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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trenton Ducati & George Ce - Titan Men

"Posing for a photo shoot, Trenton Ducati shows off as George Ce snaps away. The photographer gets up close to adjust Trenton’s clothes…and notices the bulge growing in his jeans. “I was getting turned on getting my picture taken,” says the muscle stud, whose big cock is soon growing harder between George’s tight lips. Trenton grips the back of George’s tank top and fucks his face, the sucker licking his smooth sac. A hot shot looks down at both sets of tight abs as George’s uncut throbber juts out of his jeans. George rises for a kiss, their boners grinding. Trenton licks down his bud’s bod, spitting on George’s missile before engulfing it as spit drips from his mouth. He offers his ass for eating, George soon fucking him from behind—slapping his ass as the bottom yells “God, I love that!” George’s butt muscles clench as he fucks, Trenton then sitting down on the stud as his own massive meat bobs around. The top reaches around to stroke Trenton as he rides, the bottom arching back as the two stare at each other. Trenton gets on his back, his massive pecs shaking as he gets pounded some more—the two soon squirting." -- Titan Men

Model of The Week:

James Magnussen
From:  The Underwear Expert
 When you get the call that you are being given the opportunity to interview a World Champion and Olympic swimmer, you get really excited, at first. After letting it settle in, you start to become a bit nervous. Those were our exact emotions after getting the call from Australian underwear brand Jac5 that Olympian James Magnussen was interested in doing an interview with The Underwear Expert. Magnussen has won a total of seven medals in major international competitions such as the Olympics and the World Championships. He began modeling Jac5 underwear in 2011 at pivotal moments in both their careers.

We began the conversation with the basics about his role as the ambassador for Jac5. As our international call commenced, he began to show us his heart. A heart that lives for the ocean, giving back to the less fortunate, and one that strives to be an all around good role model for those that look up to him.

Born: Port Macquarie, Australia

Current Location: Sydney, Australia

Relationship Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Aries

Height: 6′ 5″

Weight: 95 Kilos

Waist: 32″

Shoe: 11.5

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Ethnicity: Australian/Northwegian

I started working with Jac5…back in 2011. They were coming into the Australian market as a growing brand. It was a good fit for me because I was growing into my own personal brand. Jim is a really nice guy. He’s helped my family out the past few years as well. The staff is really easy going and very professional as well. I have enjoyed my experience with them so far. I was nervous the first time I shot in underwear. You have group full of people watching you stand there in your undies. But,
like anything, you get more comfortable when you do it more and more. There is definitely a natural link between underwear modeling and swimwear modeling. I’ve done both. For more fashion style shoots, I’ve had to do some more awkward poses. But, I just let the photographer know, and we move on.

My favorite Jac5 underwear is…the Barking Mad collection. I like the bright colors. The fabric is different from usual underwear fabric. They’re comfortable and stylish.

My least favorite style of underwear is…a brief cut. I don’t know why. I see them as from an older market. They’re more revealing. I just don’t find them as comfortable. I wear swim briefs in the pool but always prefer to wear trunk style with a bit of a leg. I see them as being better looking.

When I’m not competing…I wear board shorts at the beach.

When I’m at the gym…I wear my Jac5 underwear. Not too picky on what style I wear to different places. I have about 40 pairs of them.

Something that gets me “barking mad” is…bad driving. It’s just a daily thing. I have to get to training on time. It’s quite a drive. It can be pretty frustrating when people are doing silly things. Another thing that gets me “barking mad” would be when my favorite football team loses.

My favorite football team are…the Canterbury Bulldogs. They are a local Sydney team.
I grew up at a time when…Australian swimming was very successful. You had people like Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, and Michael Kim. That helped inspire me to want to take up the sport. My favorite part about growing up were the beaches in the town I grew up in. It would often feel like we had more beaches then people sometimes. I would spend most of my time in the water. I feel comfortable and at ease when I’m in the water. As much as I chose swimming, I think it chose me. I felt really natural at it and was good at it. It was an obvious path to take.

Proudest moment in my career…was when I won my first world championship in 2011. I’ve one some more, but the first one is always your fondest memory.

Modeling is like swimming in that…you are not wearing a lot of coverage when you are swimming. As a swimmer, your body is your tool of trade, and you work hard all year long to maintain that. That helps with the modeling side of things too.

In finding the perfect swimsuit…you look first at the fabric and the fit. You want to make sure it feels well. There are also a lot of different cuts and sizings. Then, I look for something with a bot of color to set you aside from other swimmers. You need to look for something that looks good, and you feel good in. This year, at a World Cup, I raced in a camo pair, which was interesting. My favorite colors are light blue and orange, though.

When it comes to my facial hair…I like a couple of days grace. It’s easier to maintain. Having to shave everyday is a bit of a hassle. I don’t have a lot of time when I wake up in the morning to have a shave. As a swimmer, we pretty much have to shave our bodies though. Legs. Torso. That’s one of the parts of being a professional swimmer I don’t find the most appealing. But, you have to reduce every bit of drag on your body that you can. One hundredth of a second is enough in swimming.

My favorite place to go in Sydney is…the beach. We've got Bondi and Manly as well as some smaller, less known ones. There are also a lot of fun bars and restaurants. The crowd is pretty laid back. It’s very accepting of all cultures and people.

My favorite place in the US is…Laguna Beach. I have only been to California. I went down to Laguna Beach. Spent some time in San Diego and a little bit of time in Irvine. I want to go to New York, and Vegas is definitely on the bucket list.

My favorite nickname is…Maggie. That’s what people call me on a day to day basis. My close family are the only people that still call me James. No one I know fondly calls me “Missile.” I think that would be a bit weird.

To give back to my community…I do a lot of work with Swimming Australia, doing swim clinics. I’m also an ambassador for Camp Quality in Australia which helps
young kids with Cancer. It’s really inspirational to meet people in a less fortunate position than yourself. It really made me appreciate the opportunities I’ve had, not only as a swimmer but in health. The whole swimming and professional career part should be seen as a bonus.

A celebrity that would probably be good at swimming is…Vince Vaughn. He definitely has the height for it if he got in shape.

Dish of the Day #1263: In the Spirit Week

This week's Dishes are wearing purple to take a stand against bullying and show their support for LGBT youth on Spirit Day(October 17). 

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks in the sidebar poll here.

Today's Dish is Manuel Sosa.
Manuel Sosa Morales (born 28 October 1983) is a Venezuelan actor known for his roles in various telenovelas.
He was a former member of the musical group Calle Ciega before he left to participate in the telenovela Mi Gorda Bella.
He has two children: Daniel, born on 29 October 2007 from his relationship with model Shannon de Lima  and Sofia, born on 8 October 2008 from his relationship with fellow actress Mirela Mendoza. In 2011, while filming the telenovela Natalia del Mar, Manuel had a brief relationship with co-star Sabrina Salvador.
In late 2012, he released his first single from his upcoming album titled Dame.

Brodie Beaudry Photographed by Patrick Lacsina:

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go” for Clean Magazine
From:  Accidental Bear

Break me off a piece of that!

Model: Brodie Beaudry at Boom Milan

Photographer: Patrick Lacsina

Source: ‘Kiss Me Hard Before You Go’ for Clean mag.

Sign Language

Mug Shot Tuesday

From:  kenneth in the (212)
Poor little cutie: All this football fan did was steal a 4-wheeler on a dare by a friend. 
Read HERE.

Average American Male's Body Compared to Bodies of Men From Other Nations

From:  Huffington Post
This is the average American male in his thirties. He doesn't look too bad, right? 

Well, here's how he stacks up against his international peers from Japan, the Netherlands, and France.

America's expanding waistline may not be new news, but throwing the average American male's body into a line-up spotlights America's obesity epidemic, which is exactly what Pittsburgh-based artist Nickolay Lamm did when he created these visualizations (which obviously deal only with body size and not ethnicity or skin color).

"I wanted to put a mirror in front of us," Lamm told The Huffington Post in an email. "Americans like to pride ourselves on being the best country in the world. However, it's clear that other countries have lifestyles and healthcare better than our own."

Here's a look from the front.

And a side angle -- Oof, not the most flattering comparison for the American. He's second on the left.

Lamm constructed the 3D models based on body measurements collected from thousands of men by universities and government agencies -- including the CDC, the Netherlands' RIVM, and France's ENNS. The average American male has a body mass index (BMI) of 29 -- significantly higher than Japanese men (who have a BMI of 23), men in the Netherlands (who have a 25.2 BMI), and French men (who have a 25.55 BMI.)

Lamm said he used BMI charts and photos for visual reference, and ran the models by Dr. Matthew Reed, an expert on body shape measurement, for accuracy.

"I chose the Netherlands because they are the tallest country and are clearly doing something right there," Lamm said. He chose Japan because it is well-known for its longevity, and France because, he said, "a lot of Americans like to compare themselves to that country."

So what are the Dutch and Japanese doing right?

Experts suggest it has to do with a complex combination of genetic, environmental and social factors. A good healthcare system, better nutrition, and more active lifestyles have been cited as reasons for the towering Dutchmen and long-lived Japanese.

Hidden Hunks:

 Tate Taylor
From: Favorite Things and Other Things
'There was a character in the play named T.J. who was the most confused of the Southern Baptist sissies. This character, after some intense experimentation, denies his homosexuality and hides behind his devout beliefs. The character had to dance in his underwear and make out with boys while simulating masturbation. Although full frontal was not required, there were lots of naked butts with underwear around the ankles. I quickly found a peephole in the scenery where I crouched nightly when I was off stage and I got quite a show.'

'At the first read-through, we were all enthralled with the actor hired to play T.J. He jumped into the role with gusto and was the first actor to strip down to his underwear in rehearsal. He was shameless and fearless. His name was Tate Taylor and I fell desperately in love with him.'
Actor Leslie Jordan certainly is not alone. Although I loved The Help, it was not until seeing an image of Tate, his head in the lap of Octavia Spencer, along with Viola Davis in an issue of Vanity Fair from last year that I too became interested in the man behind the movie. Prior to directing and writing The Help, Taylor was also an actor, in many projects I had seen, but not noticed and now require some re-viewing. Tate teams up again with Octavia and Viola, directing them Get On Up, chronicling the rise of James Brown in the music industry due in theaters next year.

BeachHM: Shoot...Surf...Chill

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'As your eyes feast on his many images, the viewer is visually stimulated instantly by the strength of both Murray's images and the models within his focus. Murray! has an incredible way of capturing an intense masculinity in his models, so strong you can almost feel it. The strength he captures comes not just from muscle but from a raw maleness that sadly is far too often edited or photoshopped away from many images of the male form that I see.'
Provocateur, June 2012
The quote above comes from my profile last summer of Murray!. I was drawn to the Detroit photographer's work for many reasons, most strongly by the raw, uninhibited he captured the male form. When profiling Murray!, I spent quite a bit of time in his portfolio with his vast collection of images. I was drawn to another model, one with a strong face, great lips and beautiful green eyes and an incredible body with a small Libra tattoo on his chest.

'my first shoot ever was in Detroit with Murray!, he's a ridiculously talented photographer and a trusted friend.'
4 images right & above from Murray!

Cut to last month when I spot an image of a model on ModelMayhem, distinctive and unique look with a crazy body, strong face and mane of incredible long blonde hair that I am sure he is constantly getting asked by others to touch. I got in touch with him right away a piece on the blog but it wasn't until further investigation that the tell tale Libra tattoo connected him with the model I had love from before. The body was the same, but in addition to the hair, the face was slightly different. Still strong, but maybe a little less serious, more relaxed and chilled. BeachHM welcomed my FH questionnaire about his modeling, his goals and his fascinating and sensuous metamorphosis.
Image left  via Kevin Novak
Who or what initiated your wanting to model?

'I was a gymnast growing up, in crazy shape, but I had awful skin. Puberty was not good to me, I got really depressed as a teenager and ended up taking medication to clear it up during high school. It took a couple years to work, but once I got to MSU, I felt confident and like a totally different person. It just kind of happened. I like edgy. raw, photos that you can't help but become entranced with '

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots? 

'I had a shoot with a female model in Las Vegas a few years ago. I ended up eating some 'special baked goods' without really knowing what was going on. For 3 days I was in the clubs, hotels, and casinos....kinda freaking out. Haha, it was fun though and a good experience.'

2 images below from Barry A Noland

What has your experience on ModelMayhem been like? 

'MM has been pretty good to me, it's a well put together site and it works to help professionals in the industry connect. Most people on the site have been respectful of the fact I'm straight, but I set up a shoot with an undisclosed photographer a few years ago, and this dude told me he liked to be naked while he was shot his models. Naw, bro. I'm all good.'

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off? 

'I was doing nude figure modeling at MSU years ago and it just went from there. I never really cared about being naked after my skin cleared up, and I worked hard for my body so it wasn't really a big deal. I started to make a little money here and there and it forced me to stay in some kind of shape. Plus, once the girls got drift of it...I mean, it worked out in other ways as well, so I just did it.'

What was the response from family and friends?

'Haha, my friends gave me so much shit for it, but they're my friends so they didn't care. I had a DJ residency at a lounge/bar in Lansing, MI years ago, my boss had a mug made up with one of my photos on it, and gave it to me as a gift during the company Christmas party in front of everyone. It was hilarious, mildly embarrassing, but whatever. As for my family, I'm sure my photos aren't up on the fridge, but I still get a phone call once a year so things are good. Haha, naw, my family is amazing. My sister is a ridiculously published model and has graced the pages of Playboy, Maxim, etc. so between her and I, it's just something we do.'

Where do you want modeling to eventually take you? 

'Honestly, I don't know...I don't really care. My life is music and has been for a long time now. I moved out here to Las Vegas to DJ and produce music, not to mention this place has become the EDM epicenter of the U.S. I mean, you can go out on any given night, a random Tuesday, and see some of the biggest DJ's in the world. It also works out that there's so much opportunity for modeling around this area, so I'm just going with it.'

'The silhouette photo right was actually taken a few years ago by Greg Coleman, I just came across it in an old email, and it's still one of my favorites. The girl was a friend of a friend who saw my profile and wanted to do some risquΓ© erotic-style photos. I've got about 20 images from that shoot that are ridiculous, and even though it looks like it, nothing was 'inside of anything.' She was beautiful and extremely professional, the photos came out great.'

The Metamorphosis?

'I guess my appearance changed when I moved out of Michigan, I was on somewhat of a 'soul searching' mission, and ended up down on the East Coast of Florida in Cocoa Beach. It's funny because Model Mayhem was a main reason I ended up in Florida in the first place. I met some of my best friends there and adopted the beach lifestyle. I grew my hair out, worked in a pizza shop run by surfers right on the beach, and basically surfed, smoked, drank beer and chilled out as much as possible. It really changed my whole perspective on life and people in general. I ended up leaving to work a Spring Break gig I've been doing for the last 7 years, but I love the 'laid back' beach mentality and miss the ocean everyday.'

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?

'Surf trip to Indo, I've wanted to drink some Bintangs for awhile now. Find me a wave and a beach, Hawaii, Australia, Puerto. Shoot, surf and chill. That's the scenario.'
BeahHM on Model Mayhem
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