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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just Because:

From: Over-Flow
Given the icy relationship between Obama and Canada's former PM Stephen Harper, it is nice to see the North American bromance that has formed between Obama and new PM, Justin Trudeau.

Euro Show Off

Nick Jonas Looks Good Enough To Eat In New Issue Of “Out”

Plus: Who is the guy Nick is living with?
From: NewNowNext
 Whether he’s gay-baiting or not, Nick Jonas certainly has no problem engaging with his gay fans. The singer-actor appears on the cover of Out’s June/July issue in advance of the June 10 release of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, and looks as scrumptious as ever.

 Photographer Doug Inglish shot the spread, which sees Nick sporting designer duds from Hermes, Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton. We haven’t seen the issue yet, but we’re sure he’ll talk more about his gay fans and the queer roles he’s taken of late.

 Appearing on Ellen, Nick insisted that his relationship with actress Kate Hudson is simply platonic

“We had a group dinner the night before the Met Gala with lots of people. And she was there, and I was there. But it was a group.”

Nick is living with someone, though—his brother Joe.

Instagrams That Inspire:

Ricky Schroeder
Ricky by Ric Ide
I have been enjoying following the career of actor, dancer, singer and sexy red head Ricky Schroeder since 2010. Back then, (The First Time) Ricky was studying, auditioning and working his ass off to make it on Broadway. Since that first post, Ricky has performed off Broadway, off off off Broadway and worked in a variety of projects including long term runs in several successful shows.

 It wasn't just Ricky's singing talent, hot body and ginger hair that kept me checking out his career. I also share many of Ricky's passions from Halloween to a healthy worship of Kelly Clarkson! The past two years have really seen Ricky's career take a gigantic boost. In addition to a year long stint as Angel in the National Tour of Kinky Boots, Ricky also shared screen time, and the dance floor with Anna Kendrick in The Last Five Years.

Ricky's Instagram is a combination of images from his career and touring the last year, family, friends, celebrity meetings and of course a healthy dose of shirtless selfies. Check out Ricky Schroeder on Instagram HERE:

Ricky from Red Hot

Ricky's winning performance for 2014's Broadway Bares Solo Strips!

Next two images from Wilsonmodels

8 Things Gay Guys Should Start Saying to Each Other (More Often)

From: Huffington Post
Guys, we deserve better. We deserve to treat ourselves and each other with more kindness. More love. There are so many gay men who treat other gay men with love and respect. I definitely want to acknowledge that.

But we, as individual gay men, can make our lives and lives of other gay men even richer, pleasant, and vibrant by choosing our words wisely and speaking from the heart. Here are 8 things I’d love to see gay men say more often to one another:

I’m proud of who you are.

Seriously. I’m not just proud of what you DO. I know you’ll always do great things. But I’m genuinely proud of who you are as a person. The way you run your life. The way you treat others. How you show up in the world. Even if your plans don’t turn out the way you wanted them to (or if they do), I love you just the same.

Come join us.

Whether you’re at a party, the bar, or in a casual group gathering. If you see a guy standing alone, invite him over. Include him in the group. You felt alone in a room at one time or another in your life. Take it upon yourself to be inviting.

What do you want from life?

Anything and everything. A gorgeous car. A cuddly boyfriend. An even cuddlier dog. A trip overseas. What do you REALLY want out of life?! It’s so interesting to hear what people say. It might be a little awkward the first time you ask another gay guy, but go with it. Plus, “what do you do?” is such a lame question.

How can I be a better friend?

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this to a friend. Perhaps in a different way. Maybe it was just long ago. But this can strengthen a friendship like none other. We’re usually there for our friends in good times and bad, but are where there in the way our friends need us? That’s pretty important information to have.

 I’m a strong person, but I’m hurting right now.

Like, really hurting. That breakup was devastating. I’ve cried at least three times since yesterday. Or I haven’t cried at all because I feel completely numb. I just found out my mom has cancer and I really don’t know what to do or say. I just need someone here for me. A strong person, in fact, can tell another person that they’re hurting. We need to lean on each other more.

 I’m afraid of opening up.

It’s scary. It can feel risky. Vulnerability isn’t easy. And it’s bullshit that most gay men think that just because we’re gay, it’s easier for us to open up. It’s not. It’s time to throw open that other closet door. The door to vulnerability. Admitting that opening up scares us is the first step to having stronger, more authentic friendships.

Can you get off your phone?

I’m so guilty of being on my cell phone too often around my friends. I swear I’m getting better at putting it down or away! Don’t be afraid to call out a friend whose nose is in the phone and not in the conversation. Friends deserve more than multitasking.

Anything positive or encouraging.

I know, we all have our snarky defense mechanisms — we’re human, after all! But can we let go of negativity toward ourselves and each other? Many gay guys I know are full of positive energy. Let’s spread that energy around — the bars, the beaches, and beyond. It’s infectious.

What do you think? What could we as gay guys say to each other more often?

6 LGBT Athletes Who Changed The Game Forever

From: NewNowNext
 At the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, China’s formidable men’s diving team was expected to make a clean sweep. Then came the 10-meter platform competition, and 20-year-old Australian underdog Matthew Mitcham pulled out a near perfect final dive—the highest single-dive score in Olympic history.

After learning he’d won the gold, Mitcham leapt into the stands to hug and kiss his boyfriend. He had come out publicly less than six months prior, and was one of only ten out gay Olympians at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Mitcham’s victory in the 10-meter dive was easily the highest profile win ever by an out gay man in an Olympic event. (While Greg Louganis was a diving star in the 1984 and ’88 games, he didn’t come out as gay until 1994.)

It was a powerful human interest story and yet, even though that kiss was captured by live video feed, NBC opted not to show it—or even Mitcham’s medal ceremony—in its Olympics telecast.

After his historic performance, Mitcham was inundated with letters from gay teens inspired by his athleticism and openness, an experience the gold medal winner described as “extremely humbling.

5 Reasons NOT to Give a Bear a Handjob

From: Funny or Die
So you're in the wild, toasting marshmallows with your family and telling ghost stories, and out of nowhere a great, big grizzly bear approaches. I know, your initial instinct will be to give that bear a handjob. DO NOT. Try as hard as you can NOT TO GIVE THAT BEAR A HANDJOB. 

Here's why: 

Bears love handjobs. It's their favorite thing. But when a bear receives a handjob, upon reaching beargasm, they will instantly demand another. "MOAR HANDJOBS," they'll roar. It's not like when humans receive handjobs and they subsequently feel terrible about themselves because nobody really enjoyed what just happened. Bears can't get enough, and if you don't comply to their request for round two, they will retaliate by taking your child out for ice-cream, but then telling them they have to order the coffee flavor.

When being pleasured by a hand, the bear will try to make eye contact with you. Avoid this at all costs. The moment you lock eyes, you will be mentally transported to your most cherished childhood memory. From then on, when you visualize that memory, you will permanently see image of a bear receiving handjob in the background.

 As mentioned last time, a beargasm lasts precisely 23 minutes. But what you might not know is that it takes three months for them to get off. Please see reason number one for as to why this is an unfortunate reality. 

 Bears are known gossips. If they're pleased with your performance, they will undoubtedly tell every bear they know and you will be the slut of the forest. "It was a one time thing," you'll say when bears begin calling you at home and you have to explain yourself to your wife, who has already judged you for the time you performed cunnilingus on a dolphin.

During day 38 of your bearjob, the bear's face will begin to resemble your deceased grandfather. This will make the following 52 days a nightmare. Unless that's your thing. In that case, enjoy yourself. But at least call your grandma to apologize when you're done. 

5 of the Best Clip-On Sunglasses

From: OUT
Retro Flash
Retro Flash mirror flip-up lens horned rim sunglasses 9123, $10.95, ZeroUV.com

His First Posts

“Proud Catholic Arab” Crowned First-Ever “Miss Trans Israel”

“If I had not been in Israel and had been elsewhere...I might have been oppressed or I might have been in prison or murdered."
From: NewNowNext
The Miss Trans Star pageant was held for the first time in Israel over the weekend, and an Israeli Arab Catholic took home the top prize.

21-year-old Ta’alin Abu Hanna was crowned in a white bridal gown and will now represent Israel when the country participates in the Miss Trans Star International pageant for the first time this August in Spain.

Hanna called her win “historic” and said she was thrilled to win a pageant that promotes equality and inclusion.

“If I had not been in Israel and had been elsewhere — in Palestine or in any other Arab country — I might have been oppressed or I might have been in prison or murdered,” Hanna said regarding her pride over being an Israeli Arab.

As part of her winning prize, she will receive $15,000 in plastic surgery procedures, and will be provided flights and accommodations for the surgeries that will take place in a Thai hospital.

You can watch moments from the pageant, which kicked off the Pride season in Tel Aviv, in the video below.

Frank Grillo

Click Here For More Frank Grillo
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 These caps  are from the 1996 flick 'Deadly Charades'.

Ben by Unlimited Male

From: Over-Flow
Long and lean and sexy body and with what has to be one of the most adorable grins that I have seen, I couldn't pass up joining Jay from Unlimited Male when he headed down by the river to shoot Ben. Ben has that combination of the innocent boy next door and a sexy wild child who wants to come out and play! Jay shares that he has been fortunate to work with several models over the past few years who have been genuinely nice guys, but says Ben may well be one of the nicest guys he's ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

 'Ben is so easy-going, takes direction very well and is quite intelligent and easy to engage in conversation. He has worked as a cam model, so he was totally at ease in front of my camera right from the start. We started the shoot at an underpass over a river and nature trail that I pass quite a lot. I had noticed the cement supports of the underpass when I was walking on the trail and thought they would make an excellent backdrop for a photo shoot.'

 'We shot for a while along the trail before heading to a studio that another area photographer lets me use from time to time. We spent about three hours together shooting and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. As I said, Ben was completely comfortable the whole time, willing to do whatever I asked and I was very pleased with the overall results from the shoot. Even more than that, I was pleased that I got to meet and work with such an wonderful model and amazing young man. I look forward to working with him again and capturing even more incredible images.'

John Stamos by Brian Bowen Smith

From: Over-Flow

Just Salad Celebrates Pride With New Big Gay Garden Salad

Toss that salad!
From: NewNowNext
 Just Salad, a popular salad chain with numerous locations around New York have announced they’re going to celebrate gay pride this year with their latest menu addition: The Big Gay Garden Salad.

The colorful dish “is a 275-calorie vegetarian salad featuring romaine, red cabbage tomatoes, avocado, carrots, banana peppers, and croutons. $1 from each salad sold will benefit NYC Pride,” the company announced through a press release on Friday.

 “From our cashiers to our choppers to our management team, the LGBT community is a big part of our company, so of course we’re happy to be supporting NYC Pride,” said Just Salad CEO and cofounder Nick Kenner. “We are proud to be able to show our customers how much we support the LGBT community.”

Kenner also announced that Just Salad would be marching with around 50 of its employees in the New York Pride March on June 26. They’ll be wearing custom-made #justproud t-shirts designed for Pride.

“NYC Pride is thrilled to be a part of this exciting promotion that will allow us to raise crucial funds to help create the largest series of LGBT Pride events in the United States,” said Chris Frederick, NYC Pride Managing Director. “With over 2.1 million expected in attendance this year, we wouldn’t be able to produce events of this scale without the support of Just Salad.”

The 47th NYC Pride March will be held on June 26 with Syrian refugee Subhi Nahas, trans HIV/AIDS activist Cecilia Chung and trans teen reality star Jazz Jennings as the Grand Marshals.

Following the Pride March Fergie will headline the 30th annual Dance on the Pier at its final year at Pier 26.
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