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Monday, February 3, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily
It was not easy to secure this interview with the dog who turned gay after witnessing a Czech Hunter shoot. The studio was extremely evasive when we reached out to them. After multiple phone calls harassing them for information, they eventually caved in and passed over some contact information from the dog’s model release form.

The dog, who specifically asked that we not print his first name, revealed what it was like coming to terms with his sexuality. We discussed his feelings on the bear community, the state of the doggie marriage equality movement and his first experience licking another dog’s penis. He was sort of a bitch at points, which is funny, because he’s not actually a bitch.

Last week, we noticed a weird-looking (yet also adorable) dog in a scene from gay porn site Czech Hunter. We reached out to the European website, desperate for more information. Although they weren't initially very helpful, our persistence paid off when they passed on the dog’s phone number, which they had from a release he signed to appear in the scene.

We just wanted to ask him some simple questions about being a dog on a gay porn scene, but lo and behold, we found out that he’s playing for the canine equivalent of our team. Naturally, we decided to embrace our inner journalists and ask him a few questions about his experiences as a gay dog in modern society.

Hi, gay dog! I suppose we should start with the important question. When did you first realize you were gay?

I was walking through a park with my human one day, and he just disappeared out of nowhere! It was a little scary at first, but then I chased a squirrel and forgot that I was scared. Something smelled good, so I sniffed around and found some other humans! That was when it all began…

 Oh? Tell us more!

Well, you see, I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I just followed the humans for a bit. One of them pulled a big piece of pink sausage out of his pants, and I got really excited that he was going to feed me! Unfortunately, the other human put it in his mouth… But then I got really confused because he wasn't chewing on it! Why would you put a sausage in your mouth if you’re not going to chew on it!?!?

How long did it take for you to realize it wasn't a sausage?

Not too long! I have a really good nose, and in case you didn’t notice, I also have a penis. Watching this human get his penis licked reminded me of a time I was with my friend Rex. We were wrestling, and I started sniffing his butt. I went to go lick his penis to clean it, but then I got kind of aroused and started humping him. My human got all worked up and separated us, apologizing to the other human and repeatedly saying to him, “My dog isn't gay! He’s never done that before.” I didn’t understand what he meant back then, but now I do.

Was it a shock to come to terms with your sexuality?

Sure! Isn't it for everyone? I’m not one of those dogs who prances around in pink ribbons, barks with a lisp and keeps his paws limp when he’s shaking hands. I like things like catching Frisbees in my mouth and wrestling, chewing on bones and eating meat that falls on the floor. I guess I’m what you humans would call STR8-acting.

 I suppose that is a term some humans use! Speaking of which… Do you ever get offended that gay bear culture has appropriated your language?

I’m not sure I understand the question. I didn’t realize there were gay bears too, but I guess that makes sense if there are gay dogs. What does it mean to appropriate something?

Oh gosh, I should have clarified! “Bear” is a term some furry, thickly-built humans use to describe themselves. They like to say “woof” to one another, and…

Are you fucking kidding me? That is dumb. Bears do not say “woof”. That is something dogs say, so these humans should start calling themselves “dogs” or shut the fuck up. You don’t see me running around saying “chirp” to other gay dogs, right? And you know why? Because it’s fucking dumb.

 Yikes! I didn’t mean to make you so upset. Let’s talk about something happier. Are you dating anyone at the moment?

I’m not a one dog kind of dog, to be perfectly honest! I’ve got my whole life to be tied down in a relationship, and right now, I just wanna have fun while I’m young, athletic and not too tired and old to hump other gay dogs.

Surely, you must want to get married some day? What if you never meet the right dog?

Are you even thinking about what you’re asking me? The doggy marriage equality movement has yet to really take off, and furthermore, I think it’s offensive that you’d think I need to settle down. I’m a good-looking dog at 29 years-old*, and I’m still getting plenty of young pups who want to hump. I’ll be getting tail like that until I die. Trust me.

* EDITOR’S NOTE: That’s four years in human years.

 I didn’t mean it like that, silly! So I don’t want to keep you for too long, but have you come out to your parents yet?

I have never met my parents. I was adopted.

Oh, er, again, I didn’t mean to bring up such a sore subject. Is there anything else you want to say on behalf of all the other gay dogs out there, or to any gay dogs who might be reading this?

Yeah. “Chirp”.

Nick Forte

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It's Magic


From: Manhunt Daily

 Jake Deckard retired! And the world was sad. But he was nice enough to talk to me about his decision, and about a whole host of other topics—Southeast Asia, New York City, motivational speakers—this past spring.

When Jake Deckard announced in a video interview last week that he was retiring from porn I wept at the thought that I’d never again get to see his perfect, perfect ass thrusting around on camera. And then I decided to call him, to see why he would do this to us.

As it turns out, Deckard decided to go out with a bang: the lavish epic Men In The Sand. “His use of saturated color and glistening sun through pubes is SUPERB,” said a friend just now in a Facebook chat.

Single, forty, and currently en route to Singapore, Deckard graciously took the time to answer some pressing questions.

 Where are you now? What are you up to?

I’m at an Anthony Robbins seminar. He’s one of the biggest motivational speakers in the world, and I’ve been listening to his stuff since I was like 23. I was passing through LA and saw he was running a seminar here, so I decided to go for it. It’s pretty intense! This is day four, and it’s four fifteen-hour days.

And when that’s over?

I’m going to Singapore tomorrow to travel, see things, do new stuff… I’m starting off with a gay cruise that winds up in Hong Kong, and then I’ll be going back by bicycle on a tour that will take me through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I’ve never been to Asia at all before so it’s pretty exciting.

For as much as you plan there are also all the options that you don’t plan for, the homespun tour ideas and the things that none of the guidebooks tell you about. Sleeping in people’s houses, that kind of thing. I’m not putting too much emphasis on where I’m going at all, since it’s all new to me.

This is just the first stop, and then after that I’ve got a share on Fire Island, and then I’m going to try to head to Europe in the fall for at least a couple of months.

That’s pretty ambitious! What brought all this on?

I’m forty, I’m single and they just tore down my loft. They’re decimating my whole neighborhood in Manhattan. The building got bought out, and last week I had a wrecking ball party that doubled as a fundraiser for my AIDS LifeCycle ride. We raised about $1,500, which isn't bad for a house party on a Thursday. And the real wrecking ball came in yesterday.

Oh, Dale Cooper was just telling us about AIDS LifeCycle.

Yeah, I’ve never done it before. I’m just jumping in feet first. I did massage for the riders on the Boston to New York ride for years, but I decided that I wanted to ride and do the fundraising bit myself. I’m hoping for $5,000, and I’m already at $4,500. It would be good to go over my goal, of course.

 Of course! And the porn retirement…?

It’s time for me to move on. I’ve got other projects going on, and my intention is to move into mainstream films. Or at least independent film. But from the porn perspective, even independent is mainstream.

I recently did this remake. Well, it’s not a remake, it’s more of an ode to ’70s movies, called Men In The Sand. It’s a beautiful movie, and I was really very happy with the way it turned out.

Yeah, tell us about the movie. It seems pretty epic. And it also seems funny, that you’d end a porn career with a magnum opus about what porn was like forty years ago.

Well, it started with Ink Stain and Jock Itch, which are pretty old at this point. The way I see the world creatively is really nostalgic, but with a side of futurism. If you look at my photography, I like to lay these two things together, so I take things that look really sentimental and give them a veneer of futurism.

Men In The Sand is completely nostalgic. The costumes, the hair, the mustaches, the way that it’s shot. But it’s got a future edge to it. For one thing, a lot of the way that it looks you wouldn't have been able to pull off in the past, like the lens flares. And the actors use their iPhones to meet each other.

I wanted to take something that looked like 1971 and make it speak to the world now. The relationships that guys would form with each other in 1971 were very chummy, and that chumminess doesn't exist anymore. The relationships we have are more advanced than that. The level of intensity is definitely new.

The only reason that I came into the porn world was that sort of old, bigger than life porn star. That doesn't exist anymore. The porn world at this point has sort of dilapidated into random guys on a bed in Jake Cruise’s house.

 This sort of CinemaScope, wide angle movie, you’re never going to see it again. It just simply won’t happen. And I honestly don’t know whether anyone could do it as well as I did. I put a lot of work into that movie. I wanted to make this one thing that I really loved. And when I pulled it off, that’s when I realized that I could do more than this.

Costuming it was amazing. The biggest job for me was getting the guys’ hair grown out right. Gay men don’t grow their hair out at all anymore, so I had to have these guys start growing their hair out six months before. I told like twenty guys, and half of them said no, because they were afraid they wouldn't get other work with grown-out hair. But the other half said yes. And fucking Christopher Daniels, when we got him shaved down to just his mustache, that was the most amazing thing.

We filmed on Fire Island, and we’re in this walled-in area, and so I didn’t get out onto the boardwalks very often. But after being there for like four or five days in a row, everyone was smoking weed and I had all the costumes laid out, and people were just wearing them after a while, and fucking. We all got really laid back towards the middle of the shoot, and the guys were all just having sex with each other. And it was the right architecture, the right style, the right attitude. And I was like wow, I’m actually living 1971 right now. This is it, man. And I thought that was really, really, really, really cool.

I felt like I made the guys look more amazing than they're ever looked. I think that ten or fifteen years from now, people are going to say, “Holy shit, this is a classic”. And it’s a classic based on classics. That kind of thinking doesn't really happen in porn. The only way to make something really interesting in porn right now is as a labor of love.

But unfortunately it’s not something that’s entirely respectable, no matter what. I finally got some recognition for this movie, and I feel like I’ve worked for that really hard, but a lot of people aren't going to give you any kind of props for that. Even if you've just created a new style for gay culture, and a movie that caught people’s attention. That caught the right people’s attention.

People definitely noticed. My co-blogger called it The Greatest Porn Movie Ever Made, I think. And it’s up for some Grabby Awards now, right?

It got nominated for Best Art Direction, which I’m really happy about, because that’s the one award that I personally worked the hardest for. So for me it has some value and some merit. If it wins, that would be really lovely. But just the nomination is enough for me.

And then you’re done with porn. Are you going to miss it at all?

I’ve learned a lot, as far as how to get actors together and putting together a treatment. The more complicated part happens later, when I try to sell it.

And porn is not respected in any capacity as an art form. It’s just not. Unfortunately, the only way to distance myself from it is to draw a line in the sand and step over it.

I’ve personally said in a public forum that it gives me a little bit of a foothold as far as what happens next. What’s funny is that I’m at this motivational seminar, and there’s a porn convention going on next door, and it’s funny just knowing that a few years ago I would have been going through the other doors.

There’s a point in your life where you have to make up your mind what you want and you just have to fucking do it. With porn I had already established myself and I knew the playing field, so there was a relative safety net. So no, I’m not going to miss it.

I felt personally that porn was becoming a very boxed-in world for me. Unless you’re already really, really well established, or if you have a means to make money off the back-end. Raging Stallion can be creative because they've got a huge back catalog and only a small percentage of their profit comes from the new movies. And Cocky Boys is doing really well creatively, and I’m excited for them, but their bread and butter comes from the fact that they own a distribution company.

I need to find a place that I’m going to be happy, and porn isn't going to make me happy. I can do more, and I can do more in other realms, and I’m going to.

So do you have a movie to make already? Or is it the kind of thing where you know you want to do it, but you’re going to spend a couple of months traveling to figure it out?

It’s definitely already in the works. And the travel thing is happening regardless. You can’t tell a story and talk about experience in life unless you've gone out and actually lived. So the more I see, the more I’ll have to write about. I need to be in Europe, I need to be in Asia, I need to be around other people that aren't just fags in New York. In a way that scene is who I’m around, and I’m comfortable in New York. But I’m more than happy to get away from them right now.

So I’m gonna get this together, I’ll get it funded, and then I’m gonna do it. I’ve already been talking to producers, so all of that is already happening. And I know how to shoot a movie: you have to get the actors in place, you have to have a camera. You shoot it, you edit, and then you’re done. It’s not rocket science.

For me it’s a natural point of progression. And whether or not it succeeds… Look, I say it’s going to succeed. And I imagine that there are going to be some very dismissive people out there, and I know that. And I know the dismissals will be from gay men.

Most of the straight people that I talk to about this—whether they’re in the film industry or whether they’re a nurse or something—they’re pushing me to succeed, because that’s one less person producing porn. But when you talk to the average gay man, they’re dismissive. So I’m stepping out of that fucking world, and I’m not interested in it anymore.

I would rather use the information that I’ve gleaned about people and about sex, which is far more interesting than porn itself. If I ever do make a movie about the porn world, it’ll be a long time from now. Right now, I’m more interested in what I’ve learned from my experiences than from the actual construct. I like the human relationships, and thinking about what people want from each other, and how to explore that.

Kurt Madison aka Quinn Christopher Jaxon -- Randy Blue


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote
 “Imagine shoving an entire Red Bull can up your ass. That’s what it’d be like to get fucked by XTube user thickestdck, who regularly posts homemade videos of himself and his tiny, anally-gifted boyfriend. You’ve got to give major props to the bottom in this relationship for stretching wide enough to accommodate his man’s monstrous shaft.

Imagine shoving an entire Red Bull can up your ass. That’s what it’d be like to get fucked by XTube user thickestdck, who regularly posts homemade videos of himself and his tiny, anally-gifted boyfriend. You’ve got to give major props to the bottom in this relationship for stretching wide enough to accommodate his man’s monstrous shaft. We could never* accomplish such a task!

We've also got to give major props to Fleshbot‘s Neil O’Hare, who continues to be our spirit guide in the realm of amateur gay porn. He brought this dick to our attention a week ago, and thanks of him, you get to stroke your dicks to these intensely hot fucks.

Enjoy! With your penises.

* Never say never.
Watch five of the couple’s videos with the links below:

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Quinn Christopher Jaxon

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
It was just last week I had a one-two punch watching actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. First in the incredible new documentary Salinger, followed by a repeat viewing of the not great, but always on TV it seems oh so watchable Twister. A truly gifted actor, R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Have a "Cock" and a Smile

“Lights Out” by Andrew Christian

Here is a short video my buddy shot. I had been teasing myself all night when he broke out the camera. I couldn't say no... Hope you like it.

From: tjac777

morning hangout with coffee.

Up His shorts

And The Films Played On: 16 Essential Movies About AIDS

From: Queerty
The Witnesses 

Sarah (Emmanuelle BΓ©art) and Mehdi (Sami Bouajila) are an unhappily married couple living in Paris in 1984. Sarah’s close friend, Adrien (Michel Blanc) — a middle-aged gay doctor — meets Manu (Johan LibΓ©reau) an attractive younger man, while cruising, and though Adrien is madly in love with him, their relationship remains platonic. Mehdi and Manu, however, begin a sexual relationship that becomes even more complicated after Manu is diagnosed with AIDS. Along with Manu’s sister Julie (Julie Depardieu), the characters become witnesses to the devastation of the disease.

Nice drip …

:Long. Long face, long body and ten pounds of long cock.


John Mayer Sings Shirtless

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Construction Worker Piss

February 3rd is Four Chaplains Memorial Day

The Four Chaplains, also sometimes referred to as the "Immortal Chaplains," were four United States Army chaplains who gave their lives to save other civilian and military personnel during the sinking of the troop ship USAT Dorchester on February 3, 1943, during World War II. They helped other soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out. The chaplains joined arms, said prayers, and sang hymns as they went down with the ship.
The four men were relatively new chaplains who all held the rank of first lieutenant. They included Methodist minister the Reverend George L. Fox, Reform-Rabbi Alexander D. Goode (Ph.D.), Roman Catholic priest the Reverend John P. Washington, and Reformed Church in America minister the Reverend Clark V. Poling. Their backgrounds, personalities, and faiths were different, although Goode, Poling and Washington had all served as leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.  They met at the Army Chaplains School at Harvard University, where they prepared for assignments in the European theater, sailing on board USAT Dorchester to report to their new assignments.
In 1988, February 3 was established by a unanimous act of Congress as an annual "Four Chaplains Day." Some state or city officials commemorate the day with official proclamations, sometimes including the order that flags fly at half-mast in memory of the fallen chaplains. In some cases, official proclamations establish observances at other times: for example, North Dakota legislation requests that the Governor issue an annual proclamation establishing the first Sunday in February as "Four Chaplains Sunday."
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