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Monday, November 11, 2013

Underwear Mondays

Model of the Week:

Dustin Chase
From:  The Underwear Expert
 Dustin Chase began modeling in 2006 with local photographers in North Carolina. What began as a hobby born from boredom in his then small, isolated community has become a hobby that’s proven to be quite successful. After discovering and posting images on Model Mayhem, he developed a reputation for teasing and provocative underwear and swimwear photo shoots, which garnered him a loyal fan base of underwear enthusiasts as well as photo shoot requests from photographers around the world.

Still unsigned, Chase is a lesson in self promotion and passion just as much as he a lesson in how to look good in underwear. You may not recognize the now Texas based model as he’s constantly changing his look. He’s been photographed with no body hair, and tons of body hair, short and long hair. “I always change my look slightly for each shoot,” he told us, “and carefully plan so I never wear the same item twice.

We spoke with the model about his career, his preferences in men’s underwear, and his take on grooming and his work to date. Get to know Dustin Chase  and then take a look through a photo gallery of some of his best work from 2013, featuring underwear and swimwear from Rufskin, Emporio Armani and more.

  Born: 1983

Current Location: Galveston Island, Texas

Relationship Status: Single
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 138
Waist: 28 inches
Shoe: 8
Hair Color: Constantly changing ;)
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian or as I like to call it, ‘redneck’ in disguise.

In a nutshell, I am… An overly ambitious, workaholic who sometimes forgets that I live by the beach and should enjoy it once in a while.
My favorite pair of underwear is… That’s a hard question, but my favorite brand is Toot from Japan, their briefs fit so well and are so creative.

If I had to give one piece of underwear advice it would be… Wear something exciting, creative and unique.

My most memorable photo shoot is… I have so many, as I just completed my 70th photoshoot! But the one that instantly comes to mind is the military parachute one I did on Galveston Beach with AU Fotografia. It was perfect weather for what we were doing, gusty and slightly misty. At one point the enormous parachute was taken by the wind and I was lifted five feet off the ground as the photographer chased me.

The one part of my body I couldn’t live without.. Leg hair, which is ironic. I used to be so embarrassed by my hairiness as a kid, I
developed hair before everyone else and was teased because of my legs. I even shaved them once, eekkkk! Now my leg hair is one of my most famous modeling traits.

I’ve had long hair and short hair, but my preference is… That’s so difficult to answer because I feel like I can pull off so many different looks with so many different types of hairstyles. But honestly I really like my hair long, it’s just very difficult to manage long, curly hair.

Chest hair for me is…. a symbol of a natural, manly look. I have to credit my chest hair for landing some of my most recent shoots. My photographers and especially the fans love the chest hair whether I have it all grown out or trimmed.

Pubic hair maintenance for underwear photo shoots for me

is… I honestly don’t do a lot of maintenance down there. Hair is in, and the natural look is also something that a lot of people seem to be after. This can vary from photo shoot to photo shoot but most of the time I just leave it alone.
Singlets are…. something that people seem to love to see me in and photograph me in. It all started when I first put on that white and red N2N singlet for the first David Wagner (WagnerLA) shoot three years ago. That photo has been circulated around the globe and I hear in clubs and bars all over the place. Wagner and I followed that up in the second shoot with a black net singlet that was even more daring. They are fun to wear and surprisingly comfortable.

Jockstraps are…. great for photo shoots, I think there is something very sexy and interesting about them, but I don’t wear them on an everyday basis.

When I’m home alone I’m usually… just wearing briefs or speedos up on my balcony laying in the hot Texas sun.

Nude modeling is…. not for everyone and while I have done implied nudes, my work is more about teasing and showing off than showing everything. You gotta keep a few things to the imagination especially in a world where the norm has become to show everything.

Favorite Pic of The Day: November 12, 2007

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things

America’s Next Top Model Hunk Phil Sullivan Is A Bearded Beauty

From: NewNowNext
 Movember is moving right along: All month we’ll be spotlighting gorgeous guys with formidable facial hair—to help raise awareness about men’s health issues and keep you warm as the temperature drops.

Today, our honoree is Phil Sullivan, the bearded beauty who didn’t quite make it all the way on America’s Next Top Model Guys & Girls. At first we couldn't see how Phil’s shaggy look would read “fashion”—which might be why he didn’t last on ANTM—but as evidenced in this photo shoot by photographer Rodolfo Martinez, the bushy beard contrasted with somewhat feminine aura is very, very seductive.

Phil is repped by Aim Models NYC so we’re sure to see more of this hirsute young man. Who knows—maybe on the next season of Top Model. (Hey, if Shangela can come back why can’t he?).


From:  Manhunt Daily

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
In a Relationship
Hey. I'm in a great relationship now, and I only keep this account to check you sexy fuckers out :-) 

Fellas, if you have, "straight acting/looking" or "masculine" or don't like "fems, fats, oldies" don't even message me. I find you offensive.

 You’re a regular commenter on Manhunt Daily who’s never afraid to stick up for the little man and say what’s on your mind. Where do you get your fiery sense of justice from?

Growing up, I would see my mother physically & mentally abuse my brother, who is autistic. From an early age, I’ve tried to defend the defenseless or at least try and get “bullies” to see how they’re hurting someone.

I was also the victim of her abuses and loathe cowards who hide behind a computer to spout their bigotry. I’d be willing to bet that they keep their most virulent opinions to themselves in public.

Are there particular things people say that set your trigger off?

Insults. Unwarranted, mean insults. Critiques are fine, but there’s no need for such venom. Is it so hard to comment without cattiness? It’s like these people don’t see the irony of calling someone else the nasty names they get called or that we as a community are already being torn at from the outside, we don’t need to do it ourselves.

Do you ever get caught up in your passion and throw the venom right back at them? I’ll admit, I’ve fallen victim to that myself.

Oh, yes… I admit I get pedantic about it, too. But yeah, there are plenty of times where I reach that point where I’ve banged my head against the wall, and I don’t care if I get insulting… But at least it’s after considerable provocation. I do tend to regret it, though.
 We all do it, sometimes! Beyond dealing with the haters, your comments also seem to indicate that you’re a very horny guy. What in particular gets you off?

I grew up in a very prudish household. One tends to be a bit more adventurous when sexuality is repressed. I didn’t get into my real horniness/kink until I was well into my twenties. Take feet, for instance. I don’t know why, but the first time I watched a porn with a guy sucking this woman’s toes while fucking her just got me super hard. When my toes were sucked for the first time, I nearly came from it alone. Watching twinks/jocks suck toes, engage in piss play really gets me off.

A WOMAN? Does that mean you’re one of those mystical bisexuals that the world doesn't seem to think exists?

Totally. I’ve even had sex with women! I am attracted to a person, not a gender. Besides, boobs, lol. Look, women are hot. The softness, the curves, the general gentleness is very appealing to me. My first sexual experience was with a hot older girl giving me a hand job at the back of the bus in high school. I get how someone can not find someone else attractive, but don’t discount a possible beautiful & fun experience.

This might be getting way off topic, but have you ever been with someone who’s transgender?

I haven’t, but wouldn't turn someone down because of their gender identity. Quite frankly, I’d be super turned on.

 So for all the fine readers at home—male, female or somewhere else along (or outside of) the gender spectrum—are you single and/or available at the moment?

I have a wonderful man in my life. We've been together since July, and it’s to the point where talk of marriage has come up. We even call each other husband. I will admit to being a huge slut in the past, even when in relationships, but with him… The desire to be with anyone else is gone. He’s cute, sexy and kinky. He loves my feet, and we are a great fit.

Aww! So I guess that means you won’t be frequenting Manhunt as much?

Ha, no, I’m afraid not. When I do, it’s just to look at the sexy pictures (and everyone is sexy in their own way).

What about the video chat rooms? Is camming off the table in your relationship?

We've not discussed camming, but he has given me permission to do porn, so I guess that’s okay.

 Oh my! If you did do porn, what studios or models would you want to work with?

I’m under no illusions about my body. I’m overweight, pale and hairy. Ideally, Sean Cody or Bel Ami (like they’d have me). Sean Cody had a guy called Billy a few years ago. He was stunning. Basically, whoever would have me, haha. I’m not good with porn stars names, generally. Pretty much anyone you post, I want.

I’d also wreck your hole on camera anytime.

There you go flirting again! Not to drastically change the topic, but there was one other thing I wanted to talk to you about today – your art.

I love working with my hands, be it painting, model building or even sculpture. I’ve also gotten into photography recently and have been told I’ve got a good eye. I’d really love to do nudes in all mediums. You get so many different levels of depth even from the same subject. Two-dimensional art can capture a softness and the beauty of the moment, and sculpture allows a full, walk-around 3D experience. I love your stuff, by the way.

Oh, hush! My work’s nothing special. Do I recall that you designed one of your own tattoos?

Don’t sell yourself short! It’s modern and interesting. Yes, I did design two of my three. The third is the Starfleet arrowhead on my chest. Tattoos should be an expression of the person’s life at that point. One is my art signature, the other is a family crest I made. It’s a millenia old practice throughout many cultures. Also, fuck you to the tat-haters. My body, my right, my choice.

Amen, amen! Though I suppose I shouldn't say that to an atheist.

‘Curse you!!! Yes, I’m atheist. Before anyone asks or presumes, it merely means I lack belief in deities. I have beliefs, I have morals, and I don’t worship Satan or eat babies…

Okay, I do eat babies.

Your Hunk of the Day: Pierre Mariller

Pierre Mariller by Fred Goudon


From:  Exterface


 "The suave, scruffy fellow you see here  is Madrid-based Manhunt member REAL_TOY. In an ideal world, my intern would be slobbering all over my cock whilst simultaneously booking this man a flight to Boston, all for the sole purpose of resting his ankles on my shoulder.

After all, he says he’ll “host or travel” on his profile! Why let a few thousand miles get in the way of what will surely be the best fuck of both of our lives?" -- Dewitt
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
sin perfil....solo de frente.

Bacon Deodorant And Lube:

For The Sexy, Sweaty Pig Who Likes It Salty
From:  Queerty
Feeling entrepreneurial, J&D’s Foods expanded its line of bacon-inspired products — which already includes bacon lip balm, shaving cream, sunscreen and even coffins for when your bacon obsession ultimately catches up to your arteries — by launching its first ever bacon deodorant.

Priced at a very reasonable $9.99 (compared to how much you pay for deodorant that doesn’t smell like bacon), Power Bacon is the deodorant “for when you sweat like a pig.

According to a tongue-in-bacony-cheek press release touting the new product’s arrival:

Designed specifically for people with active lifestyles, Power Bacon provides 24 hours of Bacon Scent. For all day meat scented protection apply liberally to underarms or private areas. Do not eat, leave exposed to sunlight or explore the wilderness without a firearm(s).

Discreetly tucked into the corner of their Let’s Get Weird” page — that’s gotta be a sign — is a small pic of “naughty” baconlube. So between the deodorant, lip balm and lube, sex can smell the way god intended it: like a waffle house that recently failed inspection.

But if bacon is not your thing, there’s always Sriracha candy canes because nothing says Christmas like seared taste buds.


Quinn Jaxon
From:  The Backlot

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