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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blond Long Haired Hippie

13 Horror Movie Himbos For All Hallows’ Eve

From: NewNowNext
Robert Brian Wilson 
Silent Night, Deadly Night

It was the film that launched parental hysterics around the U.S.

When Silent Night, Deadly Night came out in 1984, it had already seen protests from parent’s groups who were outraged that not only was Santa being used as a psycho killer, but the film’s ads were running in the afternoon,during kids programming! (I remember very clearly using the film’s catchphrase Punish! repeatedly.)

Robert Brian Wilson was the gorgeous, albeit murdering Santa. He left showbiz in the 80’s, but I always think of him when I make my Christmas list.

Big Iranian Wrestler Bulge

The 10 Best “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Costume Ideas For Halloween

From: NewNowNext

 Little Edie

31 Days of Halloween Men

10 Shania Twain Halloween Looks That’ll Impress Your Friends Much

From: NewNowNext

Any Man of Mine
Canadian tuxedo!

Bradley Gregg by Chris Mann Art

From:  MannArt
Bradley Gregg (born November 8, 1966) is an American actor, director, writer, and producer. Gregg's first film was the 1985 movie Explorers, but his big role came in 1986 in the hit drama film Stand by Me as Eyeball Chambers, the older brother of River Phoenix's character (Gregg and Phoenix had both appeared previously in Explorers). In 1987, Gregg starred in the hit horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors as Phillip Anderson.
In 1989, Gregg appeared in the hit movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (another film with River Phoenix). He also appeared in the critically acclaimed TV mini-series Lonesome Dove as an Irish immigrant named Sean O'Brien who joins the cattle crew. His character's death was the climatic scene that ended one of the episodes and began the story in the next. He also had the lead role in the 1990 action/science-fiction movie Class of 1999. His most recent film was Whiplash (2002). He starred on the short-lived TV series The Marshall Chronicles and starred in the 1992 TV movie O Pioneers! with Jessica Lange.
Gregg made his directorial debut in the movie 14 Days in America for which he was also producer and editor. He took five years off from acting until 2005. He has been living in the desert of Arizona directing, editing, and writing films with his company "Eventide Fields".
Gregg has made some guest appearances on TV shows such as My Two Dads, Valerie, The Twilight Zone, The Pretender, ER, and The Bronx Zoo.
He has been married to his wife, Dawn, since 1987. They have 5 children: Zion, McAbe, Braverijah, Galilee, and Jemima.

Axel Thorn

Adorable Cub

Blake Bortles

 Blake Bortles (born December 16, 1991) is an American football quarterback. He played college football at UCF. Bortles was the Knights starting quarterback from midway through the 2011 season, when he succeeded Jeff Godfrey, to 2013. In 2012, Bortles led UCF to a Conference USA East Division Championship and bowl victory. In 2013, Bortles help lead the Knights to an upset of then−No. 6 Louisville, to win the inaugural American Athletic Conference Championship, and an upset victory over sixth-ranked Baylor in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl.

 Bortles attended Oviedo High School in Oviedo, Florida. As a senior he completed 151 of 233 passes for 2,211 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He finished his career with Seminole County record 5,576 career passing yards and 53 touchdowns.

 Regarded as a three-star recruit by Rivals.com, Bortles was listed as the No. 44 pro-style quarterback in his class.  Bortles chose Central Florida over offers from Colorado State, Purdue, Tulane, and Western Kentucky.

 Bortles accepted the offer from University of Central Florida, the first college to offer him scholarship, and a local university as he lives near the campus. He was redshirted as a true freshman in 2010. As a redshirt freshman in 2011, he played in 10 games completing 75 of 110 passes for 958 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions. As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 14 games at quarterback. He completed 251 of 399 passes for 3,059 yards with 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also rushed for 285 yards and scored eight touchdowns. He was the MVP of the 2012 Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl after completing 22 of 32 passes for 271 yards with three touchdowns and 79 rushing yards. In 2014, Bortles led the Knights to the inaugural championship of the American Athletic Conference, earning the league's automatic berth to a BCS bowl. Throwing for 301-yards and rushing for 93-yards for four touchdowns, Bortles led UCF to an upset of sixth-ranked Baylor 52–42. Winning UCF's first major bowl, he was named the Offensive MVP of the 2014 Fiesta Bowl.

 On January 5, 2014, Bortles announced that he would forgo his senior season of collegiate eligibility and enter the 2014 NFL Draft. Projected a top-five selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, Bortles looks to surpass Daunte Culpepper as the highest selected UCF draft pick.


Cubs Defeat Dodgers to Clinch First Pennant Since 1945!

From: Speed o Rex
 The friendly confines of Chicago's Wrigley Field, at Clark and Addison on Chicago's north side, saw a historic event in Major League Baseball Saturday night.

 For the first time in over 70 years the Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Pennant in a convincing 5-0 win over Los Angeles Dodgers.  Yes, that's over seventy years. 

 They now have a shot at breaking another streak.  

 1908 was the last time Chicago's lovable losers won the World Series. Since the club was founded at the 23rd Street Grounds as the Chicago White Stockings in 1876 they have won only two World Series titles, in 1907 and 1908.  The club settled on the Cubs nickname only in 1903, which kicked off their glory years which ran until 1920.   With this win of the National League Pennant, the curse of the Goat might finally be overcome.  

 Certainly better correspondents will help prepare us soon for this year's World Series.

Today let us just congratulate all Cubs fans as they celebrate last night's win! 

♥♥♥Big Balls♥♥♥

Arab guy with a big dick pissing

College Student Busted With Dozens Of Videos Of Male Classmates Showering

"No one is safe, so bathe quickly and be observant of the openings in the toilet cubicles."
From: NewNowNext
 A fourth-year student was caught in the act while filming TK at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on October 13.

According to the school’s newspaper, The Nanyang Chronicle, the victim was a second-year male student who wished to go by the name George said “that he was in the shower at 1 am when he saw an iPhone being held above his cubicle door.”

 The Peeping Tom locked himself inside a cubicle when George ran out to confront him. While trapped the culprit tried to delete the videos from his phone, but when he tried to return to his room George and his friends blocked him and took his phone.

They found 66 videos in the recently deleted items folder of men showering. “He passed us his phone, unlocked it, and we saw the clips in the Recently Deleted album,” said Paul Lee, Hall 16 student president who called campus security. “They were videos of other men.”

 ‘We’re supposed to feel safe and secure, but now I can’t shower without looking over my shoulder,’ George told Nanyang Chronicle.

Lee told hall residents to be on alert when they were showering. “We strongly advise all residents in every hall, no matter their gender, to be careful when they shower or use the washroom,” he said. “No one is safe, so bathe quickly and be observant of the openings in the toilet cubicles.” He added, “Voyeurism is not tolerated in my hall and offenders will be handed over to the police.”

Another Peeping Tom was caught in the same dormitory earlier this year. “Last semester, another student was found to have taken photographs of other residents in the shower,” reported The Nanyang Chronicle.

“I was quite concerned as this is the second time this has happened here,” Lee said. “I also take more notice who I bump into in the toilet.”

Colbert Asks Nate Silver to Predict What Will Happen if Trump Won’t Concede

From: Towleroad
Election prognosticator Nate Silver joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show following last night’s final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to talk about the debate, his predictions, where things stand, and what will happen if Trump defies the electorate.

Currently Silver’s site puts Clinton at an 86.2% chance of winning.

“It’s not looking too good for Donald J. Trump,” says Silver, noting that Clinton came in with a 7-point lead in the polls before the debate.

Silver and Colbert then talked about undecided voters.

“Who’s undecided?”, asks Colbert. “I think at this point those people don’t need more information, they need more medication.”

Finally, Colbert asks Silver “What are the odds that this is over on November 9, because Trump says, ‘yeah, I’ll let you know.'”

Silver says odds are high that people will just tell Trump to basically f–k off.


Colbert also had his own reaction to the debate:

“Democracy’s gonna end with a cliffhanger. I guess we’re all gonna have to wait until November 9th to find out if we still have a country – if Donald Trump is in the mood for a peaceful transfer of power, or if he’s just gonna wipe his fat ass with the Constitution…”

He added:

“This was Trump’s last chance to make an impression on undecided voters, people who haven’t heard about him in the last 16 months. So…forest-dwelling hermits and crab fisherman who have been swept out to sea.”


City Gym Boys Flex Their Dance Muscles for ‘The View’

From: Towleroad
 The View launched a video dance contest in August around Mary J Blige’s song “World’s Gone Crazy”.

 People were supposed to learn a dance routine, and record it, and send it in and they’re just starting to post some of the clips they’ve received to their YouTube account, including this one from the urban fitness company City Gym Boys NY, who go further than just dance.

They flex.
And pump.

It may get you motivated this morning.


Cher On Trump: “I Feel Like I’m Yelling ‘Fire’ And No One Is Listening”

From: Queerty
Apparently, Cher can turn back time, because we’re now living in some moment before her Farewell tour.

She just announced a residency in Las Vegas in February and May, and additional shows will be scheduled later.

In order to promote the upcoming extravaganza, she popped ’round to the TODAY show to touch upon subjects as varied as Donald Trump and growing older.

Here is some of the wisdom she imparted:

On the possibility of a Trump presidency:

I feel like I’m yelling ‘fire,’ and no one is listening…I care about the country, and I know that the people that are following Trump, they care about the country, too. But I don’t think it’s the same country I care about.”

On why she’s backing Clinton:

She’s done some things that I’m sure she wishes she hadn’t done. And she’s done things — I can’t back every play. But I think that if she has the chance to be a great president, she will rise to that occasion.”

On turning 70:

I just don’t know how to accept it. I don’t want to either. But I don’t really know how to. I look in the mirror and I see this old lady looking back at me. I have no idea how she got there. If I put 70 candles on my cake I would blow my brains out…”

On touring: 

The older you are the harder it is.”

Watch the interview below:

Cher and James Corden Perform the Updated Classic ‘I Got You Bae’

From: Towleroad
Cher joined Cher (James Corden) on The Late Late Show Thursday night for an updated version of her 1965 classic, “I Got You Babe”, which, of course, has been updated as “I Got You BAE”.

Making an appearance in the rewritten lyrics are Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook, the eggplant emoji, deleting your porn history, sexting, and Netflix and chilling.


Cher has been making the rounds to promote an upcoming residency in Las Vegas and sat down earlier this week to talk about her political activism with the TODAY show.

Cher, who appeared over the summer at several fundraising events for Hillary Clinton in South Beach, Fire Island, and Provincetown, said the thought of a Trump presidency scares her to death:

“I feel like I’m yelling ‘fire,’ and no one is listening…I care about the country, and I know that the people that are following Trump, they care about the country, too. But I don’t think it’s the same country I care about.”

She also explained why she’s backing Clinton:

“She’s done some things that I’m sure she wishes she hadn’t done. And she’s done things — I can’t back every play. But I think that if she has the chance to be a great president, she will rise to that occasion.”

And she had some poignant things to say about aging (she’s 70 years young) and continuing to tour.

“I just don’t know how to accept it. I don’t want to either. But I don’t really know how to. I look in the mirror and I see this old lady looking back at me. I have no idea how she got there. If I put 70 candles on my cake I would blow my brains out…”

Of touring, she confesses: “The older you are the harder it is.”

Though it doesn’t seem to show.

What do Donald Turmp and a Pumpkin have in Common?

Cast Off Your Election Woes with a ‘Pantsuit Power’ Flashmob for Hillary

From: Towleroad
 Okay, so flash mobs may be so 2011, but this rainbow-colored ‘pantsuit power’ flash mob for Hillary Clinton is just the bright spot needed in the final dog days of this election.

 Directors Celia Rowlson-Hall and Mia Lidofsky and choreographers Celia and Crishon Landers put together the flash mob which took place on October 2 in NYC’s Union Square. Set to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, the assembled congregation trotted out their best and most colorful pantsuits to dance for Hillary.

The video closes with a list of reasons why the dancers support Hillary. The first on the list is “love is love.”

It might be basic, but it’s also downright ebullient.

Watch, below.

Cardinal Dolan Spills the Tea on the Al Smith Dinner: Trump Called Clinton ‘Tough and Talented’ in Private

From: Towleroad
NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan sat down with the TODAY show to spill the tea on last night’s Alfred E Smith dinner, at which Donald Trump was booed for turning caustic against Hillary Clinton.

Dolan sat between the candidates as the host of the annual gala, which benefited Catholic charities.

Dolan said that in private he asked the candidates to pray together and after the prayer Trump told Clinton, “You know you are one tough and talented woman. This has been a great experience, the whole campaign – as tough as it’s been.”

And Clinton responded, “Donald, whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards.”

Trump changed his tune in public. “Hillary is so corrupt that she got kicked off the Watergate commission,” he told the crowd.

“We’ve learned so much from WikiLeaks,” he added. “For example, Hillary believes that it’s vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different policy in private.”

It got worse.

“Here she is in public pretending not to hate Catholics,” Trump continued.


Buzfeed CEO Tweets About Ivanka Trump’s Interest In “Mulatto Cocks” — What In The Huh?

From: Queerty
Can we all just agree that the whole Trump family is pretty darn gross?

After that tape came out of Trump making disgusting comments about sexual assault, Ivanka Trump issued a statement that “That’s not language consistent with any conversation I’ve ever had with him, certainly, or any conversation I’ve overheard, so it was a bit jarring for me to hear.”

Yeah, sure, Ivanka. Your dad’s a real paragon of virtue.

Her statement didn’t quite ring true with Buzzfeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti, who tweeted that he was in her presence when she made some pretty unpleasant statements of her own:
Good grief. Not to spoil the suspense for Ivanka, but “mulatto cock” looks just like any other person’s: some are big, some are small, they come in all different shapes and sizes and colors, and they are all pretty fun. Also, the people attached to them are probably pretty unlikely to want to show them to you if that’s how you refer to them, no matter how rich you claim to be.

After hearing something like that, it’s hard to forget, and so Peretti repeated the story to friends over the years. Now, he’s sharing it with us — lucky us! — because it’s just another example of how you can’t trust anything that comes out of that family.

11th Woman Accuses Donald Trump of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

From: NBC News
Jessica Drake, right, speaks beside attorney Gloria Allred, left,
about allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump during a press conference
in Los Angeles, on Oct. 22, 2016.
An eleventh woman came forward Saturday to publicly accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Adult film star Jessica Drake alleged at a Los Angeles press conference that in 2006 Trump hugged kissed her and two female companions in his hotel room without permission. She also charged that after she left the room, Trump or someone acting on his behalf called her and offered her $10,000 to return.

"Collectively, his words and his actions are a huge testament to his character: That of uncontrollable misogyny, entitlement and being a sexual assault apologist," said Drake.

Drake said she wasn't seeking monetary compensation and doesn't need the fame or attention. "I understand that I may be called a liar or an opportunist," she said. "But I will risk that in order to stand in solidarity with women who share similar accounts that span many, many years."

 The Trump campaign in a statement Saturday afternoon denied Drake's claims. "This story is totally false and ridiculous," the statement said. "Mr. Trump does not know this person, does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her," it said.

Earlier Saturday, before Drake made her claims, Trump said at a rally that he plans to sue all of the women who had accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct.

"All of these liars will be sued after the election," he said.

Drake was joined by women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter who has represented other women with sexual misconduct claims against Trump. Allred served as an elected delegate for Clinton during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

Allred told told AM Joy on MSNBC that she has not been in contact with the Clinton campaign about these allegations.

Drake said she met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament, which she attended while working for Wicked Pictures, an adult film company. She said Trump flirted with her and asked her to walk along the golf course with him, where he asked for her phone number. He later called and invited her to his hotel room.

Not wanting to go alone, Drake said she brought two other women along. She said that Trump was in his pajamas, with a bodyguard present.

"He grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission," Drake said.

Drake said Trump then asked the women about the details of shooting adult films, and about their personal relationships. "It felt like an interview," she said.

After she returned to her room, Drake said she received a call from a man saying Trump wanted her to return to his room. She said she declined.

Drake said she then received a call from Trump himself, asking her to return to his suite and have dinner with him and to go to a party. Drake said she declined. Drake said Trump then asked: "What do you want? How much?"

Drake told Trump she had to return to Los Angeles for work, she said, adding that this was "an excuse because I didn't want him to continue asking me, and I didn't want to be with him."

Drake said she then received a third call, either from Trump or from another man calling on his behalf. She said the caller offered her $10,000 to return to Trump's room. She said she declined this offer, too.

Drake claimed she had told friends about the episode not long after, but declined to name them, "out of respect for them and their families."

Drake added that she's involved in sex education, in which she stresses the importance of consent in all sexual activity. She said her decision to come forward was prompted by the Access Hollywood tape released earlier this month in which Trump brags about kissing and grabbing women without their permission.

Earlier this week, Allred held a news conference with another woman who lobbed allegations against Trump. Karena Virginia, a yoga instructor and lifestyle coach, claimed Trump made inappropriate comments and touched her breast while she was waiting for a car service in New York in 1998.

"He said, 'Hey, look at this one, we haven't seen her before. Look at those legs.' As though I was an object, rather than a person," Virginia said Thursday. "He then walked up to me and reached his right arm and grabbed my right arm, then his hand touched the right inside of my breast. I was in shock. I flinched."

A string of accusers have spoken out against Trump, who has fervently denied the accusations, in some cases going so far as to joke that the women accusing him aren't attractive enough for his taste.

Allred slammed Trump earlier Saturday, and said his accusers had no ulterior motive other than getting the truth out.

"These women could have sold their story. They didn't do it. They didn't do it for money. They didn't do it for fame," Allred told MSNBC. 

Dish of the Day #19

From: Deep Dish
Luke Jacobz

10 Gayish Halloween Movies To Watch This Halloween

From: Queerty
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Cast two aging gay icons who hate each other–Bette Davis and Joan Crawford–as mentally unstable/physically unable protagonists, then have them abuse one another for two and a half hours, throw in a creepy life-sized porcelain doll, and you’ve got a recipe for success.
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