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Thursday, January 30, 2014

And The Films Played On: 16 Essential Movies About AIDS

From: Queerty
The Cure 

Two young boys from Minnesota embark on an adventure to New Orleans in hope of finding a cure for AIDS, from which one of them is dying. Erik (the late Brad Renfro), a loner with a neglectful mother, finds kinship in Dexter (Joseph Mazzello), who contracted the disease through a blood transfusion. Erik’s mother doesn't approve of their friendship due to her own prejudices and ignorance, but Dexter’s mother sticks up for the boys as their friendship is a great comfort to her son.

Natural is Hot -- Shaved is Not


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Detroit, Michigan, US

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Smash You Like A Grape!



From:  Manhunt Daily
 He’s so hot! What is it about a stylish guy in suspenders that starts the precum a’bubblin’ on the tip of my cock? This is thinkInk. He has a wonderfully written Manhunt profile in which he requests that all of his potential suitors “say what you mean” and “mean what you say” because it “makes you stand apart from the rest”.

 Guys on Manhunt sounding intelligent and forthright in their profile text are so sexy. It’s very manly. He’s a guy you can take home to mom. After you finish eating each other’s asses.

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA
Think. Ink.
Not that there's anything wrong with thin...or kink for that matter. 

I'm here. You're there.
The question remains, should that be rectified?

 The best solution to the current conundrum at hand is potentially a combination of semi-regular company for a movie and a beer on the couch as well as a resolution to the unoccupied sling. Just sayin'.

Pics, guys. Of you. They're important. One should be above the shoulders: conversations happen with faces, not body parts.

Say what you mean. Mean what you say. It makes you stand apart from the rest.




Freeballing Coach

Life Is A Game


From: Manhunt Daily
 All of our Manhunt members should follow donkeeboy‘s example. His profile name reflects his greatest asset. He’s got a big donkey dick. Truth in advertising.

This well-hung Australian’s profile text is brief and to the point. He’s a muscular hung top and looking for someone similar. If you’re an Australian with a gym bod, a big cock and a twitching butthole, you best get yourself to Melbourne.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hung muscled TOP

Muscle for muscle











From:  Manhunt Daily
 Forgive me for such a basic headline. Madrid-based Manhunt member harplinge30 doesn't have much to work with in his profile, and in case the last Manhunt Now post didn’t make it clear, my English to Spanish translation skills are seriously lacking (especially for someone who’s got a quarter Puerto-Rican in him, and not in the dirty sexual innuendo sort of way).

 But in times like these, I defer to the great modern poet Jason DeRulo, who states the following in his Billboard Top 40 hit “Talk Dirty“—“Been around the world, don’t speak the language, but your booty don’t need explaining”. Truer words have never been spoken. Harplinge30‘s booty (and other parts) need no explanation. You just need to see them, and your dick will do all the talking for you.

Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Tiote de 31 majete y masculino
Tio masculino y majete, para lo que surja.


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