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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIGGING OUT: Kylie Minogue’s family friend reveals she ‘spent £8,000 on hair implants’ for ex Joshua Sasse as he underwent image overhaul and confirms sister Dannii HATED him

The actor may have left the relationship with a fuller head of hair but he certainly hasn’t made friends in the Minogue camp
From: The Sun
 Kylie Minogue splurged £8,000 on hair implants for Joshua Sasse in the “ultimate sign of love and dedication” a family friend has revealed.

Peter Ford gave Australian KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O the lowdown on 48-year-old Kylie’s relationship with her ex-fiancé, 29, and explained she was desperate for it to work.

He said: “She’s given him everything. Which is fine to do in a relationship, and she was happy to do that.

“It wasn’t like he was trying to force money out of her. She really wanted this one to work.”

“She paid for his hair extensions. He got the plugs put in. That’s the ultimate sign of love and dedication and she’s been rewarded like this.”

And while Kylie may be heartbroken at losing splitting with her fiancé less than a year after getting engaged, Peter says the rest of her friends and family are celebrating – especially “bullshit artist sniffer dog” sister Dannii.

“They’re celebrating! They’re thrilled! He was bad news.

“Relief is the word. They always had concerns. Dannii is like a sniffer dog. She can suss out a bullshit artist anywhere and she did not like him.”

Today Donald Trump used the official account of the President of the United States to whine about Ivanka's loss of business with Nordstrom.

1- Trump needs to let Ivanka deal with her own business issues, he needs to focus on the business of running the USA
2- Trump states that Ivanka is being treated "unfairly," maybe he needs to look at the millions of people that he and his administration are/will be treating unfairly with his "Muslim Ban," revoking the Affordable Care Act, etc...
3- Trump, by tweeting this on the official account of the POTUS, is using his position as President to try influence his and/or his daughters business and/or wealth - A clear conflict of interest.
4- Trump needs to resign or be impeached now!

Jaxon Sucking and Worshiping Jake’s Cock

Jake tears Jaxon’s tight ass apart with his big cock!……
From: Guys Love Guys

Active Duty says: When Jaxon walks into the bathroom he finds Jake in the shower already sporting a nice hard on. Jaxon must have been spying from somewhere because his cock is rock hard, too. Jaxon quickly jumps to his knees and begins sucking and worshiping Jake’s cock, working it up to one big fat boner.

 Jake decides to return the love and goes down to give Jaxon a nice introductory blow job. All the while Jake is stroking his own hard dick, seeming to really enjoy the feeling of Jaxon’s nice hard cock down his throat.

 Jake sits down on the shower bench to enjoy some more of Jaxon’s expert head and the size and excitement of his big dick is as evident as I’ve ever seen it. The chemistry between these two just sizzles as each minute passes and they continue to explore one another.

 They exit the shower and Jaxon insists on getting more of Jake’s cock in his mouth before letting Jake go down on him again. Jake is stroking his own cock feverishly as he sucks Jaxon some more, but what’s really on his mind is fucking Jaxon’s hot ass.

 And for the next 15 minutes that’s exactly what Jake does as he tears this boy’s tight ass apart with his big cock slamming in and out of Jaxon like there’s no tomorrow. After a good long and hard pounding Jaxon blows his load all over his abs and Jake’s load follows soon after.


From: Bear World
 This week, it’s a hot and hairy muscle bear, Gökhan Gündoğdu,  from Istanbul, Turkey! He’s a sexy Mediterranean guy with hair, ink and muscle galore! He just loves to show off on Instagram. 

Follow him on Instagram here and check out some of his highlights below:

gokhan_istanbullGood mornıngg

gokhan_istanbullGood nıght

I Know What You Did Last Issue

From: kenneth in the (212)
Anyone watching "Riverdale," which I hear has given the classic American comic a murderous noir twist? Meet the cast -- including the show's six-packed Archie, K.J. Apa -- HERE.

Tom Hartung - Honcho - August 1990

August 1990

Al Parker (Surge)
Fire Island Memories [Tom Hartung] (Target)
Hangin’ Out [?] (Bob Free)
Tropical Heat [MRCS 13] (center/cover – MarcoStudio)
New York’s Finest  (Naakkve)
Double Trouble [Arturo Ramirez + Jorge Reyes] (Kristen Bjorn)

 Fire Island Memories 
Tom Hartung photographed by Target

 This spread, entitled “Fire Island Memories”, appeared in a August 1990 issue of Honcho magazine, though the photos were originally taken by Target Studio in 1980.

Gay Irishman Gavan Hennigan Sets Record for Transatlantic Solo Rowing

From: kenneth in the (212)
All that hard work for the former alcoholic and heroin addict really paid off! 
Read HERE.

Looks magically delicious to me ...
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