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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars

From:  Boy Culture
 PR blitz
Antonio Biaggi 
(John Melecio) 

This Puerto Rican top is no stranger to controversy, whether it's working in bareback films or calling out fellow porn stars for their public drug use on his popular blog. But while personae are important in porn, personalities aren't always; even some who might find him abrasive would have to admit he's one of the most mind-boggling tops of the era, due in part to length and in part to unbridled energy. He's fine in the mildest of mild but seems increasingly engaged the wilder the wild. He tells me he does not consider himself a "star" or "legend"—but that's why we make and read these lists and he appears on them.

Hershey's Flavors Across America: Georgia Honey Roasted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Review: I love chocolate and peanut butter together: Also would take my chocolate Easter bunny, eat of the ears, then fill it with peanut butter,,, YUMMMMMMM!!!!  So it only makes sense that  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are  near the top of my candy  favorites. This version of Reese's really is not much different than the standard Reeese's, but the honey does add just a bit more sweetness to the peanut butter.  It is a winner! πŸ‘πŸ‘

A Queer Renaissance is Making Broadway Fabulous Again

From: Queerty

The Plot
A matchmaker in early 20th Century New York (named Dolly) tries to find true love for various people, all while hiding her own romantic interests. Hijinks ensue.

Why The Gays Are Going
Why the gays are going: You know the song “Hello, Dolly” by Carol Channing? A video of Channing singing that song is played at every “Showtune Sing-Along” night in gay bars across America. In this new production of the musical, Bette Midler plays Dolly. So yes, she sings that song, and gay men from all across America pack the audience to see it. Fortunately, the entire show is good, and Midler is of course very funny, because there is a lot more to the lead role of Hello, Dolly! than just the one song. This Broadway production earned a 2017 Tony nomination for Best Revival of a Musical, as well as a Best Actress nod for Midler herself.

Why “Drag Race” should give these 8 queens a shot at Rudemption

From: Queerty
Alisa Summers

Another Season 4 alum, she was sent home in the first challenge for lacking style and polish. But, like Shangela before her, she had potential for a newbie, and another few years might have done her well. She was pretty and witty, and contestants have gotten by on less than that before. I want to know what other tricks she has up her sleeve.

Google Doodle for May 9, 2017

Teachers' Day 2017
Happy Teachers Day! On this day we take a moment to appreciate those who dedicate their lives to encouraging our intellectual development, be it through mathematics, ecology, astronomy, chemistry, biology, or any other subject we may explore. Teachers nurture our intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. They help shape us and guide our development.

Thank you to all the teachers, and may you be showered with the respect and admiration you deserve!

Show And Tell: 5 Powerful And Provocative New Broadway Plays

From: NewNowNext
Six Degrees of Separation

Significant Other director Trip Cullman helms an attractively assured revival of John Guare’s stinging 1990 satire about white liberal privilege. Allison Janney and John Benjamin Hickey dazzle as a rich Manhattan couple deceived by Paul, a young black scam artist—confidently played by Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins—who has sex with men. James Cusati-Moyer makes an indelible Broadway debut in the buff as a gay hustler.

Show And Tell: 5 Must-See New Musicals In NYC

From: NewNowNext
Sweeney Todd

Attend the tale of another Sondheim revival, a bloody good British import impressively staged in an intimate space that’s been converted into a working meat pie shop—the perfect setting for our vengeful barber and his tasty victims. A fine three-piece band doesn’t always suit the robust score, but the full-bodied performances, like that of out singer-songwriter Matt Doyle as a lovesick sailor, are quite delicious.

7 Sexy Singers Competing In The Eurovision Song Contest 2017

From: NewNowNext


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The hunky representative for Israel has served as a backing vocalist for other competitors for the past two years of Eurovision, but he’s stepping out on his own this time around with his track “I Feel Alive.”

Cosmo Centrefold Hall of Fame

From: Cosmo UK
Clinton Morrison
Former Crystal Palace Striker

Clinton Hubert Morrison (born 14 May 1979) is a former professional footballer who plays as a forward for Mickleover Sports.

Morrison began his career at local side Crystal Palace in 1998, for whom he scored over 100 goals across two spells, despite a less successful period at Birmingham City in between.

Born in England, he represented the Republic of Ireland 36 times at full international level, scoring 9 goals, and made their squad for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages 
Kristin Chenoweth 
Joni Rodgers

The Tony Award–winning actress shares her journey from Oklahoma beauty queen to Broadway leading lady in this entertaining memoir. 

Dish of the Day #1892: Broadway Bares Week

Today's Dish is Anthony Crouchelli, who most recently played Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever at Pittsburgh's Byam TheaterFrom: Deep Dish

Are You Getting Your Tennis Tuesday?

MAY 06, 2014
From: kenneth in the (212)
It's free -- sign up HERE!

You might even learn something, like John Isner looks surprisingly good shirtless.

White Mischief, 2013 Venfield 8

Soap Dish #7 (In Which We Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of The Bold And The Beautiful)

From: Deep Dish
Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful, which is still centered around the Forrester family and their Los Angeles fashion house business. Created by William J. Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell, the show's original cast included Joanna Johnson, Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang (in the photo to the left) as well as Carrie Mitchum (Robert Mitchum's granddaughter), Ethan Wayne (John Wayne's son) and Stephen Shortridge (who previously played Beau De LaBarre on the sitcom, Welcome Back, Kotter). So sit back and enjoy B&B's first 14 episodes from March-April 1987 (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Rocco Carner - Bryan Genesse
Eric Forrester - John McCook
Kristen Forrester - Teri Ann Linn
Ridge Forrester - Ronn Moss
Stephanie Forrester - Susan Flannery
Thorne Forrester - Clayton Norcross
Beth Logan - Judith Baldwin
Brooke Logan - Katherine Kelly Lang
Donna Logan - Carrie Mitchum
Katie Logan - Nancy Sloan
Storm Logan - Ethan Wayne
Margo Lynley - Lauren Koslow
Dave Reed - Stephen Shortridge
Alex Simpson - Rosemarie Thomas
Bill Spencer - Jim Storm
Caroline Spencer - Joanna Johnson
Conway Weston - Jerry Ayres

Below are three promos for the show from March 1987.

Episode 1: Monday, March 23, 1987
Bill Spencer demands that Ridge stop dating his daughter Caroline or he will expose Ridge's playboy reputation. Ridge then proposes to Caroline. Eric Forrester puts on his latest fashion show. Detective Dave Reed questions Brooke Logan about the two men who tried to rape her.

Episode 2: Tuesday, March 24, 1987
Susan Flannery makes her first appearance as Stephanie Forrester, who refuses to discuss with Eric the serious problems within their marriage. Ridge informs his parents that he and Caroline are engaged.

Episode 3: Wednesday, March 25, 1987
Bill is shocked when Caroline and Ridge inform him of their wedding plans.

Episode 4: Thursday, March 26, 1987
Dave wants to use Brooke as a decoy to catch her attackers. Thorne suspects Ridge is only marrying Caroline to spite Bill. Bill tries to convince Caroline that Ridge is no good for her.

Episode 5: Friday, March 27, 1987
Storm asks Donna to set Katie up with a date. Bill hires a private detective, Conway Weston, to dig up dirt on Ridge.

Episode 6: Monday, March 30, 1987
Dave proposes to Brooke, but she asks for time to think about it. Storm and Dave argue about using Brooke as a decoy to catch her attackers.

Episode 7: Tuesday, March 31, 1987
Stephanie calls her daughter Kristen in New York, and later she receives a mysterious phone call. Donna meets another student, Rocco Carner, at the library and convinces him to ask Katie out.

Episode 8: Wednesday, April 1, 1987
Rocco takes Katie out on a date. Caroline convinces Kristen to come to her wedding.

Episode 9: Thursday, April 2, 1987
Ridge receives a call from his old flame, Alex Simpson, who convinces him to go out for a drink. Realizing that his daughter is happy, Bill stops his investigation of Ridge.

Episode 10: Friday, April 3, 1987
Ridge ends up in bed with Alex in her hotel room, and Conway takes a picture of them.

Episode 11: Monday, April 6, 1987
Ridge suspects that Bill is behind the photographer.

Episode 12: Tuesday, April 7, 1987
Kristen arrives in Los Angeles and meets with Caroline. Bill tells Ridge that he now supports his marriage to Caroline. Conway later gives Bill the photograph of Ridge in bed with Alex.

Episode 13: Wednesday, April 8, 1987
Caroline asks Kristen to be her maid of honor. Bill is furious when he sees the picture of Ridge and Alex.

Episode 14: Thursday, April 9, 1987
Beth tells Brooke that she went to college with Eric Forrester. During his engagement party for Caroline and Ridge, Bill tells Ridge that he wants to talk to him later.

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