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Thursday, July 3, 2014

21st Street Baths Ads

September/October 1973 Vector

TV Shows That Really Make You Feel Like an American

From: Morning After
 Some of us celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and some of us celebrate it with flags and some of us—hi there!—celebrate it by watching TV. This list is for you. And these shows are those shows that riff/expand on Core American Values of scrappy, underdog, little-c conservative exceptionalism; as in, every one of the characters here would probably make a better congressperson than your congressperson.

Each of the below is streamable at one or more of Hulu/Netflix/Amazon/etc. In the interest of interest, we have eschewed the obvious in favor of the real and even the controversial. So much realness! So little Band of Brothers.

 Blue Mountain State 

The American higher education system is, within reason, totally fucked. But then it produces shows like this, about dudes like this, who are every contradiction about the curving horizon of modernity, privilege, and masculinity. Alan Ritchson was designed in a Ford factory many years ago just for this millennium. He has been waiting for us since the founding. Watch how his teeth gleam.

 Season 4 
Amazon Prime

The fourth of Jack Bauer's unterminal days involves, actually, a lot. That is: Gregory Itzin, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Logan Marshall-Green; foiled executions, successful sudden deaths, and a lot to do about the pitifulness of peace. Season 4 is without question 24's best season and it is b a n a n a s, an abjection of the many subterrulean nightmares that would (have!) come to dominate mainstream political discourse. The country has never looked worse. I mean that as a compliment.

 John Adams

There is only one way to watch HBO's John Adams: in just two or three days with your father. The miniseries is better than you remember, every part of it is, and the feeling you're left with is nothing less than unadulterated. A kind of civic euphoria. This, we have always argued, is how history is to be remembered: not whitewashed, nothing so simple, but burnished—so that every human-sized fact of life feels impossible without us.

King of the Hill 

The harder I try to drill down into the profound greatness of Fox's animated sitcom, the farther away I get from any profundity. Let's just say: King of the Hill was the beginning of the end of the hold the culture wars had on our national psyche. And also! It took the time, alone on TV, to pay attention to the specific spectacle of Boggle.

 Friday Night Lights 

The people who always try and sell you on Friday Night Lights with the caveat that, "Hey, it's not really about football"—those people are liars. FNL is deeply, intrinsically about football; and ever more deeply and intrinsically about the ways in which the particular rules we play by help shape the people we become; and the disservices we do to one another in ignoring our own capacities for change. It is a riot of semiotics. This is what we imagine ourselves to be like: From many disparities between religion, gender, class, race, and age, we come to see a whole.


Teenagerdom is an explicit construct; and the narratives that literalize this metaphorically (your Buffys and your Vampire Diarieses) are fecund. Roswell is not the genre's best face. Instead it is a wildly arduous Southwestern series about reincarnated monarchical aliens that one time made me cry. You would not expect me to say that the series speaks in strange, valuable registers about the immigrant experience because that would be insane, but it does. It has an interrogative sense of place-as-personhood (who/how/where are we) and then, like a harpsichord, bangs on itself until a melody comes out.


Terriers, about two private investigators on the beaches of California, ran for one season on one cable network and it is all anyone can talk about, ever, as though the series' successes in the areas of sleuthing, wryness, and reinvention were new, week to week, and the fact that they should not be was no impediment to the impossibility that they were. This is the America we have built. For the record, Donal Logue is Irish and Canadian, not American. But he does strive, which is all that we can ask.

Thirty-Three Years Ago Today, Here’s What The New York Times Published About AIDS

From: Queerty
Thirty-three years doesn't sound like that long ago, and it isn't.

But exactly 33 years ago, a medical crisis was just beginning to surface in New York and San Francisco that would eventually be called HIV/AIDS.

On July 3rd, 1981, the New York Times ran a troubling story about a “rare cancer” called Karposi’s Sarcoma that had doctors baffled.

Here’s some of what they thought at the time:

- “there is as yet no evidence of contagion

- “The cancer often causes swollen lymph glands, and then kills by spreading throughout the body.

- “Doctors investigating the outbreak believe that many cases have gone undetected because of the rarity of the condition and the difficulty even dermatologists may have in diagnosing it.

- “In the United States, it has primarily affected men older than 50 years.”

- “the reporting doctors said that most cases had involved homosexual men who have had multiple and frequent sexual encounters with different partners, as many as 10 sexual encounters each night up to four times a week.

- “Dr. Curran said there was no apparent danger to nonhomosexuals from contagion.

Though answers soon came to these puzzling and heartbreaking conditions, it’s interesting to see that doctors had all the pieces in front of them, but just didn’t know how to fit them together.

At the very end of the article, the author reports that:

Dr. Friedman-Kien emphasized that the researchers did not know whether the immunological defects were the underlying problem or had developed secondarily to the infections or drug use.
It’s a haunting reminder of how far we've come and what our community has had to endure in a relatively very short amount of time.

New research continues to make steps toward an HIV/AIDS-free world, but it’s easy to get frustrated at the speed of progress.

To put in into perspective, thirty-three years ago today we would have given anything to know what we know now.

45 Trailblazers Who Changed The World, From Pride 1969 To Pride 2014

From: Queerty
John Amaechi

Former NBA center John Amaechi came out in his 2007 memoir Man in the Middle (written with Queerty’s editorial director Chris Bull), landing him on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. He become the first former NBA player to reveal his sexual orientation, earning him the title of “one of the world’s most high-profile gay athletes” by the BBC. Amaechi, known for his acerbic wit and willingness to take on NBA legends such as Jerry Sloan, helped lay the groundwork for the NBA’s Jason Collins and other athletes to be themselves.

The Advocate Magazine - May 27, 1986

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Waltons
Original channel
Original run
September 14, 1972 – June 4, 1981
Richard Thomas
Ralph Waite
Michael Learned
Ellen Corby
Will Geer
Judy Norton
Jon Walmsley
Mary Elizabeth McDonough
Eric Scott
David W. Harper
Kami Cotler
Peggy Rea
Joe Conley
Ronnie Claire Edwards
The Waltons is an American television series created by Earl Hamner, Jr., based on his book Spencer's Mountain, and a 1963 film of the same name. The show is centered on a family in a rural Virginia community during the Great Depression and World War II.

The series pilot aired as a television movie entitled The Homecoming: A Christmas Story and was broadcast on December 19, 1971. Beginning in September 1972, the series originally aired on CBS for a total of nine seasons. After the series was canceled by CBS in 1981, NBC aired three television movie sequels in 1982, with three more in the 1990s; on CBS. The Waltons was produced by Lorimar Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution in syndication.


From: Manhunt Daily
Southwark, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

I've never been dissatisfied..

.....Company :)

initially shy.. then..

suppose non scene, like to be active..

turned off by sleazy profiles and those stupid leather holties. Not sure why I log in here, often put off :P I had a long profile.. I'm looking for my prince.

Remember These Foods of the Seventies???

B.B. Bats

The 25 Best Songs About Underwear

From: The Underwear Expert
Miserable Lie
The Smiths

The Lyric
I know the wind-swept mystical air
 It means: I’d like to see your underwear

Oh, is that what it means Morrisey? You cheeky bugger. Well… okay.

The Hottest Men in Baseball 2013

From: The Backlot
Joe Mauer

Ability: 4 bats
Looks: 4 bats
Age 30
A classically handsome and impossibly tall ballplayer, Mauer’s 2013 season with the Minnesota Twins was his most successful of his career, landing him in third place in all-around baseball statistics. As the only catcher in MLB history to win multiple batting titles and Golden Glove awards, Mauer may be even better known for his modeling career, appearing in ads and TV commercials for Perry Ellis, Head & Shoulders, Pepsi, ESPN, and Gatorade. He roomed together with a former teammate in a St. Paul home before his marriage to a St. Paul nurse in 2011.

A Definitive Ranking Of The 20 Most Smoldering Male Fashion Designers

From: Buzz Feed
Nathan Bogle

 Jardine State

 Julie: This dude dated Natalie Portman and used to be a model and falls under the “hot guy who knows he’s a hot guy” category, but whatever, would totally do it with him.

Saeed: He looks like my future ex-boyfriend. I’m already angry at him which is to say thinking about where we should have make-up sex. I bet he’s cheating on me with you. Ugh, you’re the worst Julie.

The 100 Hottest Male Tennis Players of the Open Era

From: kenneth in the (212)


 Roscoe Tanner was so big and hot I'd have f**ked this Tennessee native even after he got a Toni Home Permanent. 

Joey - The Guy Site

Hairy Muscle
 Since his last shoot, Joey's been letting his body hair grow. He's also put on more muscle and lost some body fat. Of course, I think he's never looked better.

In addition to his good looks, he always aims to please. I asked him to play with his butt in his movie, and, I think the results will be very popular.

Nude Boyfriend of the Week:

Let's Play Striptease!
From:  Queer Click
 Let's play striptease in the barracks! Today we have a horny military man in and out of his uniform! Since he's on a short break from his duties, and we're sure he has many, let's think some ways to make sure he knows we're grateful for his service to the country!

The 12 Worst Types of Gay Men

The kind who are so glued to their technology that they have completely lost their ability to communicate in person. 
You know, orally. With actual words. Face to face. Instagram this, bitches.


Pat Bateman Jailed For Sexual Battery & Sex With Minors
March 3, 2010
From: Queer Click
We have bad news for fans of gay-for-pay performer Pat Bateman. Unzipped magazine reported that he's been jailed for 1 count of sexual battery & 5 counts of sex with minors (including with a minor boy at least 3 years younger than Bateman).

The sexual battery charge floored us, but we're less certain about the five counts of sex with minors. Unzipped made sure to mention that Bateman's initial arrest occurred in 2004 when he was 19. The minor he had sex with could have been as old as 17—which hardly makes him a pedophile. But oddly, the police delayed the arrest for five years and that has us scratching our heads.

One person surmised that perhaps Bateman was on probation and broke it, though we're not sure and without elaboration on the specific charges, we can't know the circumstances behind his eventual arrest.
PAT BATEMAN'S ARREST INFO: Click for full-sized image.
Nonetheless, Bateman got sentenced in summer of 2009, five years after his initial charges, and now he's in Northern California's Santa Rita Jail. We don't yet know for how long—but we'll definitely dish the details once we get them.

In the meanwhile, Unzipped's Zach Sire followed up by saying that they "haven't been successful getting... details [on why the sentencing was delayed for 5 years], but my best guess is that a) the trial/court proceedings lasted 5 years, or b) he evaded the authorities for 5 years and a warrant was issued."

Another Unzipped commenter, yoshimispinkrobot, said:
Considering when he gets out he most likely will have to register as a sex offender which is pubic record. As a registered sex offender, he will no longer be allowed to work in the sex industry. If he tries, he will go back to prison.

Could this mark the end of the hunky porn star? Some of us may not have liked his gay-for-pay schtick, but that's hardly jail-worthy. More details as they unfold!

Classic Hottie --

Lukas Ridgeston
From: Queer Click
 Some gay porn stars retire and move on to new adventures. Some don't age well, and just sort of fade from the scene. There's that rare few, however, that have had such a legend grow around them that retirement is a redundant concept since they will live in our imaginations forever, and are so supernaturally beautifully that the aging process is in awe of them. Behold: Lukas Ridgeston.

  This is how the legend that is Lukas - born with the unpronounceable name of Juraj Vrzgula - looks today, aged 40

 The glory days, where he oozed Greek-Kouros boy charisma, with the famous wolf-like eyes, and just a teeny inch of puppy fat adding that extra succulent inch to his pecs, biceps and thighs.

 Rarely on camera anymore, Lukas has directed a number of productions for Bel Ami.

 An outdoors type, he loves travelling to QueerClick's international holiday destination of choice, Thailand.

 And when back in the Czech Republic, routinely collects winners' trophies for his expertise in Mini Cooper racing.

 Here's some more gratuitous shots of Lukas' amazing body and magnificent cock.

And, you can always find his on and off screen work over at Bel Ami.

 I of fer the challenge any of the readers to say they don't find Lukas Ridgeston attractive. Go on, we dare you.
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