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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beefy Beach Stud

quizΓ‘s, quizΓ‘s, quizΓ‘s

Instagram: @drobprod "when people are allowed to be people who perform tasks instead of task performers, we are happier and more content people."

Instagram: @drobprod 


Patrick Parker

Dale Mozelle

Maverick Williams

Carter Lovisone Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

World Naked Bike Ride

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Vintage Nude

Ready For A Taste

Trevor Wayne

History's Hottest Movie Actors:

From: Boy Culture

Mild to Wilde

Cornel Wilde 
A Hungarian fencer who abandoned a shot at the Olympics in order to act, this Wilde man was more than just a cut-rate Errol Flynn—after early acclaim followed by a long run in B-movies, he reinvented himself as a director and had some success in that area. Virile and handsome, he had a build like a fitness buff you'd find bumming around Venice Beach, which might explain why he was in so many mainstream movies that feel like semi-legit upgrades of things that came out of Athletic Model Guild.

 Sexy Sampler
High Sierra (1941), Knockout (1941), A Song to Remember (1945), A Thousand and One Nights (1945), Leave Her to Heaven (1945), The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946), The Homestretch (1947), The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), At Sword's Point (1952), California Conquest (1952), Treasure of the Golden Condor (1953), The Naked Prey (1966)

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Man and the City
Original channel
Original run
September 15, 1971 – January 5, 1972
Anthony Quinn.
Mike Farrell.
Mala Powers
Carmen Zapata
The Man and the City is a dramatic television series which was aired on the ABC television network as part of its Fall 1971 lineup from September 15, 1971 to January 5, 1972.
The Man and the City stars the well-known Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn as Thomas Jefferson Alcala, the long-term Hispanic mayor of a major but unidentified city in the Southwestern United States (location shooting was done in Albuquerque, New Mexico). Quinn's WASP deputy, Andy Hays, was portrayed by Mike Farrell. Hays' main role was to make sure that the well-meaning Mayor Alcala did not become so engrossed in aiding individual constituents with their problems that he failed to address the issues facing the city as a whole.
Despite the vast talents of Quinn and the earnest Farrell, The Man and the City was a Nielsen ratings failure, finishing third in its Wednesday night time slot against the hit private eye show Mannix and the Rod Serling anthology series Night Gallery, and was cancelled at midseason.

10 Unconventional Gifts To Show Your Man You Love Him This Valentine’s Day

From: Gaily Grind
Matching jocks straps for the gym. 

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HUMP DAY HOTNESS. – Hunter Trevelyan Wyndham.

A photo posted by Hunter Wyndham (@hunter_trevelyan_wyndham) on

Chaz Bono Cites Body Dysphoria, Talks Weight-Loss Transformation With Oprah

From: Boy Culture
People Magazine has an exclusive on Chaz Bono's Oprah: Where Are They Now? sit-down with Winfrey, in which he discusses why he never could've lost the weight he needed to lose without transitioning first:

I would have never been able to do it before [transitioning]. I was too disconnected from my body, and the dysphoria that I had with my body was too much to be able to have cared enough to anything like that.

He also tells Oprah that looking at old pictures of himself from before his transition is painful, and can be a reminder of bad times, rather than a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Oprah: Where Are They Now? airs Saturdays (10 p.m. ET) on OWN.

8 American Crime Story Actors in Their Nudest Roles

Naked Actors in The People v. O. J. Simpson
From: Fleshbot
 Time to start wigging out. After months of anticipation producer Ryan Murphy's highly anticipated new drama American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson is finally here. The show is getting rave reviews for its unflinching look at one of the most infamous moments of the American legal system. As you can imagine, in the show the glove will not fit, and therefore of course, they must acquit. Unlike Murphy's ass-filled and ultra gay American Horror Story, I'm not seeing a ton of opportunity for a look at O. J.'s killer cans, so I thought we should check out the American Crime Story actors who have previously showed off some skin! Are you keeping up with this new series? 


Cuba Gooding Jr. 
Jerry Maguire 

Plays O. J. Simpson in ACS
Bruce Greenwood 
Wild Orchid 

Plays Gil Garcetti in ACS

Rob Morrow
Private Resort 
*What a butt.

Plays Barry Scheck in ACS
John Travolta 
Saturday Night Fever 

Plays Robert Shapiro in ACS
Billy Magnussen 
American Crime Story

Plays Kato Kaelin in ACS
Chris Bauer 
True Blood

Plays Detective Tom Lange in ACS
 Evan Handler 

Plays Alan Dershowitz in ACS
Rio Hackford 

Plays Pat McKenna in ACS 

Battle Of The Porn Stars:

Twincest Is Best!
From:  Queer Click
The hung and bubble-butted duo of Tio and Dio expose their asses and hard, thick cocks at BangBangBoys.

The handsome, milk-fed Prince Twins jerk it and work it at ChaosMen.

Twin brothers Jeff and John work their meat on Sean Cody's infamous cum-stained couches.

The lanky, lickable Fisher Twins wank their long dicks in tandem at Toegasms.

WrestleHard feature a match-up of the Mangiatti Twins against Rod Stevens—everyone wins in this head-to-head match.

Mason Wyler fucks the appropriately named Studding Twins.

Christian gets a double-header fooling around with the Twins at ActiveDuty.com.

Even though the Visconti Triplets technically aren't twins, three heads are better than one, especially when balls and sticks are involved!

The lean brunette pair of Carl and Greg help each other pump iron and pump their identical dicks at BukBuddies.com.

Is 4 against 2 fair? FratMen quadruples the heat by matching Dustin and Darren up with another set of twins for a sizzling four-way jerk-off.


Know Your Instagrammer: David Lopez

"Being gay is never going to hinder me from my career, but being a Latino does sometimes pigeonhole me."
From: NewNowNext
 David Lopez’s upbringing was everything his jet-setting, champagne popping Instagram is not, having grown up behind the walls of army bases in Livorno, Italy, Mannheim, Germany and Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

The son of a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army, Lopez came of age with no concept of gay, what it meant or that one day he, himself, would identify as such.

Upon moving to New York after high school, he quickly became disenchanted in his pursuit of acting, deciding to pursue a lifelong passion: Hair.

His days of scrounging for supper are long past, with Lopez’s lengthy resume now including hair styling for Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Sky Ferreira – just to name a few.

Below we chat with David Lopez/@davidlopezzz.
To begin, what are your thoughts on this gray hair on the gays trend?
I don’t get why people hate on it. The problem is that you need to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s so much bad gray hair out there. If you’re going to do it, do it right, spend the money to get it done well. If you want to go gray, look on social media, it’s so helpful for your research. Go to your hairdresser’s Instagram and see if they’ve done it before on someone with your natural hair color. You’re taking a huge risk on it, because it’s bleach. You don’t want to go to someone who has never done it before and have them melt your hair off.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

What was your first job upon moving to New York?

Well, at the time I was so deeply closeted, not even like ‘I kind of knew,’ it was just something that was never a possibility, so moving to New York after being on a military base my whole life and living behind the fence, and then having free range that is New York kind of threw me for a loop during the first two years of college. I went to an acting school and couldn’t even finish it. All the stuff I had been holding in came out and I went a little… crazy. After a brief stint bartending at Diner 34 (and hating it), I decided to go back to school for something I really loved: Hair. After I graduated and began working at a salon, I was doing a lot of freebies, making $200 a week and picking up quarters to buy ramen, anything that I could. Even though I was crying all the time and falling asleep on the train, I was happier in a way and more satisfied with everything that was happening.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

You mentioned being closeted upon arriving in New York, but did you have any suspicions that you might be gay growing up?

The first time that I ever had a conversation in which it came up was in kindergarten or first grade when we got a class picture. My mom asked me, “Oh do you like anyone in the class?” and I was like, “Oh I like him,” and she told me that I couldn’t like boys, that I had to like girls. And I was young enough to say, “Oh yeah, I’ll like girls,” so anytime that I played with hair or anything feminine I was told, “Don’t do that, that’s girly.” It wasn’t until fourth grade when I was in Italy that people started calling me gay, and even then I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was bad. I thought it meant, “I’m a freak,” but I had no idea it meant that I liked boys. Going into high school, I had already internalized so much hate that I didn’t want to associate myself with anything. I had opportunities in high school, like theater, and I remember sharing a dressing room with this guy and he said to me, “You never look at me while I’m changing,” and I said, “Why would I look at you?” and he told me to look at his dick and I said, “No!” Even then I wasn’t mildly curious I was just like, “Absolutely not. That’s disgusting.” Meanwhile, I was jerking off to Sears underwear catalogs.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

Do you remember the first time you self-identified as gay?

It wasn’t until my first boyfriend. For a short time I moved to Dallas with him, and we lived there for 6 to 9 months. At that time it was sort of undeniable. I never came out, but if you asked I would have told you, “Yeah, I’m gay.” Even after he and I broke up I still never had a big “coming out” moment with family and friends; it wasn’t really necessary at that point. Most of my internal struggle was about asking what does being gay mean for me. I realized I still felt like an outsider in the community. By my mid 20’s I had fully come to terms with the fact that I was gay and that it didn’t need to define me or how I live my life which was very freeing. It allowed me to be able to say “Yes, I’m gay” without any issue internally.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

Do you think had you come out today, with the expanding climate of LGBT acceptance, you would have struggled any less?

Yes there is a lot of gay media, but there are still a lot of closeted kids out there. As much attention as there is to gay men, there’s still a disconnect, especially for someone like me, a minority Puerto Rican who grew up in a military life. I do, whoever, think it’s helpful because there’s representation that’s wide-ranging and a person can feel like less of a freak. Every generation will have it’s own issues with acceptance no matter what, but I like to think I would have come out sooner had there been more of an LGBT acceptance in the media. I am always in awe of the bravery of young kids being able to identify openly so early in life. But even still, with the attention that the LGBT community is getting today, many kids still need as much guidance and positive role models that are out in the open championing for them to be themselves and live without fear.

What would you say is more difficult in terms of cultural acceptance, being gay or being Puerto Rican?

Say that I walk into a store with a brown trench coat and a baseball cap, you still see I have brown skin, that’s not something I can assimilate as easily. I’ve had boyfriends that are white that didn’t understand. I’m not saying one is worse than the other, but it’s different. You can go somewhere and someone isn’t going to look at you before you open your mouth and think, “They’re different from me.” Especially right now, being a Latino, it’s frustrating because I come from a set of parents, especially my dad, who gave everything to the army. Both of them face real challenges. Being gay is never going to hinder me from my career, but being a Latino does sometimes pigeonhole me. I’ve had times where people told me, “You’re too tan,” or “Too specific.”

Why does it seem like the LGBT community discriminates against non-white members of its own community?

Oh my God [Laughs]. I feel like there are times that, especially for my Instagram, where I get messages and they’re instantly fetishizing me. I do have to take responsibility because I am playing into; there are times where I enjoy it but other times it’s like, “Why are you trying to call me Papi? You’re from Wisconsin,” just let it be what it is. Or they assume I’m uncut or have a huge dick because I’m Puerto Rican. The one thing I always get, 100%, even if they’re not trying to be offensive is, “Oh you’re Puerto Rican. I know about Puerto Ricans, y’all are crazy.” I do find that I attract a very specific kind of person, but 60 to 70% of the time someone is attracted to me because of my ethnicity.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

How did you get your “big break” doing Jill Zarin’s hair for The Real Housewives of New York?

My boyfriend at the time was Jill Zarin’s social media person. I was working at the salon when he told me, “Jill needs someone to do her hair and I recommended you,” so I left the salon and went to do her hair. She’s intense, and I still attest to that today, but she kept calling me back to style her hair. When they film Housewives, there are some scenes that are more important than others, they definitely want hair and makeup done for those scenes. But Jill is not that person. For her, every scene is an important scene, everything is a big deal, and she always wanted her hair and make-up done all the time. For Ramona’s wedding when she renewed her vows, I did her hair and everyone said it was the best it ever looked. I left the check that she wrote me on the table by accident (which was for $100) and emailed her assistant asking if they could mail it to me. I got back an e-mail that read “Jill said she’s keeping the check, but you can use her name for your book.” This was before social media, so I couldn’t even capitalize on her name, and plus there were other things that happened with her that left a bad taste in my mouth.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

How did you first get connected to Chrissy Teigen?

We first met through a photographer who has since passed away. When I first met her, I fell in love in an instant. She’s one of those people who really is who she is on social media and behind the camera. She loved the way I did her hair and she continued booking me for red carpet stuff. As we continued working together, we attached to each other because she’s just so lovable and made me so much a part of her team. A lot of other celebrities keep it separate where I’m just their hair and make-up, but she’s very, “We’re all in this together.” We were both on the same flight coming back from L.A. one time, and she had me come in her car with her and took me on her whole VIP status. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your work on someone like that.

Can you recall a moment when Chrissy made you laugh?

We were shooting a commercial for Captain Morgan Rum in this village, Sayulita, on the coast of Mexico. The video was being directed by Diana Martel, who directed Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” and she had this amazing idea to have Chrissy be a Peg Leg’d pirate. Of course this was done in post but for the shot Chrissy had to walk on one heel in the sand and one barefoot foot to simulate the peg leg. The combination of her trying to have a fierce walk with one heel, while serving to the camera was too much to handle. I had to turn around to keep myself from making eye contact with her because every time I did we would just die laughing.

A photo posted by David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) on

What do you want people to know about you?

It’s not something I want people to know necessarily, but that I don’t think people find out, and I don’t think it makes me special or different, it’s just that I’m incredibly insecure. I’m always in my head and second guessing myself. I think that’s so important because from social media, people message me and say things to me that make me believe they think I live a very #blessed life, which in a lot of ways I do, I’m very lucky, but there isn’t a day that I don’t question what I’m doing. This is me.

Hump Day Hotness With Ben Dahlhaus, The Real Life Thor Of Your Dreams

From: Socialite Life
 Look at that hair. Look at that beard.

No, he’s not actually the Norse God of Thunder, but male model Ben Dahlhaus is pretty darn close to real life Thor. (It’s basically him and Chris Hemsworth.)

 I wasn’t able to find out much about Ben, aside from the fact that he is beyond sexy and manages to make long hair and a long beard look totally perfect, but really, isn’t that all we need to know? I mean, Hump Day Hotness is all about the ogle. 

But I do also know that he is based in Germany, and that this video of him should be viewed on a daily basis. God he is beautiful. If I have one nit to pick with Ben, it’s his lack of shirtless photos. Come on dude! Give the people a look at your abs! It is what we desire.

I’ll stop talking now so you guys can launch the gallery and be awed by his beauty. And make sure you follow him on Instagram. That way the beauty will fill your feed on a weekly basis.

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