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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Because...

Briefs Guy

 aussieBum swimwear

A Splash Of Color

Big Daddy Dale - Island Studs

 "Straight married man is proud of his FAT 9" cock and 2 teen age kids with "twins in the oven"! Big Daddy Dale is a real 40 year old straight man who likes to fuck women and surf on his 9 foot stand-up paddle board! I met this sexy beefy daddy at a popular surf beach unloading his long board and offered him cash to take his clothes off and surf naked. This video is a behind the scenes look at big daddy catching waves and surfing fully naked! His monster cock bounces around as he stands up trying to catch the waves! Dale asked me to follow him back to his vintage blue van to watch this sexy straight hunk jerk off! How could I say no? This is the real deal! He sits inside the van fully nude jerking his big daddy cock as he explains that he takes his kids camping in the same mini bus! LOL. Watch this exhibitionist’s huge cock grow from soft to a fully throbbing erection in seconds. I asked Big Daddy Dale to come back to my condo to take a shower and finish the photo shoot. Completely uninhibited, Dale gets on his hands and knees and opens his big wide man butt to show me his hairy man hole! He uses both hands to jerk off his massive meat while simultaneously playing with his hairy man balls. Excited by all the attention and the cameras, Dale moans loudly and squirts a heavy load all over himself! That’s the biggest load I think I've ever had, Dale says with a laugh. Sweaty, sticky and drained, Dale jumps in the shower for a hot soapy scene! Once the water hits Dale he takes a long piss in the shower! Big Daddy Dale is our favorite new furry married Island Stud. This real big dick daddy and his massive 9" cock and nudist surf session is not to be missed! You will love Big Daddy Dale and his BIG friendly smile." -- Island Studs

A Scruffy Taylor Lautner in New York

 Hate to say this, but he is starting to become a good looking young man, now the next step is for him to come out of the closet!

A blast from the past!

Congratulations Greg Louganis!

 "Yes! It is official we are getting married! I love my life and I love Johnny Chaillot! 

Namaste, Greg"
 Not that we needed an excuse to re-post Greg's 1987 Playgirl Spread... Congratulations Greg and Johnny!


 Jimmy Hughes, stud muffin extraordinaire, plays a secret agent of sorts in this wonderfully executed and funny 1970's gay porn film. Now, there isn't a whole lot of emphasis on the sex, but the outlandish story is so enjoyable that I barely noticed. Well, aren't porno's made for sexual pleasure?
Yes, but once in a while a film like Greek Lightning offers so much boisterous joy that the sex becomes icing, the cherry in the fruity mixed drink . Any number of people may show absolutely no interest in a porno film with at least three car chases and a campy villain worthy of a John Waters movie.
Greek Lightning was shot on film, made during a time in American History when pornography was screened in theaters, so it's no shocker that it imitates popular narrative form-in this case, a hybrid of James Bond and Dragnet. This film offers insight into the heights that were reached by filmmakers in the seventies' public atmosphere of pornographic consumption.
Therefore the film 's important, and not only in its historical context, but also in comparison to today's expectations of what sexually explicit material should, and does nor does not, deliver. Besides, the guys are hot and the film's a scream.
This vintage gay porn classic film opens with one of the greatest title sequences I've ever seen in a dirty movie. A fast-paced montage features naked men who punch, kick, and point guns. Double exposures of silhouettes in block colors float across the screen like the opening to every James Bond picture. Swinging music seals the deal, the only missing element-the unmistakable bleat of Shirley Bassey. Over images of our hot-stuff hero Jimmy Hughes, as Johnny Acropolis, on the move, a Joe Friday voice over provides the back-story for the shenanigans soon to unfold.
Johnny has been hired to intercept photographs of a tattooed man before a "secret homosexual underground" can use these photos to destroy a high-powered politician's life. Acropolis hops from his car to meet a scraggly tattoo artist. They greet and immediately get down to business , a blowjob. The raven-haired tattooist sucks Hughes' pretty cock.
Hughes is simultaneously gorgeous and unassuming, a rare feat. He has a terrific body and a set of impeccable pecs. Hughes fucks the tattooist but is interrupted by an emergency call from his boss's secretary. He pulls out, apologizes, and pays the tattooist for the photos.
He then drives to meet his usual contact, a blonde. The contact briefly sucks Acropolis off. They pull into a
gas station and the contact is shot while exiting the restroom. Hughes chases the shooter, but someone else, unseen, kills the shooter. As the man lay dying, he utters the words "Queen Bee." Acropolis asks a sexy British man, Rex, played by Jon Steele, to help dispose of the body.
When they go inside, Acropolis discovers that Rex is the man in the photographs with the mysterious tattoos. Acropolis asks Rex to undress, which of course sparks sex. Johnny Acropolis sucks Rex while firmly holding his round, tight, tattoo covered ass. They sixty-nine and Acropolis oozes his love liquid onto Rex's chest.
The plot becomes really convoluted at this point, virtually impossible to understand. But just as the story gets
confusing, it gets wildly entertaining. Queen Bee, with highlighted, high-piled hair and wearing a red sequin turtleneck, discusses his plans with his henchman Mark to dispose of "that Greek bastard ." Queen Bee reminds Mark to do his job well, since he hires gays because they are "so very meticulous and very talented."
This is one of the other great aspects of this film, the silly yet complicated character of Queen Bee, a muumuu sporting flamer who spends his time trying to socially ruin homosexuals. The Joe Friday voice tells us that the seeds of his evil ways were sown when he was arrested for trying to stage a Roman orgy in public. So now, inexplicably, he's "against gays."
The sloppy, surreal exuberance is almost like nothing else I've ever seen. This free-for-all feel reaches its zenith when Rex and Johnny are at a bar and Mark approaches. Rex goes to the restroom and is chloroformed. Johnny goes home with Mark and fucks him. He wakes up and Mark is missing.
The phone rings. Rex tells Johnny he was jumped and Johnny replies with a nonchalant explanation for
leaving with Mark. Johnny then goes to the Greek Amphitheater to recover Rex. Rex is shot and he embarks on a cat-and-mouse through he theater. Sound crazy?
Well, it is. Johnny is caught and brought to Queen Bee's lair. Johnny gets smacked in the face by hunky Billy's huge erection while Queen Bee extols the sexual virtues of his minions, pulling his dick out from his dashiki and forcing Mark to suck on it. As he slams Mark's head back and forth, he rolls out a disturbingly erotic and funny list of the pleasures he receives from oral sex, like"swollen , fevered cock , heated and soothed at the same time!"
Billy and another henchman, Marty are told to rape Johnny Acropolis until he gives the information they want (at this point,ร‚  don't think even the actors know exactly what that information is). Billy plunges his big rig into Acropolis' ass and bangs way at him, his big, hairy balls slapping against Johnny. The fast, heavy pounding is made all the hotter by the fact that Johnny is tied spread eagle, legs in the air. Billy leaves and Marty enters. Instead of raping Johnny, he sucks his cock and then unties him.
They escape which causes Queen Bee and his boys to go after them. What ensues is an incredible car chase that culminates in a pursuit on top of railroad cars. I really should stop describing the film, even though there's only a few minutes left-I gotta leave some surprises.
Overall this film is truly a great, even with its sexual economy. There's more than enough pleasure to be had. Greek Lightning is supreme, even if it doesn't make you cream.
 -- DM

Another reviewer wrote (courtesy of TLA web site):
The most popular and most polished of Jaguar's releases, this is not only a bareback / condomless classic, it's one of the best porns ever filmed, and even though it was shot on film rather than video (and there are a few sound problems as well) it could easily stand up with today's more expensive and technically advanced epics. Incredibly scorching sex coupled with brilliant camerawork, campy costumes, a hilarious story line and a wicked eye for detail - think Boogie Nights meets 007. From it's Bond-like opening credit sequence to it's wild finale, it's a winner all around.
The superfine Jimmy Hughes stars as the Bond-like Johnny Acropolis, a detective trying to expose a major political figure being blackmailed by a "secret homosexual underground of conspirators." A series of events leads our Thunderballs to a Brit with mysterious - and hilarious - tattoos coded onto his ass. It seems our villain - the Queen Bee - has a contract hit out on whoever has photos of the political figure, and the tattoos are part of the equation. In between Johnny's kickboxing exploits, we are treated to his major ass pounding of the Brit, a super sloppy session with one of the hit man out to get him (on one of the best shag carpets in movie history) and a truly excruciating (and hard-on inducing) torture of him when he gets captured with one of the best cock-n-ass plungings ever.Cum, spit and drool fly everywhere, along with plenty of bullets, car chases and polyester. As "The Spy Who Fucked Me", Hughes is a piece of work: perfect body, stunning eyes and great delivery; he could wipe most current stars right off the screen. Sure it's kinda grainy (it was shot on film, not video) but who cares? They don't make 'em like this anymore. A major find which belongs in everyone's collection. Watch it with friends for a great laugh; watch it alone for one of the better jerk-off sessions you'll have.
-- Keeneye Reeves

The February 1996 issue of Manshots claimed:
"Nonetheless, the sexual action is inspired. The gorgeous and hunky Jimmy Hughes is the centerpiece of every sexual scene and proves his versatility both orally and anally. His charm is undeniable, and even when he is clothed, few viewers will be able to take their eyes off him."
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