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Friday, February 5, 2016

2106 SAG Awards In Memoriam

9 Iconic National Anthem Performances That Slayed The Super Bowl

It's not ALL about halftime, ya know.
From: NewNowNext
It’s that time of year again!

This Sunday, the world will tune in to the Super Bowl to check out the show-stopping performances, hilarious new commercials, and if you’re anything like us, possibly catch a minute or two of football while passing the TV on their way to the snack table.

Everyone’s always so geared up for the halftime performance, but what about the lesser-celebrated performances that come before every Super Bowl? The singing of America’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”!

To honor America and gear up for this Sunday’s amazing national anthem performance by Lady Gaga, check out some of the game’s most iconic national anthem moments.

Whitney Houston
It’s safe to assume nobody will ever top Whitney’s jaw-dropping performance at Tampa Stadium in 1991, which is still regarded as one of the best renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner” in history. Rest in peace, queen!


When we asked you who among the NFL players had the best bicep, you picked Steve Weatherford.

You also mentioned that the players below should be included in the survey. So we’re doing another poll; who, among these players, have the best chest? 
 Percy Harvin
 Buffalo Bills
 Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings
 Calvin Johnson
Detroit Lions
 Clay Matthews
Green Bay Packers
 Danny Amendola
New England Patriots
Rob Gronkowski
New England Patriots

What Do Gay Guys Do When The Super Bowl Is On?

It's like the anti-Oscars.
From: NewNowNext
 This Sunday is the Super Bowl, when millions of Americans wear a grove in their couch watching football’s two biggest teams battle it out. Some gays will be among those rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, but the rest of us will be desperate to be entertained. (Except for the five minutes Beyonce’s on the half-time show, of course.)

Daniel Franzese and the cast of Logo’s new sketch comedy show, Gay Skit Happens, imagine what gay guys do during the Super Bowl.

Get More:
Watch Gay Skit Happens, Monday February 8 at 10pm, on Logo.

Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl Weekend is looming. Are you ready?
Model: Sean SullivanFrom: Speed o Rex

Porn-Free Fap February Day 3: I Discovered My Nipple

But only one of them. I guess I "Freed The Nipple"
From: Fleshbot
Have you ever been playing around with another guy, you go to touch their nipples, and it seems like their g-spot is there, as opposed to on their prostate? I know I have, and I've always been jealous of those guys.

It could be that mine are abnormally small, but that "erogenous zone" has always been "meh" for me. It's not that I loved or hated having my nipples played with - I just didn't love or hate it. It never turned me on or turned me off.

Until now?

I'm still confused by what happened, but I grabbed a hold of my nipple and it felt...really good? I flinched and moaned like the guys I've fooled around with do.

This is what I think happened:

 Because I didn't have visual stimulation to rely on, my body turned to other methods of stimulation to get off.
Just like yesterday's session, where I realized I was trying to rely on my mental muscle for stimulation.

I was basically like Sean Duran in this GIF (below), except not as hot, not white, and no tattoo of a fawn on my cheek:

Since I now have a new erogenous zone, I wonder what other body parts I haven't discovered.

Maybe my balls? maybe the part of my penis that is inside my body?

I've always said I feel like THE LORD put my g-spot in my inner ear.
Maybe I need to scratch my left ear while jacking off and see if that gives me a crazy orgasm. If not, I can at least say I tried, and that is the point of this month.

Super Bowl cities go from full LGBT protections in 2016 to zero in 2017

San Francisco has laws protecting LGBT rights, while Houston is the largest city in the country without them.
From: OutSports
Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara is the site of Super Bowl 50.
 Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
The host cities for the next two Super Bowls offer a marked contrast when it comes to protection for its LGBT citizens.

This year's game, Carolina vs. Denver on Feb. 7, is being hosted by San Francisco, where LGBT people are protected from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. In addition, the San Francisco's Super Bowl 50 host committee made a concerted effort to seeks bids from LGBT-owned businesses for goods and services. So far, 77 businesses have registered.

In contrast, Houston — the site of Super Bowl LI in 2017 — is the largest city in America where there are no protections for LGBT people in private employment, housing and public accommodations (there are protections for city employment and contracts). Therefore, it's legal in Houston for a private business to fire an LGBT person; not rent them an apartment or evict them from one; or refuse to serve them in a place of business. It's a black eye for any place that wants to call itself a great city.

Houston had such protections until November, when 61% of those who went to the polls repealed an LGBT ordinance in an ugly, lie-filled campaign that scared and tricked people into thinking men would be able to use women's restrooms. "Anybody with a penis, I don't want them in the ladies' restroom," one person told the Washington Post.

I know full well that Houston has thousands of LGBT people who have never faced discrimination and live happy and open lives. Jeremy Brener, Outsports' excellent 17-year-old openly gay contributor, has written movingly about being accepted in his hometown. And I know that polls show 70% of Texans want LGBT protections and that Fortune 500 companies were public in their support for Houston's ordinance. The 2011 Gay Bowl was held in Houston and those of us who attended had a great and welcoming time.

But the bottom line is that a large majority of Houstonians who went to the polls in November chose fear and hatred over love and acceptance and there's no getting around that. Houston's mayor at the time of the vote, Annise Parker, who is openly lesbian, said simply: "We were trying to take the high road and we got run over."

Despite how safe any LGBT person feels in Houston or any other place in the U.S. without protections, the fact is that without laws on the books, every one of these people can be legally discriminated against and they can't do anything about it. On a statewide basis, California has complete LGBT protections everywhere, while the state of Texas has none. Five cities in Texas do offer LGBT protections in housing, employment and public accommodations — San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Forth Worth and Plano.

Sadly, the NFL took less than a day after the Houston vote to declare that it had no intention of even considering taking the 2017 out of Houston. No study, no committee, nothing. It did say that: "We will work closely with the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee to make sure all fans feel welcomed at our events. Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard."

That's all well and good but it still leaves any LGBT person traveling to Houston at risk, legally, from being discriminated against and that's simply not acceptable. People like to pooh-pooh and minimize this but it nonetheless is the truth. Laws exist for a reason and discrimination of any type should never be left up to relying on people to show good faith because there are always some who won't.

In contrast, what can one say about San Francisco except it has been at the forefront of LGBT rights not only in the U.S. but in the world. As far back as 1964, Life Magazine named the city the "gay capital of the U.S." It still is, as visitors to the Super Bowl will see next week.

Beared and Tattooed

Lady Gaga Will Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

Two football teams will perform a halftime show before Coldplay, BeyoncΓ©, and Rihanna take the stage.
From: NewNowNext
 This year’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show is gearing up to be one of the most star-studded events in the game’s history, and who better to kick things off than the incomparable Lady Gaga?

The NFL confirmed Tuesday that Gaga will open for the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos at Sunday’s big game by singing The Star-Spangled Banner. In doing so, she’ll join a historic list of distinguished divas who’ve had the honor before her, including Whitney Houston, Cher, and Diana Ross.

The global icon will be accompanied by Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin, who will perform the national anthem in American Sign Language.

The two will perform live for an audience of 75,000 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, as well as hundreds of millions of others watching live telecasts around the world. To date, the Super Bowl ranks as the most-watched event in global television history, averaging an impressive 114.4 million viewers per minute.

This year’s halftime show will be anchored by Coldplay, who’ve enlisted the help of previous halftime performers Bruno Mars and BeyoncΓ©, as well as Rihanna.

Jerry & Mario: American Songbook

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Jerry & Mario
In-Concert At The
Appel Room
American Songbook
"How Long Has This Been Going On?"
Saturday, February 6th 8:30pm

One of the New York theater world’s favorite married couples comes together on stage in the intimate confines of The Appel Room for a delicious evening of stories, songs, and laughs!

Mario Cantone is one of just a few comedians who is able to get me to laugh until it hurts. Those performers are rare, and most definitely to be treasured. Not only hilarious, Cantone is a skilled actor and an incredible singer, whether as himself, or in character. This Saturday, Cantone, along with actor, songwriter, director and husband, Jerry Dixon hit the stage with American Songbook.

If you happen to be in New York this weekend, check out more HERE:
Also, check out my interview with Mario for FH HERE:

The Gay Guide to Super Bowl 50

The teams; the players; the picks; the hotties; the fashion; the commercials; the players who want to tea bag. We have all the angles covered.
From: OutSports
Clockwise from top left:
Linebackers Luke Kuechly (Panthers); Von Miller (Broncos);
QBs Cam Newton, Peyton Manning
 Celebrating our 15th anniversary, this year's Gay Guide to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 50 will be played Sunday Feb. 7 between the Denver Broncos (14-4) of the American Football Conference and the Carolina Panthers (17-1) of the National Football Conference. The Panthers are favored to win the game by the Vegas oddsmakers by about 6 points.

For the first time, the NFL is doing away with Roman numerals for the game. They thought Super Bowl L would conjure up too many "L is for losers" memes. Next year, we'll be back to Super Bowl LI.

The game will be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., 45 miles south of the host city San Francisco. Santa Clara home owners hope to cash in, with 2-bedroom condos going for $1,000 a night and up on Airbnb for places within walking distance.

The game will kickoff at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time after a pregame show that is about as long as one of those old Fidel Castro speeches. It will be shown on CBS, with Jim Nantz as the play-by-play announcer and Phil Simms as the analyst.

 For a while, I chronicled on Outsports the homoerotic comments Simms would make from time to time. Here are some of his best:

"He just pats Koppen on the rear end, he probably yells out, 'Get ready!'"

In reference to Randall Cunningham's arm, Simms noted, "It's long and loose, and he can still really stick it in there."

"Tom Brady, he's a handsome dude. He's also fearless and likes the action."

Lamar Smith [Miami running back] doesn't look like much in his underwear."

The Broncos are home team and get to choose their uniform color. At home, they wear bright orange but are wearing their road whites since the team is 0-4 in Super Bowls wearing orange. The Panthers will wear their black jerseys with silver pants, a combo that is 0-2 for them all-time in the playoffs.

Both teams look good in their chosen unis (see above right):

Cam Newton 
This is a battle between generations. Peyton Manning of the Broncos, who will turn 40 in March, is the oldest starting quarterback in Super Bowl history. Cam Newton of Carolina won't turn 27 until May. It's the largest age gap between starting Super Bowl quarterbacks.

The two have some things in common — each was the first player taken overall in the draft (Manning in 1998, Newton in 2011) and both played for Southeastern Conference schools (Manning at Tennessee, Newton at Auburn).

Their playing styles couldn't be more different. Newton is a threat to run as well as pass, while Manning's speed is timed with a sundial. Newton is the league's MVP this season while Manning missed seven games with an injury and has clearly diminished physical skills.

Peyton Manning 
 Newton endorses yogurt, Manning Papa John's, the latter a wise investment in pot-legal Colorado. Manning is a hell of a lot richer, having earned an estimated $500 million through salary and endorsements in his career. If the Broncos win the Super Bowl, Manning will get a $2 million bonus. This might well be Manning's last game as a pro while Newton is a bright star who will be around for a while.

Their styles are even reflected in their choice of post-game wardrobes. Manning looking every inch the button-downed business exec, with Newton auditioning for GQ and clearly conscious of what he wears.

 Newton did have a WTF? fashion moment though on Sunday when he decided to wear gold zebra pants on the flight to the Bay Area . A gay friend of mine was dismissive, saying that not even someone as good looking as Newton could pull them off and they made his ass look too big. I concur (left):

Gary Kubiak of the Broncos and Ron Rivera of the Panthers are both ex-players and excellent coaches. They are also rather bland so I'll leave it at that.

These are two fan bases that are tolerable. I went to a Broncos game and found the crowd very intense but generally pleasant, unlike trips to see the Chargers and Raiders play, where the a-€”hole faction was sizable.

They have a cool tradition in Denver whenever an opposing team's pass is not caught. The P.A. announcer says "Pass ..." then pauses as the crowd roars in unison, "Incomplete!"

The Panthers fans have started a tradition that is becoming a staple at their stadium and it's generally cute. When a player scores, he runs over to the railing and hands the ball to a young fan. It can be adorable.

The host city is San Francisco and Beyonce is part of the halftime show. The only way it can get any more gay is if Troy Aikman was the TV analyst and Aaron Rodgers one of the quarterbacks (I kid, I kid!).

Wait, it got more gay after I published this: Lady Gaga is singing the national anthem.

The woman who is dog sitting for Broncos kicker Brandon McManus is a lesbian, he told me.

Cam Newton is among NFL players saying they would embrace a gay teammate. In Denver, Broncos team president was among those welcoming Michael Sam when he announced he was gay prior to the NFL Draft in 2014. "I applaud Michael Sam," Elway said.

On a more disturbing note, unidentified members of the Panthers were accused of using gay slurs against Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. during their game in December. The Panthers denied it and no Giants players came forward who said they heard any such thing. 

The Giants organization has insisted  such slurs were uttered. Beckham told former players he has been the subject of gay slurs this season. However, he declined to press the issue when he met with NFL officials over his one-game suspension for a series of altercations with Panthers corner back Josh Norman. I'm convinced something derogatory was said to Beckham since some Panthers publicly tried to feminize him by calling him a "bitch" and "ballerina." It seems, though, that all parties thought it best if this issue simply went away.

There is always a level of homoeroticism and sexuality lurking in every football game. We saw that on display after the AFC Championship Game when an anonymous member of the Broncos said this to Robert Klemko of MMQB about sacking Tom Brady: "I tried to lay on him a few times.  I tried to rub my nuts on his face."

The would-be tea bagger wasn't identified but everyone assumes it was Broncos superstar linebacker/pass rusher Von Miller who has a history of genitalia-related plays. Here's Miller grabbing his crotch after a sack of Brady (above, right):

 Here's Miller humping air during a game with the Chiefs (left):

 And here's Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (below) wanting to jerk off in Miller's face, saying, "I thought [Miller] had a cheap shot on my QB, so I thought he deserved a shot to the face."

Miller is No. 58, so keep your eyes on him when the Broncos are on defense. And keep a towel handy.

The halftime show this year is Coldplay, with a special appearance by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. In addition, the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles, led by LA Philharmonic's Gustavo Dudamel will perform, a first for classical music. It's an odd mash-up and seems like it's thrown together to appeal to as many demographics as possible. The NFL said that "Coldplay front man Chris Martin is designing a show that will echo elements of the NFL's On the Fifty campaign — honoring the past, recognizing the present and looking ahead to the next 50 years, including other special artists."

Since I will be the game this year, I will have little choice but to watch.

Devin Funchess
CBS is charging $4.8 million per 30-second ad. Among the ads are ones with Willem Dafoe impersonating Marilyn Monroe for Snickers; Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan for Bud Light; openly lesbian soccer player Abby Wambach for Mini Cooper; one for Pokeman and the first one ever for Amazon. Super Bowl ads used to be at least a surprise but now most of them are released ahead of time so you can get sick of them even sooner.

Luke Kuechly
Football players are pretty studly and there is someone for everyone's tastes. Several Broncos and Panthers made our All-Hot team this season, but here are four who stand out, in order: Devin Funchess and Luke Kuechly of the Panthers and Brandon McManus and Vernon Davis of the Broncos.

Brandon McManus
This year I am doing something different. I will write why Denver will win and Jeremy Brener will tell you why Carolina will win. Jeremy is a 17-year-old high school student from Houston who has been writing about the NFL from the perspective of an openly gay teen. I have T-shirts that are older than 17 years so we'll see if youth or experience is smarter when it comes to football.

Jeremy is in trouble, though. The Pooch Predictor race, held by the Palm Beach Kennel Club, says the Broncos will win. The Broncos greyhound beat the Panthers' one, and the race is 13-6 in picking Super Bowl winners. 

Vernon Davis
Jeremy Brener
 Why Carolina will win the game
I think the Broncos can do it, but that doesn't necessarily mean I think they will. After the Panthers beat up the Cardinals 49-15, the Panthers look like they won't be beat. Carolina has had a fantastic season. Cam Newton has had an unbelievable year, and is very likely to win the MVP. But Cam Newton has not faced a defense this season of Denver's caliber.

Von Miller had an unbelievable game in the AFC Championship, Chris Harris Jr. has had a Pro Bowl season, and veterans like DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, and T.J. Ward have made this defense the best in the league. Are Carolina's receivers talented enough to beat the shutdown secondary of Denver? I'm not sure.

Carolina's defense is also very stellar, and their leader Luke Kuechly has two touchdowns this postseason. However, they are beat up. Thomas Davis, Bene Benwikere, Jared Allen, and Charles Tillman are all injured. Kawann Short, Star Lotulelei, and Charles Johnson will have to be fast to get to Peyton Manning, as he will look to get the ball out quick.

Ultimately, it comes down to who is the better team, and I think Carolina is the better team. They have been the best team the entire season. However, I do think it will be closer than others think and people should not count the Broncos out so quickly. This game will be closer than people expect, and I don't think it will be a repeat of what we saw when the Broncos were last in the Super Bowl.

I don't have any rooting interest for this game. I'll be happy for whoever wins as the team will deserve it. I just hope they give this season the ending it deserves and provide the viewers an entertaining game. They have a tough act to follow from last year's game, but what more can you hope for? Panthers 24-21.

Jim Buzinski
Why Denver will win the game
Carolina is an understandable favorite. They are 17-1 and have looked dominant in the postseason. But people predicting a repeat of two years ago when the Broncos were blown out 43-8 by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl have got it wrong.

First off, 16 of the players who started for the Broncos two years ago aren't even on the team. This includes the entire linebacking corps and secondary. The 2015 Broncos defense was first in the league for a reason and made Tom Brady's life hell in the AFC title game.

Cam Newton offers a much different challenge with his size, speed and strength. He will be impossible to stop but the Broncos have fast, tough players like Von Miller and Brandon Marshall to contain him and minimize him running wild. They also have the defensive backs to play man coverage against a rather average group of wide receivers. Containing tight end Greg Olsen will be the key, since he is Newton's go-to guy. The Panthers have a great running game but the Broncos have stopped the run all season. The Panthers will get their points but won't ride roughshod unless Denver turns the ball over.

The Broncos have played virtually error-free in two playoff games, with one fumble on a fluky backwards pass. They have realized that punting is not always a bad thing since teams have a hard time getting long drives against their defense. Peyton Manning is not the same QB he was 18 months ago but he will have had two weeks of rest and needs only to summon up 60 minutes of solid play.

There will be opportunities to make some plays passing against a Panthers secondary that has some holes not named Josh Norman. Running the ball will be difficult against the Panthers front seven but not impossible. In two playoff games, Manning has led 10 scoring drives. Only three have resulted in touchdowns so he will need to up that ratio.

I see a tight game and that's something the Broncos have thrived on, going 11-3 in games decided by seven or fewer points. They've also played a tougher schedule, with nine games against playoff teams to six for Carolina. I see Manning rising to the occasion on what might be his last game ever playing football and leading a fourth-quarter drive for the win. Broncos 24-20.

(All photos from Getty Images and USA TODAY Sports. GIFs from SB Nation.)

Vintage Black Men in Honor of Black History Month

Will You Be Mine? ... 14 Days of Men to Steal Your Heart and Make You Hard!

14 Times Our Faith In Humanity Was Restored This Year

From: Queerty

“Allowed to Love.” It’s a short, sweet love song written by a 12-year-old girl named Chance and uploaded to her dad, Eric’s, YouTube channel.
Eric writes: “‘Allowed to Love’ written, recorded, video and edited by my daughter. Written for her uncles, about the belief that we all should be allowed to love whomever we want no matter the gender. From the heart!”
“We all want the same thing,” Chance sings. “We want to have love, no matter who it is. You are allowed to love.”
And that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

Maurice White, Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, Is Dead at 74

From:  kenneth in the (212)
The sad news from the music industry continues. Maurice White, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in the late '80s, had stopped touring with the band in the mid '90s, but had remained active in the business. White was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. His versatility led to his working with the likes of Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Deniece Williams and The Emotions, with whom they recorded the fabulous "Boogie Wonderland." RIP.

14 Times Clothing Was Optional This Year, From Nude Photo Leaks To Oversharing

From: Queerty
 “America’s Next Top Model” Contestant Phil Sullivan’s Full-Frontal Spread Has Us Missing The Show Already

2015 may be the year that ANTM left the air for good, but it’s also the year we got amazing glimpses at two of the show’s former contestants.
Phil Sullivan may not have advanced much further than the top 16 in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, but he’ll always occupy a special place in our hearts.

SUPERSTUD. Henry Cavill is sharing his journey to get into Superman shape on Instagram.

BEACH FANTASY FRIDAY: Norwegian sunbather Andreas Sletten.

A photo posted by @andreasssletten on

A photo posted by @andreasssletten on

The 12 Best LGBT Documentaries Of 2015

From: Gaily Grind
The Royal Road

A cinematic essay set against a contemplative backdrop of 16mm urban California landscapes, The Royal Road offers up intimate reflections on nostalgia, the pursuit of unavailable women, butch identity and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo alongside a primer on Junipero Serra’s Spanish colonization of California and the Mexican American War. Featuring a voiceover cameo by Tony Kushner.

9 LGBT People Of Color Who Changed History

From: NewNowNext
Marsha P. Johnson

A surrogate mother to the drag queens, trans women and homeless kids living on Christopher Street, Johnson is reported to be one of the first to fight back at the Stone Riots.

In the early 1970s, she co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) with Sylvia Rivera, one of the first groups in America for non-gender-conforming people.

When the scourge of AIDS decimated New York’s gay population, Johnson became involved with ACT UP.

In July 1992, her body was found in the Hudson River near the Christopher Street piers. The death was ruled a suicide, but after years of lobbying by friends and activists, the NYPD has reopened the case as a possible homicide.

Otoja Abit played Johnson in the 2015 Roland Emmerich movie Stonewall, and Mya Taylor (Tangerine) is set to play her in the upcoming biopic, Happy Birthday, Marsha!.

Beautiful and Hairy

Los ΓΊnicos interesados en cambiar el mundo son los pesimistas, porque los optimistas estΓ‘n encantados con lo que hay. (Saramago)

All Oral Attention

Feel That Bulge

Wesley Dutchman

Hairy daddy has a thick uncut cock and thick foreskin for you to chew on

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