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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pat Milo - Photographer

Pat Milo (1911-1969)
James Patrick Milo got his start in photography with the assistance of Bruce of LA. Among Milo's models were famed bodybuilders Larry Scott and Bernie Ernst.  Southern California photographer Pat Milo, a successful photographer in his own right, is often mistaken for that of his West Coast neighbors Dave Martin and Bruce of LA because of the quality of his work, the lighting, and often the models these photographers shared. His handsome beefcake photos date form the 1950's and the early 60's and sometimes bare his "Milo of Los Angles" stamp on verso.

Your Hunk of the Day: Nick Beyeler

Nick Beyeler

A double twisting World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion, Aerialist, Silk Act Artist, Dancer, Martial Arts fighter and International Men's Health Magazine Model, Nick Beyeler is touring the globe with breathtaking performance acts. 
Nick was showcasing his skills at the Olympic Games in Beijing, is part of the incredible acrobats of Les FarFadais, toured as an aerialist with Holiday On Ice and he choreographs electrifying show performances. He’s a founding member of William Baker’s pop extravaganza Orchid in Miami’s Design District. Currently, Nick Beyeler is working in Mumbai on an upcoming Action Movie made in Bollywood. Nick Beyeler’s unparalleled power, sensational jumps, raw force and flexibility is sure to impress and inspire. 

Tony Sabatino Photographed by Pat Milo

Nice Hairy Arm Pits

Top 10 Black Party Underwear Picks

 The Black Party kicks off this Saturday night in New York City, and most die-hard revelers will be going strong well into Sunday afternoon. This year’s theme is ‘The Dirty Carnival’–and the invitation’s dress code? ‘Heavy.’

While really anything goes at this annual adult expo and fetish-fest, we put together a list of our top ten Black Party underwear looks. Check out the photos below and let us know your favorite Black Party underwear picks, whether you’ll be there in person or in spirit.

 Jack Adams Shadow Jockstrap ($38)
This beefed-up jockstrap (also pictured above) has so many features perfect for the Black Party: a leather-like contour pouch with a zipper and a drawstring in front, and an ass-less back. In classic black with a hint of red on the waistband, it’s right on target 
Modus Vivendi’s Stablehand Collection Corset (€42,30) and Transformer jockstrap (€19,90)
This two piece ensemble includes a low corset that leaves your pecs exposed and hooks into a jockstrap on the bottom. This one is perfect if you like a little more support in the waist, plus it couldn't be more on theme. 
Nasty Pig Covert Jockstrap ($25)                                    For Black Party underwear, you can’t go wrong with Nasty Pig–the brand name alone embodies the event’s festive spirit. We might suggest their new Covert line that includes this black-and-white striped pair with a thin waistbandf
 2Wink Australia Freedom Jock ($26)
If you’re inclined toward a younger and friskier jockstrap choice, go for the Freedom Jock from 2Wink. It’s magenta accents are perfect for dancing on a platform overlooking the crowd.
Rufskin Chic Sheer Screen Brief ($32)                             If you’re looking for a bit more coverage (it’s still quite nippy out, after all) but still want to showcase your assets, we suggest these Sheer Screen Briefs from Rufskin.
 C-IN2 Filthy Punt Brief ($28)
If you want to go the full coverage route but still stand out, go for a bold color like these red briefs from C-IN2′s Filthy collection.
 Gregg Homme Haze Collection Briefs ($38.95)
These buckled briefs from Gregg Homme’s Haze collection are perfect for an adventurous strapped-in leather look with the comfort of regular fabric.
Male Power Cobra Trunk ($22)                                                                These black trunks from Male Power are great if you’re looking for the coverage and comfort of a trunk but still want to be playful–like a snake in the grass.
Cell Block 13 Wrestling Singlet by Timoteo ($48)                      As far as Black Party underwear goes, a singlet really tells other party goers that you mean business. Try this one in yellow from Cell Block 13 to stand out, or the jockstrap version if you really want to put your ass on the line
Barcode Berlin Ringer Trikot Singlet (€55)             For another variation on the wrestling singlet try one from this collection by Barcode Berlin, the gold accents will really catch light in the dark.
Photo Credits: James Franklin, Modus Vivendi, Nasty Pig, Studio Rufskin, 2Wink, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Male Power, Cell Block 13, Barcode Berlin



 OK let’s just face it. Sometimes a beautiful man is just that: a beautiful man. We are gay after all and some eye candy just for the sake of that, well, it is nothing to have a sleepless night over. Unless your name is Thomas Synnamon, but then the concept of sleepless is getting a very different meaning.
 Thomas Synnamon has been a regular on BeautifulMag pretty much since the moment he picked up a camera. Over the past years, it has been a real pleasure to follow this talented photographer from New Jersey and see how his style has evolved. And so we are very happy his hard work will be rewarded with a book publication later this year. Under the title Sleepless, Thomas will be presenting us a variety of men, tossing and turning in beds, on couches and fur rugs. Such as Robert Gonzalez.
 34-Years old Robert Gonzalez comes from Chicago but – and this probably doesn’t come as a surprise – has a Spanish background. Obviously the men has a passion for bodybuilding and fitness, and isn’t shy of showing it. He claims to have just some experience in modeling, but that fact is being neutralized by the impressive list of photographers Robert worked with. Rick Day, Jeff Brewster, Joe Oppedisano, Jason T. Jaskot, David Vance, Jeff Palmer…. Do you want us to continue? And now there is Thomas Synnamon.

Robert Gonzalez believes in team work, collaborating creative ideas together and coming up with a killer shoot. So do we, specially if it includes a fur rug and a man such as Robert. Like I said, we are gay after all. Now we could start a whole story about how the softness of the fur nicely compensates the spectacular curves of Robert’s well-defined and trained body but the images speak for themselves, don’t they. Let’s suffice by saying that if Robert Gonzalez is any indication of Thomas Synnamon's upcoming book, it is enough to have us tossing and turning at night. –B-

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

Max Emerson in NYC

Trashie Guys Need Love Too !

Sunday March 24, 2013: Hunk of the Day

Unknown Model Photographed by Earl Forbes

Don Whitman - Photographer - Western Photography Guild

In June of 1998 the world lost a legend. Don Whitman was the artist behind Western Photography Guild.
His brilliance in combining beautiful men & nature earned him scores of fans.

by David Chapman

    Using the rugged and majestic Colorado Rockies as a backdrop, physique photographer Don Whitman demonstrated that the nude male was right at home in this natural setting. Recording the male physique in the repressive 1950's was always a delicate balancing act, but thanks to Whitman's high artistic values and personal integrity he was preserved from the forces of reaction. Don was always a class act, and even the bluenoses seemed to recognize this.
   Despite the high quality of his product, it does not mean that his pictures were any less erotic. Whitman's art was dedicated to recording the muscular male body in all its athletic beauty as well as its innate sexiness, but Don's eroticism was always muted and suggested rather than overt. It was as if he treated his subjects as beautiful works of art set in an untamed wilderness. 
    This also meant that Don Whitman's young men had to be well built and self-confident because when he took them out into the wilds of the Colorado back country, they had to measure up against the rugged crags and pine-covered mountains behind them. It was Don's particular genius to have the knowledge and the taste to display these men in a setting that (in the hands of a less skillful photographer) would have made the models seem puny and dwarfish despite even the greatest musculature.
    Several years ago, I had the great good fortune to produce a book on Don Whitman's work; this was Mountain Men, and while I was putting that book together, I came to know Don very well. I think I understand how he operates and why he is so unique in the physique world. The Denver-based photographer was one of the most benign and caring people that I have ever met, and I am grateful that I was able to meet and work with him. Most lovers of physique photography know that Don Whitman was a masterful photographer, but I'd like to share a few personal reflections that reveal other sides to his nature.
    In response to the many customers who wrote to him and asked for details of his models' lives, Don began compiling skillfully wrought biographies of his men and sending them with the pictures. For most of the men, a one-paragraph summary of their lives was sufficient, but for a few of his more popular models, like Mark Nixon, Gene Garramone, Duane Knaus, and Paul Labriola, two close-typed mimeographed sheets accompanied the photo sets. Those hoping for salacious details of the young men's private lives, however, would be disappointed. Aside from the occasional comment about how popular the models were with the fair sex, most of the biographies are pleasant and upbeat accounts of earnest youths trying to make it in the gym and modeling culture—at least as it existed in the 1950's. 
    Unlike the young men who gravitated to Robert Mizer's AMG, these youths are not wayward street hustlers or would-be Hollywood hunks. They are all-American boys next door and are presented as such. All was not sweetness and light, however; and despite their wholesomeness, an occasional darker side to a model's past is hinted at: brushes with the law, wild oats sown in the past, minor indiscretions. For instance, we are told that Paul Labriola is "a handsome, healthy young man just out of his teens [who] has encountered his share of confusions, unhappiness, and doubt." Is this a veiled reference to questions about sexual preference? Don leaves the implications of these (and other) enigmatic statements to the readers' imaginations. Like his beautiful but often coy photographs, these bios revealed and hid in equal portions.
    Another quality that struck me time and again was Don's genuine, avuncular affection for his models. Most of them were local boys who would drop by his studios when they thought Whitman would be around. This is a highly unusual situation in the world of physique photography where the subjects of photos are often used, very often abused, and then discarded by the men who take their pictures. This exploitative attitude was completely foreign to Don who became a confidant and helper to these men as they tried to figure out their own "confusions, unhappiness, and doubt." 
    There was only one time when Don and I had anything approaching a difference of opinion. As a historian, I wanted to assign dates to the pictures that we included in the book, but Don was very reluctant to do so. In the end, we left the dating out of the book. There were a couple of reservations that Don had. First, we could never be absolutely certain when the pictures were taken. Because of a disastrous flood in the early 1950's, most of the photographer's log books were lost (but Don had such perfect recall, I suspect he could have come up with a date very easily). The second reason was more philosophical. He insisted that in the past he had avoided dating the pictures because, as he explained, "each pose is a moment of time which remains fresh and does not age. . . Not to draw a brash analogy, but how many know the exact year of Michalangelo's David? Or care?" I bowed to his logic, and left out the dates, but in a compromise we did agree to place the pictures in chronological order as exactly as possible.
    Don Whitman's vision of the male physique is unique. He treated each of his models as individuals, and the respect that he showed them was returned many times. When Don died in June of 1998, his funeral was attended not only by his large extended family, but also by many of the men whom he had recorded for the past fifty years. These middle-aged men (often accompanied by wives and children) returned to pay their last respects to the kindly genius who had captured them at the height of their youth and beauty. Few physique photographers have ever enjoyed a similar testament.

Just Because...

Unknown Models Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

I Spy...

They're cut to fit...

...To Fight Fatigue

Vintage Ads Reis Scandals men's underwear, 1940s

Happy Sunday!

Nice Balls

What happens to Gerard Butler?

"I still remember this gray/green eyed and sexy Gerard Butler in 300 with a pumped up body caught the fancy of gay men like never before.
And now… I don’t want to believe it !! These are recent photo of Gerard Butler from 24 July 2008. It seems, he transforms from heartthrob to slob with in a few year.

OMG! What happens to you ?" -- Homotrophy

Cash Walker - Southern Strokers

"Cash Walker is the reason that I love Southern Country boys. Cash contacted us and immediately won us over with his unfiltered open minded attitude especially when it cums to his sexual adventures.

 When Cash showed up at the Ranch, he walked in like he had been here 100 times. Cash was naked within an hour of being at the Ranch and he was ready to have a little fun. I wasn't going to get in his way so we decided to sit him down and let the cameras do the rest.

 Cash pulls out his big fat rock hard cock and slowly works it as his other hand explores his hot hole. Cash's nut sack got tighter with every stroke as he build up a healthy serving of country cum. His nuts start to overflow as his cock starts to leak his juice.

 Cash worked his cock for a good while until he couldn't hold off any more. He leaned back and sent a stream of thick country cum straight down the middle of his chest and abs. I can't wait to see Cash drill a tight hole with his fat country cock." -- Southern Strokes

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