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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Best and Worst of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 10

Liz Taylor gets her revenge!
From: NewNowNext
 Liz Taylor hasn’t been treated too kindly this season, but even old evil places like the Hotel Cortez have some heart. Can the kind bartender escape her prison unscathed? Probably not!

Check out the best and worst of American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 10, below! 

More Liz Taylor
Considering this show’s track record for consistence (expectedly weak), but given this wacky trans character’s an actual story line (surprisingly strong), it’s only somewhat shocking that the writers managed to pull together a nice little story line for our favorite hotel employee to run this episode with. Drop everyone else as far as I’m concerned. Liz is the only character I care about anymore.
 Sassy Gaga
“Ya cheap. Ya always been cheap.” THE LIBRARY IS OPEN. Can Gaga get more lines like this?
 And Then This Happened
Violent retribution always makes for a delightful payoff. Who’s the little mouse now?!
 This Look
A+ Vamp Chloe look. Would Chloe again.
 Open Season
Remember what I just said about violent retribution always making for a delightful payoff?

These Two
Well, these morons are back. How good was that last episode without either of them? Anyway, at least Copface has perfected his cartoonishly psychotic eye game.
If Old Man Ryan Murphy thinks cat memes are funny, that probably means cat memes are over, right? This scene is like some proto-vaporwave nightmare.
 Family Reunion
OK so let me get this straight. Vampire Chloe has been slinking around the halls of the Cortez in 90s goth outfits for weeks and she still hasn’t figured out that her husband is a mass murderer? Reuniting Copface’s family might have made sense before the “twist” about him being the killer was revealed, but it hardly works after.
Hotline Bling
You know what else is over? This damn song. With this scene Murphy is outing himself as a kind of gay cool dad, desperately trying to keep up with the kids while simultaneously harboring intense resentment for anyone under 30 (only a few episodes earlier he had ham-fistedly attempted to trash millennial hipsters — you can’t have it both ways dude).

Also Matt Bomer looks like a damn fool.


From: 420bate

Adam Driver Plays A Horny Doctor In A Gay Porn On “SNL”

"I graduated best top in my class."
From: NewNowNext
Adam Driver brought the laughs as the host of Saturday Night Live this past Saturday, but, naturally, it was a sketch about a ’90s gay porno that really got our attention.

Driver played Dr. Rockhard in the classic adult film scenario, and it included all the cheesy dialogue and one-liners that we’ve come to expect.

Things don’t go as planned, however, when Aidy Bryant comes in as a young girl who confuses the porn shoot for a real medical office and asks for a physical exam.

Check out the gay-themed sketch below.

7: 8 o'clock

From:  A Little Bit of Mischief

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Ed Begley 
Tom "Boss" Finley
Sweet Bird of Youth

Edward James "Ed" Begley, Sr. (March 25, 1901 – April 28, 1970) was an American actor of theater, radio, film, and television.

Your Hunk of the Day: Tyler Gatusso

Tyler Gatusso by Michael Anthony Downs for All American Guys

The Best and Worst of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 9

Here comes the bride, all dressed in blood-spattered white.
From: NewNowNext
 The various guests at the Hotel Cortez are starting to get restless. Luckily a quick wedding might be just the thing bring our ragtag gang of murderers, ghosts, vampires, and demons together. Actually, it’ll probably just further tear them apart.

Check out the best and worst of American Horror Story: Hotel episode 9, below!

Gaga’s Opening Monologue
You know, they warn you about the dangers of voice over in Intro To Writing For TV but I think it works pretty well here. Sure, it ain’t subtle. But then again, nothing in this show is.

In fact, some light research on Wikipedia tells me that this episode was written by Brad Falchuk. Compared to the disaster dialogue of last week’s Ryan Murphy scripted episode (in which mixed metaphors and redundant expository conversations occurred aplenty) this Wednesday’s iteration deserves a goddamn Pulitzer. Characters expressing themselves coherently with clear motivations and witty banter? Who thought we’d ever get that this season!
 Star Pasties
These are here.
 Blue Monday
Never mad at a murder scene set to New Order.
 That Laundress Clap Back
 Smile for the Camera!
Take a look at the composition of this shot. Pretty good stuff! Much like with the production design, AHS never fails in delivering well executed cinematography, and some of the best of the season was delivered in this episode.

Ryan Murphy’s Got A Type
What a surprise! Another strong jawed muscly white dude! I wonder if we’ll see him without his shirt on! Oh, yup. We sure do.
 Alzheimer Vampire
Bassett’s acting here is excellent as per usual, but this story line came out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to serve much purpose or fit any of the themes of the season. This character’s intentions were quite clear before, no need to make them even more complicated — especially while other plot lines (Drilldo?) have barely even begun to resolve themselves.
What Am I Even Watching?
I actually am not entirely sure I’m following a lot of these story lines any more. There’s just too many of them! Bad Italian accent guy is back? And Bomer is double-crossing Bassett? And March is triple-crossing Gaga (maybe)? And also Chloe is trying to cure the vampire kids? And Bates is maybe fully evil now but kind of not?

You know that thing they say about throwing sh*t at a wall? Some of it sticks, sure. But the problem is that then you have sh*t all over your wall.

Worth A Peek:

Tom Sandoval
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have written a few times that I have never seen an entire episode of any of the Real Housewives shows. It is not that I am a reality snob, I love many reality shows, but I was always sort of turned off by the Andy Cohn franchise for a variety of different reasons. Don't get me wrong, I have seen many clips, and know full well if I were to watch I would most likely get hooked and start a marathon of them all.

Last week however, I did take my first peek at the spin-off show Vanderpump Rules. I didn't watch for any story line reasons or because I was bored and looking for a new show to watch. I watched because of a thread on DC showcasing the mighty fine backside of VR'sTom Sandavol.
 It was fairly easy to jump in without much info. In the first episode I watched, Tom, along with Jax and the show's other Tom were getting ready to head back from a trip to Vegas. The Tom's went out and both 'supposedly' got tattoo's on their butts. The rest of the hour seemed one hot scene after another of them showing their butts to whomever wanted a peek at their tats.

 Sandoval didn't seem to have any issue showing his beautiful backside to his girlfriend of course, but also Jax, (who really seemed to enjoy the view) his buddies, his boss and even his mother. That doesn't include everyone who was watching. Sandoval is such a great looking man. In addition to his beautiful backside, he also has amazing bone structure and a face that belongs in front of a camera.

 I may not be watching every episode of Vanderpump Rules, but for now, as long Tom continues to give us frequent glimpses, of his backside, and his smile, it has been added to the DVR list.

 A is for an accessible ass

Winners for the 2016 Cybersocket Awards

From: Fleshbot
 Winner: Colby Keller

The Cybersocket Web Awards, which celebrate the best in gay adult websites, announced the 2016 winners last week in West Hollywood. The 16th year of the ceremony was held at the Penthouse Nightclub, where favorites such as Colby Keller and Cocky Boys came away with awards. We know what you're thinking, and no, we can't explain the noticeable absence of Halloween clown porn from Guys In Sweatpants either. Maybe next year! The Cybersocket categories are split between Industry Choice and Surfers' Choice, and you can check out the full list of winners below!


Best Webmaster Resource: CCBill

Best Content Producer: Helix Studios

Best Affiliate Program: Flirt4Free.com

Best Billing Company: Epoch

Best Alternative Billing Company: NETbilling

Businessperson of the Year: Jake Jaxson, CockyBoys

Best Hosting Company: MojoHost

Best New Company: Lub Lube

Company of the Year: Flirt4Free.com

Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence: Trenton Ducati

Innovative Site of the Year: Supermen.com


Best Mobile Content Site: Men.com

Best Porn Review Site: Str8UpGayPorn.com

Best Product/Retail Site: Andrew Christian

Best Video Site: BelAmiOnline.com

Best Webcam Performer: Pierre Fitch

Best Ethnic-Themed Site: LatinBoyz.com

Best Escort Site: RentMen.com

Best European Site: TimTales.com

Best Hardcore/Fetish Site: KinkMen.com

Best Niche Site: Str8toGay.com

Best Hookup Site/Mobile Hookup App: Grindr

Best Live Cams Site: CAM4.com

Best New Site: IconMale.com

Best Massage Site: Men4RentNow.com

Best Personality: Colby Keller

Best Porn Star: Antonio Biaggi

Best VOD Site: NakedSword.com

Best Movie or Web Series of the Year: “Meeting Liam,” Cocky Boys

Best Sex Scene: “Two Americans for a Frenchie,” French Twinks and Helix Studios

Best Newcomer: Sebastian Kross

What Did You Search For On Google in 2015?

From: Queerty
How did we get information before Google? Dictionaries? Encyclopedias? Newspapers?? It all seems like so long ago before Google became our best and smartest friend. It’s like a non-judgmental, super-knowledgable older sibling who is always available to answer all of our questions, from frivolous, such as “what color is that dress? to potentially life-changing queries such as “how do we overcome prejudice?” or “are you born transgender?”

Watch Google answer some of the most pressing questions of the past year below.

We Don’t Really Know Anything About David Bowie, Says Elton John

From: Queerty
"What I loved about him towards the end was his incredible privacy during what must have been 10 years of incredibly bad luck with illnesses, bad luck, heart attacks, whatever. He kept it private and in the age we live in, with Twitter where everyone knows everything about everything, he kept it to himself. He made two albums without anyone knowing he was making them. He had, you know, obviously treatment for his illnesses without anyone knowing or anyone saying anything. And that is the mystique of the man.
Because we know David Bowie the figure, the singer, the outrageous performer. But actually we don’t know anything about him. And that’s the way it should be in music, and it should be in any art form whatsoever.
They don’t make them like that anymore. We’ve lost a huge, huge talent that influenced so many people.”
— Elton John discussing his late pal David Bowie during SiriusXM Town Hall with Elton John, which will air on The Spectrum channel on February 4

Watch The Winner Of “Survivor: Nicaragua” In A Homoerotic Horror Film

From: Fleshbot

This is the incredibly homoerotic trailer for "Nightmare Mansion," in which the super hot male model winner of "Survivor: Nicaragua," Jud "Fabio" Birza, wanders around a mansion with two other hotties who wear nothing but a pair of tighty-whiteys.

Hey Fabio! Now that you've won/been on a reality TV series, what are you gonna do now? "Oh, I don't know. I think I may try my hand at acting." Oh, really, Fabio? Really? Is that the most original thing you can come up with here? "Well… yeah!" OK then. But you know what, we can't hate on this too much. Sure, maybe the kid could have invested a little bit of his "Survivor" money to help make this thing look a little less low-budget. Sure, the plot seems somehow simultaneously confusing and clichΓ©. That's okay! At least Fabio has decided to stick to his guns with his first film role. The gorgeous blonde seems to spend most of this movie wandering about in naught but a pair of briefs. Toss in a few hints at some bi-curious sexual undertones and some sinister knife-licking, and we almost want to see this thing!

Vogue Queens, Gay Music Nerds Star In New Axe Body Spray Commercial

"We're out to liberate guys from pressure and bullshit, and empower them to be the most attractive men they can be — themselves."
Chances are good that when you think of Axe Body Spray, you think of a straight adolescent male practically bathing in it in an attempt to pick up some ladies.

Well, all that could change thanks to the brand’s brilliant new marketing campaign that is encouraging men to “find your magic” by celebrating what makes you uniquely you.

The ad focuses on the premise that there are many different variations to masculinity, and that tapping into your uniqueness can be sexier than a six-pack.

Axe fully committed to this idea by including queer characters in the new ad, including a Vogue-ing diva in high heels and an indie music nerd who catches the eye of another guy in a record store.

Campaign directors said the goal is to encourage young men to be confident in their individuality and get rid of “outdated views of masculinity.”

“Masculinity today is going through seismic changes,” said senior director Matthew McCarthy. “More than ever, guys are rejecting rigid male stereotypes. We’ve been part of guys’ lives for decades, and Axe champions real guys and the unique traits that make them attractive to the world around them.”

Check out the new ad below.

il est comme moi mais en mieux ….

Take A Piss


From: Daily Squirt

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