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Friday, March 31, 2017

Chaffetz: ‘Very mysterious’ why Flynn suddenly wants immunity

From: Politico
Donald Trump shouldn’t talk about whether former national security adviser Michael Flynn should be granted immunity, a top House Republican advised Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday evening that Flynn has informed the FBI and House and Senate Intelligence Committees — which are investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election — that he will agree to be interviewed if granted immunity from prosecution. Flynn was asked to resign last month after misleading Vice President Mike Pence and others about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. during the transition.

Trump tweeted Friday morning that “Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!”

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told Fox News he disagrees with the president’s characterization of the Russia investigation, as well as the commander in chief’s decision to comment on it.

“No, I don’t think it’s a witch hunt,” Chaffetz said. “Look, it’s very mysterious to me, though, why all of a sudden Gen. Flynn is suddenly out there saying he wants immunity. I don’t think Congress should give him immunity. If there’s an open investigation by the FBI, that should not happen. I also don’t believe that, actually, that the president should be weighing in on this. They’re the ones that actually would prosecute something.”

Chaffetz suggested he was being just as critical of Trump as he was of former President Barack Obama, specifically, he said, when Obama commented on the IRS targeting scandal before he had all the facts.

“And I don’t think Donald Trump should be weighing in on this at this point,” he said. “But I don’t think there should be given immunity, either. I mean, immunity from what? We don’t know what that is.”

Flynn’s past comments about immunity resurfaced soon after the Wall Street Journal report. The former Trump campaign adviser said in a September “Meet the Press” interview with host Chuck Todd, “When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.”

Asked whether Flynn’s request for immunity indicated that he may be guilty of something, Chaffetz conceded that “it doesn’t look good.”

“If all of a sudden you have somebody stand up and say, ‘Hey, I need immunity,’ you know, it kinda raises your eyebrows,” he said. “Even Gen. Flynn, back in the day, said and used that same thing against Hillary Clinton. So, you know, it comes around to bite you, and I just think they need to get to the facts.”

“There are some swirling things that need to be answered,” he added.

Candace Cameron Bure Wore A “Not Today Satan” T-Shirt And Instagram CAME For Her

"Why do you have to be so nasty to me?"
From: NewNowNext
 We love it when the queens of Drag Race break into the pop culture zeitgeist, but sometimes the message gets a little lost. Case in point, Candace Cameron Bure posted an Instagram yesterday wearing one of Bianca Del Rio’s “Not Today Satan” t-shirts.


Not Today Satan 🀣🚫😈

 It’s one of our favorite RPDR catchphrases, but given how Bure is a conservative Christian Republican who defended that homophobic Oregon bakery, we’re fairly certain she didn’t get its ironic intent.

The image has received more than 118,000 likes, but there are plenty of comments calling out her ignorance and hypocrisy.

* “Contradiction at its finest”

* “You look like the Westboro Baptist Church’s recruitment video went rogue and became a fake semblance of a human”

* “You look like you go to gay clubs and get really confused when no one hits on you and then get angry and form a system of belief around that”

* “You need to take that shirt off right about now. You don’t get to use phrases coined by a drag queen, phrases that come from the LGBTQ community where you have been public about NOT supporting them. You don’t get to steal from them when it’s cute and trendy but oppose them in every other way. You probably need to apologize to @thebiancadelrio too. Site your sources honey, if you want to wear a drag-originated shirt then you better blast that shit and give credit where it is due and if you can’t because of your own personal beliefs then you shouldn’t wear the shirt.”

and our favorite: “Satan loves you.”

Del Rio regrammed the pic, with a caption reading “IF ONLY, THIS HOMOPHOBIC, REPUBLICAN KNEW……… 😈❤😈❤”



Bure responded to being called out, asking the Season 6 queen “Why do you have to be so nasty to me?”

Um, do you even know who Bianca Del Rio is?

Boy Butter TV Commercial Banned In Chicago

From: The Buttered Topping
In times like these we are constantly reminded about bigotry directed at all sorts of groups, but when it is directed at you it comes with the disheartening burn of shock and dismay. This was how I felt when I learned that my brand new Boy Butter commercial, currently airing on this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race on VH1 in NYC, LA, San Diego and nationwide on Canada’s OutTV was banned from airing on cable TV in Chicago. According to ComCast TV in the so-called liberal windy city of Chicago did not think viewers could handle the level of gayness in this ad starring sexy ginger, Seth Fornea, who is showing us all how to properly use a butter churn. One would think that in the Mid West the sight of a butter churn would bring back nostalgic feelings of nearby dairy farms, but alas if a gay man is churning that butter, not so much. 

One of the best things about owning a personal lubricant company is the marketing, creating fun tongue in cheek ads that push my products as well as my own gay point of view. If you take this case of blatant censorship in Chicago it smacks of nothing more than a sexist and homophobic double standard. Our intention with this commercial was to make a gay version of the sexy Super Bowl ads and tame it down to be as “PG” as possible, so as to avoid this type of ban. Take for example the 2015 Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad starring Charlotte McKinney, which is basically porn in comparison. A sexy busty woman being suggestive and showing a lot of skin is fine but if you just replace that woman with a gay man, it is a much different story. 

“I think it’s Chicago’s loss and a clear representation of how shamed and stigmatized our sexuality is.” says Daniel Robinson, the director/producer of this banned Boy Butter commercial. Even though this ad is meant to be aired on a drag queen contest reality show on VH1 at night, that distinction matters not when homophobia and sexism rear their ugly heads. It’s also possible the big budget ads of Burger King or Carl’s Junior helps them skirt the prudish censorship rules but it still does not feel fair. My hope is that by continuing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and palatable on TV, Boy Butter can create a space where gay men can watch images of themselves, not only in the shows that we watch but also the advertising that sponsors them.

Boston Raises Trans Pride Flag In Response To Transphobic “Free Speech Bus”

“We will not be intimidated by discrimination or harassment."
From: NewNowNext
A controversial bus displaying a transphobic message landed in Boston this week, prompting protests and a powerful demonstration of solidarity from Mayor Marty Walsh.

The “Free Speech Bus,” which raised eyebrows when it rolled through New York City last week, arrived at Boston City Hall early Thursday morning before making its way to the State House and later to Cambridge.

The bright orange vehicle sports graphics of a boy and girl along with the message: “It’s biology: Boys are boys… and always will be. Girls are girls… and always will be. You can’t change sex.”

The bus is sponsored by several conservative groups, including the National Organization for Marriage, CitizenGo and the International Organization for the Family.

Joseph Grabowski, spokesman for NOM, said Thursday’s visit was all about raising awareness for issues surrounding “so-called transgender rights,” and differing viewpoints on anti-trans bathroom bill legislation.

“Unfortunately, [the issue] seems to be on a collision course with other rights of other citizens,” Grabowski told the Boston Globe, specifically citing religious freedom and the right to free speech. “We are trying to have a respectful policy discussion that considers everybody’s concerns.”

Not long after pulling into the capital city, the bus was met by protesters, who vandalized the vehicle and spoke out against its discriminatory message.

After it made a stop at City Hall, Mayor Walsh delivered a speech condemning the bus and vowed to continue standing in solidarity with Boston’s transgender community.

“We will not be intimidated by discrimination or harassment,” Walsh said to the crowd of college students, elected officials and protesters gathered outside City Hall. “And we will not tolerate these types of actions. When you deny the experience of transgender individuals, you are denying the experience of basic human civil rights.”

He concluded: “[My office] is always going to support our transgender community and defend their fundamental rights.”

Following his speech, the mayor raised the transgender pride flag on the plaza alongside Alex Zafris, a transgender woman who serves as his deputy director of scheduling.

Freedom Massachusetts, an organization that fights for the equal treatment of transgender people statewide, called the bus “downright frightening.”

“This bus is the embodiment of the kind of harassment and discrimination that study after study documents our community combats on a daily basis,” said group co-chairs Kasey Suffredini and Mason Dunn.

“We are thankful to Boston Mayor Walsh for raising the transgender flag today on City Hall Plaza to remind us that Boston is a fair and welcoming city and to all the first responders who are keeping all of us safe during this toxic invasion of our city and state.”

BosGuy Brain Teaser

From: BosGuy
What loses its head each morning just in time to get it back at night?

Bill Removing Homosexuality As Taboo School Subject Passes Utah House

From: Gay Salt Lake
Senate Bill 196, which repeals language in a Utah law that prohibits the discussion of homosexuality, passed the Utah House Tuesday nearly unanimously. Because of a minor amendment, the bill goes back to the Senate for final passage. Only Rep. Eric Hutchings, R-Kearns, voted against the bill.

The bill’s intent is to address a lawsuit brought on the state by Equality Utah and the National Center for Lesbian Rights that sought to remove all language in Utah code that forbids discussion of homosexuality in Utah schools. Several states have what have been dubbed “No Promo Homo” laws.

Sen. Stuart Adams, R-Davis, sponsor of the bill, calls it a proactive and pre-emptive approach that protects current programs in public schools. He worked with the attorney general’s office to deflect the lawsuit.

“I think it is the legislature’s job to handle such changes, not the courts’,” Adams said.

He hopes to avoid the lawsuit and potentially losing Utah’s “carefully crafted abstinence curriculum.”

Adams also said he sponsored the bill because he also believes opening the discussion will allow teachers to teach to all children.

Under Utah law, any advocacy of premarital or extramarital sex or contraceptive methods is forbidden.

The Utah Legislative Session ends Thursday.

The bill has passed and was signed by the speaker of the House and the Senate president. It now goes to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature or veto.


From: Badwolf Blog
 G is for…

Group Stuff – If we’ve ever talked about penising or what I do in my free time, I’m sure I’ve tried at some point to convince you to go to a group thing with me. Group play, especially the New York Jacks, is one of my all time favorite things. As long as there’s an area to recover for additional rounds later. I’m a great date to bring to a group party if you’re nervous or have never been to something like that before.

Afoy Mozane Photographed by Arax Studio (1955)

From: Male Models Vintage Beefcake

ACT UP Celebrates 30 Years With Anniversary March And Rally In NYC

"The '80s are back only this time it's not ignorance, it's hatred."
From: NewNowNext
 On March 30, ACT UP, the powerful advocacy group formed at the height of the AIDS crisis, celebrated its 30th anniversary by holding a rally and a march in New York’s West Village.


ACT UP 30th Anniversary March and Rally 

#actup30 #aidsisntover#actup @actupny

 The new AIDS Memorial was the meeting site for the march as demonstrators gathered with signs, chanting “Act up! Fight back! Fight AIDS!” as members of the group have done for three decades now.

 The march ended in Union Square where AIDS activists like Brent Nicholson Earle gave speeches recounting the history of ACT UP and the AIDS crisis.

“We will commit ourselves to resisting the current political environment based on fear-mongering, bigotry, and the disenfranchisement of vulnerable people, including people living with HIV and hepatitis C,” the organizers wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

Scroll through below to see photos and videos from the march that show why ACT UP is still needed 30 years later.


It's great to see good friends from Fire Island at a rally in NYC. 

Act Up 30th anniversary March at AIDS memorial. Love this guy!

❤️#actup30 #actup #actupnyc#hivaidsawareness #keithharing

#keithharingart #haring#aidsactivist#altfactkelly


Out at @actupny's 30th Anniversary Rally. 

Silence (Still) = Death. 

#ACTUP #FightBack #FightAIDS #HIV#AIDS #NYC #LGBTQ #Resist


Ignorance = Fear
Silence = Death
This jacket is from the 80s yet we still need to FIGHT AIDS and ACT UP 



#actup #riseandresist 

30th Anniversary of the proud and powerful Act Up March 30, 2017


Protest in Union Square Today 

#ny #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity#manhattan #unionsquare 

#protest#photographer #photography#photooftheday 

#actup #actupfightaids#iloveny 

#city #citylife #citystreets#wearehere #eatass #love


Joe and Jack at the ACT UP March/Rally 

#actup30 #actup#aidsisnotover @actupny


Oh and let's not forget the two big signs just had a baby. Isn't she lovely ? 

I think so ! 

❤️🏳️‍🌈😘 #actup30 #actupnyc#actup #altfactkelly


My favorite signs of the day. 

They are definitely my family ! ❤️🏳️‍🌈😘.

#actup30 #actupnyc #actup #altfactkelly


I love this man ! ❤️ 

#actup30#actupnyc #actup #aidsactivist #hivaids#aidsart 

#haring #keithharing#keithharingart #altfactkelly


Activists at the ACT UP 30th anniversary in NYC. πŸ™πŸ³️‍🌈.

 #actup30#actupnyc #actup #aidsactivist 

#hivaids#hivaidsawareness #altfactkelly


Thank you ACT UP! #actup#actup30 #endaids2020


@Regrann from @nyindivisible 

- Courage. ActUp 30th Anniversary...Union Square Rally after march...

so much to learn from the legacy of this movement! To the Resistance!

 ActUp still acting up with courage tenacity and compassion!

 #yeswecan#aca #loveislove #wewillwin#makeamericakindagain

#healthcareforall #humanrights #actup#riseup #riseandresist

#compassion@housingworksbks #housingworks#aidswalk #bestrong 

#bekind#singlepayer #NoGorsuch #nyc#solidarity #kindness #kindnessmatters





today marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of ACT UP. 

a history still present, still surviving, still fighting.

this is remembrance for a grief/fear felt only a generation ago 

of such depth and scale that it hasn't yet finished rippling 

through the fabric of our community. and i feel it now, 

both apart from and a part of the bitterness, the rage, the joy, the hope. 

Act up. Fight back. End AIDS. #ACTUP30


For all our fallen brothers and sisters and non-binary folks, 

we love you and we continue the fight in your name. 

#ActUp30 #FightAIDS#HappeningNow


Lourdes Hunter, Executive Director of TWOCC (Trans Women of Color Collective). 



Our Latino caucus. #ACTUP30


Our #ACTUP30 AIDS Quilt in Union Sq.


At the NYC AIDS Memorial. #ACTUP30


✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿 #actup#fightaids
The fight continues. The fight never stops.


Act up. Fight back. Fight AIDS! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Check out our IG story for a look at today's 

ACT UP 30th Anniversary Rally & March in NYC.

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