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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Intense Power by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

 Photographed by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca, here are Austin C., Tyler Maher, Trevor Van Uden, Christian H., Eian Scully in a sexy black & white editorial entitled “Intense Power” featuring Calvin Klein underwear

Innocent Straight Lad Will Gets His Cherry Popped

From: Rough Straight Men
 Will is a young hot sexy straight lad who is in desperate need of some quick cash. Although he’d never had sex with men before, he didn’t have a problem with bending over and taking his first cock this time. It’s interesting to note that we persuaded him to give up his ass by telling him that he had to prove he would be able to cum in the presence of another man. Another interesting piece of info – Will’s girlfriend was eager to be with him during this shoot and get fucked by him but we had some other plans. Namely, we wanted to deflower this straight boy’s cherry and not let him fuck around as usual.

 It’s always a big issue for straight guys to give up their straight ass, and Will wasn’t an exception. Sure enough, the money issue prevailed and he was determined to get that money ASAP, but I can assure you that losing his straight ass virginity didn’t come easy for him. First he is paired with Dave. Dave and Will stroke each other’s cocks, and Will’s dick quickly reaches its full size. It seemed to me that Will genuinely enjoyed sucking on Dave’s stiff dick, but you can easily tell that he’s a newbie by his lack of skill. He often takes too much too soon and gags profusely. I bet that with some training Will will make a great bottom boy, though! A bit later Dave takes care of Will’s stiff cock and sucks it professionally, like it should be done. Will is finally relieved that things are working smoothly, and is hopefully taking notes on as to how cock sucking should be done.

 Another thing that our young straight lad never even thought about, let alone tried, is – rimming! When faced with a bare male ass, Will didn’t quite know what to do. He tries to use his tongue but you can easily see he’s a total newbie. He still sees it as a chore, an unpleasant task that needs to be done. Ha! I hope things in this department will improve with time, though.

 When Will’s hole is properly relaxed and prepared, Dave takes a plunge and shoves his big stiff dick all the way into that hole. Will braces himself for the attack and receives his first cock in his arse. As you’d expect, there’s a lot of moaning and groaning, but eventually Will gets used to the feeling. In the end Will’s entire face is covered in fresh cum, but that was not the end of this shoot. The dirty pervy men asked Will to return the favor and fuck their ass.

In the Beginning

From: Poseidon's Underworld
This is the first post of my first blog. It's hard to even know what sort of things will show up here, but I hope that whatever blatherings bubble to the surface are interesting to those who stop by. One thing I would like to do is draw attention to those classic (and campy) stars of film & television who have brought so much joy and entertainment into my life, but who have often been shunted to the side in the wake of the electronic age. 

My favorite types of films are 1970s disaster movies, glossy melodramas, whodunit mysteries and anything (primarily epic or musical) that was intended to be great, but is actually horribly bad! I love all-star casts.

As far as TV shows, I love classic game shows, programs that feature famous guest stars - the more the better - and prime time soaps of the '80s. I go nuts over any TV show whose opening credits show the faces of the guest stars and then either show or say their names.

I guess I just love screen stars. I find it comforting to see actors I know doing work in film and television and, for the most part, have never 100% warmed up to the new generation of "stars" who dominate entertainment now. That makes me a fuddy-duddy in some ways, but I do occasionally take in new programming and product. Most of it just doesn't hold much interest for me.

So if you enjoy looking at pictures of practically forgotten stars (and don't forget to click on them for larger-size viewing!) along with my own unique take on them as to what they've meant to me or how they've pleased me, I hope you'll drop by for an occasional peek!



In Brief

If You Weren't Already Obsessed With Darius Ferdinand, His Voice Will Send You Over The Edge.

You Haven't Felt This Strongly About A Pornstar's Voice Since Brady Jensen.
From: Fleshbot
 I don't know about you, but sometimes I watch porn with the sound off. All those moans can be hot, but most of the time, it's as overdone as a cetaphil cum shot. We all know that straight boy rubbing his teeth on your cock can't feel as "amazing" as all that yelling you're doing. Sometimes I just want to see bepis in hole, with maybe a side of squirt.

 But every now and then, there's something about a porn or a porn star that breaks through the mold and forces you to have an opinion, one way or the other. With Brady Jensen, it was his voice - so gutteral, deep, and pleasing to the ear. Interesting enough, there were MANY opinions about his voice; Bradford Mathews hated it, but Cedric Dewittison loved it, like I do.

 I wonder what the jury would be on Darius' voice. He narrates the action in Lucas Kazan's newest flick "Madrid Tales", that he stars in with Denis Vega. He's writing a story, but bases it off his "real-life" love interest Denis Vega, a gorgeous guy he sees around town and has a voyeuristic crush on. His voice is nowhere near as deep as Brady Jensen's, but it's definitely sexy. He has enough of an accent that it's sexy, but it's not overpowering. He's basically that hot foreigner that's been in the states for 5 years, but still maintains his accent, and therefore, a large amount of his sex appeal.

 I was ALMOST more turned on by Darius' voice, than I was from the action of him getting down and dirty with hottie Denis Vega (keyword being ALMOST; let's not get ahead of ourselves).

 What do you think of Darius Ferdynand's voice?




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