, "Megan and I so despise the paparazzi. We value our private life and our time at home. The last thing I want is to be ducking in and out of places because I'm worried about my picture being taken, especially when I'm with my son. When they follow me in cars when I pick him up from school, that's really crossing the line. I understand that they want shots of me with Megan, but we're pretty boring. They won't catch us out at clubs, getting drunk or being hauled in for DUIs. All they usually get is pictures of us leaving Staples or Target, or walking into a restaurant."

 On September 17, 2010, Green stated, "It wasn't so much of a problem before Megan, but once Transformers hit, that was it. I had never experienced paparazzi on that level, because during 90210, they were still developing pictures and selling them by hand. It was a whole different experience. I hated being famous during 90210. I'm not an extrovert. I'm 37. I have a beautiful wife. I have an amazing 8-year-old son. I love acting, but this is just my job."

 In March 2012, TMZ.com reported that celebrity photographer, Delbert Shaw, filed a lawsuit against Green and wife, Megan Fox, in Los Angeles County Superior Court for allegedly assaulting him after taking photographs of the couple while on vacation in Hawaii in 2010. In June 2012, Green claimed that he was simply defending himself against Shaw and that his wife should not be included in the lawsuit.

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for July 15th

Travis Fimmel
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have to say, that Travis Fimmel was a bit over exposed for awhile, but with that hair and bod, who cares. Not sure if he would have been as hot without that blonde mane of his, but he certainly did Calvin Klein well! Travis turns 35 today.

 Travis Fimmel (born 15 July 1979) is an Australian actor and former model. He is best known for his high-profile Calvin Klein campaign, for co-starring opposite Patrick Swayze in the TV series The Beast and for his break-out role as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channel's critically acclaimed series Vikings.

 Fimmel was born near the small country town of Echuca, between Melbourne and Sydney, and raised on a 5500-acre dairy farm in Lockington. The youngest of three brothers, he is the son of Jennie, a nurse, and Chris, a cattle farmer, and is of English and German descent. Fimmel moved to Melbourne in his late teens to play professional AFL Football for the St Kilda Football Club, but a broken leg sidelined him before the season began. He was accepted into RMIT to study commercial architecture and engineering but later deferred to travel abroad.

 The actor's favorite recreational activities include Australian rules football (AFL), camping, surfing, riding motorbikes and going to the beach.

 Fimmel also played a celebrity cricket match in the 2009 Australia vs England Hollywood Ashes with fellow Australian actors Jesse Spencer (from House) and Cameron Daddo (from Models Inc.), plus celebrity chef Curtis Stone, INXS bass guitarist Garry Gary Beers and fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz.











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