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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Declan-John Geraghty by Darren Blac

 British model Declan-John Geraghty by Darren Black for Fantastics

Wednesday July 10, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

Caption This!

From:  Queer Click
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Corporal Punishment

From:  kenneth in the (212)
 How about we drop the charges against Edward Snowden (right) and Bradley Manning (below) and merely sentence them to starring in a Chi Chi La Rue production called "Sticky Leaks"?

Daily Packages

Josh Dows: Out and About
Josh Dows goes out and about in a white Calvin Klein Underwear brief for this Daily Package, pulled from a photo shoot by photographer Ali Choudhry. Whoever said you can’t leave the house and just go running around in your underwear clearly just doesn't understand models like Josh Dows, and when you’re wearing a classic piece like a white Calvin Klein Underwear brief, you’re never in the wrong. 

The CAPTION THIS Contest For July 10th!

From:  Dlisted
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Beefcake of the Week:

Christian Bok
From:  The Underwear Expert
 This week’s Beefcake of the Week is model Christian Bok. Although Christian makes us think of a more “lean beef” style, this model still has muscles worth showing off. Christian Bok stares deep into our eyes (or should we say photographer Peter D. Brown’s camera lens) for this photo shoot, which features underwear by Bodyaware.
Christian Bok brings a very clean cut and handsome, yet sensual and seductive look to the featured Bodyaware collections including a standard bikini brief as well as a silver Bodyaware Nailhead brief. Whether you prefer the extra shine of the silver Nailhead brief, or just a simpler look, both Bodyaware collections are made with a silky-smooth fabric blend and form-complimenting cut.

Dish of the Day #1194: The Great Outdoors

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured, and beginning on Friday you can vote for your favorite Dish of the week. If you haven't voted for last week's Dish yet, choose your man in the sidebar poll HERE.

Briefs Guy

 Juan Betancourt

Gay Country Singer Steve Grand:

15 NSFW Underwear Photos + Video
 In just over a week, breakout singer songwriter Steve Grant’s debut video ‘All American Boy’ has received nearly a million views on YouTube—an impressive feat for an artist without a recording contract or formal publicity team. Grant’s openness about his own sexuality and willingness to portray a story of unrequited love between a gay man and his straight male friend has garnered the young singer much online attention and enthusiastic support from social media.
We’re big fans of Grant’s video, which you can watch below, and we were even more thrilled to discover that the multi-talented 23-year-old has also worked as an underwear model. The Chicago-native has appeared on the pages of DNA magazine and been shot by some of the industry’s best photographers, including Tom Cullis.
Last week we pointed out the underwear sighting in Grant’s debut video, which involves a skinny dipping scene with Grant and the object of his affection. Now it seems our cup truly runneth over with fifteen Steve Grand underwear photos.
Check out Grand’s music video for ‘All American Boy,’ and his underwear modeling photos below and let us know if you’re becoming a country fan yourself!

Daily Packages

Mcintosh is Ready to Box in C-IN2
In this Daily Package, a model by the name of Mcintosh poses for Rick Day in nothing but a pair of boxing gloves and a revealing pair of C-IN2 briefs.

Bad postcards of the week:

What I learned in South Dakota
From:  The Grand Rapids Press
Plenty of parking at Mount Rushmore
If you want to attract tourists, you have to build big stuff.

That’s one of the things I learned during our epic family road trip to South Dakota.

We stopped at several fun places in Iowa and Minnesota along the way to the ultimate destination, the glorious Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota, we learned, is one of those states with more U.S. senators than representatives, with just 800,000 people. There is a chance that during some stretches, we saw more Wall Drug signs than other travelers.

Here are some fun facts we learned along the way.

The Mitchell Corn Palace is the only corn palace in the world, according to the nice folks who work there. The palace is part museum of corn history and artwork and part arena. It’s decorated each year with themed murals made of corn and hay.

Fun fact: The inside murals can last up to 10 years, but the outdoor versions have to be replaced after just over a year because birds treat them like a giant buffet.

Then we stopped in Chamberlain, slipping into the South Dakota Hall of Fame to see the Sparky Anderson display before heading over to the Akta Lakota Museum.

The museum is an an outreach of the St. Joseph’s Indian School to educate about the Northern Plains Indian culture through artifacts and artwork.

Interesting fact: The St. Joseph Indian School was opened in 1927 with the goal of raising Indian children in Western culture. That focus was eventually dropped, with the Indian culture now celebrated.

At the other end of the cultural spectrum is Wall Drug. We intended to stay a couple minutes and check out the postcards. We were there about two hours, unable to resist the giant jackalopes, piano-playing mechanical gorillas and acres of kitsch.

Fun fact: There are 87 signs advertising Wall Drug between Sioux Falls and Wall, and you can still get free ice water -- the original pitch used to entice travelers off the Interstate and into tiny Wall.

The next morning was reserved for Mount Rushmore, which is simply spectacular. There’s a trail that takes you to the foot of the mountain for different perspectives of the presidents.

We returned later in the evening for the lighting ceremony. As darkness crept into the Black Hills, a film about the memorial and the four presidents was projected in an amphitheater. Slowly, the lights focused on the presidents came on and George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln emerged.

Then all the veterans were asked to come down to the stage, as the flag was lowered and the audience sang the national anthem. I don’t think there were many dry eyes. It is an experience I’ll never forget.

Fun fact: Jefferson started on the other side of Washington. But after 18 months of work, sculptor Gutzon Borglum decided that the rock there was of poor quality and ordered the face blasted off, starting anew on Washington’s left.

Between our Rushmore visits, we headed down the road to see the massive and incomplete Crazy Horse Memorial.

Commissioned by a Lakota elder, Korczak Ziolkowski started work on the project in 1948. Plans call for depicting Crazy Horse on a horse, pointing off into the distance. The face is complete, and other parts are sort of roughed out.

Ziolkowski died in 1982, and his children are carrying on with the project.

Fun fact: If completed, Crazy Horse would become the world's largest sculpture. Also, goats have become so used to the blasting that they are completely unafraid, according to our tour guide.

I’m all about presidents and my family indulges me, so we also visited a presidential wax museum in Keystone, S.D., and explored downtown Rapid City, where each president has his own statue on a street corner.

Shockingly, we saw far more t-shirts and trinkets for Sturgis than all the other attractions combined. I had trouble determining what, exactly, happens at Sturgis. And I asked people, too. Best I can tell, it has something to do with motorcycles and Whitesnake.

Naturally, I looked for Mount Rushmore postcards. There were many nice ones. I found these, too.

First, we have this beautiful linen (below), “Mt. Rushmore Memorial, from Spiral Bridge on Iron Mountain, Black Hills, So. Dak.
See that little speck near the top?
That would be the subject of our Mount Rushmore postcard.

The back, in an unusual narrative, reads: “On our way to the colossal monument, we have just climbed a long hill through Black Hills’ winding roads and lo behold, all of a sudden, this world famous memorial comes into view. It is hardly believable, that tons of rocks could be carved out of a Granite mountain and produce such likenesses of our four great presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Theo. Roosevelt and Lincoln.”

It’s a colossal monument, for sure. But just because you can practically see the thing from Wyoming doesn’t mean you have to photograph it from there! Seriously, this thing could be called “Trees.”

The other postcard photograph (Picture at top of this post) , at least, appears to have been taken closer to the park – or, at least, the parking lot.

It reads: “The magnificent Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, gigantic in proportions, is sculpted to a scale of men 465 feet tall. In solid, ageless granite, famed sculptor Gutzon Borglum, has cared with infinite detail, the faces of four great American Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. This famous shrine is visited by over one million people each year and this huge parking area provides ample space for the many thousands of motor cars arriving daily during the season.”

So, this isn’t necessarily a postcard of the sculpture, it’s of the parking lot. And the way, these guys are all parked; it looks like a drive-in movie showing a rather slow-moving film.

Your Nightly Briefing

P-Town Bear Week: Some Essentials

I have never been, but really hope to make it one day!
This weekend, thousands of body hair-worshipping homos and their admirers will descend on Provincetown, Massachusetts for the gay resort mecca's annual Bear Week. In addition to the usual circuit parties, T-Dances and nightly pizza and cruising (together at last!), a few !! omg blog !!-approved acts are performing at a series of alternative (naturally) events this year.

The man behind it all is local gay Mark Louque, the DJ/promoter who throws P-Town's weekly Wednesday night jam FAG BASH. According to our sources within the international queer DJ underground, his Bear Week parties will offer regulars a chance to branch out from circuit music and "drink the lady-bear cool-aid."

Pray, where doth lady-bear's cup runneth over, you ask? Hereto is run-down:

Monday, July 15 - DJs Mark Louque and P-Play of Honey Soundsystem will be kicking the week off at Bearracuda, which will feature a performance by rapper The Big Dipper (a.k.a. Boston's answer to The Notorious B.I.G.)

Wednesday, July 17 - Austin's Filthiest CHRISTEENE will invade the stage at the Bear Week edition of P-Town weekly FAG BASH. Group Hug, BRDR & NATE, P-Play, JJ Booya and others are also on the bill. Check the trailer below.

Thursday, July 18 - This is the big one. London DJ collective Horse Meat Disco will play a four-hour set at Bearmania, the first Loque event to be included on the official Bear Week calendar. Full details via Facebook.

If anyone is going, send me some of you photos and I will post them here to share with the world 0426dpd@gmail.com

Caption Me

Classic Television - Prime Time

Then Came Bronson
Original channel
Original run
September 17, 1969 – September 9, 1970
Michael Parks
Then Came Bronson is an American adventure/drama television series starring Michael Parks that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1970, and was produced by MGM Television. The series, created by Denne Bart Petitclerc, began with a movie pilot on Monday, March 24, 1969. The series was approved for one year and began its first run on September 17, 1969. The pilot was also released in Europe as a feature film.
The series features Parks as the protagonist, James "Jim" Bronson, a newspaperman who becomes disillusioned after the suicide of his best friend Nick (Martin Sheen) and, after a heated argument with his editor, "working for the man."
In order to renew his soul, Bronson becomes a vagabond searching for the meaning of life and seeking the experiences life has to offer (as revealed in the series pilot). During his travels, he shares his values with the people he meets along the way and lends a helping hand when he can. Bronson drives a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle and, as such, he was viewed by some as a modern version of the solitary cowboy wandering the American west. The motorcycle had previously been sold to Nick by Bronson. After it is left at the suicide scene by his friend, Bronson buys it back from the widow.
Curiously, though the opening promises a journey of self-discovery, the premise of each episode is that Bronson enters someone else's life at a crucial point and acts as a catalyst for change. When Bronson encounters an Amish community, for example, a local boy becomes enraptured by the outside world and steals Bronson's motorcycle to run off to Reno, Nevada. In another episode, located in Reno, Nevada, Bronson meets his cousin Eve on her wedding day and lends her money for the wedding service, but she runs off to the casinos and blows it.
The first three episodes, including the end credits scenes, were shot in and around Jackson, Wyoming. The premier pilot movie was also shown at the town's then only theater to give the locals a sense of what the series was about, since they were shooting in town and at local area popular spots.
Bronson is committed to pacifism and often redirects an antagonist's anger into self-examination. Always, like a true catalyst, he rolls out of every episode unchanged.
The show was sometimes accused of being a knock-off of the movie Easy Rider, but it actually preceded the release of that movie.

Vintage Bodies

From: ESPN
 Rocky Graziano 
Photograph by Stanley Kurbrick/SK Film Archives/Museum of the City of New Your
The man with the pipes is Rocky boxing Graziano, a middleweight champ who became an American folk hero.  Raised on the streets of New York, he ducked in and out of trouble, spending time in reform school and going AWOL form the Army after punching an officer.  But then Grazziano put his fists to better use, winning the middleweight title in 1947 with sixth-round of  Tony Zale.  This shower scene was shot for Look magazine in 1950 by a photographer whose own  body of work would knock people out: Stanley Kurbrick, the director Spartacus, Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey

 Bobby Riggs 
Photographed by C. Gunther
Yes, Bobby Riggs was a sex symbol--just not in the traditional sense.  A Tennis hustler and former Wimbledon and two-time U.S. Open champion, the 55-year old Riggs revived his tennis career by challenging and beating Margaret Court, the No.-1 ranked female player in the world, on Mother's Day in 1973. (That was the year this photograph was taken.) Riggs victory set the stage for the even bigger, more balley-hooed "Battle of the Sexes" with Billie Jean King on Sept. 20 of '73 in the Astordome, King claimed the $100,000 winter-take-all prize with a straight-three-set-victory, thus destroying the myth that a former male champion could sport a U.S. top-ranked female 26 years younger and still beat her.  But in the years after the match, the rivalry gave way to mutual respect and affection.  Before Riggs died in 1995, King's last words to Rigg's were "I love you."

Photographed by Bob Thomas/Getty Images
Everton beat Liverpool 1-0 on August 18, 1984 at Wembly Stadium for the FA charity Shield, a time-honored trophy that seemed appropriately named given that these Everton players decided to take it with them to the post-game bath (L-R) Adrian Heath, John Bailey, Graemed Sharp (center) Kevin Ratcliffe, Neville Southall and Kevin Richardson. The player who scored the goal at the 55-minute mark, though, isn't in the photograph.  That's because he was in the other locker room:  the legendary Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar mistakenly deflected the ball into his own goal.

Joseph William Namath  
Photo by Harry Benson 
There were two faces to Joseph William Namath when Harry Benson, who photographed icons for Life, People and Vanity Fair, snapped this shot in the Jets locker room in 1974.  There was Joe Willie, the incredibly talented quarterback who led Alabama to the nation title in 1964 and shocked the NFL by following through his boast to beat Baltimore Cots in Super Bow III.  Then there was Broadway Joe, the shaggy-haired, fur-wearing sex symbol who basked in the neon lights of Manhattan and did a naughty (for the time) Noxzema shaving commercial with actress Farrah Fawcett. Modesty, thy name was neither.
 Cassisus Clay (Muhammad Ali)
Photographed by Paul Slade/Parris Match/Getty Images 
The Greatest Of All Times was just the brash 22-year-old Cassius Clay when Paul Slade of Paris Match photographed him in training for his February 1964 heavyweight title fight with champion Sonny Liston in Miami Beach.  Few experts liked Clay's chances,  and white America didn't like him, period.  But Clay's speed and surprising power proved too much for Liston, and his craftiness enabled him to survive the fifth round, when he was temporally blinded by a solution that had been applied to Liston's glove.  When Liston called it quits after the sixth round, it was he and not Clay, who was exposed.
 Paul Nixon 
Photographed by 
David Munder /Popperfoto /Getty Images
The wicket keeper in cricket is much like the catcher in baseball, and there were few better at guarding the stumps and balls than Paul Nixon, seen here after a match for Leichstershire in circa 1994. Nixon, who also was a gifted left handed batsman, retired in August of 2011 after a 23-year career. Known for his daring defense and steady banter, he made headlines with a different sort of revelation: An Indian businessman tried to bribe him to fix and  2010 Leicestershire match. Nixon told him, No soap.

 Arnold Schwarzengger 
Photographed by George Butler/Contract Press Images
Behold the pecs that launched more then 40 films and two terms as governor of California.  They belong, of course, to Arnold Schwarzengger, who in 1973 was in his mid-20's, a bodybuilder and a part-time actor from Thal, Austria, when George Butler captured this image of him at Gold's Gym in Venice, California,  That magnificent physique won Schwarzenegger five Mr. Universe and seven Mr. Olympia titles, and Butler's 1977 documentary, Pumping Iron, propelled him to new monikers:  Conan the Barbarian, the Terminator, Mr Freeze, the Governator.  So it's nice to see him when was the innocent-looking Austrian Oak.

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