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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

petite pipe a la plage


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Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture
 Nothing contrasts better with neon than a pair of black, well-fitted underwear. There’s something about the pop of color against the plain, black material that is always captivating and sexy.

 Malebasics has given us just the right amount of neon in their new Malebasics Neon Collection. Between the stylish waistband and black on neon color combinations; the new Malebasics Neon Collection is sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons. This collection is more than comfortable enough for daily wear and also more than sexy enough for a night of dancing. Available in Neon Fuchsia, Neon Blue and Neon Yellow, there is a neon color for each guy out there. 

 Model Antonio Aday sports each neon variation beautifully in the latest Malebasics photo shoot. Photographer Adrian C Martin helps capture the essence of this seductive collection. Shot in front of a clean white background and in front of the sweltering sun, each pair from the new Malebasics Neon Collection is highlighted and featured perfectly. The stylish neon-printed Malebasics waistband is displayed prominently, accentuating Antonio’s lower abs and hips. He pulls them down on one side, ever so slightly, while raising his other hand over his head, exuding everything that is flirtatious and alluring about these underwear. The innovative nylon/lyrca fabric adds a bit of stretch, which molds perfectly to his body and bulging thighs. A sliver of neon accents his muscular legs flawlessly. 

 The new Malebasics Neon Collection also offers the right amount of support for your package, so Antonio not only feels confident but he looks it too. Not to mention the neon fabric outlining his package, drawing just the right amount of attention to where you want it most. Each pair is breathable, microporous and helps minimize sweating. So whether you’re posing in the hot, sizzling sun or having a tough day at the office, these boxers will keep you feeling fresh all day!



HOLY SHIT IT FITS!! I’ll take some more and better pics when I’m no sick.

From: I'm the Huggernaut, Bitch

hairy ass

In The Shower

Beefy Cub


You can be my wingman any time!

Get more BEEF

Pic Of The Day: October 20, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things


More of this please …

Favorite Male Model of the Day: October 20, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

BEEFY stud

Naked Blue Collar Worker

Favorite Blast From The Past: October 20, 2007

 Richard Dean Anderson
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Yes, he was hot as MacGyver, Yes he ruled on General Hospital not to mention Stargate SG-1, Emerald Point NAS, countless TV movies and mini-series, but come on, his best part had to be on Battle Of The Network Stars... I also say he is one of the only man that I have seen truly pull off the 80's mullet!



Now that’s one hot amputee;-)

At it again


fucking hot and jacked Texas’ frat studs…. would love to be taken on their boat and be completely used and abused by them…. what a privilege

Sexy Selfie

Zac Efron Tackles Toughest Role Yet — James Franco’s Foreskin

From: Queerty

 He’s been a crooning high schooler, a ruthless frat boy and a struggling DJ (in a film that struggled even more), but nothing — nothing — could have prepared genetically perfect Zac Efron for his latest acting challenge. Over the weekend he summoned the spirits of Olivier, of Brando and Bogart, to portray, nay, become James Franco‘s foreskin.
Do you smell that? That’s Oscar buzz. Or maybe just James Franco‘s foreskin. They’re both a little tangy.
This role of a lifetime took form at 37-year-old Franco’s star-studded bar mitzvah, a traditional Jewish ceremony typically celebrated around age 13 to usher boys into manhood.
Except this bar mitzvah, thrown by Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen, was anything but traditional. It actually sounds a bit like a club Stefon would describe on Saturday Night Live circa 2010.
It. Had. Everything.

Miley Cyrus dressed as a slutty Star of David, Seth Rogan singing Fiddler on the Roof, Rabbi Jeff Goldbloom performing symbolic surgery and HAIM closing it out with a little Israeli folk music.
During the fake circumcision, a prerecorded Efron stunned with his anthropomorphization of Franco’s foreskin, joking that he’d protected Franco for a long time. D’aw.
“Tonight has been f–king eventful, I mean, Zac Efron as your f–kin’ penis, foreskin, that’s a famous dick you got there, we all knew that anyway!” Cyrus told the audience.
“James never had a bar mitzvah and he mentioned that to me 15 years ago and it’s one of those things we’ve talked about over the years and we needed a theme for this year’s event, and we thought, we could give James Franco a bar mitzvah and hold a charity event,” Rogen told E! News. “That seemed like a good opportunity—you don’t pass on that.”

20 Reasons Matt Damon Got It Wrong About Openly Hollywood Stars

From: Queerty

Ellen Page

Ellen Page and Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres
The two Ellens are kind of bookmark leading ladies. Degeneres came out on top-rated Ellen in 1997, with a cover on Time. Juno’s Page did it at a Human Rights Campaign event last year and it wasn’t much of a story. Look for Ellen in Finding Dory next year, and Ellen playing gay with Julianne Moore in Freeheld, just out, in a theater near you.

With or without?

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