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Saturday, January 11, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily
If this countdown were a completely honest reflection of my dick‘s interests, deliciously thick rapper Big Dipper would be ranked above half these chiseled, pretty-ass bitches. I’ve got a weakness for big, hairy dudes who command their bearish sex appeal and never hesitate to slut it up on the dance floor. (Hi, Big Dipper! That’s you.)

Everyone’s favorite hirsute, plus-size rapper Big Dipper is back with another raunchy music video! You might remember hearing the track itself, “Dick Hang Low”, in BoulangeriΓ© Knowles‘ blatantly fictional account of her interview with the Chicago-based rapper. The clip, filmed in Portland by Wayne Bund, is less glossy and ridiculously over-the-top than previous offerings like “Drip Drop“, “Meat Quotient” and “Summertime Realness“, but it still captures the same sleazy energy that made us fall for Big Dipper in the first place.

Word on the street (or the press release) is that Big Dipper’s new mixtape THICK LIFE will be available through his website on October 22. If you’re too impatient to wait that long for his goofy ass dick, you can grab a free download of “Dick Hang Lowhere… Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in the corner thinking about pounding this handsome fellow’s ass while feeding him donuts. Bye!

Five Reasons We Wish Aaron Rodgers Were Actually Gay

From: Queerty
He has a great sense of humor

I think I speak for us all when I say Aaron Rodgers is a man our community would love to claim. If his cute face, muscular thighs and impressive record haven’t hooked you, his sense of humor sure will.
To his teammates, he’s known as “the king of Photobombing.” To us, the owner of the greatest belt in the NFL:


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote
 “Though Lance says he likes blowjobs, he admits that there haven’t been many girls who could bring him over the edge. Enter Spunk Worthy‘s cameraman, a dedicated cocksucker who never shies away from a challenge. He starts off slurping on Lance’s stiff rod, then eventually moves down to worship that thick, hairy butt. His eyes roll into the back of his head with a tongue probing his hole, and not too long after, he’s shooting a creamy load all over his stomach.”

 Blowing Lance

 "Lance, like most of the guys on the site, had never done anything with another guy before; his massage scene being the first time. I'm pretty sure money was the deciding factor to come back for a bj, but after shooting this scene I'm convinced he went home having satisfied a kernel of curiosity about getting his dick sucked by a guy.

 To be sure, Lance was definitely horny when he set foot in the door. That was obvious when the cameras started rolling and his cock was already tenting through his jeans. Once I had my mouth wrapped around his throbbing shaft, things heated up quickly.

 Lance immediately grabbed the back of my head to set the rhythm. What might have been a surprise to both of us was when I pushed his legs back and stuck my tongue up his hairy ass crack. Lance's head rolled back in sheer ecstasy.

 After getting Lance on his knees to treat him to more rimming, he stood up, giving him all the control to fuck my face. Porn playing in the background? He couldn't have cared less judging by the expression on his face as he crammed his cock down my throat.

 Lance had told me that he likes blowjobs, but there haven't been many girls who can bring him over the edge. I definitely like a challenge. It took some work, I'll admit, but by the end Lance was so built up that I was barely able to pull off before creamy cum was lining his furry stomach." -- SpunkWorthy

Vintage Muscle Hunk

Nude Boyfriend of the Week

From:  Queer Click
 We continue our string of army crushes and we have a new Nude Boyfriend of the Week! This time we didn't hold back and went for the biggest prize we could possibly find. And oh boy, we found it! A 22yo straight dude from Saint Claire Shore, the quintessential army guy. Lean, toned, handsome, hung and horny all the time!


From: Manhunt Daily
Looking to spice things up with the boyfriend? Is monogamy just not doing it for you anymore? Colby has some tips on what to do and what to avoid when having the big open relationship talk. Check out his advice, and you might be able to avoid taking a tumble down “Jealousy Mountain”.

Caption This

From: The Backlot
Michele Bachmann ✔ @MicheleBachmann
Can you tell what our favorite show is? http://huff.to/1lYlWDS
 6:42 PM - 9 Jan 2014

 Check out the winning caption from January 7th after the jump:

Johnny at PerfectGuyz

From: Queer Click
 PerfectGuy Johnny has this crazy/sexy body and a come fuck me look that we like. He's so popular at PerfectGuyz that Johnny is the second member to join the exclusive PerfectGuyz Elite Series. In Johnny’s case a picture is truly worth a 1000 words. PerfectGuy Johnny describes himself as a “simple guy” – and, indeed, he is quite simply a specimen of perfection – a chiseled sexy body to match a charming personality. Enjoy Johnny in his premiere PerfectGuyz video.

Split Identity: Johnny is also Antonio at CorbinFisher.com and Brock at JakeCruise.com.

Chunky Hot Beast Of A Man

Vector - January 1970

Yes, sometimes I take off my jock before my shoes when I intend to put my shorts back on and do something.

From:  My Jock

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