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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

1970's Gay Smut-O-Rama! Sons of Satan

 Handsome Jonathan Trent goes in search of his missing brother Clark in this vampire horror/gay sex movie.  So where does he look for his brother?  Naturally, at the spooky old mansion that is occupied by the mysterious Mr. Natas and his collection of hot male servants.  But our blonde hero doesn't get anywhere after the servants open the doors.  Jonathan has a sneaky hunch that something is going on inside that house, and that his brother may be involved, and he's right!  We the audience get to discover that his brother Clark is indeed inside the mansion (of course) and he's preparing for the "hour of exchange" when dicks meet throats, resulting in a fancy silver cup being filled with sperm from all the servant dudes. They deliver their cum cocktail to the naked vampire Mr. Natas.  Both blood and seamen are the fluids of human life and it turns out that this vampire likes 'em both.
 Our hero Jonathan sneaks back into the house and discovers his brother in a bedroom after being freshly milked for his sperm and freshly-screwed by the vampire Natas.  The thought of his poor brother taking a vampire's nasty dick in his rear is enough to get Johnny really upset!  Only suddenly, Johnny has himself to worry about, as they capture him.  Johnny gets some classic 1970's bondage treatment before the Sons of Satan initiate him into the "hour of exchange" cock sucking and to his horror--his brother is one of them!  After they fill the silver cup, Natas arrives and then promptly gives Johnny a good screw.  SPOILER ALERT! The last scene is a delivery guy who arrives at the old house and the door is opened by---converted servant/slave Johnny!

My $2 Halloween costume.

From:  Noodles and Beef
Happy Halloween!

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