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Friday, February 10, 2017

Betsy DeVos Blocked from Entering DC School, Shamed by Protesters

From: Towleroad
Deeply unqualified Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was physically blocked by protesters at the entrance to a DC school.

“She does not represent anything that they stand for,” yelled one protester.

Another shouted: “She’s giving money to senators and buying her way into the position. You should be so proud of yourself. Go back! Shame! Shame! Shame!”


DeVos eventually got inside.

The demonstration was a sign that DeVos, who took office this week, remains a polarizing figure for many of the parents and teachers she seeks to serve.
DeVos was at the Jefferson Middle School Academy in Southwest Washington at about 10 a.m., according to two people who said they shook her hand inside the building. The event was closed to the media. It was her first visit to a public K-12 school since she was sworn in Tuesday.
Shortly after 10 a.m., several dozen members of the Washington Teachers Union, parents and other activists had gathered in front of the school.


From: Wicked
 Last night, Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Donald Trump’s Attorney General, which should inspire feelings of despair and disgust in the stomachs of everyone who isn’t a straight, white cisgender male. Sessions is notorious for voting against just about every single civil rights issue there is, including LGBTQ rights.

Sessions has openly supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, voted down on a bill in support of workplace discrimination protections for LGBTQ people and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and, two times, against expanding the definition of hate crimes to include attacks done because of someone’s sexual identity. He was also criticized by Matthew Sheppard’s mother for characterizing hate crimes as “mere crimes.”

Sessions is also a huge supporter of the impending First Amendment Defense Act, which Trump himself has promised to sign.

“It is deeply disturbing that Jeff Sessions, who has such clear animus against so many Americans ― including the LGBTQ community, women and people of color ― could be charged with running the very system of justice designed to protect them,” Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said.

It’s equally disturbing that Sessions, who also opposed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and was deemed “too racist” for a federal judgeship in 1986, now sits in the chair of one of the country’s most powerful seats of office. Just imaging his impact on civil rights sends a chill down our spine.

Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Major Legal Blow

From: kenneth in the (212)
The New York Times reports that a three-judge federal appeals panel on Thursday unanimously refused to reinstate President Trump’s targeted travel ban, delivering the latest and most stinging judicial rebuke to his effort to make good on a campaign promise and tighten the standards for entry into the United States.
I haven't been this happy in months -- this has temporarily restored my faith in humanity, and reminded me that "we're" not the crazy ones here.

You were elected president, not czar. If you want to strengthen existing laws for visitors and immigrants, do it through the proper channels. FYI: Virtually every recent attacks on domestic soil has been committed by homegrown terrorists, not refugees or immigrants. And Sept. 11 was the work of people from Saudi Arabia, which was not on the magic list.

Read more on the ruling HERE.

Conservatives are all about freedom of religion -- as long as it's theirs.

The ruling came as a result of a lawsuit brought by Washington state, which argued the travel ban is discriminatory. Noah Purcell, a lawyer for the state, told the appeals court panel on Tuesday that Mr. Trump and his advisers have made statements that “are rather shocking evidence of intent to harm Muslims.’’

Alec Baldwin promises SNL is gonna be ‘yuge this week

From: Queerty
Saturday Night Live thrives in times of political unrest, and President Trump has endowed the sketch show with even more power by showing the world how much it gets to him to be portrayed in a less-than-flattering light by Alec Baldwin.

Trump has gone so far as to call Baldwin a “disaster” and SNL a “failing show.”

Which makes us all the more excited to see what kind of punches this weekend’s show will pull, with Baldwin hosting the show for his 17th time (he’s hosted more than anyone else, if you’re counting).

Rumors have been flying about potential content — everything from Baldwin hosting the entire show as Trump, to Melissa McCarthy coming back to lampoon Press Secretary Sean Spicer, to Rosie O’Donnell offering to take over the roll of Steve Bannon. Please let that last one come true!

In a recently released promo, Baldwin promises that the show is going to be a “big deal.”

We’re inclined to agree.

Watch below:

And just for kicks, here’s Melissa’s instant-classic sketch from last week’s episode:

Age-Old Question: Bryan Hawn Tackles Hey Violet

From: Boy Culture
Bryan Hawn spreads his talent around, covering Hey Violet's “Guys My Age” ...

After cornering Conway, CNN’s Jake Tapper explains why Trump will never get a free pass

From: Queerty
“Our coverage follows his lead. I think that if he pivoted as he claimed he would and was more presidential, not sending out nasty tweets about Nordstrom or judges or not go to the National Prayer Breakfast and talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger ratings, then I would be delighted, frankly, to cover the policies more. But there’s this whole other thing going on with this White House.”
Jake Tapper to Stephen Colbert, when asked whether Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway’s plea with him the day before to change CNN’s coverage of the President would be considered.

Watch the full interview below:

After being trolled on Twitter, Donald Trump gets the “EASY D” treatment on Instagram

From: Queerty
 Donald Trump once again made a fool of himself yesterday when tweeted from his personal Twitter page about the whole Muslim ban thing and then mentioned something about “EASY D”:

Folks on Twitter didn’t waste any time mocking the Donald for his choice of language, particularly the “EASY D” comment. And now, Instagram memers have joined in on the action.

Check out our favorite “Easy D” memes…


Have a great afternoon everyone, 

I'll be listening to the latest drop from potus #easyd


Just glad Donny is #KeepinItReal

A video posted by Kevin Lucio (@kevinluciox) on


Dropping soon.

 #authoritarian #autocrat#kleptocrat #oligarch #fascist #fascism#trumpresistance

 #jointheresistance#resistanceisnotfutile #resist #protest#actup #silenceequalsdeath 

#theresistance#lovearmy #lovetrumpshate #i❤hillaryclinton


Current mood... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #easyd#donaldtrump #immigrationban#muslimban


Aren't we all.... 

#sharedgoals#desperatelyseeking #easyD #dumptrump#trumpisachump

 #notmypresident#trumpmemes #trump #potus #flotus#melaniatrump


The #LateShow With #StephenColbert took on the #DonaldTrump #EasyD tweet tonight. 

I ❤️ Colbert - always bringing the laughs and the snark. 

Much needed #comicrelief during a very stressful time. ________ 

(The tweet in question) 

Increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, 

as we wait for what should be EASY D!


#easyd #emperorbabyfist#donaldtrump


#Trump #easyd#sorrynotsorry #PresidentTool
A video posted by The Tylt (@thetylt) on


The kids have spoken. 

Here's what they think of President Trump 

aka "Easy D" formerly known as Don Cheeto....😑

 #dopaminedreamz#donaldtrump #presidenttrump #easyd

And then there’s this kid:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Hunky New Recruit Straight Guy Bruce Fingers Marty’s Hole!

Straight recruits just don’t know when to stop!
From: Guys Love Guys
 Active Duty says: Marty’s already on the bed, jerking his dick when we hear Mike (the director) whispering something off camera, he’s conspiring with Bruce to get him into the action.

 Sure enough, Mike tells Marty that he’s got Bruce here and he’s “gonna try to talk him into doing something . . . ” As soon as he says that, Bruce cuts in, “I told you I ain’t gonna do that.” Oh really? “Why don’t you just try it for a little bit?” Mike asks. “Uh . . . I don’t get off on that,” Bruce replies.

 “It ain’t bad, is it Marty?” Mike says, clearly hoping a little encouragement from him will help his cause. “Nah, it’s not that bad,” Marty says as he continues to stroke his dick.

 “Why don’t you give it a try,” Mike says to Bruce, again. “Nah,” Bruce says, “Sorry man.”

 Mike sweetens the deal: “What if I turned off the camera? Would you do it then?” Well now, this is getting interesting. “Yeah . . . I’ll try it,” Bruce says. Jackpot! “I’ll turn the camera off,” Mike says.

 “Ok, it’s off,” Mike tells Bruce. “Are you sure?” Bruce asks. “Yeah,” Mike assures him. (Of course, the camera is still on and getting all of this, obviously.)

 And in comes Bruce in his tight-fitting blue jeans, who saddles up next to Marty. He grabs on to Marty’s dick and takes a lick of his dick, quickly making a face and grimacing. He licks around on his head a little bit, taking some of it into his mouth, trying to get used to the feeling of having a dick between his lips. We hear little choking sounds coming from Bruce’s mouth, which is funny, since he’s barely taking more than an inch or two of Marty’s cock into his mouth. The rest is history as they say.

(Wait until you hear Mike and Bruce talk about getting a dick up his ass . . . Phew that was easy!)

Cameron Diggs Responds To Claims That He’s A Racist: “I Prefer To Stay Inside My Race…Is That So Wrong?”

 July 14, 2016 
From: Str8Up Gay Porn
 It’s been nearly a month since this post (and the hundreds of comments that followed) called attention to Cameron Diggs and the white supremacist symbols he has strategically tattooed on his body. Now, finally, Diggs himself is responding to claims that he is a white supremacist.

In a comment posted here, Diggs begins by explaining his tattoos. He’s even given his comment a title: “Cameron Diggs: The Naked Truth.”

Recently there has been speculation that i am a racist due to the tattoos that are on my body. specifically the iron crosses and the lightning bolts. I want to take the time to clear up any questions or confusion there may be. But first let me set the record straight.
The iron cross does not symbolize racism. It was actually a medal that was awarded in WW II to soldiers for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battle environment. Basically the germans version of what we call The Purple Heart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Cross. just because nazi soldiers wore the iron cross does not mean it symbolizes racism.
The next tattoo is the set of lightning bolts i have on my side. Although its recognition did not come until Nazi Germany adopted the symbol, Its original meaning stands for victory. It wasn’t until 1933 the germans adopted the symbolic rune. Now granted, the symbol has been known to have ties with white supremacy organizations. That does not mean i share the same views and beliefs as they do. But i can understand that by me having these tattoos i could be placed in the same category as these individuals.

 All of that may be true, based on interpretation, but if you put multiple Nazi-era symbols on your body, don’t be surprised when people assume that you are a fan of Nazi-era symbols. And if in fact the combination of multiple white supremacist symbols is just a coincidence, that’s…a very unfortunate coincidence.

Diggs continues:
Now to tell you a little about my background. i was born and raised in southwest houston…specifically an area better known as Alief. Now for those of you that don’t know, this is a predominately black area.i went to a high school where you could sit all the white kids in the school at two lunch tables. I’ve been around different races my whole life. I bleed just like the next man…i’m no better than any other person. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ANY OTHER RACES RELIGION, VIEWS, BELIEFS AND/OR CULTURE
That paragraph is, uhh, fine(?) in a semi non-offensive way, maybe. He could’ve just stopped there. But, of course he did not stop there. He concludes:
I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from. its like they say… your a product of your environment. I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture. thats why our parents teach us their values and principals, its a part of your heritage. when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race. Its nothing hateful towards any race its just what i believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?
Well, there you have it.
Good thing Cameron Diggs wasn’t at risk of having any kids with his co-star Mickey Taylor, who is racially mixed. Their gay porn scene for NakedSword comes out later this month.

 As seen in the screenshot to the right, CockyBoys has removed the one Cameron Diggs scene (an oral scene with Levi Karter) they had featured on their site.

Co-star Mickey Taylor (who had previously defended Diggs) has also responded to Diggs’ racist remarks, posting the tweet to the left:

As of this update, NakedSword and its head of production/director mr. Pam have still not issued any statement or removed any of Cameron Diggs’ scenes from their site.

LISTEN TO THIS: Lady Gaga Debuts Full, Thrashy and Colorful New Video for JOHN WAYNE

From: OMG
There is a lot of head whipping and shimmying going on in Gaga‘s new Mad Max-meets-True Blood-esque video for the track John Wayne

Fresh off the Superbowl, her latest video debuted in full last night. 

Check it out below! Thots?

He’s Naked: Domingo Miotti, Argentine Rugby Union Player From The U20 National Team

From: OMG
 Argentine Rugby Union Player from the U20 National Team, Domingo Miotti is one of those people who is blessed both athletically and is beautiful as well. Check out some of the sportsman’s Snapchats that have been floating around Tumblr! We’re like really into sports n stuff all of a sudden…

9th Circuit Upholds Suspension of Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

From: Towleroad
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld the suspension of Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban…

Here’s the ruling.

The Washington Post reports:

The Justice Department, representing the Trump administration, could now ask the Supreme Court — which often defers to the president on matters of immigration and national security — to intervene. The Supreme Court, though, remains one justice short, and many see it as ideologically split 4-4. A tie would keep in place whatever the appeals court decides.
A Justice Department lawyer, representing the Trump administration, and Washington state’s solicitor general, representing the opposition, made their final pitches to the appeals court Tuesday at a contentious hearing. Both sides faced skeptical questioning, and the panel seemed particularly interested in what evidence Trump relied upon in implementing his order, and what limits the Justice Department saw on the president’s authority to set immigration policy.

And Trump is very mad, tweeting in all caps:

That was court. Ya lost.


Never one to turn down underwear gifts…
From: Badwolf Blog
 A dear friend of mine came to town last week, and while we didn’t get to spend a TON of time together, he did manage to bring me a special surprise (that he promised he’d tried on first, even though they smelled brand new). So I promised that I’d figure out something to do with them.

Since it’s Friday, we can handle a light post of just photos of my ass in see-through pants, right? Good. I thought so.

Without further ado:


My ass looks pretty ok here! But those arms are feelin’ sorta skinny. Chest is coming along nicely though . We’ll get there eventually.

Gregg Homme knows how to do some see-through shit. If you’re in the market (or just like looking at almost-naked eggplant and peach emoji), you can check out these pants and the see-through collection here.

TGIF everybody.

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