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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

He Thought No One Was Looking

Patrich - Big Brother 6 - Denmark

 Patrich is 22 and is from Brรธndby.

European Quality Meat and Sausages


From: Manhunt Daily

Let’s be honest! If I had been at the Manhunt pool party where it was filmed, this video interview with Colby Jansen would have been ranked higher on this list. Of course, it also would have been far less cohesive, because our dear friend Colby would have been horribly distracted by my head bobbing up and down in his lap.

In this same session, Colby stated that he’d let me fuck him on camera, and if there were any ounce of truth to that, it might have been another reason to rank this interview higher… Still, it was a nice prelude to the announcement that he’d be taking Tommy Defendi‘s nine-inch cock in MEN.COM‘s “Top To Bottom” series. A few months later, he wound up getting pounded like a champ and earning that fatter paycheck (unlike some people we know).

He was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. COLBY FUCKING-BEEFY-PORN-GOD-DYNAMO-PISTON-TOP-BADONKA-DONK JANSEN of MEN.COM was IN MY CAR.

And he looked even hotter in person. He’s taller. And his arms. And he has an insane smile. And he smells really good. And seriously butch. He was wearing shorts and a tight black tank top and pointing out to me on his body where his most recent rugby game had caused some sore muscles.

How I was able to drive and not fall face-first into his lap, I will never know. The best thing?

[Ed. note - Besides the part where I got to rub SPF on his back. Truth. He requested it, and he grinned when he did. He knew rubbing lotion on his broad back was my dream come true. I would have rather had my other dream where Colby makes me his personal slut slave come true. But beggars and choosers and all that.]

He’s a REALLY nice guy. There isn't a trace of snobbery or condescending behavior about him. He’s super-friendly and jock-ish without the dumb part. (Colby is whip-smart, and if you doubt me, ask him what he did for a career post-Marines and pre-porn.) He love, love, loves his wife (awww), and he’s obsessed with rugby. He confesses that he doesn't think he has a porn body (WRONG).

He’s basically Captain America, crossed with a Boy Scout, crossed with a FUCK MACHINE. Yes, I’m swooning while typing this. Not only did he say something so sweet and down-to-earth during our conversation about how he finds all types of people attractive and how all of us are going to get old and fat someday, so dudes need to chill about judging on looks. But he also was so bashful and cute when he revealed to me that ** ** ***** ** ****** *******.

Wait, I can’t reveal that part. Off-the-record. For now. Oh, just you wait.

I know, you’re sickened by my worship. But you hang out with him and dare to tell me I’m wrong!


From: Manhunt Daily

Ben Driver is not a huge hockey fan, and I know, because I asked because he is Canadian. He was actually my first interview, and the road might have been a little bumpy except that he’s so smart and sweet and thoughtful. Also, not to be a total size queen, but really, I’ll take any excuse to look at this guy’s monster cock. If his penis were a John Cougar Mellencamp song, I’m sure it would be the one about hurting so good. (Which I guess is better than if it were the one about a cherry bomb.) The world needs more Ben Driver.

Ben Driver‘s Twitter bio describes him as “The Kim Kardashian of gay porn”, but he’s more like that industry’s k.d. lang than anything. A smart, funny vegan queer from western Canada, Driver’s making a name for himself by shooting for Michael Lucas and the soon-to-be-relaunched GuysInSweatpants.com. His super-toned body and almost unbearably massive dick make him a force to be reckoned with, and thankfully, Mr. Driver was nice enough to answer some questions for me after breakfast the other morning.

Hey! How’s it going? How was breakfast?

It was good. I had a smoothie with fresh spinach, banana, almond butter, spirulina, frozen berries and hemp milk with a vegan protein powder. I also had raw granola with coconut milk.

How long have you been vegan?

I have been vegan for about five years now. I originally stopped eating meat in junior high, when I was about 11, then started eating meat again at around age 17. I went back to vegetarianism about six years ago, then gradually cut out dairy and other animal products

Is it hard to find the food you need?

I live in Alberta, which produces red meat, so sometimes it’s a bit difficult. There aren’t a lot of restaurants that I can eat at, but I don’t have a huge problem finding food. I just have to make everything myself. I love travelling to places like Vancouver or New York or Los Angeles and having the opportunity to eat out there.

Is there a lot of travel in your life right now?

I did just come back from LA last week. I have been travelling a bit more than I normally do lately, yes. I was in LA shooting for Guys in Sweatpants which is Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero‘s new site.

That’s a great concept.

It’s amazing. I don’t think we need to convince anyone of the appeal of a hot guy freeballing in sweats

No, definitely not. There used to be a punk band called The Sweatpant Boners. I think they might have been in Boston?

That’s beautiful. I shot two scenes. One with Anthony which was based around us doing yoga (which we both practice in our personal lives) and then fucking. He’s an amazing performer and an incredibly sweet man. The other was with Tate Ryder and that was just straight up fucking with some behind-the-scenes interviews. Tate was really fun to shoot with, especially because things got a little dirty and we had really great chemistry. They’re both great guys.

Dirtier than regular fucking?

Nothing crazy, just some heavy ass play and spit and stuff like that.

Nice! I’m sure that’ll be great. I take it you were on top in both scenes?

Yes I was. At the moment, I don’t bottom a lot in my personal life. I haven’t been fucked in about a year, and I don’t know if I want my return to bottoming to be on camera. People tend to want me to fuck them instead, though getting fucked is GREAT.

So you’re obviously a very well-endowed man to be topping all the time…

It’s average.

Average?! I must get to Alberta.

Yeah, it’s big.

At what point did you realize that you were more hung than the average man?

Not until I started having sex. I just thought it was normal until every guy I was with told me it wasn't.

 Do guys ever have trouble accommodating it?

Yes, all the time. Some guys can take it and take it hard, but even they need to warm up a bit first. There are some (a lot) who can’t take it at all.

How big is it, actually?

Okay, true story…I’ve never actually measured it. Because of the curve I’ve always found it difficult. I guesstimate 10 inches.

And, based on your experiences, what advice might you have for the next person who found himself in bed with you?

It’s wider at the tip and narrows slightly at the base, so once you've got it all in, you’ll be fine. :)

I can imagine. Judging from the scene you did for Michael Lucas you fuck pretty enthusiastically, too.

Yeah, I like to get in there. Passionless sex is not cute.

So at what point did you decide to try your hand at porn?

I had a lot of guys that I hooked up with tell me I should try it. I sent my pictures to a few studios and Lucas got back to me right away. I just thought it would be fun to try. That scene was filmed in Montreal actually. Or just outside of the city.

And how was it, fucking someone with a lot of people watching?

I was incredibly nervous and had no idea what I was doing. Fucking for porn is a lot different than fucking in real life. You have to be conscious of so many things, like the light source and what angle your body is at in relation to the camera. It was a great experience though. The videographers were two lesbians, which actually made it easier.

There are a few Canadian male porn stars, but not as many as you’d think. Pierre Fitch, Blake Harper, Brent Everett… I guess there’s no point in mentioning Luka Magnotta.

The Pride of Canada! He did like, one scene. If that. It can be hard for a Canadian performer to get work, because a lot of studios are based in the US and can’t use models without a Visa. About half of the studios won’t use you, half of them will.

And they probably don’t issue temporary work Visas for porn performers?

They certainly do not

But you like Canada? Would you ever move?

I love Canada, and I don’t know if I would ever be able to live in another country for the rest of my life. I did live in London for a year in my early twenties and that was great. I love places like New York, but I love free health care more. Even under [conservative Prime Minister Steven] Harper it’s still a great country. With all due respect to those south of the border, I just don’t understand your culture. Your gun culture, your military culture, your (again, with all due respect) greed. Not to paint all of America or Americans with broad strokes, but I’m happy living here.

Ha, that’s fair. And where are you?


So a pretty big city, then.

Yeah, it’s quite large.

So what’s gay Calgary like?

Gay Calgary is almost non-existent. There is one gay club, a bathhouse and I think two bars, one of which is attached to the bathhouse. That’s it. There are a lot of very young gay men here, and a lot of men over forty. A lot of people move here for school and once they finish, they leave. Nothing wrong with being older, everyone loves a daddy, but that leaves a huge gap. There are not a lot of gay men around my age here, which makes dating or even fucking a bit more difficult. Alberta is also an incredibly conservative province (it’s commonly referred to as the Bible Belt of the North) and that has lead to a lot of internalized homophobia, transphobia and racism in the community here.

 I’m trying really hard not to stereotype and ask you hockey questions. Only because I got stuck in traffic outside a Bruins game last night.

I don’t play, but I think hockey players are hot.

Do you like brawny guys in general? Or is it something about the aggression?

I don’t really have a type, but there’s just something about an aggro, bearded, sweaty Canadian getting into a fist fight at center ice. I’m not about to invoke some misogyny and self-hatred here and talk about how ‘masc’ they are or whatever, but there’s just something primal there. The butt wants what the butt wants. Plus, I’m an ass man and hockey players have the best asses. HANDS DOWN.

So, judging from your other answers I take it you’re single?


Happily? Or not really?

Both? Just taking some time to work on my relationship with myself at the moment. I think porn is allowing me the opportunity to express myself sexually in a healthy manner, which is something that I previously was not able to do. It’s helping me learn a lot about myself and my desires and values. It’s complicated.

So porn is helping your relationship with yourself?

Yes, it’s actually helping a lot.

I think a lot of people assume porn is an automatic path to, like, steroid addiction and a life of misery. But that’s not the experience of most other porn performers I’ve talked with.

Yeah, which is unfortunately the result of slut-shaming. Let’s just have more sex and worry less and we’ll all be happier.

Even among gay men, which is the dumbest thing.

It’s actually hilarious. The mere FACT of your sexuality is seen as a perversion and you experience shame on the daily from straight people, so you turn around and foist it off onto someone else. And we’re all like, ‘oh why are gay teens killing themselves?’ Maybe because gay men are so fucking awful to each other? Maybe because they see they way we treat each other and experience it themselves through social media and hook-up sites and are simultaneously getting shit from straight classmates and other gay teens about their appearance and mannerisms and taste in music or whatever.

Well put.

Time To Dry Off

Shane Jacobs, Aaron Slate, Jake Zackery & Zach Riley - Circle Jerk Boys

 "Today we have some hot sexy college boys who all have a healthy addiction to masturbating. They also share their stories about high school circle jerks and all other kinds of naughty fun they did back in the glory days. 

 These sexy smooth boys are all new to the game and they are eager to play. Aaron is ready for his Bukkake but he needs to suck and stroke these other 3 hotties off before he can get all that warm man jizz dripping down his face. We decided to let the boys loose in the locker room and get comfortable with each other and well let's just say some unexpected things happened. " -- Circle Jerk Boys

♥ ♥ ♥ Dick Peeper ♥ ♥ ♥

R.I.P Mr. Oleson

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 R.I.P Richard Bull
After so many years of Harriet, Nels deserves his peace.

Richard Bull (June 26, 1924 – February 3, 2014) was an American film, stage and television actor.
He is best known for his performance as Nels Oleson, the kindly proprietor of Oleson's Mercantile and the long suffering husband of his wife Harriet on the NBC TV series Little House on the Prairie which aired from 1974 to 1983 and "Doc" on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
Bull began his stage career at the famous Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. He left Los Angeles in 1994 with his wife Barbara "Bobbi" Collentine to live in Chicago.
Bull died on the morning of February 3, 2014 at the Motion Picture Television Fund campus in Calabasas, California. He was 89 years old.

John Schriver : A Kennedy In-Law?


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote:
I’m torn! Prior to this afternoon, my favorite video from amateur site Post Him was the one affectionately referred to as “Daddy’s Favorite Cunt Boy“. Now, it turns out I might have to reconsider after watching the following clip, in which a horny couple puts on a show on cam. They’re in decent shape, but not in an intimidating way that makes you want to rush to the gym. They’re pretty, but not too pretty… And, holy fucking balls, they are some dirty little sluts.

 I’m torn! Prior to this afternoon, my favorite video from amateur site Post Him was the one affectionately referred to as “Daddy’s Favorite Cunt Boy“. Now, it turns out I might have to reconsider after watching the following clip, in which a horny couple puts on a show on cam. They’re in decent shape, but not in an intimidating way that makes you want to rush to the gym. They’re pretty, but not too pretty… And, holy fucking balls, they are some dirty little sluts.

The full video is forty-three minutes long. The sex-crazed duo starts off with the blond bottom boy riding on top, but before you know it, his boyfriend gets so worked up that he needs to spin him around, take control and give his beautiful pink hole a solid pounding. The top’s definitely got a sexy swagger and confidence that goes a long way in the bedroom. Truth be told? I wouldn’t mind being sandwiched between these two.

Watch the full, forty-three minute video at POST HIM.

Forget the kite....

need a bigger pair of shorts…lol

Passed Out

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