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Thursday, February 2, 2017

“Supergirl” Valentine’s Day Episode Is All About Maggie And Alex

The ladies are quickly becoming one of TV's most popular gay couples
From: NewNowNext
 The angry mother we told you about who asked Supergirl to “tone down the homosexual messages” might want to skip the show’s Valentine’s Day episode, as it is set to focus on Maggie and Alex’s blooming relationship.

Chyler Leigh plays Supergirl’s adoptive sister, Alex, a character who recently came out of the closet on the series and began a relationship with police detective Maggie Sawyer.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the couple’s romance will be the main focus of the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode, which will air on February 20.

The ladies reportedly get in their first fight when Maggie doesn’t share Alex’s excitement over her first Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend. The detective then sets out to make things right, and we can only assume a passionate night of romance ensues.

Many fans have been vocal about their support of the Maggie and Alex story line, saying they’re thrilled to see lesbians represented in such a positive light on their TV screens.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” RuVeals One Of The Season 9 Queens

Welcome to the queendom
From: NewNowNext
 RuPaul’s Drag Race fans are a thirsty bunch!

The full Season 9 cast has yet to be announced, but we already know one queen who will be competing for the crown: Valentina!

 The Los Angeles-based Latina glamazon was revealed today in a Facebook Live with Michelle Visage.

Find out more about Valentina in her Meet the Queens video below and stay tuned for more RuVeals about the Season 9 cast!

allaboutvalentinaLast One! I promise🌹 πŸ“·: @davidelaffe 

Check out these other pics of this fierce diva.

Thank you so much for having me at Precinct for #QueenKong 
Love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

allaboutvalentina🐠🐠🐠 Photo by: @ernestocasillas 
Jewelry by: @reikolyn 

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Scores a Touchdown with This NFL Makeover

From: Towleroad
The Super Bowl is upon us and the folks at Bad Lip Reading have dropped their annual NFL send-up and they’re really cooking with gas these days.



Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Today we’re bringing porn back to the good ol’ days. Get ready for the hottest collection of retro hot and horny guys! Warning: sexy body and facial hair ahead!
From: Daily Squirt
 It looks like something has caught this hot stud’s eye. Just check out his huge hard on. Yum!
Even back in the day a guy could learn a lot from his hot daddy. Which of the two would you rather fuck?
This photo might be dated but those abs are still HD! Just look at that muscular physique. Not to mention he’s got a pretty nice cock.
Remember when men knew how to use their hands? It looks like these guys were fixing up a home and things got a little, dare we say, hard. Just look at that top’s beautiful body hair.
The 1983 track may have been “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” but it’s clear that guys were having some fun of their own.
Two muscular daddies. Two beautiful cocks. Please don’t make us choose!
This was taken back in the glory days of cruising. Just two studs in the outdoors, getting some dick.
Before you can suck nice cock like this you “mustache” the man politely.
Two heads have always been better than one.
 It was important for guys to have lots of extracurriculars. The more the merrier.

Just look at that trail of precum!
This picture was taken a ‘long’ time ago.
You can tell the guy laying down is in pure heaven. And so is the guy sucking him off.
There’s never been anything quite like a little tongue.
You can tell this handsome bottom has been spending a lot of time in the sun. But clearly not enough of that time was naked!
Here it is from the other side.
It looks like gay porn stud Kevin Williams was pretty popular.
Big dicks were always in season.
And so was public sex.
Just look at this body scruff. Every fuck is exfoliating.

And here it is. The big finish.


More black dudes pumping up their dongs . com please

He’s Naked: British Rugger Danny Cipriani

From: OMG
 English rugby player and ex of Kelly Brook, Danny Cipriani shared his Italian sausage with the internet a few years back before he got fully tatted, and they’re definitely worth a 2017 review! Check them out!

Did Chemsex Kill George Michael? Ex-Lovers Controversial Claims

From:  Cocktails and Cocktalk
 Originally police have stated that there was nothing suspicious about George Michael’s death, although an ex-lover seems to have a different opinion, claiming GBL (which turns into GHB inside the body), was to blame. Escort Paul Stag claims that he supplied the drug to Michael between 2009 – 2013, and that he was addicted to chemsex. This could be true, but had George managed to address his alleged addiction in the years between then and now? G still doesn’t show up in toxicology reports, and so this would explain why it was believed that there was no unusual circumstances.

Stag told Pink News: “George was mad on G. He loved it. It is 100 percent he would have chems on Christmas Eve before his death.” And speaking to The Sun, he claims that George has difficulty separating the two entities: “He was incredibly sexually active and in his mind drugs equaled sex and sex equaled drugs. My belief is he didn’t separate that until the day he died.

I saw him collapse many, many times. He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house.”

Whether his statements are true or not, the question remains, is it worth dragging up the troubled singer’s dirty laundry when nothing can be done about it? Although, that being said, perhaps this can be used as a caution to those engaging in similar activity.

Stag goes on: “My heart never sank when the phone went and it was a request from George. It was 300, 400, 500 times…Sometimes it would be twice a week, then nothing for a few weeks because of his work.”

We’re sure you’re thinking, oh you’re heart sank so much, you continue to supply him? But Stag reassures this was because he didn’t want Michael getting it from somebody else.


Dish of the Day #76

From: Deep Dish
Jon Ramsey

Janus 2016

From: Brent's Auto Wall


From: Cheap Undies

23 Unintentionally Gay Comic Book Scenes

From: NewNowNext

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Our New Favorite Reason To Watch The Super Bowl

His team, the New England Patriots, will face off against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend
From: NewNowNext
 If you’re not a fan of football, Lady Gaga or quirky commercials, there’s still one really good reason to show up to your friend’s Super Bowl party this weekend, and his name is Jimmy Garoppolo.

 The quarterback for the New England Patriots will be playing against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI this Sunday, but it’s the athlete’s Instagram page that really has us impressed.

 Check out some of our favorite photos of Garoppolo below to give yourself a few more reasons to tune into the Super Bowl on February 5.

jimmypolo10No. 10

jimmypolo10The little things #ThrowbackTuesday

jimmypolo10The 2 QBs doin it right baby #Champs

jimmypolo10Never forget where you came from #EIU


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