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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cleveland Passed Trans-Friendly Bathroom Law Ahead Of Republican National Convention

Cleveland may have been hosting the GOP, but they're not friends
From: NewNowNext
 Cleveland may have been hosting the GOP’s national convention last summer, but the city wanted Republicans to know it stands with the trans community.

City officials unanimously passed a measure ensuring transgender people can use public bathrooms that match their gender identity. The current GOP platform praises laws like North Carolina’s HB2, which marginalize LGBT people.

According to Cleveland.com, the ordinance removeed language from existingt city law that allows private businesses to decide who uses which restrooms. It was part of a larger package that was passed to update the city’s anti discrimination laws.

In addition to attacking trans people and marriage equality, the Republican platform also approves of conversion therapy and denies gay couples the right to adopt.

Chris Pine And John Cho In Tender Clinch At “Star Trek Beyond” Premiere In London

How do you say "Can I whisper sweet nothings in your ear?" in Klingon?
From: NewNowNext
 Much attention has been given to Sulu’s sexuality in the Star Trek Beyond, but at the film’s London premiere,  it was Captain Kirk who got into a same-sex scenario.

Pine was looking dapper and distinguished with a salt-and-pepper beard on the red carpet, when he pulled in John Cho for what looked like an affectionate smooch.

 Or, who knows, maybe he was telling him his fly was open. Regardless we smell a new Hollywood bromance brewing.

Below, check out more photos from the premiere.

Chris Meloni Tells Heartbroken Gay “Oz” Fan To Fantasize About Him

Lock us up and throw away the key
From: NewNowNext
 Our love for Chris Meloni is well-documented, so it’s always nice to see someone else profess their crush on the former Law and Order: SVU star.

Brazilian teen Ariano Médio finally got around to binge watching Oz and was despondent there were no more episodes to enjoy. And no more sexy Chris Meloni.

“I finished Oz two days [ago] and I’m depressed about it,” tweeted the 18-year-old. “Especially with the end of your character… how [do I] handle [it]?

Meloni quickly replied, “Take a shower and pretend I’ll be joining you.”

On HBO’s acclaimed prison series, Meloni played sociopathic Chris Keller, who had a sexual relationship with fellow inmate Tobias Beeher (Lee Tergesen).

Over the course of five seasons their bond wavered between tender and psychotic. And we seem to recall a shower scene or two.

Carrie Fisher’s Urn Is Shaped Like a Prozac Pill

From: kenneth in the (212)
Read all about the sendoff to Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds and her beloved actress/writer daughter HERE.


From: Beautiful Mag

We have been a bit quiet the first days of this new year. Waiting for the storm maybe? In my last editorial I mentioned 2016 has been a year with strong currents. Many didn’t make it. But many others did. Can we say we arrived on solid ground or are we about to discover we are standing on quicksand. Only time will tell, all though there are some indications that can give us an idea of where some things are going. 

So let’s talk about the Times Person of the Year 2016. Mister Donald Trump. We can like it or not, there is no escaping of the fact Trump has made an ineffaceable impression last year, and will without doubt keep doing that in the time to come. In about two weeks this man will officially become the next President of the United States and the world is still wondering what his real political agenda will look like. But we know one thing already. “The Great Wall” sits high on Trumps priority list. What is however not a priority for the President-Elect is a healthy relationship with the United States Intelligence Service. Soon to be his Intelligence Service.

Let’s start with the latter: one of the thing that brought Donald Trump in the news over the past days – and let’s face it, bringing it in the news is mostly driven by Trumps unstoppable need to make himself heard by childish tweets - is his blunt refusal to show any confidence in his own Intelligence Service. Has there or has there not been Russian influence on the American Elections and should the people of America not have the right to have answers before the President-Elect takes his seat in the Oval Office? There has been much discussion about this topic and US Intelligence seems to have some information that Trump chooses to dismiss as worthless and claims they should focus on cyber attacks coming from China. Indeed, that same China where Trump buys metal to build his towers. There seems to be a lot of smoke here, and you know what they say about smoke. Where there is some, there should be fire.

What about “The Great Wall”. Another smoke curtain to distract from more important things? Donald Trump said, in his very Donald Trump manner: “I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively." (probably with cheap imported Chinese material but he didn’t say that). If we just put aside the fact that the mere idea of this project is probably the biggest example of arrogance and an unacceptable humiliation to the people of Mexico, let’s look at some facts: the construction of such a wall will take approximately 16 years - obviously far longer than the initiator will stay in office - and cost roughly between $8 and $12 billion. A number as vague as any of Trumps other political ideas. By the way, this doesn't include surveillance and maintenance, which is good for another $2,1 billion.... by year...  Mister Trump has decided the construction should start ASAP which means the USA will finance the complete project. At first. Of course Mexico is going to pay the total costs back. Trump has confidence in that. Which makes totally sense. Why build a wall in the first place, right? Further more, Trump is worth over 10 billion dollars (so he says) and since he never released his tax returns, as every Presidential candidate should do, we should anticipate he never paid taxes. Add to that that the secret service is renting two whole floors in Trump Tower to guarantee the safety for the next First Family, for $1,5 million by floor by year, which is paid to – indeed – Trump, I say he could probably pay for his wall himself. Because let’s be honest here: this wall has nothing to do with Mexico, but everything with Trumps insatiable need to establish himself and earn his place in human history. And most likely to outshine (yes) the Chinese. Though there he made a small calculation error. The Mexican Wall will only be about 2,000 miles long, not even half as long as the Great Wall of China. It is probably this kind of calculation that made him decide to not reveal his financial situation to begin with.

You notice with all of the issues around the world, and in his own country, of dire importance that need to be addressed, Donald Trump can only focus on a fence. Doesn't that give you some perspective of his intellectual capabilities? We might think that by ending 2016 we have safely stepped on solid ground, but let’s not ignore the warning signs. Before you know it we are sucked in so far we won’t be able to escape anymore. 

Cover photography by Jarrod Carter, featuring Stephane Marti.


There is a blog going around saying that the beard trend is over.  We have to disagree.  Every where we look we see gorgeous men with sexy beards.  
From: Cheap Undies

The 23 Hottest Guys On “Game Of Thrones,” Ranked

From: NewNowNext
Lancel Lannister

Once the show’s greatest twink, Lancel (Eugene Simon) is now a religious fanatic who rails against the pleasures of the flesh.

This is Westeros, kid, not Westboro.

17 States Where Gay Sex Is Outlawed

From: Advocate
Section 18-6605

Particularly sweeping, colorful, and frankly, just plain gross is the the language contained in Idaho's backward sodomy law.  Brace yourself:  "Every person who is guilty of the infamous crime against nature, committed with mankind or with any animal, is punishable by imprisonment in the state uprising not less than five years."


From: Gay Porn Blog
Connor Maguire

17 Creepy Stories That Show What Death Row Inmates Really Want For Their Last Meal

From: Brain Jet
John Wayne Gacy

Gacy was lethally injected on 33 charges of rape and murder. He requested 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC fried chicken, french fries and strawberries. Before he was convicted, Gacy had been a manager at 3 KFC restaurants.

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 7, 2009

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things


Careless Whisper?

September 13, 2016
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Like George Michael, I thought I was Never Gonna Dance Again... That was however, before ABC wisely decided to bring Gleb Savchenko back on the dance floor.


From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
-The feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.

humiliation, chagrin, awkwardness, self-consciousness, discomfort, distress

It was time to make this theme a regular feature!

Oxford English Dictionary Adds “Gender-Fluid,” “YOLO,” “Butt-Fucking”

More than 1,000 terms have been added or updated.
From: NewNowNext
The esteemed Oxford English Dictionary has updated its list of acceptable words, with more than 1,000 additions and revisions—including splendiferous, jagoff, moobs,and (ugh) “YOLO.”
 Of note, “gender-fluid” has also been added to the 150-year-old reference, and is defined as “relating to a person having or expressing a fluid or unfixed gender identity.”

Also added: Butt-fuck (as both a noun and a verb), as well as butt-fucker and butt-fucking. We hope we don’t have to define that for you.

The Hillary Shimmy Song was the Feel-Good Viral Video of the Campaign Season

From: Towleroad
The Hillary Shimmy, which the Democratic nominee performed after a particularly aggressive and long-winded attack on her at the first debate,  has its own song, further ensuring its place in the annals of viral campaign moments.

It’s a feel-good moment in a campaign season that has had so few of them.

The song was written by Jonathan Mann, who writes a song a day: 

“My superpower is that I can take any idea, no matter how complex, and distill it down into a short, catchy, memorable song.”

And the lyrics, via DailyKos:

This dude is coming at me
I just smile and let him be
The dude brought your own rope
He put the bullet in the gun so
I’m just gonna shimmy
Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy
Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy
He just keeps on shouting, “Wrong!”
So I’ll get my Jim Halpert on
He is a flightless bird
I think I’ll never say another word
I’ll just be singing this song


Horror Hunks: The Men Of Friday The 13th

From: Queerty
John Robert Dixon
Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

John Robert Dixon’s Eddie easily earns a place among Jason’s hottest victims. We don’t blame the machete-wielding murderer for strapping this stud to a tree.
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