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Sunday, November 13, 2016

These Haunting Photos Show The Strength Of Orlando Before & After Pulse Massacre

From: Queerty
 This weekend was Orlando Pride. To mark the special occasion, Queerty asked Orlando lesbian transgender photographer Melody Maia Monet to share a sampling of her amazing photos of the local LGBTQ community along with captions, taken before and after the Pulse Nightclub massacre of June 12, 2016, in which 49 souls were lost.

 Aftermath: Pulse Nightclub Memorial
July 2016

 After: Pulse Vigil

Candlelight vigil Lake Eola July 26 honoring 49 souls lost
Before: MarcoMarco Party at Pulse

Fashion show at Pulse April 2016
 Before: Leather Night

Leather Night at BarCodes March 2016
 Before: Sunday mingling

Sunday Surrender in March 2016 Ember Sunday afternoons
 VAiN Nightclub

The place to be on Sunday the hours before heading home for the night

 Before: Girls in Wonderland

 The lesbian event during Gay Days. Here are the ladies who love ladies at House of Blues in June of 2016 one week before the tragedy
 After: Mural Center

Mural memorializing the tragedy, painted on the side of the LGBT center in the Mills 50 district. Photographed July 2016
  After: FlexFriday

The men of Flex Fridays at the club Southern Nights Orlando, showing love for Pulse on June 17, 2016
 After: Southern Nights Orlando

The girls at Southern Nights Orlando show their love June 18 2016
 After: Benefit

 A September benefit at The Abbey. The hood of the #49 police car lists the names of the 49 Pulse victims.
 After: Survivors Benefit

Massacre survivors at the Abbey benefit in September
 Before: Pride, 2015

Crowds gather to catch beads thrown from floats during Come Out With Pride in October 2015

 The view from a float as it travels through the Thornton Park neighborhood of Orlando during Come Out With Pride October 2015

About the photographer:

Melody Maia Monet is transgender woman and lesbian living in Orlando, Florida. She is also a professional writer, photographer, singer, and YouTube personality. She writes an opinion column for Watermark, the LGBT magazine of Orlando, which you can find at www.watermarkonline.com. Her photography website is monetphoto.com, her band maintains a website at madtransitband.com, and her YouTube channel is youtube.com/user/melodymaia. She can be reached by email at monet@alumni.princeton.edu.

15 Funny Election Hangover Memes

From: Queerty
 Still feeling hungover from the election results? You’re not alone. Many of us have been walking around in a complete daze for the past few days, dreading the day when we have to utter the words “President Trump.”

 To help expedite our accepting of the inevitable, dire as it may be, we’ve once again scoured Instagram for funny memes that somehow manage to find humor in all this. Because sometimes you really do have to laugh through your tears.


From: Manhunt Daily
 Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman play Navy seamen in this one. You probably want to start making bad jokes. I can’t because I was too distracted from watching the teaser. Because it included moves like this:

 That’s Spencer’s giant cock effortlessly sliding into Tegan’s more than receptive butthole. It’s a boiler room flip-fuck fiesta with these two. And they are FEELING it. Check out their facial expressions as cock touches soul!

Tegan’s prostate is TAPPED.

 Spencer’s ass is STUFFED.

They don’t call this one Destroyer for nothing! Dive into this naval epic below! Watch Tegan and Spencer in their entirety here.


Song of the Day: 'Woman Is the N-Word of the World' by John Lennon

From: kenneth in the (212)
Pardon his French, but he's singing what my mother has been preaching since I was a small child and the courts told her to stop being "hysterical" for firmly explaining why she wanted to keep us safe from our alcoholic father. There can only be one reason the media normalized Donald Trump and demonized Hillary Clinton. And the worst part? Exit polls reveal white women voted for Trump like gangbusters, which is part battered-wife syndrome (not their fault, but please get help) and part "women hate other women" phenomenon (totally your fault -- please get help to figure out why you like to drag each other down).

Remember Your Best Jack Sesh With Hot Twink Cum Shot

From: Fleshbot
Today's sexy twink really knows how to treat his big dong right, and could teach us a thing or two about loving ourselves. But not like in a Dove commercial. It's more like actually taking care of your dick the way it deserves, until it rewards you with a satisfying batter splatter that coats your stomach! Remember back to your teen years, when "the world was new" as Cat Stevens what probably talking about, and you actually had the energy and concentration to make jacking off an event instead of a part of the daily grind. There's your homework for the weekend! Courtesy of Cat Stevens. IDK what that fuck I'm talking about.

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