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Saturday, December 24, 2016

British presenter Ore Oduba presented himself

‪Xmas shopping πŸŽπŸ€”πŸ™ˆ #keepdancing #loseastone#bringontheturkey πŸ¦ƒ ‬

Anton HysΓ©n took a handful.

Back from the gym - 31 suicide runs no rest πŸƒπŸ½- fastfeet coordination structure πŸ‘£ - suicide runs with ball⚽️πŸƒπŸ½ - strengthπŸ’ͺ🏽down on 77kg πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½❤⚽️ #hittin2017hard #nocrossfitcult #footylad#lfcwonthederbyhaha #sats #satskompassen

Ryan Phillippe brought his dog to the gym. Woof!

this AkitaFit is no joke. glad i finally checked it out. thank you, suki...for the ass whoopin. #AkitaFit

74th Golden Globe Awards -- Actress - Best Performance in a Miniseries or Television Film

And The Nominees Are:

Felicity Huffman 
American Crime 
Leslie Graham

Riley Keough 
The Girlfriend Experience 
Christine Reade/"Chelsea Rayne"/"Amanda Hayes"

Sarah Paulson 
The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story 
Marcia Clark

Charlotte Rampling 
London Spy 
Frances Turner

Kerry Washington 
Anita Hill

Carrie Fisher in ICU After ‘Cardiac Episode’ on Flight from London

From: Towleroad
Actress Carrie Fisher is being treated in an intensive care unit at UCLA Medical Center after a “cardiac episode” on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Her condition remains largely unknown.

USA Today has the latest:

On Friday night, Todd Fisher told The Associated Press that his sister was receiving excellent care, but said that he could not classify her condition. He had earlier told the AP that she had been stabilized and was out of the emergency room.
In a subsequent interview, he said many details about her condition or what caused the medical emergency are unknown, and much of what had been reported was speculation.
“We have to wait and be patient,” he said. “We have so little information ourselves.”
TMZ and the Los Angeles Times reported that the actress, best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars film franchise, was on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest. TMZ reports that the emergency occurred about 15 minutes before landing, and an EMT on the plane administered CPR before landing. The plane arrived just after  noon PT and Fisher, 60, was rushed by paramedics to the UCLA Medical Center.

Fellow Star Wars actors reacted to the news of Fisher’s sudden hospitalization:

Harrison Ford wrote in a statement acquired by Variety, “I’m shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. Our thoughts are with Carrie, her family and friends.”

We wish Fisher a full and speedy recovery.


From: Dayum

There Is A New Snowman In Town

Now that’s STIFF! X-Rated Mannequin Challenge Looks the *Hardest* Yet

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
We saw a few impressive mannequin challenges over the course of the trend, notably the one that took place in the rugby player’s showers, but if you thought that was as stiff as the competition came, you’d be wrong honey. And how did we miss this? The video comes from porn stars Ryan Rose and Austin Carter on set, it must’ve been *hard* to stay stay like that for a while…

News anchor’s holiday artichoke dip goes horribly, horribly wrong on-air

From: Queerty
The holiday season is all about making time for friends and loved ones. Much of that time is spent around the table enjoying meals together. Global NewsLeslie Horton recently shared one of her favorite, homemade holiday dishes with her co-workers.

“Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like that,” she explains as she holds the runny, mustard-colored dish up for the camera to see. “I didn’t want to bake it. I’ve been busy.”

Leslie goes on to explain that she would have preferred to make a homemade fruit cake, but time got away from her, so she went with an artichoke dip, which is supposed to be a perennial favorite at holiday get-togethers.

Before eating the dish, one of Leslie’s co-hosts tells her the dish smells like “vinegar.” Another says it smells “like a barn.” Yet they proceed to try it anyway. After nearly vomiting on camera, they ask Leslie what she did to make the dish taste so terrible.

“OK, I didn’t have a lemon,” Leslie confesses, “so I just cut up an orange and put that in there. And then I didn’t know what spices to put in, so I put celery salt and oregano in it.” Then she asks her co-worker, “How are you enjoying it, Amber?”

To which Amber, clutching her throat, replies, “It burns.”

Check out the clip below…

New York Seen

From: Boy Culture

New Manhattan Studios: When Santa's Away...

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 The Elves Will Play!

 There's only one night a year when ole Daddy Santa is not around keeping an eye, and occasionally a hand... on his hard working elves. On the evening of December 24th, when most of us are snuggled with sugar plums dancing in our heads, Santa's Elves finally get to relax, and release 12 months of pent up sexual energy. Santa keeps his boys so busy, pounding together toys, they don't really have much time to enjoy themselves, or each other.

 As soon as that sleigh takes off, and those 12 reindeer and Santa's husky red flanneled body disappear from site, it begins. There's not much left to party with, every toy, every candy and treat, every decoration and tree has been packed in sacks for world wide distribution, but that doesn't stop the holiday party about to begin. The Elves are usually able to find a morsel or crumb left on the toy shop floor, and a Charlie Brown tree to set the mood. That's all they really need though. With only about 12 hours of freedom, the Elf wear hits the floor hard, and the festive frolicking begins! 

FH readers know Elf Alex very well. Alex Corso is always one of my favorite models to feature, and has been a part of many great stories and features since his debut on the site back in 2012. This past year, I focused on Alex's work as both a photographer and model. Alex, and his work with New Manhattan Studios, also helped FH celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Los Columbian Leprechaun. Elf Mark made his FH debut just last month, removing his clothing, under the water's surface with Gordon Nebeker capturing each moment of his suit strip. (A Fashionable Submersion)

It was actually Gordon that introduced Mark to NMS's Wes and Alex earlier this summer. This series of images was taken earlier this month when Mark was in New York for a solo shoot with Wes. At the end of the session, Alex joined in for a series of holiday shots that Wes thought might end up as Christmas cards for the studio. I love the romantic and fun feel to the images, and the addition of the Charlie Brown tree.

 Alex and Mark look great together, and make an adorable and sexy pair of North Pole paramours. Alex oozes sexual energy and Mark's incredible smile indicates that our two little elves will make the most of their 12 hour celebration of carnality. While most of us south of Santa's workshop will wake up tomorrow full of enthusiasm for the day head, these two little elves will be heading to bed, their own beds, as Rudolph and company guide the big boss back to the snow covered village. 

Kramerbooks 2.0

From: kenneth in the (212)
 Missed this last month but am thrilled to read that Washington's iconic Kramerbooks & Afterwords has a new owner, who has big plans for the combination bookstore and restaurant. The Washington Post reports that 33-year-old Steve Salis, co-founder of local chain &pizza, is taking over an 800-square-foot space next door, most recently inhabited by Willie T’s Lobster Shack, and creating a children’s book annex. He also plans to build a new coffee bar, add more events space and beef up the store’s lineup of cookbooks, history and nonfiction. I first visited the joint -- drunk and in need of a late-night meal -- while interning on Capitol Hill in early 1989, then became a regular shopper while living in D.C. from 1993-1998. This place is wonderful and along with Three Lives & Co., ranks very high on my list of favorite bookstores. Here's wishing Mr. Salis much success.


From: 420bate


From: Manhunt Daily
Brandon Wilde is fucking adorable and he’s also adorable while fucking. I know I featured him in the last IconMale post, but he’s worth a follow-up. OK, truthfully, they released two scenes in a row with him, so it was easy to write again him. He’s a definite twunk (maybe someone will come up with a better word for that in the new year), and he’s been paired with Roman Todd in Warming Up. They’re locked in a storage room and they have to fuck for warmth. Sounds legit to me! Brandon and Todd can warm me up via fucking anytime they want.

It’s lovely to see a bottom who is REALLY into his work. Brandon can’t get a dick in his ass fast enough. JIGGLE THAT ASS, WILDE.

There’s more warmth below, and you can watch the entire scene here.








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